Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hot Chelle Rae - Tonight Tonight

Very catchy song!! I love this!! I think I heard this song somewhere,maybe on American Idol auditions.

Rascal Flatts - I Won't Let Go

I cried!! This is so beautiful!! Garry can sing like no other male singer!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 6 iTunes Recording Review

- Jacob Lusk (the vocal is more polished and clean in this recording but I felt the church vibe more in his live performance. I think it's pretty good recording from Jacob.)
- Lauren Alaina (everytime I hear Lauren's recording,it always way better than her live performance. It's like in different realm. Another great recording from Lauren.)
- Casey & Haley duet (again,way cleaner version in the recording. Hmm I like the way they play the piano and after that the bass without vocal in the middle. Feel like a background music in the racing game. LOL)
- Scotty McCreery (after his accoustic at the beginning,there is a country honky tonk uptempo arrangement. LMAO so many people hate this,but I like it. It's fun and make me dancing in my chair.)
- James Durbin (I still like the acapella at the beginning,but I give up for the rest of that song. Hate the arrangement,too much noise. That's why I didn't like James in the beginning,not a fan of his higher register,it sounds like banshee to me. Yikes!!)
- Lauren & Scotty duet (Scotty's deep voice+very old country arrangement+Lauren's amazing vocal+occasional background singer singing the chorus=somehow I like this. It's another fun song this week. LOL maybe I'm so bias when it comes to fiddle or banjo. Hahaha.)
- Casey Abrams (urgh the arrangement is very slow,very old times. Dunno what to make of this. It's not that bad,but it's not good either for me personally. Maybe for the jazz fans or New Orleans music scene fans,it will be for you. But it's not for me.)
- Haley Reinhart (another solid vocal from Haley,I like this one. This song's definitely growing on me. But it's not that much different with her live performance.)
- James & Jacob duet (why the arrangement sounds like a circus song?? I prefer faster tempo than this slow tempo. Jacob's vocal is unusually very clear on this one. Overall,blah.)

My Rank:
1. Scotty McCreery
2. Lauren & Scotty duet
3. Haley Reinhart
4. Lauren Alaina
5. Casey & Haley duet
6. Jacob Lusk
7. James & Jacob
8. James Durbin
9. Casey Abrams

American Idol Season 10: Top 6 Result Show

- "Marry Me Randy" sign. Just no!! Is she crazy??
- A lot of people will be disappointed with tonight's result. Bring on the shocking boot!! Let's ruin this disappointing season!!
- Mate is an Australian slang,Scotty!!
- Thanks God for Haley's growl in this boring group performance. The energy is too low,it will be a blackout if it's getting lower.
- I cringed watching Scotty got surrounded by girls. Please stop that,Nigel!! Stop shoving Scotty down our throat!!
- Crystal Bowersox performs. I prefer Mine All Mine but still she rocks it!! I love the carpet & the bong. Why no chit chat,Ryan?? Damn you,Idol. She needs promotion,you know!! Give as much airtime as you can to Idol alumni!!
- I love the questions from the viewers. The blue screen distracted me though,I wanna read all the comments. LOL. I saw some Jacob's love from some viewers. So that's his hidden fans.
- OMG!! What is this?? New way to read the ditty. I like this!! They give us the visual & Jimmy Iovine's take. This is more entertaining than Ryan reading the judges comments. Or the judges comment on performance night.
- Haley is safe. Yes!!
- Scotty & Lauren have to wait at the couch. Uh oh!!
- Casey too!! LOL at Jimmy highlighting Casey's growl for the viewers to see.
- OMG!! This is very suspenseful!! I'm nervous LOL
- Ryan said shocking so many times. Who is it??
- James is safe.
- Jimmy Iovine is hilarious!! Somehow it's pretty funny watching him giving comments. Why don't he become judge & replace Steven??
- My eyes fixated on that dog behind Bruno Mars when he's performing. I kept thinking he might interact with that dog at some point. No?? Oh well. It would have been fun.
- Jacob is safe. What??? No kidding!! Who's his fans??
- Scotty or Casey?? Impossible Scotty will go home with his broad voting base.
- It's Casey Abrams going home tonight. NOOOO!! LOL at him kissing every girls in the audience,rolling in the stage,saying "you're mine" to Haley. Best singout ever!! VFTW will love this!!
- It's pretty sad seeing Casey go. He's entertaining and very musical.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer

No words can describe the awesomeness of this trailer!! I'm gonna cut a bitch if my local cineplex can't show this movie because of their unfinished tax deal with the government.

