Saturday, February 06, 2016

American Idol Season 15: Top 24 Rank

Looks like this gonna be a pretty good season. Albeit a few contestants that were robbed big time like Jessica Cabral,Chyndi Sherrod and Zach Person.

My List:
1. Sonika Vaid (constantly on my top of the list since her audition. Her smooth velveety voice touches my heart)
2. Avalon Young (grabbed my attention on her Hollywood Week and since that I thought she could be a darkhorse)
3. La'Porsha Renae (black diva never dies!! Nuff said)
4. Emily Brooke (the country contender this season,although she needs to pick the perfect song for her to knock the rest of the contestants out)
5. Lee Jean (I love his smooth,understated & low key voice. He needs to work on his stage presence though)
6. Jenn Blosil (bizarre girl. But you can't deny how her voice will captivate you)
7. Dalton Rapatonni (inconsistent,so many Adam Lambert fans pick him as their favorite,his Showcase round performance is one of the highlight of the night)
8. Tristan McIntosh (too much backstory,still waiting for a performance that's gonna impress me)
9. Stephanie Negrette (pretty good vocal,although stiff movement)
10. Mackenzie Bourg (Kris Allen look alike,I admire his strength on rearranging the song)
11. Trent Harmon (great voice,although his face mannerism bothers me)
12. Gianna Isabela  (although sometimes could be bordering on karaoke,but she's been solid so far)
13. Jordan Sasser (great vocal,still waiting to impress me again like his Celine audition)
14. Thomas Stringfellow (unique vocal,hasn't picked the right song choice for his vocal)
15. Kory Wheeler (could stand out with the right song)
16. James VIII (pretty good audition)
17. CJ Johnson (solid performances)
18. Olivia Rox (reminds me of Taylor Swift,pretty solid performances so far)
19. Adam Lasher (great audition,meh showcase round performance)
20. Shelbie Z (great stage presence,but I don't care with her voice and personality)
21. Amelia Eisenhaur (solid vocal,potentially could rise in my rank depends on her song choice)
22. Manny Torres (don't care)
23. Jenna Renae (too little airtime)
24. Jeneve Mitchell (gimmick)

Sunday, March 08, 2015

American Idol Season 14: Top 16 Rank

Good grief,this season's power ranking is so fluctuative,it's crazy. Some contestants that I thought I would never like,have risen up to the top of the pack. While some frontrunners flatlined and a few darkhorse tanking before they become a darkhorse. Sigh.

1. Sarina-Joi Crowe (still amazing & she completely slayed everyone last week. Easily the best of the girls)
2. Jax (while many people finds her very polarizing and calling her affected,contrived,etc. I still think she's very interesting performer and definitely not boring at all. She's my #2 fave for the girls)
3. Qaasim Middleton (last week was a mess but this week with better vocal and amazing choreography,he blew me away. The most entertaining guys by far & easily memorable)
4. Rayvon Owen (master of falsetto,nuff said. Solid performances so far)
5. Adam Ezegelian (I love him,I have no problem with so called "joke" contestants as long as he keeps entertaining me. He's the only rock contestant left,and while the others trying so hard to bore me to death. It makes me need Adam's presence more)
6. Nick Fradiani (I dunno,he's given solid performances but I keep forgetting about him. I love his vocal but something about him makes me not remember him. Could be lack of drama or "it" factor)
7. Adanna Duru (albeit some pitchy parts in her performances but it's very solid. Definitely rising on my rank)
8. Quentin Alexander (the best guys performance last week but I completely didn't care about him this week. That's why his current placement)
9. Clark Beckham (disappointing performances so far considering his talents. I expected way more from him)
10. Maddie Walker (questionable song choices,dead eyes. Urgh,c'mon Maddie,try to pick better song and try to connect with the lyrics. You already got amazing pipe)
11. Tyanna Jones (passable performances so far)
12. Daniel Seavey (cute,likable,fun,entertaining. But I'm okay with him going next week)
13. Loren Lott (very annoying,her performances are okay so far)
14. Joey Cook (already bored with the quirkiness. I prefer "quirky" contestants from the past way more like Megan Joy or Lilly Scott etc)
15. Mark Andrew (B.O.R.I.N.G)
16. Alexis Gomez (awful)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

American Idol Season 14: Top 24 Rank

I feel like this year is similar to Season 10 for me. I'm not 100% obsessed with anyone yet except maybe Sarina-Joi Crowe,but I think most of them are pretty good. Almost no weak link or obvious joke contestants. We'll see what happens this season. Here's my rank of this year's crop:

