Thursday, March 29, 2007

Top 10 Results Tonight

Yep,at last Chris Sligh went home tonight. I thought his performance was bland and dull and so off tempo and he has been going downhill since the Top 24. And considering that he might be the one who said that he got the competition in the bag,said Sundance.Bye bye Chris.I like your band's music but i'm not into your performance in this competition.Good luck.

Besides Chris Sligh,other contestants who in Bottom 3 are Phil Stacey and Haley Scarnato.

I can't wait for next week theme.Tony Bennett's will be great night for me.Let's hope so.^^

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Top 10 Performance Tonight (with Gwen Stefani)

1. Lakisha Jones (i think her performance was okay.She looked like a Japanese anime dominatrix girl though hehehe ^^ I really wanted her to perform longer.I thought that performance duration was too short).
2. Chris Sligh (wow that was really horrible.The tempo was really off.It was one of his worst performance i think) Bottom 3
Why I kinda see this coming??@_@ Pop theme which is i really like usually turned out to be horrible in American Idol.Maybe the time of performance was so short since they cut the show into 1 hour only or else.I dunno
3. Gina Glocksen (thx God for her.I think her performance was pretty good and i agree with the judges that that was tonight best performance so far) My #3 Pick
4. Sanjaya Malakar (oh my........ his hair became crazier each week hahahaha.I thought his performance was okay.I laughed out a lot because of his hair when his was performing though.I think the judges really have surrender and careless about Sanjaya's existence in this competition)
5. Haley Scarnato (once again,the performance was too short.I thought she were singing great.But i agreed that it was a bit forgettable.But overall i liked her performance)
6. Phil Stacey (i thought his performance was pretty good.It might be one of his best performance although his voice was kinda scary) Bottom 3
7. Melinda Doolittle (although it wasn't one of her best performance but as usual she performed great.And i always get excited when she performs) My #2 Pick
8. Blake Lewis ( i liked his tender voice and i was relieved he didn't go crazy like usual with his style) Bottom 3
9. Jordin Sparks (at the beginning i almost hated her performance but in the end she ended it great.I liked it.I was shocked though when i read that she gonna performed this song in the spoiler,i'm glad she did good)
10. Chris Richardson (wow that was the best performance tonight.Loved it) My #1 Pick

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Top Music List

Artist;Song;Album;Last Position;Highest Position;Times In
1. Rascal Flatts;Stand;Me & My Gang;-;1;1
2. Katharine McPhee;Over It;Katharine McPhee;2;1;3
3. Avril Lavigne;Girlfriend;The Best Damn Thing;1;1;3
4. Carrie Underwood;Wasted;Some Hearts;3;1;6
5. Hilary Duff;With Love;Dignity;7;4;4
6. RBD;Tu Amor;Rebels;Reenter;1;5
7. Christina Aguilera;Candyman;Back To Basics;6;6;2
8. Joss Stone;Tell Me ‘Bout It;Introducing Joss Stone;-;8;1
9. Relient K;Must Have Done Something Right;Five Score And Seven Years Ago;9;8;3
10. The Wreckers;Leave The Pieces;Stand Still Look Pretty;-;10;1

I put The Wreckers in although it's not new single,it's because i saw their video clip again last night.I hope MTV play their "My Oh My" single.Because i haven't seen it. T_T

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh No!!!!Stephanie went home!!!

I was so shocked that they didn't pick bottom 3 but bottom 2.With Stephanie and Chris Richardson at the bottom.I couldn't believe it that Chris in bottom 2,i thought his fanbase is huge but maybe they didn't vote hard yesterday.

Oh yeah i thought the performance of Peter Noone and Lulu was okay.I thought Lulu's vocal was little bit screeching (maybe bcuz of age).And i thought Peter's performance was so-so,although i really enjoyed his performanceship (sp??).