Dog VS Duck

LOL so cute!! This happened in my life back then too,when my duck pet scared my dog. LMAO so funny!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 6 Performances (Carole King Theme)

- Jacob Lusk - Oh No Not My Baby
He tweeted yesterday that he gonna give it all. Where was that?? It's just like karaoke for me. Although I enjoyed it a bit on the last part. What's with the outfit? I'm bored already. Btw can't stand anymore of that Steven's "Beautiful" meme.
- Lauren Alaina - Where You Lead,I Will Follow
Her confidence almost back in full form but she's not picking the right song. I don't know why she picked this song. It just doesn't do anything to gain a new fans or showcase her voice. Awkward interaction with the boy from the audience. Weird!! Is he her family or something?
- Haley & Casey - I Feel The Earth Move
It's okay. I don't have anything to say,really!! Of course Steven like it. Nothing new from the duet though.
- Scotty McCreery - You've Got A Friend
Less is more!! Nice accoustic at the beginning,and immediately he lost me after that because of the bandzilla. Just bring the violin in,not the rest of them. I'm so over this season. No wonder Rickey is already over it. Nothing exciting anymore like in previous seasons. To think that we had the biggest potential crops ever on Hollywood Week. Sigh.
- James Durbin - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Spectacular acapella at the beginning. Overall,very good performance. Great vocal from James. Will he be the 4th WGWG to win this thing? He's white,he has guitar sometimes. He could be it. I don't care about the judges comment anymore.
- Lauren & Scotty - Up On The Roof
Solid as expected from them. Nothing more to say. Cute clip btw.
- Casey Abrams - Heidi Ho
Yes!! Yes!! Thanks God,Casey saved the night. He brings back the swagger of his Top 24 performance. I like it!! Gosh,these 90 minutes show seems like forever!!
- Haley Reinhart - Beautiful
One of better performance tonight. I wish the arrangement would be more simple.
- James & Jacob - I'm Into Something Good
The most entertaining duet tonight. LOL at J Lo being serenaded by them & they trying to outsang each others.

Totally bored by tonight's show. I can't wait for this season to end. I'm super bored.

My Rank:
1. Casey Abrams
2. James Durbin
3. Haley Reinhart
4. James & Jacob
5. Scotty McCreery
6. Lauren & Scotty
7. Jacob Lusk
8. Lauren Alaina
9. Haley & Casey

Kris Allen & Zorro Pup Photoshoot - Playing Around in the Grass

Don't know how he got the time to train his muscle!! Still looks good,Kris!! Cute dog!! The final picture is gahhhhhh!!

Paris Bennett Performs Amazing Grace/Go Tell It

AMAZING talent!! She was one of my faves from American Idol Season 5,besides Katharine McPhee and Mandisa. Someone needs to guide this girl's career. She got chops,y'all!!

NKOTBSB Performs I Want It That Way/Step By Step on Dancing With The Stars

I Want It That Way was HUGE HUGE HUGE on Indonesia!! It was the most catchiest song on that year and probably one of the most catchiest song ever that I've heard. I only got to see NKOTB back when they broken up. Didn't know a lot of their songs except Step By Step.

NKOTBSB Performs Don't Turn Out The Lights on Dancing With The Stars

It's their new single. It's an okay song!! Nick Carter still looks hot though!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hanson Performs MMMBop on Dancing With The Stars

Totally my guilty pleasure back in the day!! Mmmbop ba du pop,ba duba pop.