1. Sarina-Joi Crowe (my #1 favorite,she slayed her performances on every rounds. I wonder why they didn't pimp her so hard like Jax)
2. Shannon Berthiaume (I completely ignored her on audition but on Hollywood Week she blew me away with her every performances. Although she said she never sung in front of audience before,but she looks comfortable on stage and improving so quickly. Could be dark horse this season)
3. Maddie Walker (I love her Hollywood Week's You Lie performance. She's the dependable female country singer for this season. If she picks the right song,she could sail away into Top 12 and go deep in this competition)
4. Jax (her affectation & her quirky style is polarizing. I love her Toxic performance but her performances after that were okay for me)
5. Nick Fradiani (I always liked him ever since his audition,very consistent although I've yet to be impressed completely by him,he should pick the perfect song choice for him and after that it'll be a race to the finish with Clark)
6. Trevor Douglas (very likable,definitely stands out,he got showmanship and not afraid on the stage but I really wish he improves his vocal,so far it's been okay)
7. Clark Beckham (he's been pretty consistent throughout Hollywood Week. He killed his Georgia On My Mind performance on House of Blues. Almost rivalling Kendra Chantelle's Season 10 performance)
8. Shi Scott (everyone's keep saying she mimics but her style and her tone intrigues me)
9. Rayvon Owen (his audition is still the highlight of his repertoire so far,he's very good looking,he got great tone,but I'm still waiting to be completely blown away by him)
10. Tyanna Jones (I admit I didn't care for her audition but her House of Blues performance were the best of the girl. That saying a lot for her standing in my rank)
11. Katherine Winston (she's been building her resume so far,she got the vocal and the performance going on for her,but I don't see any personality to make the fans root for her)
12. Adam Ezegelian (I thought he would be a joke contestant,but his House of Blues performance floored me. He could make the competition more interesting,but I don't think he's gonna last long in this show)
13. Joey Cook (her 1st Hollywood Week's performance was pretty unique but after that she stumbled. Let's see if her quirkiness works in the live show)
14. Savion Wright (I wasn't a fan of him last season but his audition this year was impressive. Once again his Hollywood Week run were forgettable for me. The rest of the packs gave more memorable performance to justify their standing on this rank)
15. Daniel Seavey (he got a nice voice but it's cracking in front of our eyes. He should've wait a few years. But at least he's very cute and I'm not complaining about his song choices so far)
16. Loren Lott (I'm worried about her song choices,but she looks like a star and with the right song she could give the other girls a run for their money)
17. Alexis Gomez (I think she has potential but I haven't seen it)
18. Riley Bria (bland & vanilla teenage country singer,I'm still waiting to be convinced by him. He could have some potential inside him)
19. Michael Simeon (I don't know,everytime I saw him I always thought of him as bland and uninteresting)
20. Lovey James (her House of Blues performance sounded amateur-ish)
21. Adanna Duru (I don't like her tone,and her diction annoys me)
22. Mark Andrew (sleepy and boring performances so far)
23. Qaasim Middleton (annoying,gimmick and full of antics. Urgh)
24. Quentin Alexander (don't care at all with this one,I feel like watching ANTM model)

Friday, February 14, 2014

American Idol Season 13: Top 30 Rank

I've been absent for the whole year last year,since I was so busy with work etc,and I didn't have the mood and the time to blog about Idol last year. Although I really enjoyed Season 12,with the dominance of the girls.

Btw here's my rank of this year Top 30/Top 31. I'm all for WGWG dominance. LOL.

1. Sam Woolf (my #1 fave since his first audition,his performances after that solidy him in my rank).
2. Briana Oakley (outstanding vocal in Hollywood group round,her tone is amazing).
3. Alex Preston (fantastic musicianship,killer musicality,I love him).
4. Jessica Meuse (original,fierce,not boring at all and stands out from the pack).
5. Kenzi Hall (I love her voice,her creativity and her style).
6. Kristen O'Connor (somehow I love her big voice).
7. Majesty Rose (her Feist performance shoot her up on my rank,she could go into my Top 5).
8. Jena Asciutto (love her tone).
9. Briston Maroney (although everybody hates his affected singing,but I always like his performance).
10. MK Nobilette (her style pulled you in).
11. Bria Anai (we need black diva right!!)
12. Spencer Lloyd (pretty handsome guy,his Say Something performance is what put him in this rank).
13. George Lovett (amazing male vocal).
14. Malaya Watson
15. Austin Wolfe (she needs one amazing performance to go up my rank).
16. Ethan Harris
17. Emmanuel Zidor (up here because he's entertaining).
18. Dexter Roberts
19. Caleb Johnson
20. Emily Piriz (I have to see more from her to judge her objectively).
21. Jillian Jensen (I don't know she still hasn't impressed me on this Idol run,not unlike X Factor).
22. CJ Harris
23. Ben Briley
24. Brandy Neely
25. Andrina Brogden
26. Neco Starr
27. Casey Trashers
28. Malcolm Allen (bored with R&B songs that he has picked so far).
29. Marialle Sellars
30. Maurice Townsend
31. Jordan Brisbane (don't care one iota about this kid).

