Friday, April 27, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 6 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Jessica Sanchez (this is miles better than her live performance,maybe because she can sing the song in full forms. The background vocal,the guitar,everything about it is perfect. I like it!!)
- Skylar Laine (I don't know,it sounds the same with her live performance. Skylar always sounds good on the recording,don't get me wrong. But to be honest,I don't see myself buying her music after Idol. She has that kind of country voice that a bit outside my liking)
- Joshua Ledet (the perfect song for anyone who loves Sam Cooke throwback sound. Sounded like a song from civil rights era for me)
- Elise Testone (I always can't wait to listen to Elise's recording. Because she make it sounds different than her live performance. I really love this. The latter half is pretty cool. Why didn't she do that in her live performance?? It could give more oomph to her performance)
- Phillip Phillips (travesty!!! I can't take this song seriously. Phillip's vocal even made it worse. Vomit!!!)
- Hollie Cavanagh (oh Hollie,why you picked this boring song. It didn't do anything for me. So boring!! It didn't go anywhere melodically. What a drowsy song)

The best recording of the Queen theme: Elise Testone by far. Followed with Jessica.

Personal Choice
- Jessica Sanchez (this is pretty nice recording. Jessica's voice is more subdued and soft. But overall it's pretty boring recording,maybe only Jessica fans will love this recording)
- Skylar Laine (OMG I love this from the first second. I'm shocked that this is a perfect song for Skylar in the recording booth. This song isn't suitable for live performance but it's perfect in the recording. Who knews? One of Skylar's best)
- Joshua Ledet (one of the most boring recording this year. Perfect for insomnia person)
- Elise Testone (shit!! The first notes surprised me!! I almost have a heart attack. LOL. This song is growing on me. I can appreciate this recording,although it's too out there for the general audiences)
- Phillip Phillips (hmm this could be Phillip's best recording so far. The violin and the melody in the background make the song so much better. Wow I'm very impressed. He picked the perfect song for him)
- Hollie Cavanagh (just okay for me. I heard enough of The Climb,it needs massive change in arrangement to make me love this song)

The best recording of this personal choice: Phillip Phillips,Skylar Laine

American Idol Season 11: Top 6 Result Show

- Queen Extravaganza performed. I don't like Queen songs.
- TMZ segment wasn't funny AT ALL!!
- Elise is in bottom 3 again. Wrong song choice,said Jimmy Iovine. I kinda agree,she could've picked better song to highlight her voice.
- Stefano Langone performing I'm On A Roll is one of the most entertaining performance from Idol alumni this year.
- Wow even Hollie best performance still put her on bottom 3. Joshua definitely got that casual votes from the viewers.
- Katy Perry performed Part of Me. Pretty good,I must say.
- Wow Phillip is really undefeatable. I'm so sick of it!!
- Skylar is in bottom 3 and safe immediately. Elise is doomed.
- Elise and Hollie in bottom 2. Elise Testone is eliminated. I'm done with this season.
- I don't have the excitement anymore for the upcoming weeks. I hate Phillip's voice and Joshua's voice. Hollie is weak and uneven. I didn't feel anything when Jessica sings. Skylar is the only one that could deliver some good performances. What an underwhelming Top 5!! I agree that this is the most talented Top 5 ever but that doesn't say much. In previous seasons,even if we have some weaker contestant left on Top 5 but there were some contestants that I love to death. This season,nope!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 6 Performances (Queen Theme)

- Ryan looks sleepy tonight.
- Watching Queen medley,it's almost like Elise is the vocalist of this group. I could live with that. Elise definitely stands out in this medley performance. She's so awesome. I hope she killed it tonight!
- Jessica Sanchez - Bohemian Rhapsody
Solid performance. She navigated the song beautifully I think this song is more suitable for other type of vocal.
- Skylar Laine - The Show Must Go On
Very strong vocal from Skylar. She's been running way ahead of everybody else. Leaving everybody behind. There's a lot of talk that she could be in finale. It might happens.
- Joshua Ledet - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
It's just an okay performance. Please stop with the ridiculous amount of standing ovation!!! If Joshua is really the reincarnation of Sam Cooke,then have at it!!! It's just not my cup of tea AT ALL!!!
- Elise Testone - I Want It All
Her best performance since Whole Lotta Love. She's definitely in her element.
- Phillip Phillips - Fat Bottomed Girls
Pretty good. I still don't like him but Phillip has been trying to change it up his performances lately.
- Hollie Cavanagh - Save Me
I agree with the judges. Hollie lost me again after a few seconds in. I tuned out really fast,I don't know why.
- Imagine if Colton is still there,he would've been so entertaining tonight. Sigh. So far it has been solid but a bit boring for me.
-Jessica Sanchez - Dance With My Father
Pretty vocal!! Reminds me of her The Prayer performance. She's gonna get the military votes for sure after talking about her father being deployed to Singapore. Although Singapore is one of the wealthiest nation in the world.
- Skylar Laine - Tattoos on This Town
Again,great performance from Skylar. She definitely hits her strides.
 - Joshua Ledet - Ready For Love
Wow,I'm very impressed. One of Joshua's best. This is a perfect song for him. I can't anymore with the judges. They pimp Joshua so hard!!!
- Elise Testone - Bold as Love
I think she's too good that I'm having a hard time appreciating her talents. This song is too obscure for me personally. I don't know if America will vote for this performance. I hope they did. But she slayed this song. Her vocal is ridiculous. I wish the song has more melody in it.
- Phillip Phillips - The Stone
LOL at Jessica and everybody calling Phillip weird in that clip. Can we vote for the violinist?? The violin saved this performance for me. So cool!!!
- Hollie Cavanagh - The Climb
LOL at Hollie saying Miley Cyrus song has more meaning than Queen's song. Definitely better than her 1st performance. I don't know why the judges standing up for this and not her Rolling In The Deep last week.
- Tonight has been pretty solid and good all around. No trainwreck,but no fantastic performance either. There wasn't a single performance that I want to rewatch again and again.