Justin Bieber - I'll Be on his Indonesia Tour

So much fantard and craziness in here because of him!! LOL

Hanson Performed Hello,Achy Breaky Heart,Ice Ice Baby on Dancing With The Stars

I really loved their Middle To Nowhere album. Got some of their old album back then,really my favorite. I miss them.

More than 8600 Visits

It's amazing!! I got over 1000 visits per month since Desember. Love you guys!! Thanks for visiting my blog. If you got any request for anything,I'll try to post it for you.

Blonde Backup Singer on American Idol Season 10

Some people searched about them. They're Destinee and Paris Monroe,they used to be in the girl group Clique Girlz. Jimmy Iovine put them as background singer on Idol. Here's the article:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carrie Underwood,Martina McBride,Reba McEntire,Miranda Lambert,The Judds,Jennifer Nettles Tribute to Loretta Lynn

They performed Coal Mine Daughter. So much country flavor in this video!! LOL

Carrie Underwood Performs How Great Thou Art on ACM Superstar Women of Country

WOW!! My jaw dropped!! I'm so amazed!! This is her best performance ever on any stage!! Very majestic!!

Vince Gill "Jesus Take The Wheel" Tribute to Carrie Underwood

Nice job!!

Carrie Underwood Honored at ACM Superstar Women of Country

The introduction!!

American Idol Season 10: Top 7 iTunes Recording Review

- Scotty McCreery (not much difference from his live performance. I'm not a fan of these type of song where it really showcases the singer's deep voice. Not my cup of tea. Too much deep voice in a song from Scotty. If you like Toby Keith and so many country male singer with deep voice,then this song is for you.)
- James Durbin (really didn't recognize James's voice in this. I don't like Muse,so I don't have any opinion on this recording. Meh.)
- Haley Reinhart (OMG!! Since the first words,I already love this recording. I hate Adele's tone but Haley made me like this song. Amazing recording!! She got an amazing chop!!)
- Jacob Lusk (woah!! Jacob's best recording!! I love the way he sang this song. Very subdue,he takes his time,I really feel his emotion through this song. Really beautiful!!)
- Casey Abrams (not really a fan of Maroon 5 songs. Casey's voice is better than Adam Levine for me. But I dunno why anyone should buy this recording? It's an okay recording. Totally turned off by ahhh in the end. Yikes!!)
- Stefano Langone (hmm I like Stefano's voice but I don't really feel anything from this recording. I prefer Season 8 Group 2's performance on this song than Stefano. I can appreciate Stefano doing a background vocal though.)
- Lauren Alaina (holy sh*t. I can hate Lauren's nervous performance all I want on performance night but she really did a great job on the recording booth. I was shocked big time by this recording since I didn't feel anything from her live performance. Again,amazing recording from Lauren!! Could be my most favorite recording since Pia's Where Do Broken Hearts Go. This song is catchy,I love Lauren's voice.)

My Rank:
1. Lauren Alaina
2. Haley Reinhart
3. Jacob Lusk
4. Casey Abrams
5. Stefano Langone
6. Scotty McCreery
7. James Durbin

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Voice: Extended 12 Minutes Preview

I love it!! Can't wait for this show!! Amazing performance from the 4 judges!!

The Voice: Patrick Thomas Audition

When Blake Shelton said: "I have an avenue to make you a country star!!". I immediately thought:"Oh snap!!" He's a successful country male singer and he got Miranda Lambert as his girlfriend. Very credible!! Can I have this show now on my TV??

