Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 10: Live Show 1 (Team Blake & Team Christina)

- WTH was CeeLo wearing??? He looked so fugly!!! Where is fashion police??
- Jermaine Paul - Livin On A Prayer
Urgh he's such a tool!!! I enjoyed the beginning until he screamed all the way to the end. Bandzilla didn't even attempt to lower down their sound,what a disaster!! Jermaine struggled because of that. I cringed so hard because of him screaming.
- Chris Mann - Bridge Over Troubled Water
He has good voice but I didn't get any emotion from him. The singing wasn't all great in this performance. Very underwhelming considering his talents. It just didn't connect for me.
- Raelynn - Wake Up Call
Oh wow,very interesting song choice. LMAO. I love this performance very much. Country take on Maroon 5 song. Who knew it turned out so hilariously good. I know she had some pitchy moments but the performance itself was so much fun,and I really love her country take on this pop song. Breath of fresh air!!!! I hated Raelynn in the past but I really love this performance. So kudos!!
- Moses Stone - Stronger/Power
Everytime I see Moses,he reminds me of any pedicab driver or any construction worker in here. Sorry!!! I don't like the songs,he delivered a pretty good performance. Very solid!!! I hate rap or hip hop genre,so I don't know how to rate the performance.
- Naia Kete - Turning Tables
The beginning of her performance was STUNNING!!!!! I felt like being transported to heaven!! After the band began to accompany her singing,she struggled a bit. But overall,pretty good performance from Naia. She should watch out her pitch.
- Lindsey Pavao - Somebody That I Used To Know
OMG a current song!!! This is what separate The Voice from American Idol. The Voice has so many current songs while American Idol sang older songs from my grandma's era. No wonder Idol lost so many viewers. I'm not a fan of this Gotye song. Lindsey's performance is very interesting with all the clowns etc. I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. She will easily sail through to the next round though.
- Jordis Unga - Alone
Can we ban this song already?? I really love the violin in this performance. Really cool!!! I would buy a song full of that,I enjoyed Jordis's soft voice in the beginning,but when she tried to hit the high notes,she lost me. It really fell short of Carrie or Allison Iraheta's version. I expected Jordis to be a rocker chick who will impress me. She hasn't!
- Sera Hill - Find Your Love
The male stripper distracted me. This is a trainwreck performance. Sera is an absolute cannon fodder. Awful vocal. Toast!!!!
- Erin Willett - Living For The City
She sang great when she played the piano. The end was a bit underwhelming to me. I really love the first half of this performance,the second half was a bit abrupt in the end.
- Ashley De La Rosa - Right Through You
I loved Ashley on the battle round,in this live show she impressed me one more. Although she struggled to compete with the bandzilla,this performance was pretty amazing. I really enjoyed it. It's a rocking performance. Everything is perfect,except the bandzilla overpowering her.
- Charlotte Sometimes - Misery Business
Holy shit!!! I really love this arrangement of Misery Business. I really love that song back in the day. Charlotte did a wonderful job turning this song into her own. Love it!!!!
- Jesse Campbell - What A Wonderful World
Why they pimped him once again????? Very overrated guy!! Underwhelming performance. It's not that great!!! He has great voice,for sure. But this is not his best performance. It's not even the best performance of the night. Urgh at the judges!!!!

Overall a great night from The Voice. This is definitely the best night that I can remember ever from this show. I think for tomorrow the contestants that will go through from Team Blake are Charlotte Sometimes (in the expense of Naia Kete,since they're battling for the same fanbase),Raelynn (country votes),Jordis Unga (rock votes). I want Erin Willett to go through but I don't think she's safe based on her itunes placement. From Team Christina are Jesse Campbell,Lindsey Pavao,Chris Mann. Pretty predictable. I hope Ashley De La Rosa make an upset and make it tomorrow.

My Rank:
1. Charlotte Sometimes
2. Ashley De La Rosa
3. Naia Kete
4. Raelynn
5. Erin Willett
6. Jordis Unga
7. Lindsey Pavao
8. Moses Stone
9. Chris Mann
10. Jesse Campbell
11. Jermaine Paul
12. Sera Hill

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