Friday, July 31, 2009

Would Kris Allen Trade His Girlfriend For A Coke?

LMAO at this video!!Kris's pokerface is always hella funny.Thanks for whoever taking this video,fantastic job!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

David Archuleta Performs Bubbly at Pittsburgh

Good!! Although I prefer him to sing Realize. I think that's more suitable for his vocal and style.

Kris Allen - Alice 107.07 Interview

He talks about cougar,hotel,washing the dishes,etc.

Kris Allen Performs Bright Lights at Memphis,TN (American Idol 8 Tour)

Superb HD quality,very close-up,amazing!! I notice Kris's voice already worn out because 4 days of back to back tour performance. Gosh,all of them need rest. I'm glad they're enjoying the day off in Florida.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kris Allen,Adam Lambert,Lil Rounds Memphis Interview (Sirius XM)

I always associate Groundhot song with Katharine McPhee. Well,maybe because she performed it on Idol with such a quirky performance.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Movie Review : Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

Let me say first that I'm so late watching this movie because almost all of my friends have watched it and I just got the ticket today (and the theater is still jam packed with people,almost sold out until the night). Going to this movie,I already heard some comments from my friends and people around the internet so maybe my review is slight bit influenced because of that.

I had read the book before I watched this movie and this time I finished it few weeks before the movie premiered and I still got time to watch previous Harry Potter movies and read again Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix's book,in order for me to remember again some important details about everything.I tried to prevent myself from watching so many trailer because I didn't want to know so much about the movie before I saw it myself,but I thought this movie must've been fantastic after I saw some movie scenes from the trailer.The book isn't that thick and the duration of the film is longer than the 5th movie,I thought this movie might have all important scenes in it without major cut. Unfortunately,I'm wrong again.

The movie starts with a bang but forget to set up important foundation for the rest of the film. Harry isn't at the Dursley family like in the book,but he's in some cafe in the subway while at the same time Dumbledore arrives there (how the heck people don't notice his weird attire) and brings him to Slughorn's house to invite him to teach again at the Hogwarts. The film doesn't tell us why Prof.Slughorn finally decides to return again to Hogwarts (although they tell us that he's interested in teaching Harry). Very weird,since Slughorn tells Dumbledore before, that he won't be easily seduced to return to the school.

The rest of the film is very jarring and rush like before in some part,I know that the love story between some of the characters are very good (albeit very cheesy) but the rest of it like emotional connection between Dumbledore and Harry isn't there and Malfoy's plan is way too obvious early in the film. The lack of action in the end of the film doesn't help either. They add The Burrow's attack (useless in my opinion) and sacrifice the battle in the end (there's none). Thus making the movie end on a very bad note. I didn't have any emotion in the end,the director fails in conveying the close relationship between Harry and Dumbledore like in the book. To make things worse,my younger brother thinks Dumbledore is faking his death because it looks like that in the movie (the emotion is not there),where is the funeral,I don't feel the closeness that Harry has with Dumbledore. In the movie,Dumbledore is like just a very kind headmaster/mentor/teacher to Harry,definitely not like a father figure or guardian or a very loved ones.

The logic in some scenes from the film aren't there too. Why Hermione still insists that Malfoy isn't joining the Death Eaters after seeing him in the Borgin and Burkes with some Death Eaters? Why Mr Weasley doesn't take action knowing there are two Vanishing Cabinets? He should've known that because of that,the Hogwarts is penetrable. Why Tonks suddenly has relationship with Lupin without any explanation?

I'm wondering where's Prof.Trelawney (she has very important roles. Goddamnit!!) . Where are Dobby and Kreacher? Why the film doesn't discuss about OWL's grade that the characters got? Where's Marvolo Gaunt? Where's Morfin Gaunt? Where's Merope Gaunt? Why their story is missing from the movie,although it's so important. David Yates already disappointed me big times back to back with 5th and 6th movies,I still have hope that he'll make it up in the last two movies,I hope he'll slow down and not rush the scenes. Give a breathing space to the script so that the story is makes sense and not sporadically non sense. Put more time in relationship between the teachers and the students like in the earlier installments. And I expect super hella battle ahead. I don't find this movie boring but somber with bad finish in the end. I think I accept this movie's disaster very well,concerning I abhor the 5th movies so much but overall the movie is like sex without orgasm (everything is nice but not satisfying in the end) or eating so much food without drinking (again,not satisfying experience although it's good). I think I'm gonna read the 7th book soon and finger crossed for the last two films.

