Friday, March 30, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 9 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Colton Dixon (omg I love the echo in the beginning,the softness of Colton's voice,the first half of the song is a bit slow,I really love the 2nd half where it picked up the pace and Colton rocked out the song. Everything is so perfect in this recording. It would've been much more amazing for me if he didn't promote this song as worship song. But this is arguably Colton's best itunes recording)
- Skylar Laine (I'm relief that Skylar didn't use old country arrangement for this song like in the previous weeks,but this is still pretty generic attempt to copy Miranda Lambert's version. It's okay,it could've been better though. I agree with Jimmy Iovine and Stevie Nicks that this song doesn't have much melody in it)
- Heejun Han (once again,I don't know what happened in the recording booth. But Heejun's voice is crystal clear in the recording. Almost like he's eating the mic. Very nice recording,I love the flute,I still love Heejun's tone. Albeit the tempo is a bit too slow in this recording)
- Hollie Cavanagh (holy moly,this is easily Hollie's best recording. Really love her voice in this. Who knows her voice is so perfect with this country song. Hollie has great tone in her voice but she needs to meant every lyrics that she sings in the live performances,because usually it just like a hollow vessel singing perfectly)
- Deandre Brackensick (again,this is Deandre's best recording. Maybe full falsetto recording is not everybody's cup of tea but this is way better than his previous recordings)
- Jessica Sanchez (Jessica is always perfect in her recording song but somehow I don't have any urge at all to listen to her song again and again. She needs to sing uptempo song,her ballad is way too slow lately. Maybe I wished she picked different song from Beyonce than this. Exquisite vocal as always though)
- Phillip Phillips (hmm this is pretty good,although if I have to listen to this week recordings over and over again from any of these contestants,I will avoid this recording of Phillip. It's too repetitive for me and boring)
- Joshua Ledet (oh god,how I hate this song for being sung billion times. Still don't like Joshua's voice in the recording. Urgh!!! The worst this week)
- Elise Testone (hmm I prefer the live version,it's more raw. Until the middle part when she scat and mumbling something like Middle Eastern music (I heard a bit of Imogen Heap style in her voice),and then I changed my opinion to love this recording. But definitely the live version has more oomph,but the recording itself has pretty nice part in it)

The best recording this week: Colton Dixon,Hollie Cavanagh,Elise Testone. To be honest,this week has the best recording songs of any weeks on Idol this year or arguably last year. So many solid recordings from them. It's their best effort yet.

American Idol Season 11: Top 9 Result Show

- Deandre was freaking out seeing Eric Benet. Awww.
- Wow Idol Mansion is so huge!!! This mansion is way bigger than all mansions in the previous seasons. I want to live in that mansion!!!
- The audiences are extra loud today!!
- Ouch at Hollie Cavanagh at bottom 3. Jimmy comparing her unfavorably to Jessica. Yay at Elise safe!!! I hope she'll sail all the way to the top. I don't understand why they praise Phillip Phillips so much.
- Nicki Minaj doesn't even bother to sing. Lots of bad lip-sync. Catchy song though.
- Jimmy blasted Colton for crying while still performing. He critiqued Joshua too. Heejun Han in bottom 3. A little part of me wanted Colton in bottom 3 for being such a religious nutjobs. I've never seen such blatant display of fundamentalism on this show. Way hardcore than Mandisa and Danny Gokey combined. I love him since last year,I love his singing but his proselytizing is so over the top.
- OMG Scotty McCreery looks so mature right now. He looks like a grown man tonight. It's crazy what difference 1 year makes. But I hate this Watertower Town song. It doesn't go anywhere and doesn't have any hooks. I'm very proud of his accomplishment!!
- Wow at Skylar Laine in bottom 3. Shocking!!! Luckily,I moved all my points in the office pools from Deandre to Hollie.
- Heejun Han is the lowest vote getter. Oh crap!!! There goes my points.
- The singing is way too slow,but better than last night.
- Phew,the judges aren't saving him. Thanks heaven. I'm so grateful for Heejun entertaining me since Hollywood Week but I can't afford him outlasting another female singer. This is the right decision.
- Maybe Skylar is in bottom 3 because the fundie split the votes between Colton's pandering,Hollie's Jesus Take The Wheel,and Skylar's NRA toting.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 9 Performances (Songs From Their Own Idol)

