Friday, December 21, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Finale Result

- I won't bother downloading more than 1GB of tonight's episode. So youtube again for me.
- The Top 3 perform All You Need Is Love while they walk into the stage. I love it!!! You can see the rest of the Top 13 and all behind the scene people.
- Tate Stevens performs Please Come Home for Christmas. Because I don't celebrate Christmas anymore and because this is so mediocre,my mind wandered around a bit. Oh wow at that touching clip from his family and all his friends back home. If that didn't make him the winner,I don't know what is.
- Fifth Harmony performs Christmas Baby Please Come Home. I think it's a great idea for X Factor to combine their final result show with Christmas show. After all,Christmas is 4 days away. Oh lawd,their family almost made me bawling. So beautiful!!! I want family with such big love like that.
- Carly Rose Sonenclar performs All I Want From Christmas Is You. Not as emotional as the other video.
- Season 2 recap. Wow Lyric145 got shafted. I don't see their part at all in this video.
- One Direction performs Kiss You. I love this song!! Urgh at their vocal. Zayn doesn't even attempt to sing. He looks different though with new hairdo.
- Carly & Tate duet on The Climb. Beautiful duet!!
- LOL at the country guy winning this show. The southern,midwest and the older demographics clearly helped Tate Stevens all the way to win this show. Good for him!!! I hope he can provide a better life for his family. Can't wait for Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony's music career also.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Final Performances

- Tribute to Sandy Hook. Wow,Simon has a heart after all,he's crying!! Urgh,Paige is the worst vocalist from this Top 13. Way worse than Cece. Overall,it was a beautiful tribute. Very lovely!!

Favorite Song From The Competition:
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (this song bored me to death. However,Carly did it a bit different,she made it more gloomy a bit. Although it doesn't suit the title of the song,but that's better rather than sing it in the same old way)
- Tate Stevens (I can't say what hasn't been said before,Tate is solid,he always sings like that. I don't know what more to say. Yes,Khloe,it's a brilliant idea to ask him why he's so emotional. Geesh)
- Fifth Harmony (hmm singing the same exact song from last week is risky. The element of surprise is gone. But maybe it's the best song choice that they got. I still love the performance. I hope America won't get bored with this. OMG Mayor Julian Castro!!! This is where politic meet singing show.

- Carly & Leann Rimes (wow this is so awkward. It really looked like a very spontaneous performance,with no rehearsal at all. They avoided some of the high notes. Weird!! Although I always love Leann's voice. This performance reminds me to listen to Leann Rimes music catalogue again)
- Tate & Little Big Town (LOL I love this. This is so playful and Tate doesn't look like a contestant at all. He exudes confidence. Great performance. I hope his wife doesn't get jealous watching Tate grooving with that beautiful women)
- Fifth Harmony & Demi Lovato (this is so fun!! I know Demi is not the best singer,but she showed us what a feisty performer she is)

5 Million Dollars Performances:
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (I just can't with this song choice. I don't think I ever like Hallelujah. Maybe only when Jason Castro performed it back on 2008. After that,it's been done to death with no variations whatsoever)
- Tate Stevens (very mediocre performance. The judges comment toward Tate are always repetitive. It's very anti climactic on this one)
- Fifth Harmony (amazing last performance. It's a landslide and not even close compared to the other two contestants. Although this song is overdone song too but they sang it really well and I didn't feel bored at all)

Let's see who's gonna win tomorrow.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 4 Result Show

- I love this group performance of Coming Home. Carly outsang the rest easily,Fifth Harmony did an amazing vocal harmony there.
- Fifth Harmony are safe!! Holy crap!!!! Shocking!!! Yay!!!
- LOL at Britney Spears face. She looks like almost in the verge of nervous breakdown!!
- Simon is so jubilant.
- Bridget Mendler performs. I don't know why they gave the spot to her.
- Tate Stevens is safe.
- LOL Britney & Carly are getting more and more nervous.
- Bruno Mars performs. I don't care about him. Not one bit.
- Emblem3 is eliminated. At least we don't get to see Britney meltdown tonight. The good thing is we're not going to see anymore douchebags attitude from Drew next week. Good riddance!!!
- Also LA Reid departure from this show next season surprised me. But let him leave,they need more interesting mentor rather than ruthless and rigid LA.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 4 Performances

 Contestants Song Choices:
- Tate Stevens (Tate is singing about bonfire,the place he and his family plus his friends having a good redneck time. And he's bragging about Missouri. He doesn't need to sing,he already won. No need to even perform tonight. Anyway,the whole performance is just okay for me. But I feel that we're in Tate concert,with the redneck theme and all. He's unstoppable at this point)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (I think this is her weakest performance,it just doesn't work for me. Her vocal is still great as usual but I felt a disconnect somewhere. I just got bored watching this performance,no moment whatsoever in it. Looking back,I always liked and loved Carly's performance,but this isn't one)
- Emblem3 (the only good thing about this performance is that Wes is very attractive. The rest of it were clusterfuck. I didn't enjoy this at all. Yes,they moved the stage. But their vocal is middling at best,the whole performance is not fit in for semifinal standard. Meanwhile,Drew is the epitome of douchebag)
- Fifth Harmony (that was definitely the best performance they've ever done. Hands down!!! The staging is so perfect,the dress are so cute,their harmony is incredible,I love the whole set up of this performance. Everything clicks perfectly. I hope they will sail past Emblem3 because of this performance)

Song That Will Get Them Into The Final:
- Tate Stevens (I forgot Tate is still a contestant,I feel like watching a veteran country singer on his concert. Really good song choice. Perfect for him at this point in the competition. Great vocal as always)
Carly Rose Sonenclar (at first I was worried that she gonna disappoint me. After all,David Archuleta owned this song 4 years ago amazingly. No one gonna touch that. But Carly came close to that. Although the high notes was surprising to me,but after that it went really well. The piano at the end was a nice touch. I thought she played piano only at the beginning,that was disappointing,but she played it at the end. So that was really special. Simon's comment made sense but I like this performance overall)
- Emblem3 (really Simon?? Hey Jude??? This reminds me of Lee DeWyze bagpipe performance on Season 9. I was very apprehensive about this performance. But I think this is one of their best performance. Their harmony was amazing,Keaton did his part really well although his movement sometimes was rather awkward. Looks like it's gonna be shocking elimination tomorrow for one of the Top 4)
- Fifth Harmony (OMG this was even better than their version from the Judge's House. The whole thing has been improved big times!! The spanish thing worked really well. This is the only performance tonight that captivated me from the first second until the end. I hope they will be safe tomorrow and compete again next week. I really hope so!!)

Friday, December 07, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 6 Result Show

-Melanie Amaro performs her new single "Long Distance". I don't know what the heck happening to her career. It seems they lock her up somewhere and changing the single so many times. I hope she will get her career started as soon as possible. I like this song. She looks gorgeous.
- Cece Frey is the first contestant tonight to be eliminated. She hasn't reached her potential yet on this show. I still miss the old brunette mean Cece.
- Diamond White and Fifth Harmony will battle for the 4th spot.
- Kesha performs her 2nd single. I hate it. Zzzzzzzzzzz.
- Fifth Harmony performs amazingly well. Stunning harmony,great vocal. I love it!!!
- Diamond floundered,she sang nasally and she sounded like goat. Bye bye Diamond!!
- Britney really looks like a robot. She's keep saying one sentence everytime Khloe or Mario ask her a question. Even robot will have more than one sentence to say than Britney.
- Diamond is class act. Tate Stevens claims the #1 spot again,next week will be interesting. Can Emblem3 break the dominance of Carly Rose - Tate on the top 2 spot???

Thursday, December 06, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 6 Performances

- Cece Frey (I thought she did good. Better than my expectation. She avoided vocal trainwreck,but of course compared with the others,she falls short)
- Emblem3 (4 words that came into my mind when I watched this performance: Orange,Creepy,and Bad Vocal. The vocal of the "often shirtless" douchebag is atrocious. The middle one is okay. The left one is awful. Oh snap at Demi's comment that this group has been heavily manufactured by Simon)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (holy crap,that was spectacular!!!! That Bieber song is heavily autotuned with so much production in it. Carly managed to sing it in her own way and really sang it spectacularly. Truly amazing performance from her. I was blown away)
- Fifth Harmony (I agree with LA,still no harmony from these girls. They're strong solo singer,but they can't seem to sing in harmony. Usually harmony is what makes me fall in love with a group whether it's boyband or girl group)
- Diamond White (her best vocal performance,but I felt a similar performance from Joshua Ledet and Juliet Simms were billion times better than this performance. Sometimes it feels kinda funny seeing a very young girl like Diamond sings older song,I don't get quite the same impression with already trained Carly)
- Tate Stevens (Bon Jovi again??? I'm bored all the way of this performance. Zzzzz)

Pepsi Song Choices
- Cece Frey (I guess it's okay. Somehow I miss the old Cece,with the brunette hair and leopart face tattoo)
Emblem3 (oh my,I really like this performance. Maybe because everything clicks with this song choice. Really really good)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (phenomenal vocal,but overall this performance is just okay for me compared to her many brilliant performances. Still,Carly's weaker performance is still way ahead of the rest of the competitors)
- Fifth Harmony (wow,amazing!!!! Great vocal,great harmonies. Really the perfect song choice for them. This is the first time that I like them again since the judge house. Awesome)
- Diamond White (hmm the production is great,her vocal is very good but I don't like the tone of her voice in this song. Sometimes I dislike her tone)
- Tate Stevens (OMG I love it!!! I almost cried watching this tender performance. I love Demi's honesty everytime she critique a contestant,she's not useless like Britney who can't form more than one sentence. I think Demi should be an Idol judge in the future,she gives really good critique. Although she's an awful mentor)