My Rank:
1. Elise Testone 2nd
2. Joshua Ledet 2nd
3. Hollie Cavanagh 2nd
4. Elise Testone 1st
5. Skylar Laine 1st
6. Jessica Sanchez 2nd
7. Skylar Laine 2nd
8. Jessica Sanchez 1st
9. Phillip Phillips 2nd
10. Phillip Phillips 1st
11. Joshua Ledet 1st
12. Hollie Cavanagh 1st

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 17: Quarterfinals Part 2 Result Show (Team Adam & Team CeeLo)

- Florence & The Machine performed No Light,No Light. This band is so overrated. I don't get why people like them.
- America saves Tony Lucca. No surprise there!!!
- America saves Jamar Rogers.
- It's time for Team Adam to sing for their life:
- Mathai - Cowboy Casanova
Why she picked this country song?? Another one of her worst performance yet. I don't know why Mathai keep sliding and sliding down unto oblivion since her blind audition.
- Katrina Parker - Perfect
The least interesting version of Perfect I've ever seen on a singing show. Sorry Katrina. I'm still your fan. Be careful of your vibrato.
- Adam Levine is rambling for about 10 minutes,he can't stop talking,can he?? Luckily,he saved Katrina. Yay!!!
- It's time for team CeeLo to perform:
- Cheesa - Already Gone
LOL at the song choice. I think this is one of her best performance on this show. I really felt her emotion.
- Juliet Simms - Torn
OMG I love this song. She killed it!!! I agree with Christina,Juliet always excels when she use the voice that she had on Roxanne.
- CeeLo saved Juliet.
- Pretty predictable night.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 16: Quarterfinals Part 2 (Team Adam & Team CeeLo)

- Jamar Rogers - It's My Life
Oh no,another Bon Jovi song. Jamar did good,but not as good as his previous performance. A bit underwhelming in some parts. I'm happy that he's on a roll right now.
- Katrina Parkers - Jar of Hearts
Katrina sang this song beautifully,in perfect pitch. But I wish she can rough it up a bit. Her performance can become quite bland and vanilla to me. I don't know if it can capture the teens viewers of this show to vote for her. Btw is it just me or she almost looks like Cheryl Cole tonight?
- CeeLo and his team doing tribute to Dick Clark. I don't know what's going on with this performance. So weird!!!
- Mathai - I'm Like A Bird
Great song choice but the execution didn't quite live up to the expectation. Terrible performance for me. I was bored out of my mind.
- James Massone - Just The Way You Are
James is getting more and more confident by his looks each weeks. Pretty performance,but not as good as his last performance. He got a long way to go to sharpen up his skills. But no one can deny that he can charms the audiences.
- CeeLo performs with Goodie Mob. They're using some light inside their mouth. Holy moly!!!
- Tony Lucca - Baby One More Time
Great arrangement. A bit dark!! I love it!! Although Tony's vocal is just okay for me. Kris Allen already killed this song in his touring performance.
Cheesa - I Have Nothing
Why oh why she picked another diva song for her??? Why every Filipino singer always want to sing Celine or Mariah or Whitney song??? She won't be the next Whitney Houston or power vocalist of this generation. Are you kidding me,CeeLo??? Even Charice is way better than her.
- Pip - Somewhere Only We Know
The only interesting thing about this performance is the rotating piano and the camera view of it. Pip's voice is very underwhelming to me.
- Adam Levine and his team performing Instant Karma. No comment!!
- Juliet Simms - Crying
Why she dyed her hair blonde? Why she's wearing black wing??? Oh lawd!!! Her vocal is atrocious!!! Her last performance was million times better than this. To think that a show about the voice using all method that they can to distract our attention for the contestants with ridiculous stage set-up or useless prop. Geesh. That's why I prefer American Idol.
- CeeLo eliminated James Massone (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Darn it!! He could easily sail through next round with the tweens vote). Adam eliminated Pip. Although I already predicted that would've happened.
- Underwhelming episode tonight. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Voice UK: Bill Downs vs Max Milner - Beggin'

OMG this is amazing!!! Better than 60% of what I've seen in The Voice US this season. I love Bill Downs tone. So crystal pure!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Colton Dixon 10 Questions (Talking About Hayley Williams,Rugrats,His Lucky Underwear etc)

He's suck a dork!! Btw I can't believe that some Christians on his facebook disappointed that Colton sang Lady Gaga song because she's demonic. Really??? Geesh!!! Everything is demonic with these people.

Friday, April 20, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 7 Redux iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Hollie Cavanagh (it seems they intentionally make this recording as close to Adele sound as possible. For everybody who like that sound,they might like this one. But not me. Hollie still sounds great though on the recording)
- Colton Dixon (I love Colton's rock arrangement of Bad Romance. I love that Gaga song but after a while it's normal to get bored,because that song has been played a lot. I admire Colton for doing a refreshing take on that song. Really like this one!! I will miss Colton)
- Elise Testone (wow I don't know why but I really like this recording from Elise. Elise beautiful voice with the arrangement,make me like this way more than her live performance. I'm really surprised because I'm already tired of any overdone Alicia Keys song)
- Phillip Phillips (wow I'm also impressed with this Phillip's recording. His voice is passable in this one,still love the saxophone,I enjoy it)
- Jessica Sanchez (Jessica's voice still great as always,but I can't stand this song. One of the most overdone songs in the last 10 years)
- Skylar Laine (I officially hate Born This Way now,Skylar for sure make this anthem song interesting with country twist. But it sounds too weird to me. Skylar will have great country career though after Idol end)
- Joshua Ledet (I enjoy this recording more than his live performance. This cheesy coronation song helped me liking his tone.)

The best recording from Now songs: Colton Dixon,Elise Testone. Hollie and Phillip also did good.

- Hollie Cavanagh (I like this 2nd song of Hollie more than her RITD. Also her live performance of Son of A Preacher Man is growing on me. I can see me buying Hollie album in the future. Because I love her tone and I think she's going to go on pop direction which is my genre. Although Hollie isn't really my fave this season because she's been disappointing me with her runs so far except this week)
- Colton Dixon (OMG I love this recording. One of Colton's best. I don't care if everyone hate this arrangement because it destroyed the essence of the song. But I really can't stand another karaoke version of September. Colton did a fresh take on this song,whether it's emo or not. I really applaud him for taking risk. I can't wait to hear what his album gonna sound like)
- Elise Testone (what a boring song!!! I know so many people love this song,but I just can't get into this song anymore. It's been done to death. I think only Matt Giraud sang this song justice on Season 8. It's just a weird song for Elise to sing. Doesn't work at all for her voice)
- Phillip Phillips (this recording didn't do anything to me. Next!!!)
- Jessica Sanchez (I don't know why I can't get into Jessica's studio recording. She has great voice for sure but can't get myself to listen for the 2nd times)
- Skylar Laine (Skylar's live performance is growing on me. I'm shocked because I really hate this grapevine song. No one sang this song great on Idol from what I remember. I enjoy this recording too. Who knew this song became a bit better with country arrangement. LOL)
- Joshua Ledet (urgh still can't get into Joshua's tone. I never like soul or oldies motown song anyway. Might as well move on)

The best recording from Then songs: Colton Dixon hands down. Hollie and Skylar after that.