- Colton Dixon - Everything
This is too much for me. I hate seeing worship song being performed on this show and shoved down my throat. I hate evangelical or charismatic movement with their crazy worship and speaking in tongue routine. It's just so crazy to me!! The performance itself is pretty good. I expected better from him. I know Colton could do better than this. I prefer another song from Lifehouse like You and Me. Overall,there's a thin line between sharing your faith and preaching.
- Skylar Laine - Gunpowder and Lead
Urgh at the song glorifying gun and all. I love spunky,full of energy performance from Skylar. Definitely her best in the last 2 weeks. I thought she could do more though,especially with Miranda as her Idol.
- Colton,Elise,Phillip - Stevie Nicks Medley (Landslide,Edge of Seventeen,Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow)
Beautiful performance!! Landslide was gorgeous!! Phillip looks so awkward by being constipated as usual while singing in trio. It makes his movement so weird.
- Heejun Han - A Song For You
This song has been sung by Elliot Yamin,Ricky Braddy and so many more. Heejun did a decent job but fell way short compared to performances in the past. I still love his tone though,ballad is his forte. I love his fun side too. He really needs to work on his diction and accent. That's the only thing that preventing him to perform great.
- Hollie Cavanagh - Jesus Take The Wheel
I didn't feel it until the end. Why took this song,Hollie? It just didn't feel perfect to me. I didn't believe what she sings. Hollie just can't sing uptempo,can she? The nonstop ballad and hollow performance is getting old really fast to me.
- Deandre Brackensick - Sometimes I Cry
His best performance. It's insane what he can do with his falsetto. Not my cup of tea because this performance is full of falsetto. But this is Deandre's best performance.
- Jessica Sanchez - Sweet Dreams
Beautiful vocal especially in the beginning,but why oh why she made this song into ballad?? I expected Love On Top from her. It's beginning to be a drowsy night with so much ballad performances. I've never seen nonstop consecutive ballad after ballad like this before.
- Heejun,Deandre,Joshua - Michael Jackson medley (Lady In My Life,PYT,Rock With You)
Underwhelming!!! I tuned out really fast!!
- Phillip Phillips - Still Rainin
Wow at the compliment from Stevie Nicks. Unbelievable!!! I don't like this song. Phillip looks like a serial killer again in the end. This is his best vocal delivery but I really hate this song.
- Joshua Ledet - Without You
Urgh at this song. I prefer James Durbin's version last year although he had awful vocal. I didn't really feel Joshua at all,I was looking at the tree etc. When he had breakdown in the end,that's the moment when I noticed his performance again. Weird night tonight. I'm not loving the performances as much as the judges.
- Jessica,Hollie,Skylar - Madonna medley (Like A Prayer,Express Yourself,Borderline)
This is way better!!! Why don't they sing like this? More uptempo please!!! Hollie is able to sing uptempo. Skylar looks mighty fine singing Madonna song.
- Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love
Uh oh at Glambert's incoming hate mail. OMG this is awesome!! Elise is rocking my world. She's so sexy,every notes is fantastic,I really love this performance. More of this please!!! I hope Glambert won't hate her because she sang the same song that Adam Lambert sang.

Stevie Nicks is great mentor,I love her!! She should become a mentor again every weeks. I love it when she and Elise sang Dreams.

My Rank:
1. Elise Testone
2. Jessica,Hollie,Skylar Trio
3. Colton,Elise,Phillip Trio
4. Colton Dixon
5. Jessica Sanchez
6. Deandre Brackensick
7. Heejun Han
8. Skylar Laine
9. Phillip Phillips
10. Hollie Cavanagh
11. Joshua Ledet
12. Heejun,Deandre,Joshua Trio

David Archuleta Last Video Blog Before Going to South America

He's going to go on a mission to South America,guys!! I knew it!! Watching this last video makes me cry. Almost bawling at the end. Although I don't share the same faith with him but I respect his decision,and I can really see how he's talking from his heart. He can preach or give a sermon to me anytime he wants. Best wishes to you,David!! Good luck on your mission!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 9: Battle Rounds 4

- James Massone vs Wade - True Colors
James didn't really know this song. Really??? Did he listen to music at all?? I'm always surprised if someone didn't know a famous song,especially if they want to be a singer. The duet was pretty good. James has really nice vocal,although he has thin voice but I love his tone. Really nice. He needs time to hone his skill though. Wade was good but unimpressive. I approve with CeeLo's decision.
- Nicole Galyon vs Mathai - Love Song
Mathai clearly the chosen one in here. Nicole had no chance to win this battle. Without piano,she seemed unsure and awkward. Although not that bad,I thought. Her voice is very generic. Mathai though,the moment she opened her mouth,I was blown away. She has really unique tone and vocal. I can't wait to see her in live show.
- Moses Stone vs The Line - Satisfaction
What a weird combo!!! MC and country duo singing rock song. Really,Xtina???? The Line was bland,I agree with Jewel,they seemed like wedding band. Moses is very likable and can sing. Their performance was pretty okay. Moses really stood out in the duet. The Line disappeared in the battle. Wow at that girl from The Line,she so pissed off at the end of the battle. Maybe she's so upset that they didn't have a chance at all,and just being used as fodder for Team Christina.
- Orlando Napier vs Karla Davis - Easy Like Sunday Morning
I didn't remember Karla at all. The mentoring and the duet bored me to tears. I completely forgot about the battle. I tuned out really fast. So boring!!! From what I can remember,Karla has nice voice. But she will be gone so fast in the upcoming weeks. She will improve someday though. Meanwhile,I didn't care about Orlando at all.
- Naia Kete vs Jordan Rager - I'm Yours
Jordan didn't know this song. WTF!!!!! This song has been played to death in here and I'm sure in US as well. Especially with the song longevity in Billboard Hot 100 chart. I guess,rednecks really live in a bubble,huh!? The pimping is so obvious in here,Blake picking a perfect song for Naia. Jordan held his own in the battle,the harmony was way better than at the rehearsal. Naia disappointed me,except when she sang her part. She really needs to redeem herself in the live show,if she wants to win.
- Tony Vincent vs Justin Hopkins - Faithfully
Why CeeLo cried again??? OMG this battle was so awful,I prefer Kristy Lee Cook's version on Idol. Sigh. Tony looks like Voldemort when he sings,even scarier than Voldemort. Justin's voice destroys my ears. I couldn't wait for this battle to end. Both of them definitely aren't my cup of tea. It could go either way,didn't matter with me.