The best performance tonight were: Carly Rose Sonenclar unplugged,Emblem3 Forever Young,Fifth Harmony 2nd performance,and Tate Stevens last performance

Friday, November 30, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 8 Result Show

- Wow Paige Thomas is the first to be eliminated tonight. Looks like she should've listened to Demi's advice to sing ballad again,in order to save herself. Although her performance last night was her best,it's clearly not enough for America.
- I love this performance by Josh Krajcik,I like that song.
- Fifth Harmony is safe,they and Simon are excited. Maybe Simon thought they would've gone home tonight. Cece Frey is safe. Shocking!!!! Maybe she should continue being crazy.
- Vino Alan and Diamond White are in bottom 2. Vino should blame LA Reid for this atrocity!!!!
- Alicia Keys performs Girl In Fire. Pretty good performance.
- Diamond White sang the heck of it. Totally her best performance ever. I don't know what song that is.
- Vino Alan still got great voice,his voice is definitely suitable for this kind of song. But I don't like that he's singing his audition song.
- Wow Vino from #3 spot every weeks is getting eliminated tonight is a fucking joke to me. He should blame and punch LA Reid for all I care. LA totally fucked up Vino's fate because he changed his song. Urgh. I will miss Vino presence on this show. I never thought that I gonna love him so much because usually a man like Vino is not the kind of favorite I like in singing show.
- Diamond White,Cece Frey and Fifth Harmony might as well pack their suitcase right now because 2 of them gonna be eliminated next week. No chance for any of them to break into Top 3 spot.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 8 Performances

- Diamond White (I thought this was one of Diamond's best performance. It's not ballad like usual. She works the stage,she sings in tune,she walks like a pro. Great job!!! Britney saying she wanna dance any day with Diamond is considered an amazing words by Khloe. Of course!!! Looks like Britney not gonna be useful any soon.
- Vino Alan (urgh so boring. LA made a huge mistake changing the song for Vino. I don't like it!! He could lose some steam after this)
- Paige Thomas (holy crap,Paige really looks like a star!! She's in her zone!! Definitely her best performance by far in this competition!! She found the perfect balance between crazy outfit or subdued balladeer. I love it when I see great performance from a contestant that I already written off long ago)
- Fifth Harmony (that was pretty good. I'm still waiting to be blown away by this group as they did in Judge's house. They have been in rollercoaster throughout live show,moving around mostly in mediocre to good performance)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (OMFG that was the best performance of this season. Truly above and beyond everybody else. And to think that I really hate Rolling In The Deep. Carly did an impossible job for making me love that performance of the most overdone song of the last 2 years)
- Tate Stevens (he changes it up,it's pretty entertaining. Tate is still on the roll)
- Cece Frey (fierce Cece is back!! I hope she will stay after this fun circus. I enjoyed it,to be honest)
- Emblem3 (dunno why,but I don't get it. I don't like the song. It's just going on and on and on. So boring!! They're still good looking guy though)

Friday, November 23, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 10 Result Show (Thanksgiving)

Urgh what a thanksgiving episode. NOT!!!!

- It's good to know that they donate music instrument and equipment to that school. But after that the good atmosphere of this show turned into a funeral.
- Arin Ray is eliminated. No surprise there. Arin hasn't got the chance to showcase what he can do in his music career. Blame it on the wrong song choices!!!
- I love Cher Lloyd performance. Very refreshing!!
- Cece Frey and Beatrice Miller are in bottom 2. Urgh,Beatrice is already crying.
- Cece sang Because Of You so badly on the early notes,but after that she picked it up and slayed the song the best she can. Probably her best performance so far.
- Beatrice sang White Flag from Dido. It's too heartbreaking watching her trying so hard not to cry while singing. Beatrice is too young to compete on this show. She got the talent though.
- Simon sent Beatrice home because she's not ready at this age. And here goes the full meltdown ala Rachel Crow last season. It's not as worst as Rachel,but when Beatrice said sorry to her sisters. I almost cried. It's not okay for kid her age to feel the burden to save her family. Urgh at Khloe asking Beatrice if she's okay. She's not,you damn fool!!! She's the worst host ever.
- Cece,Fifth Harmony and Paige Thomas will be gone next week.
- Top 3 still dominated by Vino Alan,Tate Stevens and new #1 today Carly Rose Sonenclar. It's getting boring.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 10 Performances

 It's Thanksgiving week. Lots of melodramatic story tonight.

- Tate Stevens (here we go again,with Tate's backstory about his father couldn't pursue his passion in music and had to sacrifice for the family. I'm sure the southern will vote bajillion times because of this story. Tate still sings pretty good,I must say. He's getting more confident each weeks. I think he's in for the long haul)
- Diamond White (I definitely can relate with Diamond's family situation. Definitely this is the best performance she has. She sang it with so much conviction,I believe every words she sang. Although this is overdone song,Diamond makes it her own. Britney is still useless with her comments)
- Emblem3 (I agree with LA Reid. I also didn't feel any emotion from them. It's just vacant expression the whole performance. Khloe is unbearable with the questioning and saying over and over again that America in love with Emblem3).
- Arin Ray (this is so clusterfuck!! Arin was out of it. It's like his mind is somewhere else. I don't know what the heck happened with that song choice and everything. Could be the producers picking the song choice for Arin or something else. Arin could go home tomorrow. He's just losing the steam each weeks)
- Cece Frey (oh gawd,lethal sobstory there!! Cece could get A LOT of pity votes from the viewers. Her vocal though is the worst she's ever been. Cracking here and there. Ouch. But I give her kudos for trying to maintain her composure throughout the song)
- Fifth Harmony (hmm they are incredible individual singer,but it came to my knowledge that they use less time for harmony. They spent most of their time singing individually. I wish they practice their harmony more)
- Beatrice Miller (Beatrice's story almost made me bawling. Beautiful performance from her. Although I quite agree with Demi that her performance almost similar in that it's always subdued. Still waiting for the perfect song choice for her. For me,Beatrice's best performance is still Titanium on Judge's House)
- Vino Alan (OMG that was amazing!! I still remember Kristy Lee Cook's brilliant version of this song but Vino made this song his own. His performance gave me chills throughout my body. Amazing!!!)
- Paige Thomas (I wholeheartedly disagree with the judges. This is hands down one of the best performance of the night and Paige's best by a million miles. This is the perfect song for her. Yes,she pitchy in some parts but overall this is a strong performance from her. Wow!!!!)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (impeccable vocal,but I still hate her mannerism and well rehearsed movement. It's like she's being trained all of her life for this. Still,she's the one to beat though)

Friday, November 16, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 12 Result Show

- OMG Lyric145 is going home tonight. Shocking!!! So sad that we won't see interesting performance from them anymore.
- Taylor Swift performs a boring version of State of Grace.
- The bottom 2 are: Paige Thomas and Jennel Garcia. Wow,early spot cost Jennel the votes.
- Jennel performs The Reason from Hoobastank. Very good performance!!
- Paige performs Paradise. The best performance she ever did.
- LA Reid and Britney sent Jennel home. Simon bickering with Demi over who goes first. Demi sent Paige home. Simon sent Jennel home. So much for the early frontrunner!! I feel so bad for Jennel.
- LOL at Tate Stevens being #1 again. The country voter,redneck and southern all power vote for this guy every week. Carly Rose Sonenclar also still maintains her #2 spot. Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller have to count their days since they're going home next week,for sure.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 12 Performances

It's divas night. Lots of overdone songs. Even this show's mentor can't find a great song choice for their teams.

- Jennel Garcia (I think this is her best performance so far. But I really hate this Tina Turner song. It's been sung billion times on any singing show. Britney looks scary with that weird make up)
- Tate Stevens (oh wow,America for sure will eat that up. Great song choice,good performance,very heartfelt and he dedicated it to his wife. What else could he do to make it better? None. Middle America will power vote for this guy. I won't be surprised if he takes #1 spot for 2nd week in a row)
- Diamond White (solid performance from Diamond. She sang it very well,although her voice strained a bit in the higher notes. Definitely better than last week. The judging is getting similar to Idol. Especially Britney)
- Beatrice Miller (I hope there won't be any backlash because of Beatrice's lesbian moms. I wish their family the best in managing what happened on their home's situation. This song made Beatrice's performance dreary and repetitive. She has great tone,but Britney can't seem to find the right song for her yet. Maybe Beatrice should pick the song herself)
- Lyric145 (I'm not feeling it. Their worst performance yet. I hope they don't go home tomorrow)
- Arin Ray (terrible!!! He can't even hit the high notes. It doesn't look like a song that's dedicated to his lover,he squirmed all throughout the performance. Plus,watching Arin already had a crush,it gonna impact the girl votes on him. Arin gonna be in danger tomorrow. Urgh,I hate the mentor's comment to their groups. It's basically pointless)
- Paige Thomas (urgh I don't know why Paige's voice doesn't have melody in it. She sings very flat until the end. Although she made this song her own on this performance. Still,I'm not a fan of Paige)
- Fifth Harmony (OMG Camila's vocal was so sharp in the end. I cringed so hard and shut my eyes. It was unbearable. The sharpest vocal ever that I've heard this year on any singing show. It was trainwreck. With this predictable song,I just can't with tonight's episode. Hero is so overdone. Please retire that song!!)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (wow huge song!!! The girl screaming like banshee totally ruined the mood of the song and the performance for me. I'm so upset right now. Someone needs to strangle that girl. Shut up!!!! However,Carly's vocal wasn't as amazing as I expected. She still sang it pretty great though. But I expected better from her)
- Vino Alan (amazingggggg!!! This was the best performance of the night. Vino's voice is so soulful. I've been humming this song for a few days in my mind,dunno why. Vino did this song justice. I really really love it. Very shocking considering Vino is not the kind of singer I'm gravitated toward)
- Emblem3 (it's good!! Definitely better than a mess of last week. I think we can't expect a great vocal from them. The only thing we can expect from them is a great performance. But they definitely coasting on good looks so far)
- Cece Frey (the song is too big for her. I applaud Cece for singing this song the best she can. But it's a trainwreck. It didn't deserve the pimp spot of the night)