In the end,goodbye for Stephanie Edwards,i really enjoyed her performance so far and good luck for her.I'm sure she will become great singer.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Top 11 Performance Tonight (British Invasion Theme)

I'm doing different review this week,still dunno if i do this kind of review next week too.I thought British Invasion theme not suited for my taste.I was getting pumped up when Lakisha performed,before that it was really little bit boring and sucked compared to last year Top 11. Btw here it is my review:

1. Haley Scarnato (her performance was pretty good,i liked that she had fun with that song,although i prefer last week performance because her vocal was amazing.Overall,i hope she stay for another week since she was first performer i'm afraid that she will get voted off tomorrow -_- )
2. Chris Richardson (wow,his vocal was amazing,he's really become my pick for guy contender this year)
3. Stephanie Edwards (i thought her performance was pretty good although i agreed with the judges that in the middle it got little bit pitchy.However,i really miss Stephanie's Top 24 performance *sob* I want her to do that kind of performance) Bottom Pick
4. Blake Lewis (No No No No for me,although i thought his arrangement was really good but it's difficult for me to listen to his performance.It felt screechy for me and annoying,i dunno but that's my opinion.One thing funny was his looks when he said "come to daddy" was like some pimp searching for a girl @_@) Bottom Pick
5. Lakisha Jones (YAY!!! First performance that stole my heart,i was really so excited when i saw her performance.Go go go Lakisha) My #2 Pick
6. Phil Stacey (i thought it was his performance yet,i liked that he rocked that song)
7. Jordin Sparks (OMG.The best performance tonight.Really heartfelt and i thought she stepped up her game really big for this.Fantastic!!!) My #1 Pick
8. Sanjaya Malakar (hehehe he never ceased to amazed me.I was shocked that his voice became that rough,i agree with the judges that this one his performance yet.Btw what's up with that crying girl anyway??Why she was crying from the beginning till the end of the show.??)
9. Gina Glocksen (it was rocking but it was pitchy all over the place and stumbled too in some part,i didn't feel it) Bottom Pick
10. Chris Sligh (i think it was okay)
11. Melinda Doolittle (again,great performance from Melinda.I hope she pick fun song next week,it's been already back to back slow ballad song week to week) My #3 Pick

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I watched 300 this afternoon

That was great movie and above my expectations.In fact before this movie was released,I didn't plan to watch it on theater (maybe rent it) but after watching the trailer,my younger brother wanted to see this movie and so did I.:P I liked that the movie had so many battle scenes especially fighting many kinds of enemy like Persian army,elite army,magic army,rhino,elephant,etc. The battle formation of the Spartan army reminded me of Asterix's Roman army's defend formation hahaha. Btw i hope they would have been prolong the ending.I want to see that big spartan + greece army crush persian army $_$

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tonight Top 12 Results

It went as I expected with Brandon went home.Yay!!^^ I think he has disappointed many people because he has performed so mediocre each weeks. It really ridiculous seeing that he was backup singer for Christina Aguilera,Anastasia,etc and yet he couldn't deliver great performance.

Bottom 3 tonight:
Phil Stacey (I think he need to step up his game next week)
Sanjaya Malakar (yes,he's safe.I still have almost-vanish hope in my heart)
Brandon Rogers (the end of the road.Good luck!!)

Btw i liked Diana Ross's performance tonight.Her song was better than I expected.Oh yeah yesterday my mom said when she saw AI that she knew her face but forgot her :P

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Carrie Underwood Sales

Yeah,her sales moved up 30% because of her last week performance on American Idol ^^ Go Go Go Carrie

Top 12 Performance with Guest Coach Diana Ross

I think tonight was little bit interesting in the way that it was such a letdown compare to Top 12 last year. The girls performance killed it though,the boys as i thought was suck. I still upset that they didn't change the 6 boys 6 girls rule.They should change it into all girls/most girls and no boys rule. Also i thought Diana Ross didn't critic their vocal lesson enough. I think some good advise is needed for some bad contestants.

