Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 11: Team Blake & Christina Result Show

- I rolled my eyes when Carson announced Gym Class Heroes (Adam Levine's friend) was going to perform. I gotta admit it's pretty catchy song.
- Holy shit!!! What the heck happened with these result???? Who the heck voted for Jermaine Paul???? I'm so happy that Erin Willett is safe. RaeLynn is safe based on itunes ranking. Why Charlotte Sometimes and Jordis Unga in bottom 3??? Did they have fewer votes than Jermaine and the rest?? I don't understand.
- Team Christina elimination is pretty predictable. No surprised at all with Jesse Campbell,Lindsey Pavao and Chris Mann going through to next round.
- Here goes the performances:
- Naia Kete - If I Were A Boy
Strained vocal throughout the performance. Big ballad song just doesn't suit Naia's soft voice. Sigh.
- Charlotte Sometimes - Iris
Wow,what a heartfelt performance. I really like this girl!!!
- Jordis Unga - Wild Horses
I was surprised!!! The best performance from Jordis on this show. This is what Jordis used to be on Rockstar back then. Good job!!!
- The judges are unanimously picked Jordis. Based on tonight's performance,she deserved to go through. But I was hoping Charlotte Sometimes got a chance too. Oh well!!!
- Ashley De La Rosa - Paris Oh La La
She doesn't have the best voice,but she has charm,charisma and she can work the stage. I dunno,I just think she has great potential. I really like this performance.
- Sera Hill - Vision Of Love
I thought she gonna sing Kris Allen - The Vision Of Love song. Oh silly me!! Btw you should check out that song now on itunes and the music video just premiered today!! (Sorry for plugging Kris Allen). Sera did a better job with this than her last night's performance.
- Moses Stone - Break Even
Pretty interesting performance. I love how Moses always smiling all the time. He's really charming!! It's cool hearing him sing.
- I was on the edge on my seat waiting for the decision. Yay for Adam choosing Ashley. Blake too. Christina picked Ashley. Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!! I'm so happy.
- Urgh at Charlotte Sometimes and Naia Kete being today's casualty. Oh well!!! I expected at least two casualty from my faves anyway.

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