Links: Official Website
Rotten Tomatoes

Added: small rant,I'm tired of the nearest mall in here,Galaxy Mall. When I watched the movie,the sound was so bad,many times it's dwindling into small voice like what you get in small TV (not Surround Sound THX like theater),it's up and down all the way until the end. Sigh. I guess I have to go to the mall in downtown to watch upcoming movies.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Top Ten Music List

Artist ; Song ; Album
1. Ashley Tisdale ; It’s Alright,It’s OK ; Guilty Pleasure
2. Taylor Swift ; You Belong With Me ; Fearless
3. The Veronicas; Take Me To The Floor ; Hook Me Up
4. Michael Jackson ; You Are Not Alone ; HIStory
5. Michael Jackson ; Remember The Time ; Dangerous
6. Jonas Brothers; Paranoid; Lines,Vines and Trying Times
7. Demi Lovato; Here We Go Again ; Here We Go Again
8. Michael Jackson; Bad; Bad
9. Jewel ; Stronger Woman; Perfectly Clear
10. Lily Allen ; Fuck You ; It’s Not Me,It’s You

Josh Skinner Interviews American Idol Tour Producer/Director Raj Kapoor

They're discussing Kris Allen,Adam Lambert,No Boundaries,Michael Jackson's death,etc.

Tulsa Today Interviews Kris Allen's Best Friend,Matt Carpenter

The sound quality is bad!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kris Allen's iTunes Pass (Behind The Scene)

Kris Allen Performs All These Things That I've Done at Los Angeles,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

I still hate the song but I applaud Kris for being able to perform amazingly when he just buried his grandma few hours before.Btw I love Kris's head bobbing in the beginning of the video.

Kris Allen Performs Ain't No Sunshine at Salt Lake City,Utah (American Idol 8 Tour)

I still love this performance.

Kris Allen Performs Hey Jude at Salt Lake City,Utah (American Idol 8 Tour)

Very clear quality,he still looks amazing when he's already performed 4 songs.

Kris Allen Performs Heartless at Salt Lake City,Utah (American Idol 8 Tour)

Close-up,zoom in,very clear audio and picture.

Kris Allen Webisode

I'm sure the fanbase will be explode because of all of those photoshoots.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine at Oakland,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

The best ANS video out there.

Scott MacIntyre Performs Bend & Break at San Jose,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

I thought I'd never say this but this is one of the best performance from this tour. I love his song choice,it's really catchy,Scott performs it really well and I could see this song as his first single. With the right music video and promotion,I think it can enter some Billboard chart.

Kris Allen's Struggle Before Idol (Extended Sandy Interview)

Thanks God,he gets to have his dream come true.

More than 2000th visits.

The 2000th person is someone from Mississippi State University searching for Kris Allen. Thanks for all the visits,guys!!

Kris Allen Signing Autograph after San Jose,CA Concert

There's one funny thing inside the video.

Matt Giraud Performs Hard To Handle at San Jose,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

Amazing piano skill!!Nice song choice.

Sandy Interviews Kris Allen,Danny Gokey,Matt Giraud,Lil Rounds,Scott MacIntyre,Megan Joy at San Jose,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

Interview before the tour at San Jose,CA. Kris said that his hair is just awesome like that,no need to style it after waking up.

Anoop Desai Performs Mad at Oakland,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

Still can't get enough of this performance. It's so good.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kris Allen Performs All These Things That I've Done by The Killers in Sacramento,CA (American Idol 8 Tour)

No Boundaries is gone from the set. Urgh,I hate The Killer's songs. Maybe if I can find another video with clearer sound,I can judge Kris's performance. Right now,it's just an okay performance,don't like the song.