American Idol Season 10: Top 7 Result Show

- Idol has become a bit like chores for me this season. It had SO MUCH potential in Hollywood weeks. I was totally excited every weeks back then,but it's been boring and flat since Top 13. Oh well!!
- Hey Soul Sister performance from Lauren,Haley,Stefano,Jacob. I wanna see what Mjsbigblog thinks of this performance. LOL. I don't get anything from this useless performance though.
- Woah,I love Viva La Vida's Scotty. His voice is very suitable singing that song. I didn't know that he could do that. Very good trio performance from him,James,Casey.
- Jacob Lusk is in bottom 3.
- David Cook's performance was okay. Sometimes his tone is grating to my ear. Not a fan of that type of voice.
- Scotty gets a lot of pimping from TPTB through every clips,every airtimes and so on. Maybe they want him to win this thing.
- Stefano Langone is in bottom 3. That boy can't catch a break no matter what. LOL even his flirting to the camera didn't get many votes.
- Haley Reinhart is in bottom 3 and immediately Ryan called her safe. Dunno what the judges hold against her,watching from J Lo and Randy's facial expression.
- I don't really care about Katy Perry's E.T performance. Her vocal is better this time but I prefer her Waking Up In Las Vegas performance on Season 8. Maybe I miss Season 8 so much right now,that I become very apathetic to this season.
- Stefano goes home. Yay to my office pools!!
- Poor James Durbin!! They've been BFF since Hollywood round.
- Next week is Carole King Theme. Yay!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 7 Performances (Songs From 21st Century)

- All eliminated contestants from the Top 13 sang So What. It's Season 8 Finale group song,you guys!! No one can do better than that pack!! OMG Pia & Karen. I miss them. Paul,are you dying?? I almost didn't hear him singing at all. His voice is very hoarse and shot!! Seriously,get a rest,Paul!!
- Scotty McCreery - Swingin'
His worst performance since Motown Week. It's safe,boring,he almost didn't sing in any melody whatsoever,just uttering the words swingin and swingin. The only thing that salvaged this performance was the duo blonde girl backup singer. I'm disappointed with Scotty.
- James Durbin - Uprising
Glambert gonna have a field day with this. Woah Scotty wearing American flag for scarf at that clip. Way to pandering for middle America. LOL at the marching drum. Overall,I didn't like it as much as I would think. The vocal seemed wandering off at some points. I think he could better than this. Sometimes the performance went a little bit all over the place. Didn't seem solid enough for me personally.
- Haley Reinhart - Rolling In The Deep
woah,she got guts singing this current song. A very good performance from Haley. She's the dark horse from this bunch. She even eclipsed Lauren Alaina in many things right now. I don't like this song but Haley killed it!! I hope America will support Haley. She deserved to sail all the way to Top 3 or even Finale. Dunno why the judges always seem so hard on her,especially Randy.
- Jacob Lusk - Dance For My Father
Oh no!! Jacob will not go home after that crying package. America will pity vote for him. Although,I must say it's very emotional performance. He prevented Brooke White's incident happening for the 2nd times. Nice control!! I think it's one of his best performance. Kudos to him!! Randy,please stop your nonsense!! You're not even giving critique for the last several weeks. Don't tell Jacob to oversing anymore!! I love J Lo's critique about controlling the emotion while perform.
- Casey Abrams - Harder To Breathe
LOL this will be love it or hate it performance. My opinion?? I love it!! I really enjoyed this performance. Usually I hate Maroon 5 songs,but I did enjoy Casey's rock take on it. I'm worried about his angry face though and him meandering around the stage. Casey is so adorable,funny and sexy though,with him kissing J Lo and everythings. Please America vote for him!! Vote for the musical guy!!
- Stefano Langone - Closer
LMAO at him trying to flirt heavily into the camera. Get that tweens,cougar and gay votes,Stefano!! His swagger distracted me!! I think it's a solid performance. I enjoy it,laughing so many times watching his funny face. Tonight is a weird night though.
- Lauren Alaina - Born To Fly
What an anti climactic show. Lauren lost it!! I don't know what happened to her,but she totally lost her confidence. I'm not seeing the same Lauren from audition round. She's been like this since Top 13. I don't like this Lauren. I'm afraid she's not gonna win this if she's like this and not changing it stat.
- I don't know who will go home tomorrow.

My Rank:
1. Haley Reinhart
2. Jacob Lusk
3. Stefano Langone
4. Casey Abrams
5. Lauren Alaina
6. James Durbin
7. Scotty McCreery

X-Men: First Class Trailer

OMG Banshee!! I can't wait for this movie. It can't come any sooner!!