Overall,not as boring as in the previous weeks. Yay for live show next weeks. The battle round is so boring,they need to shorten these battle rounds. 2 hours is too long. 6 battle per episode is way too much. The filler is killing me!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 10 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Deandre Brackensick (pretty good recording for Deandre,it used all of his vocal capability. But Deandre's been winging it so far for me. Never seen great performance from him since Las Vegas Week)
- Erika Van Pelt (amazing vocal from Erika as always,the arrangement is pretty loungey for me. Her live performance had more oomph factor than this,but still it's pretty good. The second half brought the house down for sure)
- Joshua Ledet (wow his voice is so clear this week in this recording. I think this is Joshua's best recording,I could be wrong though. But with clear voice,not boring arrangement,it works for me)
- Skylar Laine (I just can't at the arrangement. Feels like I'm back at 50-60's era. Too old country arrangement for me. Urgh)
- Elise Testone (Elise has amazing voice,I don't know if the original song is like this or not. The arrangement is pretty weird at some parts. But her voice killed it!! The end of the song was AMAZING!!! Different than her live performance,oh god I love it)
- Phillip Phillips (oh wow I love this recording. Phillip's voice sometimes annoys me but I love this recording. The arrangement is pretty catchy and unique,his vocal is solid. One of the best this week)
- Hollie Cavanagh (what a boring recording. Pure drowsy zzzzzzzzzzzzz)
- Heejun Han (his diction and accent bothers me so much. Urgh. But it's pretty entertaining song anyway,Heejun's vocal though is the worst yet. Really godawful!!!!)
- Jessica Sanchez (stellar vocal from Jessica,but the song is a dirge. I don't know why I can't get into this song,although usually I tend to love song about dream)
- Colton Dixon (just perfect!!! The best from Colton. Yay!!!)

The best recording this week: Elise Testone,Colton Dixon,Phillip Phillips,Erika Van Pelt. Jessica Sanchez too for the vocal.

American Idol Season 11: Top 10 Result Show

- Insane harmonization on the group performance of The Longest Time. Never seen a vocal like that before. This Top 10 is so talented,y'all!!!
- Hollie Cavanagh is safe. She got casual voters,alright!! I wonder why she's always safe while stronger girls like Elise and Erika got in bottom 3 all the time. OMG Elise Testone is safe!! Yay!!!! Ryan almost gave me a heart attack!!
- Lana Del Rey's performance of Video Game. I like it!! I love the 60's background.
- Deandre Brackensick is in bottom 3. Joshua Ledet is safe. Except Erika,who else will be in bottom 3?? Heejun???
- Haley's performance of Free. Awesome!!! I love it!! It's so catchy and very Haley-esque!!
- Ouch Heejun got lambasted by Jimmy Iovine. Urgh at America for not voting for Erika. Erika and Heejun are in bottom 3. So America loves boring balladeer Heejun??? The moment he started to sing uptempo,he's in bottom 3 like Pia. Okay then.
- Deandre is safe. There goes all my points. WTF!!! Erika Van Pelt is eliminated!! The judges didn't save her. I'm at loss for words. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! She could've had a moment if she's in this competition for more weeks,she's already performing in a greater standard than some of the contestants. I'm just so upset right now. I will miss Erika so bad. I loved her since the audition,her Hollywood week's Glitter In The Air performance was AMAZING!!! She's had up and down with her performances,some were great,some were okay. Why oh why America will not reward older woman with great vocal,instead of WGWG or teenage girls. Sigh. Major upset right now.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 10 Performances (Billy Joel Theme)

- Deandre Brackensick - Only The Good Die Young
Good performance,nothing special in it. Not great,not bad either. He could be in danger tomorrow. People've been saying this song supposed to be naughty,ahh that's why it was so weird when Deandre performed this song.
- Erika Van Pelt - New York State of Mind
Why they always put Erika on the early part of the show??? I knew she would dye her hair black but this is rather drastic makeover. She looks completely different right now. It was pretty good performance but I expected more from her. She gave great vocal as usual,but something's missing.
- Joshua Ledet - She's Got A Way
I agree with J Lo. I didn't feel anything from Joshua's performance. I knew something was off from the beginning. It must've been hard singing something that's not true to his heart. If you know what I mean. Even the oversinging and the choir couldn't save the fact that Joshua didn't feel the song at all.
- Skylar Laine - Shameless
It's been an underwhelming night so far. Skylar is also performing good,not great. She picked it up at the end,but the whole performance seemed a bit boring to me. Sigh. Look,Randy name dropped Brad Paisley,when in fact Brad never sang that song. Fail!!!
- Elise Testone - Vienna
She's early again?? WTH!!! I love this performance!! The way Elise does her runs,dynamics and everything is perfect. She does it like no other. The performance is so lively,raw,believable. She meant every words she sings. Stellar!!! She looks great too. I hope she won't be in bottom 3 tomorrow.
- Phillip Phillips - Movin' Out
Amazing!!! I could do without serial killer looks at the end. Less of that,please!! Phillip clearly doesn't care with what Diddy and Tommy told him to do. LOL. In fact,CMIIW,the contestants tonight so far are ignoring Tommy Hilfiger's advice.
- Hollie Cavanagh - Honesty
I hate this song,it repeats over and over again. Great singing as usual from Hollie but I didn't feel this at all. Hollie has been singing ballad after ballad with no emotion whatsoever. Her tone is crystal clear but she's like this robot when she's performing,releasing clear voice but with hollow nest inside it. Hollie is so likable,I don't know why that trait disappeared when she performs.
- Heejun Han - My Life
I thought he forgot the lyrics at the beginning like Brooke White on Season 7. LMAO. This is the most entertaining performance of the night. The vocal is solid,not that pitchy in my ears. I didn't hear breathy voice that people complained last week. Steven Tyler looked pissed.
- Jessica Sanchez - Everybody Has A Dream
Solid performance!! The background lighting distracted me. It was so mesmerizing. I wanted to like this performance but I couldn't. It was a bit boring. Why the judges loved it so much?? I'm confuse.
- Colton Dixon - Piano Man
OMG Colton is amazing beyond words!!! I'm speechless!!! Goosebumps all over my body!! What a stunning performance!! This is why I supported Colton since last year. He's capable of performing like this. Fantastic!!

My thought on Diddy: I didn't undestand a lot of what he was saying. Didn't seem like a great mentor to me. Tomorrow bottom 3 maybe: Deandre,Erika or Joshua.