Friday, November 09, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 13 Result Show

- One Direction first performance was a mess. Lots of tattoo on Zayn arm. Liam looks old.
- One Direction - Little Things performance was AMAZING!!! I love this accoustic side of them. They sang really good. Might be one of the best single from them. I really love it!!
- Bottom 2 are: Cece Frey and Jason Brock. I feel bad for Cece.
- Cece sang the heck of it on her sing for her life performance. Her best performance in a while. I really love it. She isn't that bad of a singer.
- Jason Brock did amazing too. I don't know why they can't sing like this on yesterday. That would've been so much better. Sigh.
- Deadlock!! Jason Brock is the lowest vote getter. His gayness cost him this competition. I love his personality though. Oh well!! I hope he can get a job at Japan.
- Mario and Khloe revealed the vote order. Arin Ray is in #11 place,above Cece. He should be very afraid. Lyric145 position is too low. Emblem3 isn't that popular as I thought. I'm shocked at Vino Alan #3 position. LOL at Tate Stevens being #1 on vote getter,the middle america and southern definitely voted so hard for this country guy. American Idol demographics already hijacking this show as we speak. LMAO.

The X Factor Season 2: Top 12 Performances

I didn't bother to download this episode. So,youtube was the only way to go for me. Very efficient and easy!!!

- Arin Ray (the best performance from him. He got swag,he sang really good,great stage movement. Britney looked super excited)
- Paige Thomas (amazing entrance from the ceiling,stunning dress,I'm not a fan of Paige's vocal though. I guess she improves after last week)
- Vino Alan (OMG amazing performance. Very passionate!! I didn't know he had it in him. I'm very impressed)
- Emblem3 (urgh a mess. I don't like a medley of 3 songs combined into one with One Direction background song. Chaotic!!!)
- Beatrice Miller (why Britney turned Beatrice into this confusing personality. Let her do her thing. She had amazing performance on judge house. Don't turn her into a ballad singer. Bravo for her lesbian moms)
- Jennel Garcia (Demi is an awful mentor. I don't get this persona of Jennel. Really mediocre)
- Tate Stevens (Tate's backstory really moved me,but I prefer his last week's performance rather than this week. I don't think this song suits him.)
- Lyric145 (I thought they gonna destroy their crediblity even further,but I was wrong. Interesting performance from them. They're not boring at all. Can't wait to see what their performance will be next week)
- Diamond White (Simon brought her back as wildcard,and she sang the exact same song choice as Melanie Amaro last year. Zzzzzzzzz. This song should be banned forever)
- Cece Frey (Cece is unrecognizable. What happened to brunette fierce Cece??? Where is she??)
- Carly Rose (great performance. One of the best of the night beside Vino Alan.)
- Jason Brock (I Believe I Can Fly??? Seriously????? Another zzzzzzzzzzzzz. LA Reid is stupid for picking this dreadful song.)
- FifthHarmony (Camille's vocal was so weird for the first verse. Not suitable at all. After that it's getting better. The harmony was good)

The best of the night: Carly Rose Sonenclar & Vino Alan

The X Factor Season 2: Top 16 Result Show

Gawd,I completely forgot to blog about last week's result show. It took forever to download this episode,and with so many things going on in my life. I barely have a time to blog this. Here's my opinion about last week result:

- Cece performed really well. I'm glad that Willie Jones got eliminated. He's the weakest link in Demi Lovato's group.
- OMG David Correy's performance of Since You Been Gone was amazing. Although he looked desperate as his live show performance. Jason Brock did pretty good. It's shocking that LA Reid cut David Correy. I thought he got the best chance to win this competition from LA's group.
- Hmm I thought Arin Ray's performance of that Whitney Houston song was decent. I didn't care about Diamond White performance,tbh. Good decision for Britney.
- Sister C is so wooden on stage. They're like robot. I just didn't feel anything when watching them perform. Sad,they have pretty good vocal. 1432 did way better than their live show performance. I won't miss Sister C. They disappoint me.
- Oh lawd,Simon gonna change 1432 name again. LOL.

To be honest,I already forgot lots of things from last week's episode. X Factor just didn't do it for me as Idol does. It's hard to remember any of the performance. Plus,I have lots of things on my mind nowadays,so usually I lose my focus when watching this show.

Friday, November 02, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 16 Performances

It took me more than 17 hours to download this episode. Crazy!!!!! Maybe I'll just check on youtube for the next episode. This episode was underwhelming,the song choices were atrocious,the performances range from bizarre to mediocre. Khloe Kardashian looks nervous.

- Paige Thomas (oh god,she looks like Rihanna. Without the charisma. I didn't feel this performance at all. Great custome,but underwhelming opening for the show)
- Arin Ray (why Britney gave him The Supremes song? I commend him for rearranging this dull song. But overall it's just okay)
- David Correy (wow this one was a surprise. I'd never think David singing this song ever. He did a pretty good job. Although I agree with Simon,he sounded desperate)
- Sister C (they have no sob story. It must be pretty nice living without any major problems whatsoever. I'd want some of that. The performance was okay for me. Their vocal got overwhelmed by the production)
- Jennel Garcia (OMG this song!!!! Jennel's vocal was terrible. Maybe she wasn't hearing herself correctly. It just didn't work for her)
- Diamond White (the weakest performance so far. Britney can't pick more awful song choice than this. It looks like a joke)
- Vino Allan (I didn't understand why LA Reid gave him a rock song. I felt it pointless to sing a song in the genre that Vino can't identify with)
- Lyric145 (LOL at Gangnam Style mash up. Even Britney looked shocked. Weird hip hop song,but compared to the others,this one was good)
- Cece Frey (I don't like Cece in blonde hair. Wrong song choice for her. Could be better)
- Tate Stevens (easily the strongest vocal performance so far. I'm shocked. I really liked it)
- Beatrice Miller (trainwreck. She's so nervous,her vocal suffered,she couldn't relate with the song. Britney looked like in the verge of meltdown)
- Jason Brock (he took out the fun from this song. This performance really looks like the joke performance on UK X Factor. I bet the middle America hated this)
- Lylas/1432 (I don't get the new name. Urgh. Awful song choice. After an amazing performance at the judge house,I was really disappointed with this)
- Willie Jones (I tuned out completely on this performance)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (good song choice,but Carly sang it in a weird way. Like she's not comfortable with this. Pity!)
- Emblem3 (so much confidence & charisma. Although they have mediocre vocal and harmony. I didn't love it as much as I wanted to. The vocalist in the middle is really hot. They could be in the Top 3)

Friday, October 26, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 16 Disastrous Announcement

I forgot to blog about this. After a huge fail last week to announce Top 16 because of rain and baseball show. This week they finally revealed the whole Top 16. I don't know why they cut it into 1 hour. I thought the west coast haven't seen last week's episode. Let's discuss about the judges teams.

Britney's Teens:
I was glad that Britney chose the perfect 4 person from her team. I can't wait to see Carly Rose Sonenclar,Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray blow us away in the live show. Diamond White isn't bad herself. I was shocked that when Reed Demming got eliminated he said it's funny how life works or something like that. 13 years old isn't supposed to say wise words like that. It's creepy how these kids are so precious and acting like an adult.

LA Reid's Over 25's:
The most underwhelming category. David Correy and Vino Alan scare me,they look like prisoners. I hope they can deliver great performances in live show. Tate Stevens is just like an ordinary Garth Brooks. The only one I can count from this group is Jason Brock. I hope he let his freak fly on the live show. I still wish all the best for all of them. I know they're trying so hard to make it for their family and all. Pity that Tara Simon is just delusional.

Demi's Young Adult:
WTF she let Willie Jones in the Top 16?? I was beyond pissed that Jillian Jensen got cut. She killed her Gravity performance in front of Demi and Nick Jonas. I don't have a freaking clue why Demi cut her. Is it because she and Jennel Gracia are gunning for the same voting block?? Watching Jillian crying,her bullies must've been smiling. Urgh. Paige Thomas is so mediocre lately. I'm excited for Cece Frey. She has it factor and she brings the fun on this show. Oh well,let's see if Demi choices are right. Oh btw,I also feel sorry for Demi's group that they couldn't experience what other groups experienced in terms of mansion and big pool.

Simon's Groups:
Of course,Lyric145 is going through to Top 16. Cant' stand Emblem3. Why that guy going shirtless again??? I was upset this episode got cut at this point last week. After this week,I'm super excited that SisterC is going through. I thought they're got cut in the spoilers. They have great vocal though. Lylas are also going through. Awesome vocal performances from each of them. I don't want to see Playback's mediocre existences compete in the same level with the other 3 groups. They should break up again and pursue their own solo career.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Judges House Part 2

Tonight was a bit surprising. I thought I was gonna be underwhelmed by the teens,but I wasn't. I'm very impressed with almost all of them.

