Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 6: Battle Rounds 1

What a predictable episode. The Voice took the word "pimping" to a whole new level. If anyone complains that Idol is rigged,they should be more upset with The Voice.

- Tony Luca vs Chris Cauley - Beautiful Day

Tony Luca was sharp in some parts,Chris has beautiful voice,he hit all the right notes. Of course,Adam picked Tony Luca since he's the chosen one. Chris Cauley should be proud of himself,I really think he has great voice. Adam should've picked Chris.
- Adley Stump vs Raelynn - Free Falling

What a joke!!! Adley sang circle around Raelynn. Raelynn's voice was very shaky and wobbly throughout the performance. Blake should get his ears checked for picking Raelynn over Adley. Heck,I even didn't like Adley on her blind audition. But this performance,Adley clearly outsang Raelynn by a huge miles.
- Chris Mann vs Monique Benabou - The Power of Love

This is an example of how The Voice blatantly pimped their chosen one. By picking Celine Dion's song,The Power of Love,it clearly showed how this song choice benefits Chris. For the performance itself,Monique sang for her life there. I really think she did a great job. Chris was flat all over the place. Of course,Xtina picked Chris Mann,the chosen one. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.
- Cheesa vs Angie Johnson - Total Eclipse of The Heart

I'm sorry but I don't see any of this women having successful music career in the future. I almost went to sleep watching them. Angie was the better one in the duet,I didn't have fucking clue why CeeLo picked Cheesa. Was it because he feel sorry for her family condition???
- Jordis Unga vs Brian Fuente - Ironic

For this duet,I think Brian excelled in some parts and Jordis overall brought the feeling of the song better for me. Almost neck in neck though. Sad to see Jordis who has experiences couldn't impress me with this performance.
- Anthony Evans vs Jesse Campbell - If I Ain't Got You

I'm sick of hearing this song. I always think Jesse has beautiful voice,Anthony held his own in this duet. Both of them killed this song but I couldn't careless. With this overdone song,this performance knocked me in coma. I was so bored that my eyes already closed due to drowsiness half of the time.

I love the mentors in this show but this show got to have suspense in it. What a fucking joke if they always pick the chosen ones,whether they perform good or awful and eliminate the cannon fodder even if they outsang the frontrunner. Sigh. Anyway,I still have soft spot in my heart for American Idol. The Voice just didn't do it for me,I just can't bring myself to care for this show or any of the contestants.

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