Friday, September 14, 2012

The X Factor Season 2 Premiere Recap

First,I want to say this nonstop barrage of singing shows is just crazy. Even I'm already burnt out. 2 years ago,I didn't think that I would get bored by singing show. Although,I was anticipating Britney and Demi on X Factor. Wondering how great their chemistry will be.

The premiere episode was pretty good overall. I love the cinema verite style. It makes this show very refreshing compared to the other shows. FYI,I'm skipping The Voice season 3. I don't have any enthusiasm at all to watch that show. Sorry!!!

Simon should thank the universe for the success of One Direction. Their success make this show more credible. I'm even surprised that those 5 guys could be this BIG!!! Never expected that.

Here's my opinion about this first episode:
- Paige Thomas delivered an okay audition compared to Jazzlyn Little last season. That blonde Kaci Newton is so bitchy and delusional.
- Britney Spears looks very fragile.
- Reed Deming is still too young. Give him more years to practice!!! I just cringed so hard watching this kid's audition. Btw was that Josh Meltzer from Majors & Minors that I noticed beside Reed while they're in contestant's holding room.
- The gays are coming out in droves in the gay mecca,San Francisco. LOL at Quatrele. I love it that Simon,Britney and Demi put him through. He's so entertaining!!!!

-I feel so bad for Vincent Thomas. Last night,I wondered what boyband he's from. It turned out he's from US5. I didn't know that US5 underwent personal member change twice. I only knew the original members of that boyband. Too bad he can't sing well. He's very kind though giving advice to Emblem3.
- While Emblem3 is so douchey. Yes,they're pretty handsome and talented. But I can't stand douchebags!!!

- Don Phillip has aged so much. I almost didn't notice him. I feel so bad for him!!!! Sure,he must've been struggled through lots of personal demons. But Britney was right saying no to him. He needs to take care of his personal mental health first and after that improving his singing ability again.

- Janelle Garcia was good.
- Jillian Jensen's being bullied sobstory is tragic. I definitely can relate with her. But her singing didn't move me at all. I don't know why,maybe I just think her vocal is okay or something.

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