Friday, September 21, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Episode 4

This show is beginning to get on my nerve regarding blatant manipulation of viewers' emotions. The editing so many times showed an obvious attempt to stir up our emotion to root for certain contestant or to hate them.

- Willie Jones is singing Scotty McCreery's BabyLockThemDoors. He's not that good. The judges should stop giving boost to this kid's ego and expectations.
- Let's not discuss the redneck old guy who's 30 years older than his age.
- Julia Bullock is in dilemma regarding the fate of her band. Why don't the band come join her if she get a music career after this season is over? Let's not prolong the attempt to dramatize her backstory. Btw she got a great pop rock voice.
- Krysten Colon is doing a mediocre job singing some Adele song.
- Jeffrey Gutt sang Hallelujah. I'm freaking sick hearing this song for a billionth times. He's a rocker,alright. But I'm confuse which radio gonna play his song though.
- Stormy weather and lightning wreaking havoc on the building.
- Krysten Colon 2nd attempt to audition. She murdered Whitney Houston song. Ouch,the embarassment. She has singing ability but pretty mediocre one. Wow she's having a huge meltdown and throwing a tantrum to everybody. Geesh.

Underwhelming episode tonight. Sigh. I don't like the mix and match of audition's cities.

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