- LA Reid & Justin Bieber (Over 25's Category)
- Jason Brock (I feel you,Jason. I can relate with your story. I don't know whether his performance is good or not. It's just okay for me. Good song choice though)
- David Correy (this is the first time that his performance touched me. I really felt it. Probably the best performance from his category)
- Daryl Black (so sad that he just got few seconds clip. I like his voice. But he's going to be eliminated for sure)
- Tate Stevens (great song choice. I agree with the mentors,I don't know if this is 5 million dollars act. But maybe the country music industry will eat him up)
- Vino Alan (wow tragic background. He gave powerful performance. Really strong!! I don't think viewers will like him though)
- Tara Simon (awesome song choice,she sang it well. Although she's very annoying and delusional. If she makes it to live show,the viewers won't vote for her)

- Britney Spears & Will.I.Am (Teens Category)
- Diamond White (I heard this song so many times back then. Diamond totally made this song her own. I think this is her best performance yet)
- Reed Deming (why're these kids so focused and driven?? It's so scary!! They're almost like 40 years old people trapped in kids body. I never like Reed,but I like this performance. He's not cut it for the live show though)
- James Tanner (for sure cannon fodder,I'm intrigued by him however. He needs to gain more experience to be a great rapper)
- Arin Ray (OMG amazing song choice!! Arin totally impressed me with his vocal and charisma. I think he's the next Chris Brown or Usher. Very markettable!!)
- Beatrice Miller (the pressure is getting to her. Again,another great song choice. These kids picked the most current song choice. I love it!! Beatrice did an awesome job singing this song. I hope she makes it to live show)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (I don't know why they intend to make rivalry between Carly and Beatrice. Carly sang like a veteran singer. But I hate her movement and mannerism. Can't stand watching that. With that exception,her vocal is amazing)

Overall,pretty strong night for Britney's team. Although,no one came close to Drew's It Must Have Been Love performance a year ago. That was just pure fantastic performance. I didn't get that from this year contestants. Sigh. Oh well,I hope in the live show there's gonna be performance like that.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Judges House Part 1

Tonight began with putting some contestants into different category. Very predictable in my opinion!! Contestants who got a lot of airtime got through. Also with some cannon fodder. I'm wondering where is Panda Ross?? Why's she been missing all this time?? She could've been TV gold for this show. I'm wary about the groups because I don't find chemistry on that new boy group.

I find LA Reid's tantrum not believable. Tired of seeing fake drama and all on any singing show. Thank god for Demi. She's the only highlight from this show. Her presence on the panel makes this show A LOT more enjoyable for me. When the contestants arrived at the judges house,I bet some of the groups don't know who's Marc Anthony is. I can't believe that Dope Crisis really like Marc Anthony music. Really??? I feel so bad for Over 25's. LA Reid don't care about them. And they must be disappointed seeing Justin Bieber as the guest mentor.

Here's my opinion about the judges house performance:
- Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas (Young Adult Category)
- Jennel Garcia (I agree with Demi. Maybe her advice made her more nervous and self conscious. Not her best performance)
- Willie Jones (urgh,why he sang the same song from boot camp. He's just a total gimmick singer for me. Mediocre all around)
- Jillian Jensen (I always love Gravity. Jillian sings this song with different interpretation,that I almost felt like hearing this song for the first time. Another one of her great performance)
- Nick Youngerman (I'm not complaining seeing him taking a shower in front of camera at the beginning of tonight's episode. So hot!!! But his performance is so awful. I don't get it at all. He's not that bad,but I cringed so hard watching his performance. Something about it is weird,dunno what. Maybe his facial expression or something else)
- Paige Thomas (I felt she did pretty good,dunno why she criticized herself. I liked her take on this Chris Brown song)
- Cece Frey (Cece embodies X Factor to me. She's gorgeous,she got confidence and even though she's not the best vocalist,but she got enough quality in her to make it as a superstar. I'm ambivalent about her take on this LMFAO song. But this is the first time she showed likability to me)

- Simon Cowell & Marc Anthony (Groups Category)
- Playback (I know Josh Meltzer from Majors & Minors. So I specifically rooting for him. But I feel so bad that this performance looks very amateurish right now. They each sang pretty good but the whole movement is so awkward)
- Emblem3 (i'm beaming with joy watching these 3 boys crashed and burned. They're so arrogant. Everytime I see these boys,I hate them even more. They're not making themselves any favor with constant cocky comment that they uttered to other groups. And one of the boys shirtless attempt can't convince me to like them. I hope they get eliminated. They're not that good anyway)
- Sister C (they always delivered amazing vocal,but right now this performance is so stiff and wooden. It's like I don't care to find out more about them. They need to work on their personality,so it'll portray well to the viewers at home)
- Lyrics145 (OMG this is the best performance of the night easily!!! Who knew they could be this great. This performance made me an instant fan!!)
- Dope Crisis (cannon fodder)
- Lylas (I've never seen a group with so many amazing vocals between each of the members. I love the girl with black dress on the left side. Amazing vocal. They could be the one to beat)

The best performance of the night: Lyric145,Jillian Jensen,Lylas.

Friday, October 05, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Boot Camp Part 2

Simon shamelessly copying The Voice's Battle Round segment into his own show. But I think this add good enough drama to watch.

- Tara Simon vs Jennel Garcia: I agree that the song really didn't suit either of them. Jennel sang too low while Tara embellished the song too much. Urgh.
- Beatrice Miller vs Carly Rose Sonenclar: it's weird watching 13 years old girls compete on this show. It seems they are too young although both of them have big enough talent. I like Beatrice on this. While Carly seems to be mimicking for me. She hasn't got her own style.
- Vino Alan vs David Correy: meh on both of them. David's tattoo still creeps me out. Vino needs to learn to handle his emotion in front of the judges. Scaring Britney isn't a good idea.
- Diamond White vs Dinah Jane Hansen: Dinah really impressed me tonight with her take on this Kelly Clarkson's song. Although she forgot some of the lyrics,but this is the first time that I'm impressed by her. Diamond is good,but I'm still iffy about her.
- Sister C vs Lauren Jaurequi: probably the best duet of the night,Sister C always outstanding based on the snippet. While Lauren showed how great her voice is. I hope Britney will give Sister C a chance.
- Brandon Hassan vs Reed Deming: awful
- Julia Bullock vs Ally Brooke: mediocre.
- Jeffrey Gutt: terrible. Please send him home.
- Tate Stevens vs Willie Jones: Tate clearly outsang Willie in this. Not even close. Willie is one pony trick.
- Arin Ray vs Normani Hamilton: please Simon,don't put Arin in a group again. He has showed good enough singing ability to be a solo singer. While their take on What Makes You Beautiful is just okay. But I like their chemistry.
- Jillian Jensen vs Latasha Robinson: wow Latasha choked at the beginning of the song. She deserves that by being so arrogant. Jillian sang circle around her. I love Jillian's voice in this performance. While I didn't feel anything on her audition,I was definitely felt something in this performance. Great job,Jillian. I also applaud her for helping Latasha with the words and complimenting Latasha. Class act!!!
- So many trainwreck of contestant forgetting the lyrics.
- Cece Frey vs Paige Thomas: the highlight of the episode. Uh oh,Cece insisted on singing a song that Paige didn't know. I can relate with what Paige said to the judges regarding her motivation. I feel bad though that she sang so badly. Cece is better than her in this duet,but it's her worst vocal performance to date. Seriously,I could watch the rivalry between these two for hours!!!

Can't wait for judges house next week. 1 hour is too quick for boot camp.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Boot Camp Part 1

Everytime I watch this cinema verite style of shooting,I'm still wondering where they implant the mic and camera. Or how they do it so that the contestant doesn't have to try so hard to acting their own daily lives. Uh oh,Miami hotel and all that luxury. That must increased the pressure more for all of them.

- Diamond White did a big mistake in my opinion,singing I Have Nothing. Can't she find another song to sing?? I'm not feeling this performance. Really mediocre.
- Austin Corrini continued to be underwhelming. This blonde kid needs to have few years more of experience.
- Dinah Jane Hansen singing Mariah Carey's song. I'm sick of Mariah and Whitney songs being sung on singing show. That's coming from me who love big diva song.
- Lyric Da Queen is very intriguing!! Very cool female rapper!!
- Uh oh,Demi said to Jessica Espinoza that her name's the only one that she can remember. Huge pressure!! No wonder Jessica faltered!! I feel so bad for her. I can sense the other contestants wondering how come she's not that great.
- Jennel Garcia might look like the girl next door. But she's upping the ante in the sexiness department. She's gyrating and wiping her hair left and right. The male contestants must be having a wet dream,while the female contestants all staring dagger at her. LOL.
- Aww at Vino Alan always trying to calm down the other contestant's nerves.
- Too bad that Johnny Maxwell forgot the lyrics. He's cute though.
- Nice to see all of the kids performers going down in trainwreck. I can't stand them. Give them a decade to mature!! Nick Perelli disaster attempt at Frank Sinatra song made me sigh. I don't want to lose him.
- I cringe watching Jake Garza calling his mommy. 12 years old is too young to compete.
- Emblem3 is so cocky. I can't stand them. Why Citizen lost one of their member??? 2 of the guys from Jetset are hot!! Emblem3's performance is meh. Really awful!! I hope they're getting the boot in the judges house.
- Tara Simon's annoying. Although her delusional performance gave us entertaining TV.
- Willie Jones is a gimmick. I don't see him singing country is a natural thing for him.
- Bring on the drama!! Meow!!! Paige Thomas's performance of IWALY made Whitney rolling in her grave.
- While Cece Frey brought the house down. Although she's a major biatch,but she can SANG!!! I'm somehow intrigued by her.
- OMG Jessica Espinoza is eliminated. Shocker!!!!
- Can't wait for battle round tomorrow. Yay!!! I love tonight's episode. Felt so quick and not dragging on and on like usual.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 6

OMG tonight was the worst of all audition episodes. I was totally uninterested.