Top 3 Performance:
1. Melinda Doolittle (what a great performance,it even made me cried for a little.Because she sang it with her heart and the emotion of the lyrics came across to audience especially to me.I hope she win this thing)
2. Lakisha Jones (her performance gave me goosebumps.I think it was her best performance yet,the weird thing was she said that it was the first time she heard of the song,but she brought the house down.Way to go,Kiki)
3. I'm torn between Blake,Stephanie,Chris and Jordin.Blake gave a great arrangement to the song,Stephanie as usual sang it amazingly,i liked Chris performance so much and Jordin's vocal was awesome

Bottom 3 Performance:
1. Brandon Rogers (please go home tomorrow,he haven't brought his A game yet.I really can't understand why he always delivered mediocre performances.sigh)
2. Sanjaya Malakar (oh no,why he sang that song,i think guys not suited to sing that song IMHO.As usual he didn't give power to his voice/performance)
3. Chris Sligh (the arrangement was great but i felt that he sang it normally,as if he wasn't having any emotion when he sang that song)

Overall it was below my expectations,i thought it will be good night.It turned out to be a night which the boys ruined the great show showered with great girls performance.

There were so many great music this week

Artist;Song;Album;Last Position;Highest Position;Times In
1. Avril Lavigne;Girlfriend;The Best Damn Thing;3;1;2
2. Katharine McPhee;Over It;Katharine McPhee;1;1;2
3. Carrie Underwood;Wasted;Some Hearts;7;1;5
4. Hilary Duff;Play With Fire;Dignity;2;2;2
5. Dixie Chicks;Landslide;Home;-;5;1
6. Christina Aguilera;Candyman;Back To Basics;-;6;1
7. Hilary Duff;With Love;Dignity;4;4;3
8. Jennifer Lopez;Que Hiciste;Como Ama una Mujer;-;8;1
9. Relient K;Must Have Done Something Right;Five Score and Seven Years Ago;8;8;2
10. Sugarland;Want To;Enjoy The Ride;5 ;1 ;3

Friday, March 09, 2007

American Idol Results Show Tonight

I didn't expect that Antonella and Sundance which VFTW voted went home tonight,i thought they will be save and go on through next week.Btw i was so excited that Haley made it through because she deserved it,i loved her performance although she's not one of my faves but i enjoyed her performance.And i liked her pick of songs although everyone hate her.I was little bummed though that Sabrina got eliminated,too bad some of the guys who really suck made it through,i would have replace Sabrina with Brandon or Phil if i get the :P and Jared went home although i wasn't shocked but i thought he deserved to go on through especially with his little airtimes and he has got this far with his good performances rather than Brandon's so-so performances or Phil's ghostly/goosebumpsly performances. Anyway,Sanjaya please bring the house down next week,i already disappointed with you so much and i hope you bring it on next week.

*the red words=eliminated contestants (good luck for all of you in reaching your dreams)

My Top Ten Music List

So many great singles coming out lately.Even I haven't got the time to update my playlist.Sorry lol :P Here it is:

Artist; Song; Album; Last Position; Highest Position; Times In
1. Katharine McPhee; Over It; Katharine McPhee; -; 1; 1
2. Hilary Duff; Play With Fire; Dignity; -; 2; 1
3. Avril Lavigne; Girlfriend; The Best Damn Thing; -; 3; 1
4. Hilary Duff; With Love; Dignity; 7; 4; 2
5. Sugarland; Want To; Enjoy The Ride; 1; 1; 2
6. Dixie Chicks; Cowboy Take Me Away; Fly; -; 6; 1
7. Carrie Underwood; Wasted; Some Hearts; 3; 1; 4
8. Relient K; Must Have Done Something Right; Five Score and Seven Years Ago; -; 8; 1
9. Simon Webbe; Coming Around Again ; Grace; -; 9;1
10. RBD; Tu Amor; Rebels; 2; 1; 4

I put old Dixie Chicks in there because i just saw the video clip on Channel V and i loved it ^^

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tonight Girl Performances

Not as good as the Top 24 Performances,and i thought it's a little bit all over the place for me.Dunno,maybe that was my opinion.

Top 3:
1. Haley Scarnato (i don't care what other people say,but i like her performance.I thought that would be perfect for my rotation on winamp.I felt sad though for Haley because the judges criticized her so hard.Too bad she's in amazing diva pack)
2. Melinda Doolittle (i hope the song would have been longer,all that i've heard was the rendition of the words,and when i was starting to get excited,the song ended *sigh*,but overall i like Melinda's performances)
3. Stephanie Edwards (i think she's getting in my heart and become my faves.)

