Friday, October 26, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 16 Disastrous Announcement

I forgot to blog about this. After a huge fail last week to announce Top 16 because of rain and baseball show. This week they finally revealed the whole Top 16. I don't know why they cut it into 1 hour. I thought the west coast haven't seen last week's episode. Let's discuss about the judges teams.

Britney's Teens:
I was glad that Britney chose the perfect 4 person from her team. I can't wait to see Carly Rose Sonenclar,Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray blow us away in the live show. Diamond White isn't bad herself. I was shocked that when Reed Demming got eliminated he said it's funny how life works or something like that. 13 years old isn't supposed to say wise words like that. It's creepy how these kids are so precious and acting like an adult.

LA Reid's Over 25's:
The most underwhelming category. David Correy and Vino Alan scare me,they look like prisoners. I hope they can deliver great performances in live show. Tate Stevens is just like an ordinary Garth Brooks. The only one I can count from this group is Jason Brock. I hope he let his freak fly on the live show. I still wish all the best for all of them. I know they're trying so hard to make it for their family and all. Pity that Tara Simon is just delusional.

Demi's Young Adult:
WTF she let Willie Jones in the Top 16?? I was beyond pissed that Jillian Jensen got cut. She killed her Gravity performance in front of Demi and Nick Jonas. I don't have a freaking clue why Demi cut her. Is it because she and Jennel Gracia are gunning for the same voting block?? Watching Jillian crying,her bullies must've been smiling. Urgh. Paige Thomas is so mediocre lately. I'm excited for Cece Frey. She has it factor and she brings the fun on this show. Oh well,let's see if Demi choices are right. Oh btw,I also feel sorry for Demi's group that they couldn't experience what other groups experienced in terms of mansion and big pool.

Simon's Groups:
Of course,Lyric145 is going through to Top 16. Cant' stand Emblem3. Why that guy going shirtless again??? I was upset this episode got cut at this point last week. After this week,I'm super excited that SisterC is going through. I thought they're got cut in the spoilers. They have great vocal though. Lylas are also going through. Awesome vocal performances from each of them. I don't want to see Playback's mediocre existences compete in the same level with the other 3 groups. They should break up again and pursue their own solo career.

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