Weird Al Yankovic Parodied Lady Gaga with Perform This Way

Why the heck Gaga didn't approve this song?? It's so fucking good!!! I love this!! LOL

Don't Stop Believing (UK Talent Show) Episode 2

I still didn't like the 6 groups singing at once in the beginning. The harmonization was rough.

Dawson's Academy performed I Want Your Back/Back For Good. I almost didn't notice there was Take That song in it. The Jackson 5 song was the dominant melody in that performance. The black girl's vocal was very very rough. Urgh. Anastacia did a great job giving a critique about take the oxygen for the breath (something like that).

Roulette did Take On Me/Starry Eyed. Weird choreography,the performance almost seemed like a joke. Horrendous performance from them.

Sing Live performed Radio Gaga/One Vision. These group basically has millions members,yet they harmonize very well. I love hearing their vocal. The best vocal since I watched this show last week. Great job!! Although the song just stay there for me the whole performance,they could've picked a better medley IMHO

Redroofians screamed We Are Golden the entire performance. Very annoying,very shouty,I really hated the girls's vocal,sounded like a nail on the board.

Blok performed Something Kinda Oooh. Really strong dancing,they practiced it really well,really great vocal from those 3 girls. I love it!! I can see the judges point of view regarding them not mesh well.

Three Spires did a haunting Total Eclipse of The Heart. Not my favorite performance,but they did a solid job,I think.

The votes made Three Spires goes into the final. The wildcard are Sing Live and Blok with Sing Live took the wildcard. I agree with the decision tonight.

The supergroup got a lot of amazing vocalists,why aren't they in the competition?? They are so strong. LOL at the shirtless muscle guy.

Chucky was very radiant tonight. He should be a judge in US singing/dancing competition.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

David Archuleta Video Blog: Ribbon In The Sky

No need to be sorry,David!! You still sings perfectly!!

One Direction - Pokemon Black and White Commercial

The last Pokemon game that I played was the first one on Gameboy. I know!! I'm old!! LOL

One Direction - Pokemon Diaries Part 3 (Pokemon Races)

Who's the winner?? See it for yourself. That pokemon is so CUTE!!

One Direction - Pokemon Diaries Part 2

This never gets old!! Pikachu is so cute!!

Scott Dangerfield & Crash County Music Performs If These Walls Could Talk

Great song,and as always great vocal from Scott!! Oh what could have been,if he's in the competition he would've been ahead of the pack right now. He got serious chop!!

Kris Allen (Sirk and The Dirty Minds) Performs Stuck In A Moment on Viper Room

Beautiful performance in every way!! Watching this made me in tears.

Kris Allen Talked about Gigantic and Fast & Furious

LOL at Fast & Furious jab. Ouch!! I'm grinning from ear to ear watching this video. Hilarious!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crystal Bowersox - Mine All Mine

Absolute perfection as usual from Crystal!!

Robbie Rosen Performed His Original Song (Ride Of Your Life) at Kidsfest

Good song but he should put more emphasis on Ride of Your Life. I feel the song just stay on one notes without going anywhere. I love it when he does the falsetto. He should belt high notes on the chorus though to make it more appealing.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 8 iTunes Recording Review

- Paul McDonald (his voice just shot and hoarse,I still love the arrangement and everything but his voice just ruined the song for me. Get a good rest,Paul!! Since you're already eliminated from the show.)
- Lauren Alaina (from the first notes,her voice just stunning!! Really love the way she's navigating through the song. One of her best recording!! She needs to have her confidence back on the stage,if she wants to win this!!)
- Stefano Langone (dunno how I feel about this,really cheesy and outdated arrangement,Stefano's voice is weird,very very nasally in this one. Sigh. I don't know why the producers didn't instruct him how to sing in a better technique.)
- Scotty McCreery (the arrangement is very old country,his voice sounded strained in some parts. His live performance was million times better. It's very dragging on until the end.)
- Casey Abrams (superb recording from Casey!! Too bad the song is too short but I really love his phrasing,his musical ability. For people who don't like jazz,it might be boring or sleepy for you. LOL)
- Haley Reinhart (woah!! Haley just killed it in this recording. Really love his voice,the arrangement is very current. Why didn't she do it like this on that stage?)
- Jacob Lusk (hmm I really like this one. Surprise surprise!! He really controlled his voice,his lower register is lovely. His best yet!!)
- James Durbin (you rock,James!! I really like this one!! Hahaha. Although I abhor metal music,but dunno,this song sounds catchy to me,and I really like James's voice in this recording.)