American Idol Season 11: Top 7 Redux Result Show

- OMG the opening said another shock rocks Idol. NOOOOO. Please not Colton!!!
- Taylor Hicks and Elliot Yamin spotted in the audiences. Season 5 FTW!!
- This song Dancing In The Street is so cheesy. Only Naima made it interesting last year. I don't like this group performance.
- Hollie Cavanagh vs Joshua Ledet. More pimping for Joshua to be in finale. Sigh. I don't get the love for Joshua. He hasn't been that great lately. I can understand the love for his earlier performances,but not his recent performances. Hollie is in bottom 3.
- Kris Allen performs The Vision of Love. LOL at Taylor announcing his name. Classic Taylor!! The band drowned Kris voice a bit. But nice job!!! I hope this song will climb up the chart.
- Sigh Elise!! It's hard to make you likable for the viewers. It's just who you are. You're too good for this show. Elise Testone definitely can't play the Idol game. She didn't even watch Idol unlike the others contestants.
- What an awful song by LMFAO. Their worst song yet. The only good thing is the zebra.
- Sigh Colton is doomed. I don't know why everyone hated his performances last night. Jimmy didn't like his staging etc.
- Bottom 3 are Elise,Hollie and Colton. Elise is safe. Yay!! She's unreal!!! She survived the bottom 3 so many times. LOL.
- Looks like Colton gonna go home. I'm preparing to cry.
- Colton is eliminated. I'm just speechless. :( :( :( :( i don't know what made him went from the top to going home. Bad Romance might've scared his christian voting base. His "I don't care" comment in the clip might upset some viewers,but right now I'm used to his personality.
- What a classy dude!! Apologizing for last night performance and all that. Giving the last sing out to God. Don't know why,but this doesn't turn me off. In some way,it makes me emotional watching this performance. Don't make me cry,Colton. You're gonna do big on Christian Contemporary Music world.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 7 Redux Performances (Now & Then Theme)

- J Lo shows her abs in her dress. Kris Allen is in the audience.
- Hollie Cavanagh - Rolling In The Deep
Finally!! This is what I've been waiting for!! Hollie let it all loose & not calculate every move. Amazing!!! Easily her best performance!! I even forgot Haley Reinhart's version.
- Colton Dixon - Bad Romance
OMG what's he wearing?? Steven's clothes?? Wow this looks nothing like what I expected at all. Colton totally ahead of the pack in bringing variation in his performances. Pretty good arrangement for this one!!! He looks androgynous though. More pimp talk with Ryan.
- Elise Testone - No One
Good & solid!! LOL at the wind machine!! Still prefer Felicia Barton's version. This ranks middle of the pack in all of her performances. Ouch,I feel bad for her dog but more sympathy votes for her because of this. I'm all for bringing more votes to Elise.
- Phillip Phillips - U Got It Bad
Urgh,I thought I was gonna like this one!! But nope!! This R&B Usher song become a drag like other Phillip's performances. The sound,the looks,the serial killer face all make this performance no different than his previous performances. Middling performance for him. Boo at the judges standing ovation!!
- Jessica Sanchez - Fallin
Awful!!! Not feeling this at all!!! I hate this song. No one can do this song justice like Kendra Chantelle last year. I'm just sick and tired of hearing this song.
- Skylar Laine - Born This Way
Interesting choice. I like it!! Although I don't think the song meant for being born country way. Oh well!!! Skylar is close at the top for me at this point. She's very consistent.
- Joshua Ledet - I Believe
I hate Joshua's tone. Very underwhelming performance. I expected better for this song. I've had enough watching the judges giving nonstop standing ovation for Joshua. I don't get it!!!! I know he's very talented vocalist,but I prefer Jacob Lusk's tone any day of the week.
- 2nd round is unexpectedly songs from Soul Train's era. I hate Motown!!!
- Hollie Cavanagh - Son of A Preacher Man
Is this an ode to Joshua?? Great vocal overall,but no soul. Her vocal saves the performance for me.
- Colton Dixon - September
I strongly disagree with the judges. This performance prove me that Colton is very consistent. He always gives me interesting performances. I'm locked fully to the end in his camp. He's officially my #1 pick. Elise has faltered so many times for me. Colton is my last chance to enjoy this season. This September song is so cheesy. Thank god,Colton made it refreshing. I love it!!!
- Elise Testone - Let's Get It On
Passable performance!! I thought Elise gonna slay the soul song. I agree with J Lo. She needs to show her vulnerable side & pick the right song for her voice.
- Phillip Phillips - In The Midnight Hour
I feel embarassed for Phillip's awkward movement but this will make me like him more. He needs to go out from his comfort zone like this,without his guitar. Yes it's awkward & so cringe inducing watching him wandering around the stage and his weird hand movement. But this is a step in the right direction.
- Jessica Sanchez - Try A Little Tenderness
Awesome!! How come no standing ovation for this??? This is one of her best performance so far. Fantastic!! Especially the screaming in the end.
- Skylar Laine - Heard It Through The Grapevine
Skylar always makes her performance fun to watch. I hate this overdone song so much!!! But Skylar made it new to my ears. Good job!!!
- Joshua Ledet - A Change Is Gonna Come
Underwhelming again!!! I didn't feel a thing!! It's almost like he's singing it straight without any meaning in his soul at all. Can we bring back Adam Lambert to perform this civil right anthem? Standing ovation again for the million times for Joshua. I'm so over it!!!

My Rank:
1. Hollie Cavanagh (Rolling In The Deep)
2. Colton Dixon (September)
3. Colton Dixon (Bad Romance)
4. Jessica Sanchez ( Try A Little Tenderness)
5. Skylar Laine (Born This Way)
6. Elise Testone (No One)
7. Hollie Cavanagh (Son of A Preacher Man)
8. Skylar Laine (Heart It Through The Grapevine)
9. Phillip Phillips (In The Midnight Hour)
10. Elise Testone (Let's Get It On)
11. Phillip Phillips (U Got It Bad)
12. Jessica Sanchez (Fallin)
13. Joshua Ledet (I Believe)
14. Joshua Ledet (A Change Is Gonna Come)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 15: Quarterfinals Result Show (Team Blake & Team Christina)