- Trevor Moran turned out just dehydrated,he's performing LMFAO song "Sexy and I Know It". I don't understand which planet will accept this kid on its music industry. Yeah,he got confidence. He worked the stage really well. But he should wait 5 more years and perfect his voice to become perfect package. Right now,he's just an entertaining kid performer with nowhere else to go in the music industry.
- Owen Stewart is crazy in love with his girlfriend who's in New York. He's missing her so much. Oh gawd!!! I was so bored out of my mind that I tuned out really fast when he's performing. Just forgettable!!
- Oh gosh,this is so sad. Freddie Combs is 500 pounds minister who's in wheelchair because he's so heavy,he can't walk. He really has great gospel voice. I hope he can lose his weight and be free of that chain. I'm still shocked to see how can people be that heavy. Are they just sitting at their couch at home and eating nonstop in front of TV??
- Lauren Jaurqui sang a song that I hate hate hate hate so much. Which is Alicia Keys's If I Ain't Got You. I would pay money to get rid of this song forever. I guess she sang this song very well. My mind was on elsewhere though. No one can make this song listenable to me.
- OMFG!!! Is this even real???? Why is this creepy blonde girl singing Annie??? I feel like we're in twilight dimension. I'm so over this audition. I can't take it no more.

Bring it on the boot camp!!! Yay that audition is over. I'm definitely skipping out the audition next year. Can't take the stupid and waste of time audition anymore.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 5

Tonight was so underwhelming,I'm so over it. Can't stomach another audition episode of any singing show. It's just totally predictable and not entertaining overall.

- Why they show Adonis & John?? They're very delusional and waste of time.
- Dinah Jane Hansen is 15 years old who looks 10 year older. She sang pretty good,Beyonce still can outsing her left and right. I don't know,she's just forgettable to me. I can barely maintain any interest watching her story and performance.
- Arin Ray from InTENsity audition again. Do the rules allow that?? I remember him. Wow his brother is so hot!!! OMG he really gaining so much confidence and I love his original song. Very current song and so catchy. I can see that song on the iTunes chart.

- Nick Perreli is 16 years old kid who can sing jazz song really well. I'm always waiting for a kid like this. Jazz performance always translates well on Idol,I don't understand why they can't find any good jazz singer. I'll be following this kid.

- LOL at Changy Li. Creepy delusional old asian woman. Although this is the only part in tonight episode which I laughed continuously. Oh gawd,this thing is never gets old. I always love watching delusional stereotype of Asian.
- Austin Corini is basically blonde Bieber look alike. But there's never going to be another Justin Bieber. Even Cody Simpsons and Greyson Chance failed miserably to follow his steps. At first,I thought Austin was hot. When those girls are freaking out and asking his autographs. But his singing mannerism is very weird,his voice is okay,he doesn't have any charisma. The gold blonde hair really works for him though.
- Jaime is so creepy. I felt uncomfortable watching this couple.
- David Correy can SANG!!!!! Although the tattoo turned me off big times!!
- Sophie Tweed Simmons part is the highlight of tonight's episode. I felt bad for her,having to follow his legendary father footsteps. Her voice is okay,I find her tone very weird,she will be excellent if she got vocal lessons and more experience of performing.
- Tara Simon is total bitch and so annoying. Her singing is too low,but I agree with the judges,she barely scratched the surface. She got more coming.
- Daryl Black is excellent singer. No marketability though.
- Trevor Moran's dramatic story is URGH!!! Can we move on from this!!!!

Can't wait for boot camp.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 4

This show is beginning to get on my nerve regarding blatant manipulation of viewers' emotions. The editing so many times showed an obvious attempt to stir up our emotion to root for certain contestant or to hate them.

- Willie Jones is singing Scotty McCreery's BabyLockThemDoors. He's not that good. The judges should stop giving boost to this kid's ego and expectations.
- Let's not discuss the redneck old guy who's 30 years older than his age.
- Julia Bullock is in dilemma regarding the fate of her band. Why don't the band come join her if she get a music career after this season is over? Let's not prolong the attempt to dramatize her backstory. Btw she got a great pop rock voice.
- Krysten Colon is doing a mediocre job singing some Adele song.
- Jeffrey Gutt sang Hallelujah. I'm freaking sick hearing this song for a billionth times. He's a rocker,alright. But I'm confuse which radio gonna play his song though.
- Stormy weather and lightning wreaking havoc on the building.
- Krysten Colon 2nd attempt to audition. She murdered Whitney Houston song. Ouch,the embarassment. She has singing ability but pretty mediocre one. Wow she's having a huge meltdown and throwing a tantrum to everybody. Geesh.

Underwhelming episode tonight. Sigh. I don't like the mix and match of audition's cities.

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 3

I didn't have time to post this yesterday. Here we go:

Simon is sick so Louis Walsh from X Factor UK filled his seat. I love him!!!
- Rizzloe Jones is a decent white boy rapper.
- CeCe Frey's attitude is not endearing at all. She's so bitchy and condescending to other people. Although I must say she's gorgeous!! I don't understand why people keep singing Unchained Melody. No one did that song any justice. Luckily,she got another chance to sing another song. She slayed Ain't No Other Man by Christina Aguilera. I really feel she could be a popstar,with the right song,she already has the attitude and the "it" factor.
- Britney can't even sing happy birthday to LA Reid. Ouch!!
- Vino Alan sang a soulful Trouble. I don't see any chance for him to enter music industry.
- Deangelo Wallace is a delusional black kid. So annoying!! WTH he stoled the microphone. He's so desperate to be on TV.
-  Awww at Tate Stevens. He's so likable. He sang great. Although all the deep country voice sound so similar in my ears. Can't differentiate between one another.
- OMG yay at boyband!!! Patrick is so gay. Why he's obsessed with collar is beyond me. The blonde guy,Parker is hot too. They sang fantastic,but they're so cheesy. I agree with Simon. But they're way better than One Direction when they're still competing in X Factor UK.

-Diamond White sang pretty amazing version of It's A Man's World. Very fantastic for a kid her age to sing that great.
- Ally Brooke sang Jaci Velasquez song and she continued to sing on and on after the judges stopped her. I thought she blew it. Fortunately,she's not.
- Normani Hamilton is pretty good. I wanna see more from her.
- Sister C vocal harmony is superb. Wow!!!! They're my favorite group so far. I hope they're advance to the live show.

- Jeremiah and Josh are cute. LOL at Britney wanna hear them waking her up in the morning.
- OMG Panda Ross FTW!! I thought she's delusional frauen. But she's totally amazing singer. And she's very hilarious too. One of my fave contestant. I hope she recovers from pneumonia.

- Jessica Espinoza reminds me of Allison Iraheta. I think she might be one of the frontrunner.

Overall pretty amazing episode. Lots of talents tonight,although some of them are mediocre and not that great. The judges should stop saying they found a star to many of the contestants. Because even Idol can't produce a star nowadays and all of the winners flopped big time. Hard time in music industry right now.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 2

- I'm so shocked that The Voice 3rd day had a bigger rating than X Factor premiere. Oh well!!!
- Johnny Maxwell is pretty cute. He has more charisma rather than singing ability. Although he can rap and he can sing pretty good. Let's see what will happen to him in boot camp.

- Am I watching The Hills right now?? Why this Lexa Berman's conversation with Paige reminds me of that show. So many SoCal accents and lingo. I think Lexa has a good singing voice,I don't know why the judges said no to her. She's not that bad!!! Her bitchiness could be entertaining to watch on live show.
- Here we go again with the gays. Jason Brock is totally flaming!! I was seriously thinking he would be an awful audition based on the Konnichiwa greetings and his rambling about his concept of his concert. It turned out,he sang really great. Watch out for the glamberts vicious attack!!! This guy sings really well. His personality is off the chart. Really entertaining!! Can't wait to see him in boot camp.

- This Britney stalker,Patrick Ford scares the shit out of me. No wonder Britney had a meltdown years ago. Dealing with crazy fans like this. The eerie music in the background reinforces the stereotype even more. Yikes!!
- Carly Rose Sonenclare is once again a very young girl that in my personal opinion should wait few more years to audition in these type of show. She blew the roof when she sang but I still can see some mimicking and amateurish quality in her. Because she's still too young. Probably an early frontrunner.

Overall 2nd day of audition went really well. Very entertaining show tonight!!!

The X Factor Season 2 Premiere Recap

First,I want to say this nonstop barrage of singing shows is just crazy. Even I'm already burnt out. 2 years ago,I didn't think that I would get bored by singing show. Although,I was anticipating Britney and Demi on X Factor. Wondering how great their chemistry will be.

The premiere episode was pretty good overall. I love the cinema verite style. It makes this show very refreshing compared to the other shows. FYI,I'm skipping The Voice season 3. I don't have any enthusiasm at all to watch that show. Sorry!!!

Simon should thank the universe for the success of One Direction. Their success make this show more credible. I'm even surprised that those 5 guys could be this BIG!!! Never expected that.

Here's my opinion about this first episode:
- Paige Thomas delivered an okay audition compared to Jazzlyn Little last season. That blonde Kaci Newton is so bitchy and delusional.
- Britney Spears looks very fragile.
- Reed Deming is still too young. Give him more years to practice!!! I just cringed so hard watching this kid's audition. Btw was that Josh Meltzer from Majors & Minors that I noticed beside Reed while they're in contestant's holding room.
- The gays are coming out in droves in the gay mecca,San Francisco. LOL at Quatrele. I love it that Simon,Britney and Demi put him through. He's so entertaining!!!!

-I feel so bad for Vincent Thomas. Last night,I wondered what boyband he's from. It turned out he's from US5. I didn't know that US5 underwent personal member change twice. I only knew the original members of that boyband. Too bad he can't sing well. He's very kind though giving advice to Emblem3.
- While Emblem3 is so douchey. Yes,they're pretty handsome and talented. But I can't stand douchebags!!!

- Don Phillip has aged so much. I almost didn't notice him. I feel so bad for him!!!! Sure,he must've been struggled through lots of personal demons. But Britney was right saying no to him. He needs to take care of his personal mental health first and after that improving his singing ability again.

