Friday, September 28, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 6

OMG tonight was the worst of all audition episodes. I was totally uninterested.

- Trevor Moran turned out just dehydrated,he's performing LMFAO song "Sexy and I Know It". I don't understand which planet will accept this kid on its music industry. Yeah,he got confidence. He worked the stage really well. But he should wait 5 more years and perfect his voice to become perfect package. Right now,he's just an entertaining kid performer with nowhere else to go in the music industry.
- Owen Stewart is crazy in love with his girlfriend who's in New York. He's missing her so much. Oh gawd!!! I was so bored out of my mind that I tuned out really fast when he's performing. Just forgettable!!
- Oh gosh,this is so sad. Freddie Combs is 500 pounds minister who's in wheelchair because he's so heavy,he can't walk. He really has great gospel voice. I hope he can lose his weight and be free of that chain. I'm still shocked to see how can people be that heavy. Are they just sitting at their couch at home and eating nonstop in front of TV??
- Lauren Jaurqui sang a song that I hate hate hate hate so much. Which is Alicia Keys's If I Ain't Got You. I would pay money to get rid of this song forever. I guess she sang this song very well. My mind was on elsewhere though. No one can make this song listenable to me.
- OMFG!!! Is this even real???? Why is this creepy blonde girl singing Annie??? I feel like we're in twilight dimension. I'm so over this audition. I can't take it no more.

Bring it on the boot camp!!! Yay that audition is over. I'm definitely skipping out the audition next year. Can't take the stupid and waste of time audition anymore.


Jimmy Mackey said...

I smell a rat when even Brittany voted through “little orphan Annie.” Were the judges coming across as too harsh when they voted other kids off that the producers had to put them up to this? Freddie does have a great voice, but can he sing other songs, or is he willing to sing anything popular? My DISH coworker and I really love to talk about the episodes at work because the characters say and do some crazy things. Now, I even have time to watch another show after Modern Family because I watch commercial free with Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings. That makes for a relaxing evening; something I look forward to every workday.

aquayers said...

That last audition episode was atrocious. I felt like watching circus or America's Got Talent. I don't like watching stupid or bizarre audition. Back then when I watched singing show for the first time,it's funny to watch these kind of people. But now,it's already getting old.