- The Wanted performed Chasing The Sun. I wonder why they released new song for the 2nd single instead of picking from their 2nd UK album. I love Gold Forever. Anyway,I like this song now. Maybe it can achieve what Glad You Came achieved on the chart. I didn't hear the contestant's voice at all,except for Jermaine. Sabotage!!!!
- America saves Chris Mann. Holy shit!!! I'm shocked!! I thought Lindsey Pavao would be safe. Clearly,America still prefer penis over vagina,like they did on Idol. Urgh looks like Ashley doesn't have any chance against Lindsey.
- For Team Blake,America saves Jermaine Paul. Sigh. I don't get what's so interesting about Jermaine. I thought Raelynn gonna be safe because of the country votes. Looks like black penis still have advantage over white vagina.
- Ashley De La Rosa - You & I
Urgh at this song again. Ashley did a nice job with this overdone Gaga song. I didn't get bored. The thing about Ashley is she has potential. She has the ability to make any performance interesting. Someone needs to sign her,clearly she has future in music industry.
- Lindsey Pavao - Please Don't Go
Wow,this is her best performance so far. I really felt her emotion. Usually I don't like this girl's performance. Yes,she's quirky and unique,but her style is just not my cup of tea. But Lindsey proved me wrong with this performance. I don't know the song,but I can understand why Christina cried watching this performance.
- Justin Bieber premiered his new music video Boyfriend. Did he drop his pants so low that we can see his underwear???? Oh lawd!!! Urgh this video has so many skimpy slut like in other hip-hop or rap artist music video. Do Not Like!!!!!
- Christina saved Lindsey Pavao. I will miss Ashley!!!
- Behind the scene with Team Blake performing with Blake on accoustic night. Horrible vocal all around.
- Erin Willett - Proud Mary
Oh no at this song!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Erin has pretty good voice,but she picked the wrong song for her.
- Raelynn - If I Die Young
This girl can't sing,although she has the charm and the "it" factor to be successful in country music. Urgh at so many pitchy moments.
- Blake saved Erin. Shocker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He rambling on and on until the credit title and gave a shocking moment of the night. I thought he gonna save his protege Raelynn.
- This show is such a hot mess this week. Wow!!!! Unpredictable for sure!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 14: Quarterfinals Part 1 (Team Blake & Team Christina)

Tonight's episode of The Voice was too weird!!! Let's recap:

- Raelynn - She's Country
What's with the southern obsession with real country music??? It just makes me cringe. Watching some rednecks being so proud and bragging about being a hick and rednecks. This is what I think make America right now so divided with us vs them mentality. Sorry for rambling. Raeylnn's performance isn't great like last week,but she's pretty solid. She's very likable and you can't help but liking her. I'm liking her more and more each weeks. This is a fun performance to watch. I bet America gonna vote so hard for this country girl.
- Jesse Campbell - Halo
This performance just flat from the beginning until the chorus kicked in. After that,I began to feel his emotion and he really brought it to church again with this one. Not a perfect song choice for Jesse. I don't know,I just can't connect with him. He's for sure has great voice,but I just don't care with his performances.
- Jordis Unga - Little Bit Stronger
WTF Blake!!! Why you gave country song to a rocker chick??? It's just unbelievable how ridiculous this is. It's going to destroy any credibility that she had. The performance itself was very weak. I didn't feel anything at all. It's just underwhelming. Even Christina and the other coaches struggled to say anything positive to her. It's very obvious that they didn't like this but praised it anyway. Geesh.
- Team Christina Performs Stronger
The Starbucks and the school scene are so staged and fake. Everything feels way too contrived for me. Everyone from Team Xtina acted way too hard to be excited. The choir didn't even look too excited seeing Christina entering their classroom. I'm just sick seeing The Voice coach pimping their music and keeping the spotlight to themself. This is what happened with this performance. Christina looks very slutty. The harmony are off. The choir didn't get the spotlight that I expected. It's just focused on Christina. Urgh.
- Ashley De La Rosa - Foolish Games
OMG I love this song choice for her. This is the best performance of the night. Although some parts were pitchy but the arrangement are fresh,my eyes fixated on this performance the whole time without getting bored at all. I can't say that with other performances tonight. The coaches didn't seem to like it as much as I thought they would. But for me,Ashley is improving and growing week by week.
- Maroon 5 - Payphone
I love this song. The last song that I love from Maroon 5 was Makes Me Wonder. So kudos to Adam!!! I can see this being a massive hit!! Again,more pimping for Adam Levine's career.
- Erin Willett - Set Fire To The Rain
This was weird. I didn't like this at all. I even prefer Eben Franckewitz' version on Idol. Even though it's trainwreck for the majority of Idol fans out there. This was underwhelming for Erin. She couldn't keep up with the band. Her phrasing suffered because of that. Ouch.
- Lindsey Pavao - Part Of Me
Her first song choice made me excited. Until she changed her song choice. Xtina,please don't interfere with contestant song choice!!! Let them sing whatever they want!!! This is godawful!!! I couldn't wait for it to end. Lindsey's worst performance so far. Everything that's unique about Lindsey gone missing from this performance. WTF at CeeLo not knowing this Katy Perry's song??
- Team Blake Performs Heartache Tonight
Another dragging country performance. The song was terrible.
- Jermaine Paul - Against All Odds
Why oh why he's singing this song??? I just tuned out because I hate this overdone songs so much. Jermaine's vocal isn't helping either. So awful!!!! I don't understand why the coaches love him. Really don't!!!!
- Chris Mann - Viva La Vida
Another awful song choice for tonight. An opera man singing Coldplay song. What the hell!!!! Seriously,I wanted to cry because how terrible this performance was. Urghhhhhh!!!!
- Time for instant elimination that Carson said in the beginning of the show. Christina just rambling on and on for eternity. OMG she's eliminating Jesse Campbell!!! I'm so shocked!!!! Isn't he a frontrunner in Christina's team???????? Blake eliminated Jordis Unga because she didn't got enough votes from America last week. Woah!!!! 2 great contestants gone. I don't understand why they implemented this new method and not wait for tomorrow. This show is so jumping the shark. Tonight was dragging,I was so bored. No more watching The Voice for me for next year's Season 3.

Friday, April 13, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 7 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Skylar Laine (the live performance has more raw vocal and feeling,but this is still a pretty solid recording. I love the electric keyboard sound or something in the early part of the song. One of the best from Skylar)
- Colton Dixon (oh wow,Colton's beautiful vocal always shines on slow tempo song. He definitely can give Matt Giraud a run for his money. I really love this recording. One of his best,arguably his best)
- Jessica Sanchez (I'm not a fan of R&B or soul music,so that's why I'm little bit ambivalence on Jessica everytime she sings that type of music on the show. I think this is a pretty good effort. A bit faster than the live version though)
- Joshua Ledet (don't see any difference compared to live version. Joshua's retro throwback style is just not my thing. Sorry!)
- Hollie Cavanagh (Hollie has been disappointing me on her runs so far on the show. She can't connect with the song,I don't feel a thing when she sings although I really wanted to. But I admit her voice is crystal clear and I can see myself buy her album someday. I wish this recording has more feeling in it,I just don't think she relate with this song at all. I don't blame her,she might lead a comfortable life,so that's why she can't connect with the material)
- Phillip Phillips (not gonna lie,the saxophone makes me love the performance even more and this recording too. I'm surprised that Phillip's voice lost all the grit that usually annoys me. His voice got polished in the booth,but that makes me love this. One of his best)
- Elise Testone (pretty dull recording,Elise can do so many things with her voice but this song just doesn't work for her. Haley's version forever etched on my mind)

The best recording this week: Colton Dixon.