- Janelle Garcia was good.
- Jillian Jensen's being bullied sobstory is tragic. I definitely can relate with her. But her singing didn't move me at all. I don't know why,maybe I just think her vocal is okay or something.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kyle Patrick - Go For Gold

Kyle Patrick from The Click Five is doing a solo project currently and he already released his EP and his new song Go For Gold. I just found out about this last night from Channel V. This song is a perfect song for London Olympics. I've been engrossed with this year's  Olympics. Especially swimming,gymnastic,diving,etc. I usually never watch sport for hours,but I've been enjoying this year's coverage. With Phillip Phillips's Home is being used as women gymnastic song in the US. Maybe Kyle Patrick's song should've been used for international coverage. Oh well,Olympics almost over anyway.

I like all his songs on his new EP. He got smooth voice,I always love his beautiful vocal. You can download the songs on his bandcamp website

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Thought on Jennifer Lopez & Steven Tyler Leaving American Idol

Yesterday,Steven Tyler said he's going to left Idol to focus on Aerosmith comeback. I will miss him for sure but I won't miss his one liner "beautiful" comment. He's pretty much useless as a judge,he always loves every performances. Although I respect him for defending Haley Reinhart on Season 10 when Randy & J Lo constantly attacked her.

I'm so sad that J Lo also left this show. She always brings joy to the panel. I always love her aura of positivity and cheerful smile. She's always lively. I always think J Lo as the most likable pop female singer out there,and she's the most beautiful woman in the world,for me personally. I will miss her so bad. I don't find Mariah Carey likable. I'm worried about the replacement.

When will Randy leave this show?? His time already up long time ago.

Duets - John Glosson & Jennifer Nettles performed The Prayer

Just divine!!! I always love Jennifer's performance with her team especially with John on this show. Don't care about the rest. Too bad ABC blocks the video for international viewers.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Grand Finale

- Top 12 - Runaway Baby

It's unusual that they sing a song that's been done on the show. Joshua sang this Runaway Baby on Top 7 night. I love it nonetheless. Is that So You Think You Can Dance cast??? I miss Colton,Elise,Erika, Heejun. Feel bad for Jermaine missed out on this!!
- It's baloney that this Top 2 is so popular. Rating is the lowest ever for the finale. Meaning more powervote from the viewers.
- Phillip Phillips & John Fogerty - Have You Ever Seen The Rain & Bad Moon Rising
The most current performance I've ever seen on Idol. Exactly in my grandma's wheelhouse. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So boring!!!! Why Idol keep pushing non current artist and performance?? I can respect the music legend but in recent years,there wasn't a current duet at all.
- Idol funny audition moments. So many craziness this season!!! One of the most awful audition episodes ever.
- Joshua Ledet & Fantasia - Take Me To The Pilot

WTF is Fantasia wearing???? She looks like a tranny!! Holy shit!!! That was scary!!! Long black wig and tight black suit. She looks like a She-Hulk. I can't stop laughing. This is very underwhelming. Not living up to my expectation that they gonna launch double Mantasia.
- Jimmy Iovine clip of him forgetting Jessica name and keep confusing it to Jennifer. This is the proof that Jimmy can't critique in a live show situation. He does best in editing room. It's so embarassing watching him senile like this.
- Top 12 Girls & Chaka Khan - Medley
Wow is Chaka Khan drunk??? Why she is wearing another latex bodysuit??? So embarassing,it doesn't look flattering at all. Chaka can sing though!! I can't stop laughing though. My stomach hurts after laughing nonstop since Fantasia and now Chaka.
- Ford Music Video,awww at Jessica's mentor. He's freaking out after Ryan gives him new car.
- Rihanna - Where Have You Been

Pretty cool!!! I couldn't careless though.
- Skylar Laine & Reba McEntire - Turn On The Radio
Wow Skylar completely confident up there with Reba. She even outsang Reba. So fierce!!! Why this girl not on the finale??? I don't even know.
- Steven Tyler clip with bunny girls and sloth. That animal scares me.
- Jessica Sanchez - I Will Always Love You
Why she's singing this??? Will Phillip sing his showstopper performance too?? Where is J Lo?? She disappeared for a while.
- Top 12 Guys & Neil Diamond - Medley
I love it that Colton Dixon is being featured heavily tonight. That boy has a star quality. He's the only one who stands out from the rest. Jeremy Rosado is horrible,Deandre still nervous,Heejun looks like he's just waking up from his bed,Joshua is looking confident. Ouch,Neil Diamond can't sing anymore. Painful!!!
- Randy Jackson clip of his singing the phonebook comment. They showed a bit of Adam Lambert,David Archuleta,etc.
- Top 12 singing phonebook. The best group performance ever. Way better and more entertaining than all Phillip Phillips performances this season. Kudos to Michael Orland for arranging this funny bits. The Joshua part is hilarious. I love Colton's face too. So funny!!!
- Jennifer Lopez & Wisin and Yandel - Going In & Follow The Leader
J Lo looks so hot!!! Why she took so long to dress like that?? It's not even difficult dress. Lip-syncing the whole performance. It's entertaining though. I enjoyed it.

- OMG Ace Young is proposing to Diana Degarmo. I can't believe it!!! This took me by surprise. Are they even serious??? I hope it's not too early for them to be married.
- Hollie Cavanagh & Jordin Sparks - You'll Never Walk Alone
Hollie is still so stiff & robotic like usual. I still can see her thinking every steps and notes. Jordin killed it as usual!! Good for her for letting Hollie takes the spotlight.
- Top 12 Guys - Tribute to Robin Gibb
What a mess!!! Colton is pitchy,Joshua is the only good part on this medley. Where is the older Gibb?? Because I heard he would be singing with the Top 12 guys. Oh well!!!
- Jessica Sanchez & Jennifer Holiday - And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going

OMG THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!! I CAN'T EVEN!!! The best performance I've ever seen on the grand finale. At first I was like that Jennifer face is scary but she killed it. She still can sang!!!! This duet went above and beyond amazingness. So many epic moment!! Flawless. There's no words to describe how fantastic this duet. Twitter is having an earthquake over this duet. Phenomenal!!!
 - Aerosmith - Legendary Child & Walk This Way
I don't care for this. Where is Donna Summer disco tribute?? Where is Elise duet??? Why the girls didn't get shown much??
- Jessica and Phillip duet.

- Result: Phillip Phillip won American Idol Season 11. Jessica even knew it would happen,she hug P2 in an instant. What a joke!!!! He's not even singing the coronation song. He stopped,crying the whole performance,drop the guitar and walk to his parents. Anti climactic winning moment ever!!! The worst winner ever!!!! I'm so upset right now!!! This is a fucking joke!!! Another flop winner!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 2 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Jessica Sanchez (I Have Nothing)
This song makes me almost impossible to review it. Jessica sings it beautifully as always though. Very tender. Simon Fuller picks the worst song ever. He should be banned from picking any songs ever again for the finale.
- Phillip Phillips (Stand By Me)
I love the accoustic guitar so much in this recording and in the live performance too. But oh my god,the arrangement of this song is too slow. Too sleepy. Awful!!!
- Jessica Sanchez (The Prayer)
Stunning!! Although I prefer the live performance somehow. The end was gorgeous though.
- Phillip Phillips (Movin' Out)
Is this the same exact recording as Billy Joel week or he changes it up?? I don't want to listen to the previous version of this song. This is more rocking than the live performance.
- Jessica Sanchez (Change Nothing)
Wow,this is so different than her live performance.I love it!!! Definitely very pop. The music that I listen to everyday. I don't know whether the drum banging is necessary. Overall,the best recording I've ever heard from Jessica. Very current!! I'll definitely listen to this recording everyday. Great job Jessica!!
- Phillip Phillips (Home)
Definitely very folky. I think this song suits Phillip. I can definitely hear this song on radio or music channel. I love the background vocal singing together in the middle. Giving the recording orchestra feeling. Overall,I think this has more potential on the chart compared to Jessica's single. I'm being objective here.

The best song from this week: Jessica (The Prayer,Change Nothing) and Phillip (Home)

American Idol Season 11: Top 2 Performances (Finale)

Simon Fuller Choices
- Jessica Sanchez - I Have Nothing
Of course,Simon Fuller picked the most cheesy and overdone song ever. Jessica slayed this song,although I was bored watching this song being performed for the million times.
- Phillip Phillips - Stand By Me
I love the arrangement. So cool!! I thought I would love this performance. But Phillip face antics bothers me. The yeah,the awww,the ohhh embelishment in the end of every sentences is so annoying. Urgh. For me,Jessica won the first round. Randy probably activate P2 fanbase for picking Jessica as the winner of 1st round.
- Watch out,Jason!! Or you'll break your neck again. I enjoy this performance by Jason Derulo immensely. His dance is amazing and at least he's not lip-syncing. Props to him!!! Undefeated is a fun Coke jingle!!
Repeat Choices
Jessica Sanchez - The Prayer
Yes!!!! I love love this performance of her on Las Vegas week. I love it this time too!!! Flawless!! One of the best finale performance since David Archuleta on Season 7.
- Phillip Phillips - Movin Out
Ohh I love this song. Good job for picking it!!! Wow that was amazing!! One of his best so far. Definitely better than the 1st time he did it. I love this finale. No dud performance. I'm worried that the judges comment might sway the votes to P2 advantage.
Original Songs
- Jessica Sanchez - Change Nothing
Sabotage again?? WTF with this sleepy song?? What the hell was Jimmy thinking?? Jessica sang this song the best she could. Looks like P2 gonna win if his original song is great.
- Phillip Phillips - Home
Great song for P2. Wow at the marching band!! P2 looks bored though. Here we go with the pimping and the judges effusive praise. Sigh.
- Looks like I saw Season 10 Indian contestant sings as backup singer. I forgot his name. He's the one with his almost twin brothers.
- Scotty performs Please Remember Me. Way too pitchy. I'm surprised. I will miss a lot of contestants from this season especially Colton,Elise,Erika etc.

