Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 15: Quarterfinals Result Show (Team Blake & Team Christina)

- The Wanted performed Chasing The Sun. I wonder why they released new song for the 2nd single instead of picking from their 2nd UK album. I love Gold Forever. Anyway,I like this song now. Maybe it can achieve what Glad You Came achieved on the chart. I didn't hear the contestant's voice at all,except for Jermaine. Sabotage!!!!
- America saves Chris Mann. Holy shit!!! I'm shocked!! I thought Lindsey Pavao would be safe. Clearly,America still prefer penis over vagina,like they did on Idol. Urgh looks like Ashley doesn't have any chance against Lindsey.
- For Team Blake,America saves Jermaine Paul. Sigh. I don't get what's so interesting about Jermaine. I thought Raelynn gonna be safe because of the country votes. Looks like black penis still have advantage over white vagina.
- Ashley De La Rosa - You & I
Urgh at this song again. Ashley did a nice job with this overdone Gaga song. I didn't get bored. The thing about Ashley is she has potential. She has the ability to make any performance interesting. Someone needs to sign her,clearly she has future in music industry.
- Lindsey Pavao - Please Don't Go
Wow,this is her best performance so far. I really felt her emotion. Usually I don't like this girl's performance. Yes,she's quirky and unique,but her style is just not my cup of tea. But Lindsey proved me wrong with this performance. I don't know the song,but I can understand why Christina cried watching this performance.
- Justin Bieber premiered his new music video Boyfriend. Did he drop his pants so low that we can see his underwear???? Oh lawd!!! Urgh this video has so many skimpy slut like in other hip-hop or rap artist music video. Do Not Like!!!!!
- Christina saved Lindsey Pavao. I will miss Ashley!!!
- Behind the scene with Team Blake performing with Blake on accoustic night. Horrible vocal all around.
- Erin Willett - Proud Mary
Oh no at this song!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Erin has pretty good voice,but she picked the wrong song for her.
- Raelynn - If I Die Young
This girl can't sing,although she has the charm and the "it" factor to be successful in country music. Urgh at so many pitchy moments.
- Blake saved Erin. Shocker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He rambling on and on until the credit title and gave a shocking moment of the night. I thought he gonna save his protege Raelynn.
- This show is such a hot mess this week. Wow!!!! Unpredictable for sure!!!

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