My Rank:
1. Lauren Alaina
2. James Durbin
3. Haley Reinhart
4. Casey Abrams
5. Jacob Lusk
6. Scotty McCreery
7. Stefano Langone
8. Paul McDonald

Friday, April 15, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 8 Result Show

- I'm tired of the dramatic opening. It's not Season 8,you know!! This season is not exciting anymore.
- That's totally what TPTB wants as Top 2. LOL. So obvious!! Scotty and Lauren are the darling of southern states. Oh Scotty,now I know your achilles heel,you can't sing in the higher register. That's not your pocket. Sigh,Lauren,why are you so nervous even in duet performance?? It's killing me watching her looks so scared on that stage!! Where's the early rounds's Lauren??
- Behind the scene of zombie video.
- WOW Haley!! I didn't know that you could sing jazz that GOOD!! Now I really want you to sing jazz song in the upcoming weeks!! Casey & Haley fans got their wish,seeing them outgrowling each others. LOL Haley outsang Casey btw,by a light years. If she sang like that on performance night,it could be her moment.
- Haley Reinhart is in bottom 3. America hates women!!
- Rob Reiner is hilarious!! Better than Rusell Brand ditty last week.
- Kelly Clarkson sure know how to belt & school everybody. Awesome!!
- Hell naw!! The first song from the boys are awful,even from the first notes!! The second song is passable,although I prefer Casey James's take on that song last season. After all,Casey sang Mrs Robinson to Kara Dioguardi. LOL
- Piaaaaaaaa!! She's in the audience.
- Must show those 3 fat women in the audience. Gotta squash those allegation regarding the show didn't allow overweight woman to sit in the front row.
- Paul & Stefano are in bottom 3. Stefano couldn't catch a break!! His looks doesn't work for him.
- Rihanna sang this song way better than at her ACM Awards. Good!!
- Damn,Ryan. You almost made me have a heart attack. I thought Haley gonna go home.
- Paul McDonald went home this week.
- I will miss his sunny personality.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Allison Iraheta - New Song Teaser - Why Don't You Love Me

I can't wait for her sophomore album. Her debut album (Just Like You) was one of the best album that year,really got me through a really tough time.

American Idol Season 10: Top 8 Performances (Movie Week)

