Friday, October 12, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Judges House Part 2

Tonight was a bit surprising. I thought I was gonna be underwhelmed by the teens,but I wasn't. I'm very impressed with almost all of them.

- LA Reid & Justin Bieber (Over 25's Category)
- Jason Brock (I feel you,Jason. I can relate with your story. I don't know whether his performance is good or not. It's just okay for me. Good song choice though)
- David Correy (this is the first time that his performance touched me. I really felt it. Probably the best performance from his category)
- Daryl Black (so sad that he just got few seconds clip. I like his voice. But he's going to be eliminated for sure)
- Tate Stevens (great song choice. I agree with the mentors,I don't know if this is 5 million dollars act. But maybe the country music industry will eat him up)
- Vino Alan (wow tragic background. He gave powerful performance. Really strong!! I don't think viewers will like him though)
- Tara Simon (awesome song choice,she sang it well. Although she's very annoying and delusional. If she makes it to live show,the viewers won't vote for her)

- Britney Spears & Will.I.Am (Teens Category)
- Diamond White (I heard this song so many times back then. Diamond totally made this song her own. I think this is her best performance yet)
- Reed Deming (why're these kids so focused and driven?? It's so scary!! They're almost like 40 years old people trapped in kids body. I never like Reed,but I like this performance. He's not cut it for the live show though)
- James Tanner (for sure cannon fodder,I'm intrigued by him however. He needs to gain more experience to be a great rapper)
- Arin Ray (OMG amazing song choice!! Arin totally impressed me with his vocal and charisma. I think he's the next Chris Brown or Usher. Very markettable!!)
- Beatrice Miller (the pressure is getting to her. Again,another great song choice. These kids picked the most current song choice. I love it!! Beatrice did an awesome job singing this song. I hope she makes it to live show)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (I don't know why they intend to make rivalry between Carly and Beatrice. Carly sang like a veteran singer. But I hate her movement and mannerism. Can't stand watching that. With that exception,her vocal is amazing)

Overall,pretty strong night for Britney's team. Although,no one came close to Drew's It Must Have Been Love performance a year ago. That was just pure fantastic performance. I didn't get that from this year contestants. Sigh. Oh well,I hope in the live show there's gonna be performance like that.

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