American Idol Season 11: Top 7 Result Show

- OMG I love this group performance. So much fun!!! Raise Your Glass is a perfect song for all their voices. Who knews?!
- LOL at the fan mail. So random. Uh oh,Hollie vs Jessica again. Hollie needs to learn a lot and catch up to Jessica.
- Higher Than Heaven is the best song on James Durbin's album. I love it!! James can't hit the high notes in the end but it's okay. No worry,it's still a rocking performance. I wonder whether the midwest might complain about this metal thing.
- Urgh the nonstop commercial is killing me.
- Hmm Hollie & Phillip in one side and Jessica & Elise in another side. Which group is safe?
- Don't have any opinion on Jennifer Hudson & Ne-Yo performance. J Hud is lucky Idol invited her so many times.
- I'm very surprised that they didn't huff Colton or Phillip. Is Skylar leading the pack in the votes?? Hollie,Phillip,Colton,Skylar are safe. I knew it!! Phillip Phillips & Colton Dixon are too strong to be in bottom 3. Hollie Cavanagh is safe because of pity votes.
- Joshua Ledet,Elise Testone and Jessica Sanchez in bottom 3. Lots of people predicted Jessica in bottom 3 because of Nigel,Ryan,TMZ shocking tweet. Holy shit!!! Joshua is safe!!
- WTF Jessica is the lowest vote getter. I'm so happy for Elise,but my jaw dropped to the floor for the whole 10 minutes. Crazzzyyyyy!!!! Unbelievable that Jessica got the lowest votes.
- Anti climactic judges save ever!!!! Everything is so awkward!!! I think Jessica blew her chance to be in the finale. The votes the guys got are too strong. Sigh. America clearly wants 5th WGWG in a row!! I'm speechless right now. Still can't wrap my head around today's result.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 7 Performances (Current Songs From 2010-2012)

- People at Deandre's hometown wanted him to be saved. Not a chance!! This is the difference between mainstream idol viewers and obsessed Idol fans. We,the fans who are active on Idol blogosphere knew already that the judges wouldn't save Deandre. Yet the mainstream viewers didn't have a slightest clue about it.
- Tommy Hilfiger's segment is so useless. What's the point?? This is singing competition,Tommy. Not a fashion show.
- Skylar Laine - Didn't Know How Much I Loved You
I agree with the judges. This is a perfect moment for her. Skylar said in an interview that she's gonna surprise us tonight,the song choice isn't surprising at all. She still picked country song. Maybe she was talking about her playing guitar. Anyway,this was a great performance. Amazing vocal. For me,Skylar has delivered pretty solid runs on the show,right now I prefer her above Jessica and Hollie.
- Colton Dixon - Love The Way You Lie
Definitely the best since Piano Man. Playing piano is Colton's strength. He seems to know how to play the idol game. I love it!!! Colton certainly made the song his own everytime he performs. Wow,I'm surprised that Colton wanted to sing Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow before Jimmy changed the song. Shoot!! My brother love that hard rock band. He will be pissed when I tell him about this. LOL. I hope Colton will pass Phillip.
- Elise Testone & Phillip Phillips - Somebody That I Used To Know
I'm not a fan of alternative songs like Gotye and fun.,but this is pretty good. I like it!! Elise clearly outsang Phillip. I don't know why they edit Elise in that clip so that Phillip fans will hate her. I'm confused!!
- Jessica Sanchez - Stuttering
Stunning performance. Jessica can do no wrong. But somehow I don't connect with her. Don't know why. Usually I love big voice singer like her every year. But I don't love Jessica as much as I wanted to. Don't really care with her. The last thing I really loved her performance was on Top 24 night. Oh well,this is still an amazing performance though.
- Joshua Ledet - Runaway Baby
One of his best performance in the last few weeks. I prefer uptempo Joshua than ballad Joshua at this point. We already saw lots of ballad performances from him anyway. Ummm awkward!! Joshua is not into girl,Steven!! Please don't make this an awkward situation for him.
- Skylar Laine & Colton Dixon - Don't You Wanna Stay
Skylar has more moment than Colton because this song highlight the female voice rather than the male. Same with Kelly Clarkson outshined Jason Aldean in this song. A lot of sharp notes when Skylar tried to hit the high notes. Can they switch up the duet next time?? No more the same line-up.
- Hollie Cavanagh - Perfect
Usual empty vessel singing perfectly from Hollie. I thought this was a perfect song for her to redeem herself,unfortunately she failed big time. I wish she can convey her emotion everytime she performs but she can't. She just sings in perfect notes with hollow emotion. Even Hollie from last year has more emotion than this year's Hollie.
- Phillip Phillips - Give A Little More
One of his better performance since Billy Joel week. Tonight he doesn't annoy me at all with his singing. I love the arrangement. I think the judges de-pimp him.
- Hollie Cavanagh,Joshua Ledet & Jessica Sanchez - What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)
Just okay all around. I'm bored. This performance are all over the place with their individual vocal. 2 hours is too long. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
- Elise Testone - You & I
A bit underwhelming. I expected way more from her. I still prefer Haley Reinhart's version.
- Lots of filler tonight. Urgh.
- Akon is just useless as a mentor.