My Rank:
1. Colton Dixon
2. Elise Testone
3. Heejun Han
4. Phillip Phillips
5. Erika Van Pelt
6. Jessica Sanchez
7. Skylar Laine
8. Hollie Cavanagh
9. Deandre Brackensick
10. Joshua Ledet

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 8: Battle Rounds 3

Tonight has more interesting duet battles than 2 weeks before.

- Pip vs Nathan Parrett - You Know I'm No Good
Nathan is definitely fodder coming in this battle. He has the looks but the voice doesn't have enough interesting quality in it. Robin Thicke gave useful advice for Nathan to get rid of his nervous tics. The battle is okay,of course Pip won.
- Erin Martin vs Shields Brothers - What's Love Got To Do With It
This pairing is so weird. CeeLo is out of his mind with this one. Erin's voice is so weird,it's like she's intentionally making weird sound from her voice. Some people call that affected,I guess that's what I want to say. I can't take Shields Brothers seriously. But their part was better than I expected.
- Ashley De La Rosa vs Jonathas - No Air
This duet is seriously one of the best matchup ever. Full of chemistry between those two. Ashley really impressed me with her vocal and dynamics. I thought she was a fodder but really she's a dark horse in this race. Jonathas has great voice but he didn't bring something interesting with his vocal tonight. Urgh at his tattoos.
- Jermaine Paul vs AlyX - Out of My Dreams
AlyX is so annoying. The minutes she started rambling,I immediately can't stand her. Why Kelly Clarkson wants battle rounds in Idol?? Their battle is pretty good,AlyX impressed me with her one notes at the beginning,and Jermaine really brought the house down. But I started to lose interest at this point. I became sleepy again with this format.
- Angel Taylor vs Katrina Parker - Bleeding Love
I loved Katrina's audition. I thought with this pairing,Adam would've picked Angel easily. But I was wrong. Katrina slayed Angel at this battle. I was pleasantly surprised that Adam picked Katrina. Yay!!
- Erin Willett vs Gwen Sebastian - We Belong
Erin has big voice and she outsang Gwen. Everytime Gwen opened her mouth,I tuned out. Somehow,Erin is more interesting than Gwen in this battle. I feel bad for Erin's loss. Condolences to her family.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

David Archuleta and His Sisters Playing Final Fantasy and Zelda Songs

OMG this is the best video blog ever!!!! Amber played Final Fantasy song,Back at Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X. Jazzy played Zelda song. I love how they're goofing off with each others. David's reaction when his sisters called him weirdo etc is priceless. LMAO.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 12 iTunes Studio Recordings Review

- Phillip Phillips (similar with his live performance,Phillip's voice isn't annoying at all in this recording. I like it!!)
- Jessica Sanchez (solid recording,the song itself is a trainwreck to begin with,it doesn't do anything to highlight Jessica's vocal. I prefer her live performance than this,but it's still pretty solid overall)
- Heejun Han (why his voice became a bit raspy in this recording?? Almost sounded like a hoarse voice. LOL at the arrangement and the keyboard sound. So cheesy)
- Elise Testone (holy shit!!! Elise's voice!!!! Sounds so sweet and very smooth as silk. Immediate goosebumps on the first second. I really love it. Definitely one of the best this week)
- Deandre Brackensick (oh god!! This is way boring!! The only good thing that I noticed is Deandre's lower register is very nice. He should use it more)
- Shannon Magrane (I'm very surprised by Shannon's voice in this song. Pretty nice!!! I don't know why I didn't hear this sound of her voice before. But she's really weak at the upper register. Second half of the song took a sudden turn and became almost unbearable for me. Please Shannon,don't sing any song that has high notes in it. Stay away from it!!! Don't try to slay the dragon!!)
- Colton Dixon (this song really suits Colton,I really love his voice in this. This is the type of song he should make after Idol. Although the arrangement didn't go anywhere for him. I wish it could be a better and more rocking arrangement)
- Erika Van Pelt (I still love Erika's husky alto voice but the arrangement in this song is dull. I just don't think I can listen to this song again and again after this first listen)
- Jermaine Jones (wow,I must give it to Jermaine. This is a great recording. This could've been his best performance if he sang this on the show. Gives me chills. This is a perfect song choice for him)
- Skylar Laine (I still love Skylar's voice but I don't like this song choice for her,as in her live performance. It just sounded dated to me,and the recording still doesn't go anywhere)
- Joshua Ledet (maybe everyone who loves throwback R&B will love this recording. Not me though)
- Hollie Cavanagh (I think this is her best recording so far,too bad I'm already way too bored with this cliche ballad song. Even when Celine Dion performs this song)

The best recording this week: Elise Testone,Jermaine Jones,Colton Dixon,Hollie Cavanagh

Friday, March 16, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 12 Result Show

- Tommy Hilfiger will be image advisor or fashion consultant. Interesting!! I hope he will fix some contestants who have atrocious outfit or dress.
- Jimmy Iovine loves Elise Testone but she's in bottom 3. Sigh. She lacks that hardcore fanbase that needed for this show. Ouch at her attitude not hugging Skylar and walking straight into the doom stool.
- I really love this Demi Lovato song. So catchy!!
- Jimmy threw Deandre under the bus. He's the one who suggested that drag Endless Love. Colton got skewered a bit after he said he didn't care what Steven Tyler said. Randy is a dumbass. He complained everytime the song choice is wrong in the past. Even in the case of great singer sang the hell out of a bad song choice. LOL at Ryan teases Colton Dixon again this week. Wow Deandre Brackensick is safe!! There goes my point. Shannon Magrane is in bottom 3. Yay!!!
- This Daughtry's song,I like. I don't like Chris's voice whenever he screeched on the upper register.
- Erika Van Pelt is in bottom 3. NOOOOOOOOO. Why no love for great "older" female singer on this show??
- The judges don't like the fact that Elise is in bottom 3. Elise is safe. Yayyyyy!!! She needs to do whatever it takes to get that casual votes. I'm really scared for her in the weeks to come.
- Erika is safe. Yippie!!!
- The judges didn't save Shannon Magrane. Bye bye,Shannon!! No more monster ballad again next week from her. This is a perfect Top 10. Arguably,the strongest since Season 8 or 5.
- Next week's theme is Billy Joel. Sigh.