My Rank:
1. Jessica Sanchez - The Prayer
2. Phillip Phillips - Movin Out
3. Phillip Phillips - Home
4. Jessica Sanchez - Change Nothing
5. Jessica Sanchez - I Have Nothing
6. Phillip Phillips - Stand By Me

Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 3 iTunes Studio Recording Review

Judges Choices
- Joshua Ledet (as usual,soul throwback singing from Joshua. Not my cup of tea,definitely only for soul genre lover)
- Jessica Sanchez (perfect studio recording from Jessica. Possibly her best this season. So beautiful,she mastered all the vocal difficulty in this song. Stunning!!! If no one can sing Mariah Carey song,then Jessica is the closest to that)
- Phillip Phillips (just standard recording from Phillip. Not great at all. Just solid)

The best recording from the judges choices: Jessica Sanchez

Personal Choices
- Joshua Ledet (pure mediocre studio recording. Just didn't catch my interest at all. I rather browsing around the internet reading about Facebook IPO. Ohh,the end was interesting. Joshua gone all church on the end of the song)
- Jessica Sanchez (urgh this is even worse than Jessica live performance. I even prefer Allison Iraheta studio recording of this song. Jessica voice is too pop R&B for this rock song)
- Phillip Phillips (I think Phillip picked the best song for his voice. Not an overdone songs like the others picked. I enjoyed this recording)

The best recording of their personal choices: Phillip Phillips

Jimmy Iovine Choices
- Joshua Ledet (hmm I prefer his live performance. Joshua studio recording always makes me cringe listening to it. Not enjoyable at all,pure torture. I don't know why people enjoy his voice. Sigh)
- Jessica Sanchez (the worst song choice given to Jessica. Urgh. This is also unlistenable to me. Jessica sang it great but I hate this song)
- Phillip Phillips (pure,subtle,one of Phillip's best recording)

The best recording from Jimmy choices: Phillip Phillips

American Idol Season 11: Top 3 Result Show

- This group performance reminds me of Syesha Mercado's Top 12 performance on Season 7. Jessica sang great on this one.
- Why Jimmy Iovine apologized for No More Drama?? Everybody loves that performance. Is Joshua going to get eliminated so Jimmy told us the reason first??
- Ice Age 4 promotion. Urgh.
- Is this Ester Dean the hit songwriter for Nicki Minaj etc?
- Lisa Marie Presley performance just stays there. A bit sleepy. Good song though!!
- Jimmy even regrets his song choice for Jessica. What a bullcrap!! He should've prepared the song choices long time ago and not making mistakes at this important part of the competition.
- Adam Lambert always brings the entertainment everytime he's on Idol stage. He performs Never Close Our Eyes. I sense a bit nervousness from him. This 2nd album sounds great. There's no words to describe how much I miss Season 8.
- Urgh at Jimmy's effusive praise for Phillip. Just crown him already!!
- Jennifer Lopez never felt this connected to Top 3 contestants. Dissed to Haley Reinhart from last year?
- Take that,judges!!! Joshua Ledet go down in flame!! The most pimped contestants in the history of the show!!
- I'm sorry for Joshua fans but I can't stand his voice and tone. Sure,he's very talented vocalist etc. But I can't stand his voice since he's in Top 24.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 3 Performances

- Way too much filler. Commercials already even before the first performance.
Judges Choices
- Joshua Ledet - I'd Rather Go Blind
Seriously,I almost went asleep watching this first performance from Joshua. Great song choice though. Solid performance from him. Oh,another standing ovation!! Zzzzzz.
- OMG my face is beaming with joy seeing Colton,Elise,Erika and Heejun on my screen. I miss them very much!!
- Jessica Sanchez - My All
Oh wow,this song is so difficult to sing. Probably the hardest song to sing this season. All the falsetto & no place to breathe in the song. But Jessica killed it dead. So impressed!!! I could sense that she's trying to not make a mistake but overall she did a fantastic job with this impossible song. C'mon people,put this girl on the Finale.
- Awww PhilJun
- Phillip Phillips - Beggin'
He did a passable job with this song. 2 contestants performed this song on The Voice UK few weeks ago and that was the best version I've ever heard of this song. P2 can't help but change the melody of this song. At least he didn't annoy me as much as I expected with his facial tics etc.
Personal Choice
- Joshua Ledet - Imagine
Wow,they aired homecoming clip tonight????!!! Joshua's homecoming clip is pretty heartwarming. His church is so tiny. He looks so confident lately. Btw,David Archuleta did this song perfectly on Season 7,no one will even come close to that caliber of performance. Even if I judge this song objectively,Joshua just did an okay job.
- Jessica Sanchez - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Jessica's hometown crowd is so minuscule compared to Joshua. I feel bad for her. Oh,she's homeschooled,no wonder she's so socially awkward. Oh lord,she's the one who picked this cliche song. It's good,not great. I hope she can make the finale.
- Phillip Phillips - Disease
The most emotional homecoming clip of the night!!! Wow,he's gonna sail to Top 2 easily based on this clip. I think this was a great performance. I disagree with the judges. I really enjoyed it. I think P2 won the 2nd round for me. Pity votes will help him because of the judges criticism. Sigh.
Jimmy Iovine Choices
- Joshua Ledet - No More Drama
The end was fantastic. I thought he could kill it more though. Awww at Hollie and the rest of the Top 12 jumping up and down watching Joshua performed. I don't know who'll get eliminated tomorrow.
- Jessica Sanchez - I'll Be There
I smell sabotage in this song choice. It's just so bland!!! No room to make a moment like what Randy said. I'm worried with Jessica's fate tomorrow.
- Phillip Phillips - We've Got Tonight
J Lo said what I think about this performance. A lullaby!! I tuned out really fast on the beginning. It's awkward watching his hand rubbing his thigh etc. Urgh at the judges fawning over him.

Overall,strong night for Phillip. I'm worried about Jessica. 2 hours is overkill with this late stage of the game.

My Rank:
1. Jessica 1st
2. Phillip 2nd
3. Joshua 3rd
4. Phillip 1st
5. Phillip 3rd
6. Jessica 2nd
7. Joshua 1st
8. Jessica 3rd
9. Joshua 2nd

Friday, May 11, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 4 iTunes Studio Recording Review

California Dreamin'
- Phillip Phillips (hmm Phillip voice sounds more polished in this recording,not gritty like usual. Just an okay recording for me)
- Hollie Cavanagh (good vocal,boring recording)
- Joshua Ledet (maybe only Joshua fans will love this one. Oh lawd,the end of the recording wasn't pleasant at all. His saliva works overtime. Yuck)
- Jessica Sanchez (lovely recording from Jessica. I don't think I'll buy Jessica record after the show since R&B is just not my thing)

The best recording of this theme: Jessica Sanchez.

- Joshua & P2 duet (wow Phillip voice is unrecognizable. They watered down his voice way too much. Anyway,this recording is better than live performance overall)
- Jessica & Hollie duet (outstanding vocal from both of them. Still the song is a dreck. Won't listen to this recording again in the near future)

Songs You Wish You Wrote
- Phillip Phillips (possibly his best recording so far. Although it's too slow for my taste)
- Hollie Cavanagh (Hollie has beautiful crystal clear voice,but I don't know why this song doesn't work with her vocal. I love this song when Allison Iraheta sang this on S8 on live and recording. But I don't care at all with Hollie's recording. Her phrasing "if you don't" is so weird. Urgh. Also why she sounds nasally this week?)
- Joshua Ledet (great,but I prefer the live performance)
- Jessica Sanchez (I hate this song,Jessica as usual delivered great vocal)

The best recording of this 2nd theme: Phillip Phillips (because of that song).

American Idol Season 11: Top 4 Result Show

- The group performance of California Dreamin' is great,compared to last night's trainwreck group performance.
- P2 & Hollie called to the stage. No bottom 2 yet.
- I like this David Cook song. He & Kris Allen are the epitome of WGWG,before it's going downhill. Sad to hear Cook parted ways with his record label.
- Joshua is going to get recording deal no matter what. Wow Tommy Mottola wants to watch Jessica Sanchez first concert. Huge endorsement!!!
- Jennifer Lopez performs Dance Again. She's hot as ever!!! I didn't know that Casper has a voice like chipmunk. I saw him training some dancers on E! News segment. Aww they're so cute!!
- More rambling from the judges. Jessica & Joshua is safe. This show is gunning for R&B finale.
- Urgh Phillip Phillips is safe. Hollie Cavanagh is eliminated. Remember the talk about this year being the girls year?? Yeah,not happened unfortunately. Girls will have no chance ever again.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 4 Performances (California Dreamin' & Songs I Wish I Wrote Theme)