My Rank:
1. Colton Dixon
2. Skylar Laine
3. Jessica Sanchez
4. Phillip Phillips
5. Joshua Ledet
6. Elise & Phillip Duet
7. Skylar & Colton Duet
8. Elise Testone
9. Hollie Cavanagh
10. Hollie,Joshua & Jessica Trio

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 13: Team Adam & Team CeeLo Result Show

- So many filler on this show
- I love Jessie J's Domino song. But her vocal is little bit pitchy in this performance. I love how she's always beaming positivity and energy.
- No surprise that Mathai and Tony Lucca made it. Tony has big fanbase although he performed awful last night. Pip is also safe,maybe he benefitted from his later part position on last night's show.
- Juliet Simms,Jamar Rogers and James Massone are safe. Exactly like my prediction.
- Time for the last chance performances:
- Kim Yarbrough - Spotlight
Why she looks so defeated??? It's almost like she gives up already and throwing out the towel. Urgh I can see her sweat on her breast. HD is not her friend.
- Karla Davis - I Can't Make You Love Me
She has beautiful sweet vocal but she always got drown by the band. The apparent nervous looks that always came from her isn't helping either.
- Katrina Parker - Don't Speak
Katrina clearly has the best voice from Team Adam. I still wish her to let loose a bit and show the rock side of her. I always sense the regular everyday career women from her stage movement,not a star.
- Adam choosed Katrina,the rest of the judges unanimously choosed her too. Great decision!!
- Tony Vincent - Sweet Dreams
Urgh this is better than his performance last night,but it ended abruptly. I prefer Haley Johnsen's version from Idol.
- Cheesa - All By Myself
From the first notes,I already felt the song and the emotion. Almost made me cry. Great job,Cheesa!! Who knows you have it in you,although her vocal is not the best vocal ever,but I felt her emotion singing this song.
- Erin Martin - Your Song
Finally,a serious side from Erin that we haven't seen since her blind audition episode. Uh god,what an awful and colossal trainwreck vocal. Almost like goat being slaughtered on the stage. I can't take this seriously,I laughed nonstop the whole performance.
- Thank god CeeLo picked Cheesa. Although his mind wanted Tony Vincent. I can't stand Tony,Cheesa is better than him.
- Good result show tonight,next week's episode will be so much better with the fodder and some contestants that I hated gone.

Sean Conlon (Former Member of The Boyband,Five) - The Voice UK 2012

After reading Simon Cowell's Rolling Stones article,where he discussed Five a bit. I became curious and search this boyband. What the heck happened to them?? I remember liking some of their songs back then. Not my fave boyband,but I liked it. It's sad seeing how they are right now,British guys have tendency to aging really fast compared to Americans. Scott was so cute back then,now he looks like a regular British bloke. Abs is unrecognizable right now,why he's become a rapper? Ritchie looks old. Sean was pretty much the invisible one back then. I didn't see him as important member of Five,just sticking there for no reason.

It turned out he auditioned for The Voice UK few weeks ago. I didn't know that. Ouch for him didn't get pick by any of the them. Five was Jessie J's first concert. Double ouch!!!! His voice is okay. I wish him well for the future.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 12: Live Show 2 (Team Adam & Team CeeLo)

- Katrina Parker - Tonight Tonight
I can see why Adam saw similarity with Adele on her. She did a great job performing this song. Better than my expectation. I love her vocal,although the bandzilla was very loud. I didn't hear the pitch that the judges mentioned. I wish Katrina will let loose more the next time.
- Cheesa - Don't Leave Me This Way
Urgh,I felt like watching an Asian karaoke show. The disco light,the stage and everything,including her vocal resembled the Asian night clubs in the 80's. Awful!!! Also she looks like that Malboro monster from Final Fantasy with her eyelashes and makeup. Sorry!! But her vocal is better in this performance than in the past.
- Tony Lucca - In Your Eyes
This felt like lounge performance. Tony is unrecognizable without his hat. This is really underwhelming. I'm shocked that Christina slammed him in her critique. Why didn't he impress me?? For an indie performer like Tony who already popular in some indie circuit,he should blow me away with his performance.
- Kim Yarbrough - Rolling In The Deep
I just can't listen to this song anymore. I hated this song to begin with,I don't see what catchy about this song. Plus,this song been sung so many times on all singing show,I just had enough already. Too bad Kim didn't show anything with her big vocal,what a disappointment. She will get the boot tomorrow,I think.
- James Massone - Don't Know Why
LOL at the stage with the park chair and the leaves. James is so charming!!! Although his voice is really soft and thin,but I got to give it to this guy. He really knows how to charm the ladies and the camera. I love this performance,somehow I got mesmerized by his beautiful vocal and charming persona. I'm sold!!! I hope he will get through tomorrow.
- Juliet Simms - Roxanne
Wow!!! I was fixated since the first second she opened her mouth. Easily the best performance so far!!! She really really impressed me with this performance. I really love it!!! She just killed it and brought the house down.
- Mathai - Ordinary People
What a beautiful vocal!!!! So gorgeous!! Stunning delivery from the beginning to end!! She got the "it" factor,for sure!! I love how they made it acapella in the beginning and accoustic after that.
- Tony Vincent - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
I didn't get it!!! I just tuned out really fast watching this performance. What's the deal with those podium and dictator vibe?? Tony just looks like Voldemort to me,and I don't like his voice.
- Karla Davis - Airplanes
She suffered because of her nerve. Really underwhelming performance,almost in trainwreck territory. I love her song choice,but she couldn't reach so many of the notes in this performance. Really awful!!! Bye bye Karla!!
- Erin Martin - Walk Like An Egyptian
WTF moment for me!!! This is just a fucking joke!!! It's not even entertaining,after the first few seconds,it beginning to bore me to death.
- Pip - When You Were Young
Why is he wearing latex?? I can almost see his bulge. Yikes!!! I give him kudos for trying to perform rock song but it just stayed there and didn't go anywhere for me. He could be in danger tomorrow.
- Jamar Rogers - Are You Going To Go My Way
Jamar really killed his performance. Awesome vocal,great staging,everything just going perfectly for him. This just shows what an amazing talents Season 8 of American Idol was.

Overall,very entertaining night. Even more entertaining than last week. I thought it's gonna be a boring night because I hate some of tonight's contestants,I loved last week's batch way more than this week. But the performances tonight really entertained me and very fun to watch. I'm surprised that Adam threw a lot of his team under the bus. Christina just doesn't have a good poker face,we could saw when she doesn't like some performances,although she's really trying to praise and sweet talk that particular contestants. My prediction for tomorrow,from Team CeeLo who will be safe: Jamar,Juliet,James. From Team Adam: Mathai,Tony. Karla is a toast!! Kim and Pip could be safe. I want Katrina to be safe but I don't know whether she has fanbase. Team CeeLo has clear frontrunner than Team Adam.