Melinda Doolittle's Reaction Watching Joshua Ledet's Performance

This is Melinda Doolittle's reaction watching last night Joshua Ledet's performance. LOL I love you,Melinda!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 12 Performances (Songs From The Year They Were Born)

- I'm surprised that they will wait until later to discuss Jermaine's scandal.
- Phillip Phillips - Hard To Handle
Wow,I really enjoyed it. I think this is his best performance yet. Despite the surgery and all,he really let loose tonight. His voice didn't sound annoying like usual. Great job!!!
- Jessica Sanchez - Turn The Beat Around
Solid!! There's not a lot you can do with this song. As long as it's not a trainwreck,I'm happy. Steven wanted her not to stray away from ballad. Remember Pia,Steven???
- Heejun Han - Right Here Waiting
I love this song. I love the crispiness and depth of his voice. I disagree with the judges,I think this is one of his best rendition. I really felt it. Everybody said that Heejun is so breathy tonight. I saw that,but I wasn't that disturbed by it. Although Heejun should avoid singing ballad every weeks.
- Elise Testone - Let's Stay Together
She's back!!! Tonight she smiled too. I love her sweet raspy vocal on this song. What's up with the band trying to overpower her??? Overall,it's a very good performance.
- Deandre Brackensick - Endless Love
Urgh,it's so boring and awkward. Deandre looked very nervous and didn't feel the song at all. Danny Gokey sang the heck out of this song back on Season 8 for me. I'll give him a pass since he said he's been dreading this theme since weeks ago.
- Shannon Magrane - One Sweet Day
Why oh why she undertook a massive song again?? This was slightly better than last week but I felt she's trying so hard to hit all the high notes. Maybe she should pick a better song choice that suits her,not massive monster ballad week after weeks.
- Colton Dixon - Broken Heart
The beginning was stunning!! When he rocked it out,it became a bit all over the place,but it's still good enough for me. This is his element,rocking out the performance. Definitely refreshing take in a night full of cliche ballad and overdone songs. Wow at Steven being very critical with his song choice.
- Erika Van Pelt - Heaven
Hmm good,but bordering on karaoke for me. It's like she's just winging it. I don't like Jimmy Iovine and Will.I.Am tonight. They didn't give useful advice to the contestants.
- Wow they're very classy with the whole Jermaine's scandal. They didn't milk it as worse as I expected. That rehearsal was great,I thought. Oh well!!! Bye bye,Jermaine!! I won't miss you a bit. You're a ploy for rating anyway!!
- Skylar Laine - Love Sneakin' Up On You
Very underwhelming!!! The song didn't go anywhere,suddenly it ended. I don't remember a single thing about this performance except when she hit the last notes. Awful song choice. Not good!!
- Joshua Ledet - When A Man Loves A Woman
Hands down the best performance of the night,by a huge margin. I got chills,I still hate his voice but this is clearly above and beyond everybody else tonight!!
- Hollie Cavanagh - The Power of Love
Meh!!! She just hit the high notes here and there without any feeling whatsoever. She ruined the song for me,I hate the arrangement of the song,it's like they cut down some part of the song and overall it became a weird performance for me. Atrocity!!! I've had enough of Hollie singing ballad after ballad. At least,Pia delivered a knocked out performance.

My Rank:
1. Joshua Ledet
2. Colton Dixon
3. Phillip Phillips
4. Elise Testone
5. Heejun Han
6. Jessica Sanchez
7. Erika Van Pelt
8. Shannon Magrane
9. Skylar Laine
10. Hollie Cavanagh
11. Deandre Brackensick

Maybe Deandre will go home tomorrow. I don't have a freakin clue.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 7: Battle Rounds 2

This episode is slightly better than last week,but that doesn't say much.

- Geoff McBride vs Sera Hill - Chain of Fools
Boring boring boring. I prefer Sera's voice rather than Geoff. The mentoring session bored me already.
- Charlotte Sometimes vs Lex Land - Pumped Up Kicks
Their mentoring session still bored me to tears but the battle between these two was the best duet I've seen so far this season. Charlotte's voice stood out so much,captivated me a bit there. She really has unique voice. Lex on the other hand,has bland voice. I already forgot completely about her audition. Which one was she??
- Juliet Simms vs Sarah Golden - Stay With Me
Juliet clearly outperformed Sarah. I love the grittiness and rawness of her voice. Great performance. I feel bad for Sarah. I wanted her to do well but she disappeared on this fight. Juliet completely murdered her on that duet.
- Kim Yarbrough vs Whitney Myer - No Drama
I expected great performance from them but they disappointed me. Whitney was pretty good,Kim was underwhelming. She didn't impress me with this duet. I was very surprised.
- Lindsey Pavao vs Lee Koch - Heart Shaped Box
This was the most boring scene of the night. I really didn't care about Lee. By this time,I really wanted this episode to end. So boringgggggggg!!!!!! The duet was awful. Lindsey didn't bring out her special quality at all.
- Jamar Rogers vs Jamie Lono - I Want To Know What Love Is
Why Jamie's voice cracked all the time. Oh wow!!!! Jamar looks like a little kid there,being excited at all singing with CeeLo and meeting Ne-Yo. The duet was beyond awful. Jamie sounded horrible. Jamar did an okay performance himself.

I can't wait for this season to end. I won't watch next season. This show definitely not for me. Everything is predictable,I'm not invested at all with all the contestants. No showstopper performance. The mentoring session bored me to death.