- The swaying bots are extra loud tonight. Like a banshee.
California Dreamin
- Phillip Phillips - Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Less awkward than his previous performances. I still prefer Casey Abrams version last year. I don't know how P2 got this far with minimal talent. I rest my case.
- Hollie Cavanagh - Faithfully
I didn't feel a thing. I even prefer Kristy Lee Cook's version. Strange!!! Hollie hit all the notes perfectly but I was numb watching her.
- Joshua Ledet - You Raise Me Up
Chris Mann did this song way better 2 nights ago on The Voice. Next!!! I almost slept. So bored!!! I don't understand why they picked such cliche songs.
- Jessica Sanchez - Steal Away
Easily the best of round 1. Lauren Turner sang this song on Sing For Your Life stage last year. I still prefer Lauren Turner's version. Watching Jessica sing this song,I wish there was jazz week this season.
- Phillip Phillips & Joshua Ledet - This Love
Boring!!! Joshua did a nice job though on this Maroon 5 song. He can sing contemporary song. Why is it,that this season where I don't care about this Top 4,Nigel gives me 2 hours performances night every weeks. Help me god!!! Why couldn't they do it in past seasons where I still have so many faves at this later stage of competition
- Hollie Cavanagh & Jessica Sanchez - Eternal Flame
This is even boring than P2 Joshua duet. Screechy at the end. Can we get rid of both of these girls and put Katrina Parker and Ashley De La Rosa on this Top 4??
- Waste of time Rock of Ages shameless promotion. Adam Shankman is so flaming. Ryan fooled us by trying to propose to Julianne Hough.
- P2,Joshua,Hollie,Jessica - I've Been Waiting For A Girl Like You
Major snoozefest!!!
Songs I Wish I Wrote
- Phillip Phillips - Volcano
Decent!! I'm just over this guy!!! I can't think of any words to say to his performance.
- Hollie Cavanagh - I Can't Make You Love Me
Good but I'm bored. I thought I'm gonna love this but I don't. I agree with the judges. Hollie hasn't been through much life problems.
- Joshua Ledet - It's A Man's Man's World
OMG the hyperbole!!! It's a strong performance but Juliet Simms did better on The Voice. Are you kidding me Randy??? One of the best performance in any singing show in history??? I just can't with these judges.
- Jessica Sanchez - And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going
Probably her best performance,even better than IWALY. Too bad I hate this song so much. Such an overdone songs!!! Sick of hearing this song.

The most boring episode I've ever seen on Idol. I almost switched to CNN because how boring tonight was. Torture!!!

My Rank:
1. Jessica 2nd
2. Joshua 2nd
3. Jessica 1st
4. Hollie 1st
5. Phillip 2nd
6. Hollie 2nd
7. Phillip 1st
8. Phillip & Joshua Duet
9. Hollie & Jessica Duet
10. Joshua 1st

The Voice Season 2 Episode 21: Finale Result

- I like tonight's episode. Lots of performances from the Top 16 contestants. But lots of filler too.
- Jermaine Paul,Pip,Jamar Rogers,James Massone - I Want Your Back
Pretty fun performance. I miss James Massone.
- Bloopers of the coaches. I love it!!!
- Flo Rida & Juliet Simms - Whistle and Wild Ones
Hmm I'm wondering whether Juliet felt embarassed have to sing this crappy song that can ruin her credibility.
- Chris Mann,Lindsey Pavao,Katrina Parker - Bitter Sweet Symphony
I miss Katrina and Lindsey. I thought Lindsey would've been easily on Top 4. I guess I was wrong. Pretty nice performance overall. I love it!!! Chris commands the stage really well. He's getting more confident each weeks.
- Blake and Adam bromance clip. Zzzzzz.
- Hall & Oates singing with Jermaine Paul as backup singer. Ouch. Tony Lucca and Chris Mann also sang as backup singer for this legendary duo.
- Cheesa,Naia Kete,Kim Yarbrough,Sera Hill - Superstition
Diva performance!!! I guess it's pretty good.
- Parks & Rec clip. I don't understand a single thing.
- Juliet Simms,Raelynn,Jamar Rogers,Erin Willett - A Little Help From My Friends
Underwhelming!!! I'm bored!! Erin totally killed this performance.
- Purrfect The Cat clip. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
- Lady Antebellum - Wanted You More
I love this song. Really enjoyed this performance.
- Tony Lucca & Jordis Unga - Go Your Own Way
I always don't get a star vibe from Tony. Just ordinary singer for me. Blah.
- Justin Bieber - Boyfriend
Way better than my expectation. But I'm weirded out by Justin trying to follow Timberlake footsteps this early. Hasn't it been only 3 years since his debut?? Time goes so fast!!!
- After almost 2 hours of too many fillers and performances,here comes the result.
- Holy shit,Chris Mann #4. I thought he's at least on Top 2. OMG Tony Lucca at #3. Shocking!!! Where's his fanbase????
- WTF Jermaine won???????? Anti climactic finale. African american male has dominated this show for 2 years in a row. Another flop winner from this show. Juliet should've won.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Voice Season 2 Episode 20: Final 4 Performances

- Jermaine Paul - I Believe I Can Fly
Really??? This song?? Anyway,he sang it pretty great until the later half of the performance where he screeched the song to oblivion. But I must say this is his best performance in this competition.
- Juliet Simms - Crazy
Why no original songs for the contestants this season?? Instead they have to sing a song from their coaches in order to show appreciation to them. Yuck!!! Glorifying the coaches even more. This is rather boring performance from Juliet. I was underwhelmed.
- Chris Mann & Christina Aguilera - The Prayer
I'm worried about Christina's dress. But overall,this is pretty nice duet from both of them. I really enjoyed it.
- Tony Lucca - 99 Problems
Wow country arrangement of Jay Z song. He didn't seem to sing the word "bitch". I think this performance is solid. LOL at Adam and Christina bickering over the meaning of the song. I don't understand why Christina has such hate on Tony. What happened on Mickey Mouse club back then?
- Chris Mann - The Voice Within
This is an amazing performance. Don't know why but so far Chris has been pretty impressive tonight. I'm really fixated with both of his performances so far. Usually he bored me to death. I love how he makes this Christina Aguilera song sounds brand new to my ears.
- Juliet Simms & CeeLo Green - Born To Be Wild
Awful!!! The worst performance of the night.
- Tony Lucca & Adam Levine - Yesterday
Very nice!!! I love the guitar pick of this performance. Really pretty!!
- Jermaine Paul - God Gave Me You
He dedicated this song to Blake. Just okay for me.
- Chris Mann - You Raise Me Up
Christina is crying!!! This song is such an overdone song. Can't be more cliche than this song but somehow Chris sold this performance to me. I really liked it. Maybe because I'm in emotional trainwreck tonight that I loved all of his performances.
- Jermaine Paul & Blake Shelton - Soul Man
I like it!! So much fun!!! I'm surprised.
- Tony Lucca - Harder To Breathe
I prefer Casey Abrams version on American Idol's last year. Wow Christina is texting during Tony speech to Adam. Rude!!!
- Juliet Simms - Freebird
Better than her Cryin' performance but can't beat last week's performance or even Roxanne. The production went way over the top for me.

Friday, May 04, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 5 iTunes Studio Recording Review

60's Theme
- Hollie Cavanagh (Hollie did a nice vocal in this song but I don't think anybody outside her fanbase would love this recording. I think most people already pretty tired hearing another River Deep Mountain High)
- Phillip Phillips (I still can't get over why they slammed Colton for September's rearrangement but love this atrocious Phillip's butchering of this classic song. At least September still has its original melody,albeit turned into emo sound. I don't know with this Phillip's arrangement,the song is unrecognizable. He totally got rid of all the melody in this song. The guitar in the end of the song is pretty nice however)
- Skylar Laine (I really enjoyed this recording,maybe because Skylar picked a song that I've never heard before. Although I don't know if the original song sound country like this. Skylar countrified this song to the max,but I like it)
- Jessica Sanchez (I can't with this song. The background vocal in the beginning is too weird for me to listen to. For me,this is one of the worst song choice of this season. Even my younger brother said: "Why don't this show die already!!" when yesterday he heard this song from my room. Easily the worst recording from Jessica,because of the song)
- Joshua Ledet (the vocal is good as always from Joshua. But this recording is perfect only for soul or throwback era lover. Not for me)

The best recording of this theme: Skylar Laine

BritPop Theme
- Hollie Cavanagh (the guitar is very nice in this recording,Hollie vocal is better than her 1st recording this week. Too bad I'm not a fan of Bleeding Love. But overall,a very good job from Hollie)
- Phillip Phillips (once again the ahh whisper in this song probably triggered those power votes for Phillip. Everybody mentioned Phillip can't hit his falsetto,etc. But his voice didn't annoy me in this recording. Overall,it's good recording)
- Skylar Laine (oh gawd,this song is so cheesy,and the arrangement made it even worse. It's almost unlistenable for me. Skylar's worst recording)
- Jessica Sanchez (flailing!!! Stunning vocal from Jessica. Probably her best recording)
- Joshua Ledet (I love the harp on this recording. I always love the sound of that instrument. Very heavenly. Still not loving Joshua's tone but he did a great job in the end. Same with his live performance)

The best recording for this theme: Jessica Sanchez

American Idol Season 11: Top 5 Result Show

- Oh time for result already in the beginning of the show. I agree with Jimmy,it was one of the best performance this season. I was very impressed with Joshua Ledet. For sure,recording deal for Joshua. Jacob Lusk must be so envious right now.
- Coldplay performed Paradise. Probably the cachiest song from them. Usually I don't like this band.
- WTF Phillip Phillips is safe again!!!!! There you go,he's going to win this show. Fuck my office pools!! How come we can't get rid of this guy??? Even his weakest night in this competitive battle of Top 5 can't sack him off this show. Unbelievable!!!
- Hollie Cavanagh is in bottom 2.
- Carrie Underwood performed Blown Away. Solid performance,I thought. Although her voice is a bit flat. I don't know about this song. Definitely not country at all. I don't like the song. I think the studio recording is way better. LOL at the wind & glitter. Very over production!! Look,Angelina legs!!
- Wow,Jimmy thought Jessica Sanchez' dress was too racy. Luckily,she's not in bottom 2. She got the votes. I wonder why Skylar Laine didn't get as much the country votes as Lauren Alaina last year.
- WTF Coldplay performs again!!! I thought Carrie gonna perform twice.
- Sigh. Skylar Laine is eliminated. Where's the country votes that propelled Scotty & Lauren to the finale last year?? Skylar is better than two of them combined. This season is getting worse and worse.