My Rank:

1. Juliet Simms
2. Mathai
3. James Massone
4. Jamar Rogers
5. Katrina Parker
6. Pip
7. Cheesa
8. Karla Davis
9. Tony Lucca
10. Kim Yarbrough
11. Erin Martin
12. Tony Vincent

Friday, April 06, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 8 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Deandre Brackensick (Deandre left on a high note. This was his best performance on this show. I really enjoyed that performance. This recording is also his best effort. He picked the perfect song for him. I really really like it!!)
- Elise Testone (urgh I think Elise picked the wrong song this week. This song also a drag in this recording. Elise's voice still excellent as usual but the song doesn't help her at all)
- Phillip Phillips (his vocal is okay in this recording,but I hate the song. And Phillip's attitude today isn't helping. I really hate him now,I want him gone ASAP!!! What a douche!!)
- Joshua Ledet (what a boring song. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Joshua's voice doesn't translate well on the recording booth. He won't have a career like every african american guys alumni before him. Sad!!)
- Jessica Sanchez (decent recording,the arrangement is so 80's. Why she doesn't make it current?? There's nothing special in this song)
- Hollie Cavanagh (why her voice is so weird in this recording?? Not powerful and crystal clear as always. It's like she's having a flu or nasally. She should be grateful to the euro-pop background arrangement. In the middle of the song,I already tuned out though)
- Colton Dixon (urgh this is good but boring. I don't have the urge to listen to it 2nd times. Sorry,Colton)
- Skylar Laine (beautiful vocal,Skylar's best recording,me think. But the song is so cheesy,I don't think I will listen to this for the 2nd serving)

The best recording this week: Deandre Brackensick and Skylar Laine. The worst batch of recordings this season. So awful and generic!!!

American Idol Season 11: Top 8 Result Show

- Wow at J Lo Dance Again video. So hot!!!! The beat is way better in this video than what I heard on youtube. I wonder how middle america will feel when they see this video with their children.
- What's wrong with Joshua? Is he having a vertigo? Btw why Jimmy depimp Jessica and pimp Joshua??? Weird!!!
- The guys of The Wanted can't sing at all. What a horrible vocal!!! Thank god they're not competing on Idol or they will get booted so fast in hollywood week.
- Is Skylar the hidden TCO? Wow Jimmy didn't think Colton's performance was great. Deandre got blasted by Jimmy. I agree in some sense. Deandre is definitely the weakest guys in this competition but he was one of the best last night. Deandre and Hollie Cavanagh in bottom 3.
- Urgh at Kellie Pickler performance. This is her worst performance ever. The song is dull!!! She's already performed more than 4 times on the show,right? Why she gets special treatment??? She wasn't even in Top 2 on Season 5. Where's other Idol alumni??? I want to see Melinda Doolittle (she's the best on Season 6 but hasn't got invited once on the show). Where is Carly Smithson?? Why they haven't invited Mandisa to perform at all??? She makes her name on Christian music scene. Even David Archuleta only performed once,I think.
- STFU Phillip!!!! Jimmy is right!! You're so complacent already!! Every performance looks and sounds the same. Jimmy didn't mean you should hop around the stage and shake everybody's hands. He meant you should improve your vocal,for god's sake. Urgh at Elise Testone in bottom 3.
- Holy shit,Hollie is safe!! Thank god I didn't move my point to her on office pools.
- Phew,Elise is safe. Deandre Brackensick is eliminated. I'm so relieved that they didn't use the save. Shake my head at J Lo for thinking to use the save. Sigh.
- My office pools is a total disaster this year.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 8 Performances (80's Theme)

- Lots of filler tonight.
- Deandre Brackensick - I Like It
Wow,easily his best performance. Deandre didn't look nervous at all. He worked the stage,he alternated between his chest voice & falsetto. The song is catchy. Perfect start for the show.
- Elise Testone - I Want To Know What Love Is
Yay for Gwen Stefani's fave is Elise. Urgh I don't like this song on her. She can't create a moment at all in this song. She sounded great throughout but the performance didn't give any special moment at all. It just stayed there. I'm disappointed. I thought Elise gonna slay the performance tonight. I'm afraid she will be in danger tomorrow.
- Colton Dixon & Skylar Laine - Island In The Stream
The chemistry is lacking. I dunno,the whole thing seemed off to me. Didn't enjoy it as I wanted to. They sang it great but it's like they sang individually without much interaction. The judges are drunk!! Colton & Skylar definitely not a couple.
- Phillip Phillips - That's All
Phillip's serial killer looks already came out in full force since the beginning of the performance. I don't like this song at all. Awful!!! Phillip forced his voice the whole performance. Watching his face made me so uncomfortable. So psychotic!!! I hate this!!!
- Hollie Cavanagh & Deandre Brackensick - I'm So Excited
Boring & uninteresting. Gah!!!!! It's good seeing Hollie sang uptempo song but she's so mechanical.
- Joshua Ledet - If You Don't Know Me By Now
Better than last week but I tuned out so fast in the beginning. What's up with this overdone song??? Why picked this song???? Urgh!!!! Joshua brought it to church as usual.
- Jessica Sanchez - How Will I Know
Very karaoke & her weakest performance to date!!! I didn't enjoy this at all. Sigh. Her pitch seemed a bit off. I thought she gonna blow me away with uptempo number. But unfortunately,not.
- Elise Testone & Phillip Phillips - Stop Dragging My Heart Around
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The song is boring. No chemistry. Kill me please!!! Elise please stop pouting!!!
- Hollie Cavanagh - Flashdance
I really loved the beginning,when she sang with Euro-pop beat on the background. But when she run around the stage,the performance suffered. Also,the arrangement was so awful!! I felt bad for Hollie.
- Jessica Sanchez & Joshua Ledet - I Knew You Were Waiting For Me
The best duet of the night!!! Phew. Finally!!! After abhorring consecutive performances one after another,it was refreshing hearing good performance.
- Colton Dixon - Time After Time
Very good!!! Colton looks so hot!!! I knew that he's going to dye his hair blonde. I love the big notes in the end. It gave the song the push it needed.
- Skylar Laine - Wind Beneath My Wings
OMG at this song choice!!! Oh wow,this is Skylar's best performance since Stay With Me. She'll get huge momentum after this. I love her vocal in the end. Certainly,a refreshing change from her usual uptempo stuff.

Overall,an awful night. So boring!!!! Very underwhelming night that I can remember since last season. I hate 80's theme. Gwen Stefani was tolerable tonight.