Friday, March 09, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 13 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Joshua Ledet (much much better than his live performance. The rawness and raspy on his voice that I hate is minimized heavily in this recording. Of course,the downside is this recording pretty much boring and became a bit lounge song)
- Elise Testone (hmm I'm ambivalence about this. The one thing that made Haley's performance stood out for me was how she picked up the tempo and she gave a lot of energy in it. Elise did the opposite,the tempo is too relaxed and bordering on drowsy for me. The second half of the recording is much better than the first,because she picked up the tempo and gave it Elise's raspy tone in it. Overall,just not the right song for her. The recording itself is too long)
- Jermaine Jones (I love it that they added unique keyboard sound in this song. Makes it less boring. But I can't stand Jermaine's voice,it's just a voice to make you asleep. The first few seconds I really enjoyed it but after that it's dragging. Blah!!)
- Erika Van Pelt (I love this recording. It has rock quality in it,Erika's tone really beautiful. It doesn't sound like Whitney song,she made it her own. If Erika can perform as good as her Pink performance in Hollywood Week,then she will be at the top of my list again)
- Colton Dixon (urgh why this sounds so boring and slow??? I can't imagine anyone will like hearing this slow tempo until the end. Bad arrangement!!!)
- Shannon Magrane (bland,vanilla,boring until the end. Despite her effort to make it interesting in the end,it just doesn't work for me)
- Deandre Brackensick (hmm I prefer the live version than this. Reggae song never gells with my taste. Although I must say,I notice Deandre's strong vocal in some spots,he really can sing in any direction he wants. Whether it's high or low notes)
- Skylar Laine (eh I prefer Pia's recording version than this slow old country version of Skylar. Why oh why she made this recording way too boring???)
- Heejun Han (wow I'm shocked by how pretty Heejun's voice is in the recording. But my god,this song is also boring and way too long for me)
- Hollie Cavanagh (OMG Hollie's voice is so PRETTY!!!! I'm in love with her recording voice. Really really perfect voice for the music booth. I wonder how great her recording will be few weeks from now)
- Jeremy Rosado (Jeremy's voice is beautiful,for sure. But he needs to pick the right song for him. If not,it will be another boring performance or rendition from him. Compared with so many boring recordings so far,Jeremy's not doing too bad)
- Jessica Sanchez (stunning voice on the recording booth,too bad she sings one of the most overdone songs on earth. I don't need to hear another IWALY version on my music player or anywhere. But she got the voice to be a great recording artist)
- Phillip Phillips (awful,the worst recording of the week. Just can't stand his voice)

The best recording this week: Erika Van Pelt,Hollie Cavanagh. I can arguably put Jeremy and Jessica in there too.

American Idol Season 11: Top 13 Result Show

- Wow no lip-sync!!! Bravo!!! Usually when they still had that many contestants,they use lip-sync to harmonize their voices. I love this song when Mary J Blige & George Michael had a duet with this song in their music video back then. Elise Testone's face looks like Paul McDonald from last year. Do not want any cheesiness group performance. Phillip Phillips wears the same clothes every weeks.
- Elise really needs to learn how to navigate in Idol. She should ask her friends and family who watch Idol to inform her about the pitfall etc of Idol show. No surprise that Elise is in bottom 3 girls tonight.
- Wow at Jermaine!! He really can't take any ounce of criticism AT ALL!!! So awkward when Ryan asked him about Jimmy Iovine's comment. Ryan always teases Colton Dixon. I don't like it.
- Georgia Peaches really represents Lauren Alaina well. Fun,spunky country song. I love her sitting at the coach with the guys and singing with Colton and Phillip Phillips.
- Urgh at Erika Van Pelt didn't have enough fanbase at this point.
- Jimmy definitely read the vote totals.
- Yay Erika is safe!!! Joshua Ledet is safe too.
- Mary J Blige performs Why. Soul is just not my genre. She should be a judge though.
- Jermaine is safe. Who voted for this guy????? Sigh.
- Shannon Magrane is safe. I knew it!! She has huge advantage at this point. Lots of airtime and more fanbase than Elise.
- Jeremy Rosado and Elise are in bottom 2. The judges save Elise!!! Yay!! What a waste of wild card spot for Jeremy. He said he has favor from God in the interview. LOL. Looks like God didn't come through for him.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 13 Performances (Stevie Wonder & Whitney Houston Theme)

