Saturday, December 15, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 4 Result Show

- I love this group performance of Coming Home. Carly outsang the rest easily,Fifth Harmony did an amazing vocal harmony there.
- Fifth Harmony are safe!! Holy crap!!!! Shocking!!! Yay!!!
- LOL at Britney Spears face. She looks like almost in the verge of nervous breakdown!!
- Simon is so jubilant.
- Bridget Mendler performs. I don't know why they gave the spot to her.
- Tate Stevens is safe.
- LOL Britney & Carly are getting more and more nervous.
- Bruno Mars performs. I don't care about him. Not one bit.
- Emblem3 is eliminated. At least we don't get to see Britney meltdown tonight. The good thing is we're not going to see anymore douchebags attitude from Drew next week. Good riddance!!!
- Also LA Reid departure from this show next season surprised me. But let him leave,they need more interesting mentor rather than ruthless and rigid LA.

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