Thursday, December 03, 2009

Movie Review : New Moon

This sequel of Twilight opened with a bang on US,with its biggest single day domestic gross there. However,this movie can’t defeat 2012 in its total audience here. This afternoon,I could easily buy the ticket and get a nice seat with nobody sit in my left corner,and I never heard someone getting a difficulty getting the ticket for this movie.

I was a little bit excited for this movie because I wanted to see the werewolves in it and The Volturi. Here’s my take:

In the beginning of the film, Bella dreams about herself look like an older woman. Because of that,she gets annoyed everytime someone talks about her age/birthday. Well,it’s must be bizarre to be in her position,when you yourself getting older and your bf/gf still looks the same. The Cullens throw a birthday party for her in which Jasper becomes berserk when Bella gets a paper cut. Therefore,Edward decides to end their relationship,in order for Bella to be safe,and he and his family move out of Forks.

That tragic sudden event makes Bella depressed for months. Oh boy,that’s even worse than my current state of depression LOL fortunately,I didn’t get as many nightmares as Bella hahahaha. Love is painful definitely. So,Bella starts to seek high adrenaline activities and she starts to hang out with Jacob. She gets really comfortable with him and her pain gradually goes away. At some point,Jacob promises to Bella that he won’t do what Edward did to Bella. That promise got broken unfortunately because he’s a werewolf and he’s afraid of hurting Bella. Thus,he orders Bella to stay away from him.

Let’s fast forward to the scene where Bella jumps from the cliff to get her adrenaline rush,where Alice and Edward thought she killed herself. Alice goes to Bella’s house and meet Bella while Edward got distraught by that event,and he goes to The Volturi to beg them to end his life. They reject his proposal and he decides to act carelessly by exposing himself to the sun and many people outside. Luckily,Bella arrives on time and saves him. After that,The Volturi express their opinion that Bella knows too much about the existence of vampires and she must be transformed to vampires or get killed. Alice tells them that she’s going to change Bella herself,and thus they release Bella.

The Cullens vote in favor of transforming Bella, Edward still mulling about that,while Jacob reminds Bella that if one of the vampires bits a human then their treaty will end.Edward tells Bella that he left to protect her and he always loves her,Bella agrees to marry him and to be continued……….

Many of my friends think this movie got cut abruptly,while I don’t think so. It’s not that abrupt for me,they cut at the right place at the right time. The architecture of the area where The Volturi reside is very beautiful,so stunning. I love that landscape. The romance in this movie isn’t over the top,I think it’s relatable. I understand Jacob’s frustration,I can understand why Bella prefers Edward over Jacob. I think love is a complex thing. That’s why every songs in the world is about love and people can’t get enough of it. LOL. After I experience how it felt,I can understand movie like this even better. Btw I love this movie more than the first one. The Volturi are spectacular, I love Dakota Fanning, and love the werewolves CGI effect.

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