- The judges gonna save the bottom 3 girls or bottom 3 guys?? If this is what it takes to save the girls,I approve that.
- Joshua Ledet - I Wish
Just okay for me. I still don't enjoy Joshua's voice. It's too raw for me,too raspy,like hearing a rock or something in his voice. Why J Lo mic had echo???
- Elise Testone - I'm Your Baby Tonight
Jimmy changed her song choice. I still remember Haley Reinhart's version of this song last year. Elise tried so hard with her performance. It just didn't work for me. Her weakest performance by far. I can feel that she's frustrated. Wow at her stank face,she needs to be likable to garner votes from casual voters. I'm really worried for her. I don't want her to be an early casualty.
- Jermaine Jones - Knocks Me Off My Feet
Really Jimmy??? He needs to stay in this competition??? I don't get this guy at all. Just meh for me. The performance felt too short & karaoke. He didn't take advice from the judges very well. Looking at his face,it almost like he's hearing criticique from Simon.
- Erika Van Pelt - I Believe In You and Me
Yes!! Finally!! The best performance so far tonight!! I agree with J Lo,she's really only showing us the tip of her talents. I was captivated by her tone the entire performance. Her best performance since Las Vegas week. I'm loving the judges advice tonight.
- Colton Dixon - Lately
OMG!! I love his original song!!!! He needs to sing that song sometimes in the future. This is pretty good. When he goes soft & really feels the song,that's his strongest point. As long as he sings on key on the high notes,it's fine with me. This performance definitely stands out from the rest so far. Colton definitely will make all the girls screaming at home.
- Shannon Magrane - I Have Nothing
Why oh why she picked this monster ballad?? She can't hit the high notes,the tempo is off at the beginning,I think this is her worst performance to date. This song's been done to death and beyond. No one needs to sing this song ever again. Shannon doesn't have the capability to sing this song,also she's too young and still pageanty. Awful night so far except for Erika and Colton.
- Deandre Brackensick - Master Blaster
The performance was too short!!! I love the jamaican feel in it. Breath of fresh air in a night full of boring rendition like this.
- Skylar Laine - Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Pia owned this song last year,her performance of this song still one of the highest rotation S10 Idol performances on my music player. Why tonight many of them picked songs that have been done last year??? Anyway,Skylar added her country tone for this performance. She did a great job. I love it!!! One of the best of the night. Skylar is rapidly climbing up my list.
- Heejun Han - All Is Fair In Love
LOL at that pictures he loves Mary J Blige more than Jimmy. His diction is weird in this song. He needs to fix that ASAP. I still prefer Pia Toscano or Katharine McPhee's version of this performance.
- Hollie Cavanagh - All The Man That I Need
She killed it in the beginning. I got goosebumps watching her when the candles surrounded her. But in the middle,I couldn't feel her emotion. She slayed the notes at the end though.
- Jeremy Rosado - Ribbon In The Sky
Solid but forgettable.
- Jessica Sanchez - I Will Always Love You
Oh no at this song!!!! Holy shit,she killed it!!!! Dragon slayer!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! I'm sick and tired of this song but she really slayed that monster. Final 2 for sure!!! I hope she will sail to the final without shocking elimination.
- Phillips Phillips - Superstition
Easily his best performance in the competition. The arrangement and the band made this song fresh for me. His face scared me when he tried to sing the high notes. Looks like a serial killer face. Yikes!!!

I love Mary J Blige as a mentor. She gave so many great advices to the Top 13 contestants. She needs to be a judge on Idol next year,replace Randy with her please.

My Rank:
1. Jessica Sanchez
2. Erika Van Pelt
3. Skylar Laine
4. Hollie Cavanagh
5. Colton Dixon
6. Deandre Brackensick
7. Phillips Phillips
8. Elise Testone
9. Heejun Han
10. Jeremy Rosado
11. Joshua Ledet
12. Shannon Magrane
13. Jermaine Jones

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 6: Battle Rounds 1

What a predictable episode. The Voice took the word "pimping" to a whole new level. If anyone complains that Idol is rigged,they should be more upset with The Voice.

- Tony Luca vs Chris Cauley - Beautiful Day

Tony Luca was sharp in some parts,Chris has beautiful voice,he hit all the right notes. Of course,Adam picked Tony Luca since he's the chosen one. Chris Cauley should be proud of himself,I really think he has great voice. Adam should've picked Chris.
- Adley Stump vs Raelynn - Free Falling

What a joke!!! Adley sang circle around Raelynn. Raelynn's voice was very shaky and wobbly throughout the performance. Blake should get his ears checked for picking Raelynn over Adley. Heck,I even didn't like Adley on her blind audition. But this performance,Adley clearly outsang Raelynn by a huge miles.
- Chris Mann vs Monique Benabou - The Power of Love

This is an example of how The Voice blatantly pimped their chosen one. By picking Celine Dion's song,The Power of Love,it clearly showed how this song choice benefits Chris. For the performance itself,Monique sang for her life there. I really think she did a great job. Chris was flat all over the place. Of course,Xtina picked Chris Mann,the chosen one. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.
- Cheesa vs Angie Johnson - Total Eclipse of The Heart

I'm sorry but I don't see any of this women having successful music career in the future. I almost went to sleep watching them. Angie was the better one in the duet,I didn't have fucking clue why CeeLo picked Cheesa. Was it because he feel sorry for her family condition???
- Jordis Unga vs Brian Fuente - Ironic

For this duet,I think Brian excelled in some parts and Jordis overall brought the feeling of the song better for me. Almost neck in neck though. Sad to see Jordis who has experiences couldn't impress me with this performance.
- Anthony Evans vs Jesse Campbell - If I Ain't Got You

I'm sick of hearing this song. I always think Jesse has beautiful voice,Anthony held his own in this duet. Both of them killed this song but I couldn't careless. With this overdone song,this performance knocked me in coma. I was so bored that my eyes already closed due to drowsiness half of the time.

I love the mentors in this show but this show got to have suspense in it. What a fucking joke if they always pick the chosen ones,whether they perform good or awful and eliminate the cannon fodder even if they outsang the frontrunner. Sigh. Anyway,I still have soft spot in my heart for American Idol. The Voice just didn't do it for me,I just can't bring myself to care for this show or any of the contestants.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Colton Dixon - Decode (Top 24 Performance)

Since I got a lot of visits from people searching about Colton Dixon's Decode,etc,etc. I figure I have to post his performance 3 days ago. Enjoy!!

ps: my blog is almost like Colton Dixon fansite when I checked the statistics of people visiting this blog. This past month,almost overwhelmingly they visited because of my last year posts about Colton Dixon.

