Thursday, December 06, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 6 Performances

- Cece Frey (I thought she did good. Better than my expectation. She avoided vocal trainwreck,but of course compared with the others,she falls short)
- Emblem3 (4 words that came into my mind when I watched this performance: Orange,Creepy,and Bad Vocal. The vocal of the "often shirtless" douchebag is atrocious. The middle one is okay. The left one is awful. Oh snap at Demi's comment that this group has been heavily manufactured by Simon)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (holy crap,that was spectacular!!!! That Bieber song is heavily autotuned with so much production in it. Carly managed to sing it in her own way and really sang it spectacularly. Truly amazing performance from her. I was blown away)
- Fifth Harmony (I agree with LA,still no harmony from these girls. They're strong solo singer,but they can't seem to sing in harmony. Usually harmony is what makes me fall in love with a group whether it's boyband or girl group)
- Diamond White (her best vocal performance,but I felt a similar performance from Joshua Ledet and Juliet Simms were billion times better than this performance. Sometimes it feels kinda funny seeing a very young girl like Diamond sings older song,I don't get quite the same impression with already trained Carly)
- Tate Stevens (Bon Jovi again??? I'm bored all the way of this performance. Zzzzz)

Pepsi Song Choices
- Cece Frey (I guess it's okay. Somehow I miss the old Cece,with the brunette hair and leopart face tattoo)
Emblem3 (oh my,I really like this performance. Maybe because everything clicks with this song choice. Really really good)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (phenomenal vocal,but overall this performance is just okay for me compared to her many brilliant performances. Still,Carly's weaker performance is still way ahead of the rest of the competitors)
- Fifth Harmony (wow,amazing!!!! Great vocal,great harmonies. Really the perfect song choice for them. This is the first time that I like them again since the judge house. Awesome)
- Diamond White (hmm the production is great,her vocal is very good but I don't like the tone of her voice in this song. Sometimes I dislike her tone)
- Tate Stevens (OMG I love it!!! I almost cried watching this tender performance. I love Demi's honesty everytime she critique a contestant,she's not useless like Britney who can't form more than one sentence. I think Demi should be an Idol judge in the future,she gives really good critique. Although she's an awful mentor)

The best performance tonight were: Carly Rose Sonenclar unplugged,Emblem3 Forever Young,Fifth Harmony 2nd performance,and Tate Stevens last performance

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