Kris did his best on this song that I still don't like.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Kris Allen Performs Bright Lights and Hey Jude at Vancouver,BC (American Idol 8 Tour)

HQ,clear,crispy sound!!! I love his Bright Lights's performance. Kris's screaming on Hey Jude is million times better than Danny Gokey's Scream On. I'm satisfied right now because today's 3 videos with HQ sound.

Kris Allen Performs Ain't No Sunshine at Vancouver,BC (American Idol 8 Tour)

His voice is getting stronger and stronger by day. Btw thanks for paopukitten for the videos. I love it!!

Kris Allen's Intro,Heartless,No Boundaries at Vancouver,BC (American Idol 8 Tour)

No Boundaries should be banished from the tour!!Replace it with other song like Falling Slowly.

Fox Access - Idol On Tour (The funniest interview yet)

I love the pairings and I laugh so much when I watched this. LOL

American Idol 8 Tour - Group Performance - Don't Stop Believing at Tacoma,Washington

Close-up shoot. Nice audio. Thanks for Hannah98383 who took the video. I applaud Tacoma's fans for all great videos with nice audio. Clearly,winning over Portland's.

Anoop Desai Performs Always On My Mind at Tacoma,Washington (American Idol 8 Tour)

Amazing!!Excellent vocal there!!

American Idol 8 Tour - Anoop,Matt,Lil,Megan,Scott,Michael Perform Beggin'

I love this performance better than Don't Stop Believing. Kuddos for only1jingles who took the videos.

Kris Allen Performs Heartless at Tacoma,Washington (American Idol 8 Tour)

Why the video is look like a slow motion video game??Anyway,flawless performance as always from Kris on this song.

Anoop Desai Performs Mad at Tacoma,Washington (American Idol 8 Tour)

Anoop really shines on the tour. I can't get enough of his performance.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kris Allen & Scott MacIntyre Before Tacoma Show

Woah,Kris looks so good in that outfit. I can sense that he's not that close with Scott since his body language seemed uncomfortable. Btw the Top 10 already arrived in Vancouver,Canada right now and they're sleeping. Take good care of your body,guys!!

Anoop Desai Performs Mad at Portland,Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)

OMG!!The best performance I've ever seen from him. This type of song definitely suits him really well.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Allison Iraheta Performs So What at Portland,Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)

Her costume is fierce!!The lighting is amazing!!The stage is like from the future.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - HBO First Look

I can't wait for the movie. I hope they do it justice.

Kris Allen Performs No Boundaries at Portland,Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)

He's doing small arrangement on "still holding on" and saying "no boundarayyy!!" LOL

What American Idol 8 Tour Producer Said About Kris Allen?

Top 10 Perform Don't Stop Believing at Portland Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)

The huge screen behind them is amazing.

Kris Allen Performs Hey Jude at Portland,Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)

I wish I was there. It must be one of a kind experience.

Kris Allen Performs Bright Lights at Portland,Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)

I'm searching for the full video.

Added: Below is the full video

I can barely hear his voice. Btw it's a fantastic performance though.

HQ Quality sound.

Kris Allen Performs Heartless at Portland,Oregon (American Idol 8 Tour)


Kris and Anoop Interview in Portland : Anoop's First Plan Is To Join Kris Fanbase

I love Kranoop!! This is one of the interview that I like but the audio is so FAIL!! It's so hard to listen to their words.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Game Trailer

OMG!!So cool!I don't have time to play the game though,I only played the first one (Sorcerer's Stone) on the PS.

David Archuleta's Hands Choreography at Barriers Performance

Love it!!This song is growing on me,wasn't a fan of this song back then.

David Archuleta's Long Hair

People at ontd_ai said in this video,David's hair is long enough that he wants to have a haircut (if you follow him on twitter,you'll know that he's searching for a haircut place on the tour trip). Btw this is A Little Too Not Over You's HQ performance. Kudos for the person who took this video.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kris Allen's Tour Song Spoiler

So they released the first video of iTunes Pass and inside the video,there's a sheet of this song. It's Bright Lights by Matchbox Twenty. I'm ecstatic about Kris's performances on the tour. It'll be one heck of a show. Flawless song set except No Boundaries.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009