Bottom 3 (not so bad though):
1. Sabrina Sloan (i thought the song was too plain and didn't have melody in it.All that i've heard was only her singing of bad song.Although her voice is amazing)
2. Antonella Barba (the best performances of her so far,but her facial expression distracted me.I think this kinda song suited her,but too bad i should pick my bottom 3)
3. Jordin Sparks (i liked her first performance on the Top 24 and i expected more from her.But i think that was pretty good performance,once again too bad i should pick my bottom 3)

I think my bottom 3 for girls is way too good.My top 3 for guys even much worse than my bottom 3 for girls.The guys is stunk.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Uh Oh Bad Night Again For The Guys Performance

I didn't feel excited at all tonight,almost all the performance was really suck.The good ones even not so good,just normal or standard i thought.I'm so upset about the worst quality of the guys this year,last year was much more better.I really hope the producers abandon the usual rules and let only a few guys into the top 12 (not 6 of them,maybe 3 or 4)

Good(not Top) 3:
1. Chris Richardson (i thought the arrangement was a little bit weird,but i liked his performance and the song.Chris R definitely became my fave because of his constant good or great performances.I've never expected that from him)
2. Chris Sligh (i loved his vocal,i think he has great range and great voice.I liked his song's choice although it's not so great)
3. Jared Cotter (Elliot done it better,Jared seemed to forced the way he sang,one thing that very funny is he always tries so hard to get votes from the ladies,etc hehehe)

Bottom 3:
1. Sundance Head (i didn't like this song although his performance is okay for me,i thought the song didn't give me excitement at all)
2. Blake Lewis (i wasn't diggin it.It's too hip-hop and reggae to me.And i was expecting a song that show his vocal range.)
3. Phil Stacey (his beginning was very weird and gave me goosebumps,it seemed he struggled singing that song and he always counts on the big notes)
3.Sanjaya Malakar (i always hope he sings all songs with little bit power in it,but he really dissapointed me,in the beginning he was one of my faves,but now he sliding to bottom.Although tonight's performance was better than last week and the week before)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Top 20 Results tonight

I think tonight could be one of the saddest night in AI elimination because with most of the contestants crying,the eliminated ones weren't able to sing the song because they were emotional,etc.I know it's so hard being the eliminated ones,thinking that their journey have ended or wondering where to go next or what to do next.I hope the best for every contestants who got eliminated tonight.

-Nick Pedro (keep on going,you have a sweet voice,i think you can do well)
-Alaina Alexander (train your vocal and stage presence more,and don't give up on your dreams)
-AJ Tabaldo (you proved that you've done really well in this competition,way to go and good luck,i'm sure you have bright future)
-Leslie Hunt (that was shockingly fun that you left a comment like that,good luck for your future,you have a market for your kind of voice)

btw i think Kellie Pickler's performance tonight was a little bit weak,the way she stand still for her entire performance.And everybody on the forum said she had boob jobs etc @_@ i thought she dress way too sexy lol :P different from when she still a finalist on AI.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Top 20 Girls Performance Tonight

It's a little bit all over the place tonight,with some girls had great performance and some girls had bad week.But the things that i like is so many songs that i knew tonight.And i still think the girls group this season is the most talented one so far.

Top 3 Performance:
1. Melinda Doolittle (OMG,this girl definitely should make an album and sing until forever.I think her purpose born in this world it's to sing.Her voice is amazing.I felt so relaxed and so excited when i watched her performance)
2. Stephanie Edwards (this girl always stepped up her games,i think she did a great performance)
3. Lakisha Jones (although she did it more mellow,i still think it was great.Hope she bring it on like last week though,diva singer should sing diva-song) lol :P

Bottom 3 Performance:
1. Leslie Hunt (what the...... @_@ it felt weird to me,and i already hated the song,i think the song already been sung for hundred times)
2. Alaina Alexander (i thought she forced her singing,but i thought she did better performance than last week)
3. Antonella Barba (much more better than last week,she shouldn't picked Celine Dion's song though if she can't sing it great,it's pity to watch her hesitated to sing the high notes which i feel she can't do it because of her limited vocal range.I think her audition was much more better than all her performance so far)