Thursday, October 04, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Boot Camp Part 1

Everytime I watch this cinema verite style of shooting,I'm still wondering where they implant the mic and camera. Or how they do it so that the contestant doesn't have to try so hard to acting their own daily lives. Uh oh,Miami hotel and all that luxury. That must increased the pressure more for all of them.

- Diamond White did a big mistake in my opinion,singing I Have Nothing. Can't she find another song to sing?? I'm not feeling this performance. Really mediocre.
- Austin Corrini continued to be underwhelming. This blonde kid needs to have few years more of experience.
- Dinah Jane Hansen singing Mariah Carey's song. I'm sick of Mariah and Whitney songs being sung on singing show. That's coming from me who love big diva song.
- Lyric Da Queen is very intriguing!! Very cool female rapper!!
- Uh oh,Demi said to Jessica Espinoza that her name's the only one that she can remember. Huge pressure!! No wonder Jessica faltered!! I feel so bad for her. I can sense the other contestants wondering how come she's not that great.
- Jennel Garcia might look like the girl next door. But she's upping the ante in the sexiness department. She's gyrating and wiping her hair left and right. The male contestants must be having a wet dream,while the female contestants all staring dagger at her. LOL.
- Aww at Vino Alan always trying to calm down the other contestant's nerves.
- Too bad that Johnny Maxwell forgot the lyrics. He's cute though.
- Nice to see all of the kids performers going down in trainwreck. I can't stand them. Give them a decade to mature!! Nick Perelli disaster attempt at Frank Sinatra song made me sigh. I don't want to lose him.
- I cringe watching Jake Garza calling his mommy. 12 years old is too young to compete.
- Emblem3 is so cocky. I can't stand them. Why Citizen lost one of their member??? 2 of the guys from Jetset are hot!! Emblem3's performance is meh. Really awful!! I hope they're getting the boot in the judges house.
- Tara Simon's annoying. Although her delusional performance gave us entertaining TV.
- Willie Jones is a gimmick. I don't see him singing country is a natural thing for him.
- Bring on the drama!! Meow!!! Paige Thomas's performance of IWALY made Whitney rolling in her grave.
- While Cece Frey brought the house down. Although she's a major biatch,but she can SANG!!! I'm somehow intrigued by her.
- OMG Jessica Espinoza is eliminated. Shocker!!!!
- Can't wait for battle round tomorrow. Yay!!! I love tonight's episode. Felt so quick and not dragging on and on like usual.

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