Friday, March 30, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 9 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Colton Dixon (omg I love the echo in the beginning,the softness of Colton's voice,the first half of the song is a bit slow,I really love the 2nd half where it picked up the pace and Colton rocked out the song. Everything is so perfect in this recording. It would've been much more amazing for me if he didn't promote this song as worship song. But this is arguably Colton's best itunes recording)
- Skylar Laine (I'm relief that Skylar didn't use old country arrangement for this song like in the previous weeks,but this is still pretty generic attempt to copy Miranda Lambert's version. It's okay,it could've been better though. I agree with Jimmy Iovine and Stevie Nicks that this song doesn't have much melody in it)
- Heejun Han (once again,I don't know what happened in the recording booth. But Heejun's voice is crystal clear in the recording. Almost like he's eating the mic. Very nice recording,I love the flute,I still love Heejun's tone. Albeit the tempo is a bit too slow in this recording)
- Hollie Cavanagh (holy moly,this is easily Hollie's best recording. Really love her voice in this. Who knows her voice is so perfect with this country song. Hollie has great tone in her voice but she needs to meant every lyrics that she sings in the live performances,because usually it just like a hollow vessel singing perfectly)
- Deandre Brackensick (again,this is Deandre's best recording. Maybe full falsetto recording is not everybody's cup of tea but this is way better than his previous recordings)
- Jessica Sanchez (Jessica is always perfect in her recording song but somehow I don't have any urge at all to listen to her song again and again. She needs to sing uptempo song,her ballad is way too slow lately. Maybe I wished she picked different song from Beyonce than this. Exquisite vocal as always though)
- Phillip Phillips (hmm this is pretty good,although if I have to listen to this week recordings over and over again from any of these contestants,I will avoid this recording of Phillip. It's too repetitive for me and boring)
- Joshua Ledet (oh god,how I hate this song for being sung billion times. Still don't like Joshua's voice in the recording. Urgh!!! The worst this week)
- Elise Testone (hmm I prefer the live version,it's more raw. Until the middle part when she scat and mumbling something like Middle Eastern music (I heard a bit of Imogen Heap style in her voice),and then I changed my opinion to love this recording. But definitely the live version has more oomph,but the recording itself has pretty nice part in it)

The best recording this week: Colton Dixon,Hollie Cavanagh,Elise Testone. To be honest,this week has the best recording songs of any weeks on Idol this year or arguably last year. So many solid recordings from them. It's their best effort yet.

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