Friday, September 28, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 6

OMG tonight was the worst of all audition episodes. I was totally uninterested.

- Trevor Moran turned out just dehydrated,he's performing LMFAO song "Sexy and I Know It". I don't understand which planet will accept this kid on its music industry. Yeah,he got confidence. He worked the stage really well. But he should wait 5 more years and perfect his voice to become perfect package. Right now,he's just an entertaining kid performer with nowhere else to go in the music industry.
- Owen Stewart is crazy in love with his girlfriend who's in New York. He's missing her so much. Oh gawd!!! I was so bored out of my mind that I tuned out really fast when he's performing. Just forgettable!!
- Oh gosh,this is so sad. Freddie Combs is 500 pounds minister who's in wheelchair because he's so heavy,he can't walk. He really has great gospel voice. I hope he can lose his weight and be free of that chain. I'm still shocked to see how can people be that heavy. Are they just sitting at their couch at home and eating nonstop in front of TV??
- Lauren Jaurqui sang a song that I hate hate hate hate so much. Which is Alicia Keys's If I Ain't Got You. I would pay money to get rid of this song forever. I guess she sang this song very well. My mind was on elsewhere though. No one can make this song listenable to me.
- OMFG!!! Is this even real???? Why is this creepy blonde girl singing Annie??? I feel like we're in twilight dimension. I'm so over this audition. I can't take it no more.

Bring it on the boot camp!!! Yay that audition is over. I'm definitely skipping out the audition next year. Can't take the stupid and waste of time audition anymore.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 5

Tonight was so underwhelming,I'm so over it. Can't stomach another audition episode of any singing show. It's just totally predictable and not entertaining overall.

- Why they show Adonis & John?? They're very delusional and waste of time.
- Dinah Jane Hansen is 15 years old who looks 10 year older. She sang pretty good,Beyonce still can outsing her left and right. I don't know,she's just forgettable to me. I can barely maintain any interest watching her story and performance.
- Arin Ray from InTENsity audition again. Do the rules allow that?? I remember him. Wow his brother is so hot!!! OMG he really gaining so much confidence and I love his original song. Very current song and so catchy. I can see that song on the iTunes chart.

- Nick Perreli is 16 years old kid who can sing jazz song really well. I'm always waiting for a kid like this. Jazz performance always translates well on Idol,I don't understand why they can't find any good jazz singer. I'll be following this kid.

- LOL at Changy Li. Creepy delusional old asian woman. Although this is the only part in tonight episode which I laughed continuously. Oh gawd,this thing is never gets old. I always love watching delusional stereotype of Asian.
- Austin Corini is basically blonde Bieber look alike. But there's never going to be another Justin Bieber. Even Cody Simpsons and Greyson Chance failed miserably to follow his steps. At first,I thought Austin was hot. When those girls are freaking out and asking his autographs. But his singing mannerism is very weird,his voice is okay,he doesn't have any charisma. The gold blonde hair really works for him though.
- Jaime is so creepy. I felt uncomfortable watching this couple.
- David Correy can SANG!!!!! Although the tattoo turned me off big times!!
- Sophie Tweed Simmons part is the highlight of tonight's episode. I felt bad for her,having to follow his legendary father footsteps. Her voice is okay,I find her tone very weird,she will be excellent if she got vocal lessons and more experience of performing.
- Tara Simon is total bitch and so annoying. Her singing is too low,but I agree with the judges,she barely scratched the surface. She got more coming.
- Daryl Black is excellent singer. No marketability though.
- Trevor Moran's dramatic story is URGH!!! Can we move on from this!!!!

Can't wait for boot camp.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 4

This show is beginning to get on my nerve regarding blatant manipulation of viewers' emotions. The editing so many times showed an obvious attempt to stir up our emotion to root for certain contestant or to hate them.

- Willie Jones is singing Scotty McCreery's BabyLockThemDoors. He's not that good. The judges should stop giving boost to this kid's ego and expectations.
- Let's not discuss the redneck old guy who's 30 years older than his age.
- Julia Bullock is in dilemma regarding the fate of her band. Why don't the band come join her if she get a music career after this season is over? Let's not prolong the attempt to dramatize her backstory. Btw she got a great pop rock voice.
- Krysten Colon is doing a mediocre job singing some Adele song.
- Jeffrey Gutt sang Hallelujah. I'm freaking sick hearing this song for a billionth times. He's a rocker,alright. But I'm confuse which radio gonna play his song though.
- Stormy weather and lightning wreaking havoc on the building.
- Krysten Colon 2nd attempt to audition. She murdered Whitney Houston song. Ouch,the embarassment. She has singing ability but pretty mediocre one. Wow she's having a huge meltdown and throwing a tantrum to everybody. Geesh.

Underwhelming episode tonight. Sigh. I don't like the mix and match of audition's cities.