My Rank:
1. Deandre Brackensick
2. Skylar Laine
3. Colton Dixon
4. Jessica & Joshua
5. Elise Testone
6. Hollie Cavanagh
7. Jessica Sanchez
8. Colton & Skylar
9. Hollie & Deandre
10. Joshua Ledet
11. Elise & Phillip
12. Phillip Phillips

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 11: Team Blake & Christina Result Show

- I rolled my eyes when Carson announced Gym Class Heroes (Adam Levine's friend) was going to perform. I gotta admit it's pretty catchy song.
- Holy shit!!! What the heck happened with these result???? Who the heck voted for Jermaine Paul???? I'm so happy that Erin Willett is safe. RaeLynn is safe based on itunes ranking. Why Charlotte Sometimes and Jordis Unga in bottom 3??? Did they have fewer votes than Jermaine and the rest?? I don't understand.
- Team Christina elimination is pretty predictable. No surprised at all with Jesse Campbell,Lindsey Pavao and Chris Mann going through to next round.
- Here goes the performances:
- Naia Kete - If I Were A Boy
Strained vocal throughout the performance. Big ballad song just doesn't suit Naia's soft voice. Sigh.
- Charlotte Sometimes - Iris
Wow,what a heartfelt performance. I really like this girl!!!
- Jordis Unga - Wild Horses
I was surprised!!! The best performance from Jordis on this show. This is what Jordis used to be on Rockstar back then. Good job!!!
- The judges are unanimously picked Jordis. Based on tonight's performance,she deserved to go through. But I was hoping Charlotte Sometimes got a chance too. Oh well!!!
- Ashley De La Rosa - Paris Oh La La
She doesn't have the best voice,but she has charm,charisma and she can work the stage. I dunno,I just think she has great potential. I really like this performance.
- Sera Hill - Vision Of Love
I thought she gonna sing Kris Allen - The Vision Of Love song. Oh silly me!! Btw you should check out that song now on itunes and the music video just premiered today!! (Sorry for plugging Kris Allen). Sera did a better job with this than her last night's performance.
- Moses Stone - Break Even
Pretty interesting performance. I love how Moses always smiling all the time. He's really charming!! It's cool hearing him sing.
- I was on the edge on my seat waiting for the decision. Yay for Adam choosing Ashley. Blake too. Christina picked Ashley. Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!! I'm so happy.
- Urgh at Charlotte Sometimes and Naia Kete being today's casualty. Oh well!!! I expected at least two casualty from my faves anyway.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 10: Live Show 1 (Team Blake & Team Christina)

- WTH was CeeLo wearing??? He looked so fugly!!! Where is fashion police??
- Jermaine Paul - Livin On A Prayer
Urgh he's such a tool!!! I enjoyed the beginning until he screamed all the way to the end. Bandzilla didn't even attempt to lower down their sound,what a disaster!! Jermaine struggled because of that. I cringed so hard because of him screaming.
- Chris Mann - Bridge Over Troubled Water
He has good voice but I didn't get any emotion from him. The singing wasn't all great in this performance. Very underwhelming considering his talents. It just didn't connect for me.
- Raelynn - Wake Up Call
Oh wow,very interesting song choice. LMAO. I love this performance very much. Country take on Maroon 5 song. Who knew it turned out so hilariously good. I know she had some pitchy moments but the performance itself was so much fun,and I really love her country take on this pop song. Breath of fresh air!!!! I hated Raelynn in the past but I really love this performance. So kudos!!
- Moses Stone - Stronger/Power
Everytime I see Moses,he reminds me of any pedicab driver or any construction worker in here. Sorry!!! I don't like the songs,he delivered a pretty good performance. Very solid!!! I hate rap or hip hop genre,so I don't know how to rate the performance.
- Naia Kete - Turning Tables
The beginning of her performance was STUNNING!!!!! I felt like being transported to heaven!! After the band began to accompany her singing,she struggled a bit. But overall,pretty good performance from Naia. She should watch out her pitch.
- Lindsey Pavao - Somebody That I Used To Know
OMG a current song!!! This is what separate The Voice from American Idol. The Voice has so many current songs while American Idol sang older songs from my grandma's era. No wonder Idol lost so many viewers. I'm not a fan of this Gotye song. Lindsey's performance is very interesting with all the clowns etc. I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. She will easily sail through to the next round though.
- Jordis Unga - Alone
Can we ban this song already?? I really love the violin in this performance. Really cool!!! I would buy a song full of that,I enjoyed Jordis's soft voice in the beginning,but when she tried to hit the high notes,she lost me. It really fell short of Carrie or Allison Iraheta's version. I expected Jordis to be a rocker chick who will impress me. She hasn't!
- Sera Hill - Find Your Love
The male stripper distracted me. This is a trainwreck performance. Sera is an absolute cannon fodder. Awful vocal. Toast!!!!
- Erin Willett - Living For The City
She sang great when she played the piano. The end was a bit underwhelming to me. I really love the first half of this performance,the second half was a bit abrupt in the end.
- Ashley De La Rosa - Right Through You
I loved Ashley on the battle round,in this live show she impressed me one more. Although she struggled to compete with the bandzilla,this performance was pretty amazing. I really enjoyed it. It's a rocking performance. Everything is perfect,except the bandzilla overpowering her.
- Charlotte Sometimes - Misery Business
Holy shit!!! I really love this arrangement of Misery Business. I really love that song back in the day. Charlotte did a wonderful job turning this song into her own. Love it!!!!
- Jesse Campbell - What A Wonderful World
Why they pimped him once again????? Very overrated guy!! Underwhelming performance. It's not that great!!! He has great voice,for sure. But this is not his best performance. It's not even the best performance of the night. Urgh at the judges!!!!

Overall a great night from The Voice. This is definitely the best night that I can remember ever from this show. I think for tomorrow the contestants that will go through from Team Blake are Charlotte Sometimes (in the expense of Naia Kete,since they're battling for the same fanbase),Raelynn (country votes),Jordis Unga (rock votes). I want Erin Willett to go through but I don't think she's safe based on her itunes placement. From Team Christina are Jesse Campbell,Lindsey Pavao,Chris Mann. Pretty predictable. I hope Ashley De La Rosa make an upset and make it tomorrow.

My Rank:
1. Charlotte Sometimes
2. Ashley De La Rosa
3. Naia Kete
4. Raelynn
5. Erin Willett
6. Jordis Unga
7. Lindsey Pavao
8. Moses Stone
9. Chris Mann
10. Jesse Campbell
11. Jermaine Paul
12. Sera Hill

Lady Antebellum - Dancin Away With My Heart (ACM 2012)

Okay,here's the thing. Lady Antebellum's latest album has pretty good songs. But their Need You Now album still way better than Own The Night album. By far!!!

Carrie Underwood - Good Girl (ACM 2012)

Ouch that was Carrie's worst performance ever!!! She's out of breath and really all over the place in her vocal delivery. I can't remember the last time Carrie perform this bad. Still a great singer though!!

The Band Perry - Postcard From Paris (ACM 2012)

I like it!! I think this is better song than You Lie or whatever song they released since If I Die Young.