Friday, December 21, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Finale Result

- I won't bother downloading more than 1GB of tonight's episode. So youtube again for me.
- The Top 3 perform All You Need Is Love while they walk into the stage. I love it!!! You can see the rest of the Top 13 and all behind the scene people.
- Tate Stevens performs Please Come Home for Christmas. Because I don't celebrate Christmas anymore and because this is so mediocre,my mind wandered around a bit. Oh wow at that touching clip from his family and all his friends back home. If that didn't make him the winner,I don't know what is.
- Fifth Harmony performs Christmas Baby Please Come Home. I think it's a great idea for X Factor to combine their final result show with Christmas show. After all,Christmas is 4 days away. Oh lawd,their family almost made me bawling. So beautiful!!! I want family with such big love like that.
- Carly Rose Sonenclar performs All I Want From Christmas Is You. Not as emotional as the other video.
- Season 2 recap. Wow Lyric145 got shafted. I don't see their part at all in this video.
- One Direction performs Kiss You. I love this song!! Urgh at their vocal. Zayn doesn't even attempt to sing. He looks different though with new hairdo.
- Carly & Tate duet on The Climb. Beautiful duet!!
- LOL at the country guy winning this show. The southern,midwest and the older demographics clearly helped Tate Stevens all the way to win this show. Good for him!!! I hope he can provide a better life for his family. Can't wait for Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony's music career also.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Final Performances

- Tribute to Sandy Hook. Wow,Simon has a heart after all,he's crying!! Urgh,Paige is the worst vocalist from this Top 13. Way worse than Cece. Overall,it was a beautiful tribute. Very lovely!!

Favorite Song From The Competition:
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (this song bored me to death. However,Carly did it a bit different,she made it more gloomy a bit. Although it doesn't suit the title of the song,but that's better rather than sing it in the same old way)
- Tate Stevens (I can't say what hasn't been said before,Tate is solid,he always sings like that. I don't know what more to say. Yes,Khloe,it's a brilliant idea to ask him why he's so emotional. Geesh)
- Fifth Harmony (hmm singing the same exact song from last week is risky. The element of surprise is gone. But maybe it's the best song choice that they got. I still love the performance. I hope America won't get bored with this. OMG Mayor Julian Castro!!! This is where politic meet singing show.

- Carly & Leann Rimes (wow this is so awkward. It really looked like a very spontaneous performance,with no rehearsal at all. They avoided some of the high notes. Weird!! Although I always love Leann's voice. This performance reminds me to listen to Leann Rimes music catalogue again)
- Tate & Little Big Town (LOL I love this. This is so playful and Tate doesn't look like a contestant at all. He exudes confidence. Great performance. I hope his wife doesn't get jealous watching Tate grooving with that beautiful women)
- Fifth Harmony & Demi Lovato (this is so fun!! I know Demi is not the best singer,but she showed us what a feisty performer she is)

5 Million Dollars Performances:
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (I just can't with this song choice. I don't think I ever like Hallelujah. Maybe only when Jason Castro performed it back on 2008. After that,it's been done to death with no variations whatsoever)
- Tate Stevens (very mediocre performance. The judges comment toward Tate are always repetitive. It's very anti climactic on this one)
- Fifth Harmony (amazing last performance. It's a landslide and not even close compared to the other two contestants. Although this song is overdone song too but they sang it really well and I didn't feel bored at all)

Let's see who's gonna win tomorrow.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 4 Result Show

- I love this group performance of Coming Home. Carly outsang the rest easily,Fifth Harmony did an amazing vocal harmony there.
- Fifth Harmony are safe!! Holy crap!!!! Shocking!!! Yay!!!
- LOL at Britney Spears face. She looks like almost in the verge of nervous breakdown!!
- Simon is so jubilant.
- Bridget Mendler performs. I don't know why they gave the spot to her.
- Tate Stevens is safe.
- LOL Britney & Carly are getting more and more nervous.
- Bruno Mars performs. I don't care about him. Not one bit.
- Emblem3 is eliminated. At least we don't get to see Britney meltdown tonight. The good thing is we're not going to see anymore douchebags attitude from Drew next week. Good riddance!!!
- Also LA Reid departure from this show next season surprised me. But let him leave,they need more interesting mentor rather than ruthless and rigid LA.