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 3

I didn't have time to post this yesterday. Here we go:

Simon is sick so Louis Walsh from X Factor UK filled his seat. I love him!!!
- Rizzloe Jones is a decent white boy rapper.
- CeCe Frey's attitude is not endearing at all. She's so bitchy and condescending to other people. Although I must say she's gorgeous!! I don't understand why people keep singing Unchained Melody. No one did that song any justice. Luckily,she got another chance to sing another song. She slayed Ain't No Other Man by Christina Aguilera. I really feel she could be a popstar,with the right song,she already has the attitude and the "it" factor.
- Britney can't even sing happy birthday to LA Reid. Ouch!!
- Vino Alan sang a soulful Trouble. I don't see any chance for him to enter music industry.
- Deangelo Wallace is a delusional black kid. So annoying!! WTH he stoled the microphone. He's so desperate to be on TV.
-  Awww at Tate Stevens. He's so likable. He sang great. Although all the deep country voice sound so similar in my ears. Can't differentiate between one another.
- OMG yay at boyband!!! Patrick is so gay. Why he's obsessed with collar is beyond me. The blonde guy,Parker is hot too. They sang fantastic,but they're so cheesy. I agree with Simon. But they're way better than One Direction when they're still competing in X Factor UK.

-Diamond White sang pretty amazing version of It's A Man's World. Very fantastic for a kid her age to sing that great.
- Ally Brooke sang Jaci Velasquez song and she continued to sing on and on after the judges stopped her. I thought she blew it. Fortunately,she's not.
- Normani Hamilton is pretty good. I wanna see more from her.
- Sister C vocal harmony is superb. Wow!!!! They're my favorite group so far. I hope they're advance to the live show.

- Jeremiah and Josh are cute. LOL at Britney wanna hear them waking her up in the morning.
- OMG Panda Ross FTW!! I thought she's delusional frauen. But she's totally amazing singer. And she's very hilarious too. One of my fave contestant. I hope she recovers from pneumonia.

- Jessica Espinoza reminds me of Allison Iraheta. I think she might be one of the frontrunner.

Overall pretty amazing episode. Lots of talents tonight,although some of them are mediocre and not that great. The judges should stop saying they found a star to many of the contestants. Because even Idol can't produce a star nowadays and all of the winners flopped big time. Hard time in music industry right now.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 2

- I'm so shocked that The Voice 3rd day had a bigger rating than X Factor premiere. Oh well!!!
- Johnny Maxwell is pretty cute. He has more charisma rather than singing ability. Although he can rap and he can sing pretty good. Let's see what will happen to him in boot camp.

- Am I watching The Hills right now?? Why this Lexa Berman's conversation with Paige reminds me of that show. So many SoCal accents and lingo. I think Lexa has a good singing voice,I don't know why the judges said no to her. She's not that bad!!! Her bitchiness could be entertaining to watch on live show.
- Here we go again with the gays. Jason Brock is totally flaming!! I was seriously thinking he would be an awful audition based on the Konnichiwa greetings and his rambling about his concept of his concert. It turned out,he sang really great. Watch out for the glamberts vicious attack!!! This guy sings really well. His personality is off the chart. Really entertaining!! Can't wait to see him in boot camp.

- This Britney stalker,Patrick Ford scares the shit out of me. No wonder Britney had a meltdown years ago. Dealing with crazy fans like this. The eerie music in the background reinforces the stereotype even more. Yikes!!
- Carly Rose Sonenclare is once again a very young girl that in my personal opinion should wait few more years to audition in these type of show. She blew the roof when she sang but I still can see some mimicking and amateurish quality in her. Because she's still too young. Probably an early frontrunner.

Overall 2nd day of audition went really well. Very entertaining show tonight!!!

The X Factor Season 2 Premiere Recap

First,I want to say this nonstop barrage of singing shows is just crazy. Even I'm already burnt out. 2 years ago,I didn't think that I would get bored by singing show. Although,I was anticipating Britney and Demi on X Factor. Wondering how great their chemistry will be.

The premiere episode was pretty good overall. I love the cinema verite style. It makes this show very refreshing compared to the other shows. FYI,I'm skipping The Voice season 3. I don't have any enthusiasm at all to watch that show. Sorry!!!

Simon should thank the universe for the success of One Direction. Their success make this show more credible. I'm even surprised that those 5 guys could be this BIG!!! Never expected that.

Here's my opinion about this first episode:
- Paige Thomas delivered an okay audition compared to Jazzlyn Little last season. That blonde Kaci Newton is so bitchy and delusional.
- Britney Spears looks very fragile.
- Reed Deming is still too young. Give him more years to practice!!! I just cringed so hard watching this kid's audition. Btw was that Josh Meltzer from Majors & Minors that I noticed beside Reed while they're in contestant's holding room.
- The gays are coming out in droves in the gay mecca,San Francisco. LOL at Quatrele. I love it that Simon,Britney and Demi put him through. He's so entertaining!!!!

-I feel so bad for Vincent Thomas. Last night,I wondered what boyband he's from. It turned out he's from US5. I didn't know that US5 underwent personal member change twice. I only knew the original members of that boyband. Too bad he can't sing well. He's very kind though giving advice to Emblem3.
- While Emblem3 is so douchey. Yes,they're pretty handsome and talented. But I can't stand douchebags!!!

- Don Phillip has aged so much. I almost didn't notice him. I feel so bad for him!!!! Sure,he must've been struggled through lots of personal demons. But Britney was right saying no to him. He needs to take care of his personal mental health first and after that improving his singing ability again.

- Janelle Garcia was good.
- Jillian Jensen's being bullied sobstory is tragic. I definitely can relate with her. But her singing didn't move me at all. I don't know why,maybe I just think her vocal is okay or something.