Friday, March 02, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 24 Result Show (Top 13 Revealed)

- LOL at Jimmy Iovine saying Jeremy Rosado is too nice,Chase Likens is boring and he'll sign Phillips Phillips on the spot. I wonder who's the chosen one. Can they be more obvious with the pimping???
- Wow Hollie Cavanagh likability pushed her into Top 10. Although she didn't receive any airtime this season. Jessica Sanchez is also in Top 10. One of the chosen one.
- Ouch at Heejun Han being called American Comedian,not Idol by Jimmy. He and Joshua Ledet are in Top 10.
- Wow Shannon Magrane got the votes. Who the heck voted for this pageant girl??? Every rich Ivy League college students??? Skylar Laine is in Top 10 too.
- Reed Grimm,Aaron Marcellus and Creighton Fraker didn't get through.
- Oh gawd,lots of talent on the girls. Elise Testone is in Top 10. Yay!!! I hope Erika Van Pelt and Jen Hirsh got the wildcard.
- Jimmy loves Jermaine??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I want him gone. I don't understand why they called him back and rob the 13th spot from someone better. Like one of the girls.
- Deandre Brackensick and Eben Franckewitz has potential. I agree. Change the rule for Eben to come back in years to come??? I approve of that rule change. I want some names from Top 24 or Top 36 in years past to come back. Especially the ones who got robbed big times.
- Colton Dixon is one of the most talented guys in the competition. Yippie!!! This validates my support for him since hollywood week last year. Heck,I even watched out for this guy even before they showed him any airtime.

Now the wildcards:
- Jen Hirsh - Oh Darling
Boring at first but she killed it in the end. I really hope she can perform as good as her Hollywood Week performances. I love her soft high notes. So sexy!!!
- Jeremy Rosado - I Know You Won't
Heavenly!! Just pure heaven!! He's definitely growing on me.
- Brielle Von Hugel - Someone Like You
Why Brielle???????????????? Great performance I thought,not bad at all. Were the judges intentionally pick her for fodder???
- Deandre Brackensick - Georgia On My Mind
Solid performance. Way better than 2 nights ago.
- Erika Van Pelt - Edge Of Glory
I love it!!! The band needs to GTFO to make this performance better. Piano with Erika's voice is enough
I swear I'm gonna kill someone from my cable tv provider for cutting into the program with endless Indo commercials. I'm so angry right now that I didn't see Reed Grimm being called by the judges.
- Reed Grimm - Use Me
Awful,weird performance

Erika is in Top 13. Yay!!!!!! Jeremy is in. Deandre is in. What??? No Top 14 as the spoiler said????? I want Jen too. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Overall,pretty strong Top 13. Arguably the strongest Top 13 since Season 8. I hope next week they'll impress me. I wish all of them will step up their game and not playing it safe all the way to Final like last year Idol.

My rank of Top 13:
1. Elise Testone
2. Jessica Sanchez
3. Colton Dixon
4. Erika Van Pelt
5. Hollie Cavanagh
6. Skylar Laine (boost because last night's performance and the sole country girl)
7. Heejun Han (I can't move him down,he's still way too funny and entertaining)
8. Jeremy Rosado
9. Deandre Brackensick
10. Phillips Phillips (his voice still annoys me,but his bromance with Heejun FTW)
11. Shannon Magrane
12. Joshua Ledet
13. Jermaine Jones

Thursday, March 01, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Top 24: Girls Performances

The girls are killing it tonight!!! I saw some nervousness but overall way ahead of the boys if we compared their overall talents.
- Chelsea Sorrell - Cowboy Casanova
Pretty solid,she's so nervous that I could feel that by watching her. She needs to learn how to highlight her performance in some parts. Wow!!! Criticism from the judges!!! Shocking!!!
- Erika Van Pelt - What About Love
The song didn't go anywhere for me. It just stayed there & immediately the song ended. Overall, good performance but I wanted way more from her. She has amazing vocal,she could do better than this. Randy should stop saying Adele name on every opportunity.
- Jen Hirsh - One and Only
Oh this is the song that Lauren Gray sang at her audition. Pretty great,I think. The judges are doing revisionist history right now. Backtrack about last night. Clearly,they should get their ears checked for last night's tongue bath atrocity.
- Brielle Von Hugel - Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
The first half was weak but she slayed it in the 2nd half. She's spunky,energetic and working the stage really well. I want to hate this performance but I can't. She impressed me!!
- Hallie Day - Feeling Good
Oh gawd,can we ban this song? I'm afraid she's too shy & reserved to make the voters care about her. Casual voters won't pick up their phone over this. Pretty solid performance,I love the first half when the band still hasn't jumped in. She needs to let loose though. I'm afraid she won't get that chance
- Skylar Laine - Stay With Me
OMG she's fantastic!!!! This is so surprising!!! She performed like a veteran performer already. No nerve at all. She killed that performance & rocking it out on the stage. Best performance so far. She could sneak in to Top 13.
- Baylie Brown - Amazed
Ouch!! I cringed all the way through her performance. It was so bad!!!!! She's in the wrong key all the way through the end. Shaky & pitchy throughout. Easily the worst performance of this past 2 days. Awful awful awful!!!
- Hollie Cavanagh - Reflection
Hands down the best vocal of the night. The performance itself is solid. However,she should pick other song. I'm sick and tired of Christina Aguilera's Reflection. It's been done to death.
- Haley Johnsen - Sweet Dreams
I disagree with Randy. I thought she was pretty awesome. The way she navigated the song and the high notes. She's definitely took risk,some of it might not work but overall it's pretty good.
- Shannon Magrane - Go Light Your World
Pageanty!! I didn't get it!!!
- Jessica Sanchez - Love You I do
She doesn't sound sick at all!!! Amazing!! I still think we've only seen the surface of her capability. I hope she'll show us more of that. I'm ambivalence about the song but she killed it.
- Elise Testone - One and Only
OMG she made me cry!!! It was SO GOOD!!!! Extraordinary performance!!! Her voice captivated me from the first second. If Jen didn't sing the same song,it would've been way better.

Overall,pretty good night. They will definitely grow week by week after this. I hope tomorrow's result show won't be as brutal as I expected. Finger crossed.
My Rank:
Elise Testone
Skylar Laine
Jessica Sanchez
Haley Johnsen
Brielle Von Hugel
Jen Hirsh
Erika Van Pelt
Chelsea Sorrell
Hollie Cavanagh
Hallie Day
Shannon Magrane
Baylie Brown