-Is Will.I.Am a permanent mentor now??
- Paul McDonald - Old Time Rock n Roll
Has Paul already lost his voice?? I wish the vocal were a little bit better. It's fun,he has stage presence,he got the crowd going but his voice is so hoarse,my ears are bleeding.
- Lauren Alaina - The Climb
Oh God!! Miley,someone predicted that in mjsbigblog comment section. They're talking about stealing Pia's votes! Hell naw!! It's not that easy!! Anyway,she could push her vocal more,she really got a big voice. I saw some moments in there. I don't know why she's so nervous,she has been like this since the Top 13 night. Something's not right with her. I hope she will regain her confidence. She could create a moment easily with great vocal,confidence & connection with the song.
- Stefano Langone - End Of The Road
WOW!! Easily his best since Need You Now. That's what I'm talking about!! He let it all out!! So full of emotional connection,he felt every lyrics,everything is just perfect. I was mesmerized. You might save yourself with this performance,Stefano!! Good job,Jimmy & Will.I.Am!!
- So far so good. I like tonight's performances.
- Scotty McCreery - Cross My Heart
OMG Scotty,you made me cry. Beautiful rendition!! He grabbed me from the first verse. He know how to captivate the audience. He really pushes himself more each weeks. I love it that these kids became comfortable with Jimmy. Anyway,these past 2 weeks,Scotty has impressed me so much. And with adoration from the judges,he lock a place for himself in the Finale. The keyword is he's growing. TPTB and the judges might want him for S10 winner.
- Casey Abrams - Nature Boy
Scary face is back again!! Uh oh!! But holy shit,what an amazing phrasing!! Really stunning rendition. The end notes is just gorgeous!! His best performance arguably since Top 24 or Hollywood Week. The judges stepped up their comment for this one. Kudos for Randy saying that the world can't live from popstars alone. Wow!! So true!! I love Casey for standing up for himself in front of Jimmy. Two kids rebelled against the producers so far and resulting in 2 great performances. More rebellion ahead??
- Haley Reinhart - Call Me
Very all over the place,she counts too much on her skimpy outfit. This song didn't fit her. One of her worst performances. I didn't like it. I hope she's not doomed though. I don't want another girl be eliminated from this show.
- I'm very impressed so far that they didn't pick overdone songs. Yay!!
- Jacob Lusk - Bridge Over Troubled Water
LOL at Jimmy criticized Jacob's pompous statement last week. Btw for the performance,I feel like in a church. He killed it. Although the last parts are the one who sealed the deal for me. I still need Jacob to impress me like in his Hollywood week. Something's lacking in his performance,dunno what it is.
- James Durbin - Heavy Metal
WOW!! I really love it!! Thanks God he rebelled against Jimmy. I'm shocked that I love a hard metal performance!!
- Really spectacular night. AMAZING!! One of the best this season. I wish Pia would still be there and sang Somewhere. That would've been a marvelous night for me!!
- I don't know who will be going home tomorrow.. maybe Paul or Haley.

My Rank:
1. Scotty McCreery
2. Stefano Langone
3. James Durbin
4. Casey Abrams
5. Lauren Alaina
6. Jacob Lusk
7. Paul McDonald
8. Haley Reinhart

Pia Toscano Funny Animation from Taiwan

LMAO!! I love their animation!! Kudos for the animator for knowing every bif of important trivia like Simon Cowell's X Factor,etc,etc. They always posted funny videos for every headlines out there.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't Stop Believing (UK Talent Show) Episode 1

Star World is airing Don't Stop Believing,UK Talent Show about group singing. Inspired from Glee. This is my recap about this show:

Immediately they make all the 6 groups that will be performing in this episode to sing together. What an awful harmony!! With all of them singing together like that!! Please no more!!

Dice sang Do Your Thing/Voulez-Vous,great choreography,their voice is a little bit all over the place in the beginning,it picked up in the end. One of the guy is cute. Btw Charles Klapow is totally likable and I love his smile.

Next,The ClasSix is singing Video Killed The Radio Star,I love the fat guy,he's funny. The harmony of this group are beyond awful!! Please spare my ears!! I don't know why they sounds like that. I love Anastacia's judging style although she must be listening to different show than me.

Step Up combined Signed Sealed Delivered and Think into their performance. I love their arrangement although once again,the vocal is urghhh. A lot of flat notes!!

Manchester Show Choir trying to be current,singing Bad Romance. A total trainwreck. Cringe inducing performance. I really wanted for that performance to end. I felt my ear bleeding. I really love the presentation though.

Singer Station is a bunch of kids who have a hard time. I feel so bad for them. They're singing True Colors. It's very colorful and rainbow-ish. Their vocal is the worst of the night,by a mile. Really can't stand their harmony. Urgh. Maybe because they're still young teens.

Eschoir is the last group who performed,they sang Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon. Despite the group consist of mainly attractive man but their harmony are the best of the night. Their choreography is very smooth,although I beg to differ with the camera guy and the director of this show who slightly missed the sexy model's movement into the middle.

After that,there was a supergroup consist of shirtless male model,female actress,etc. I was really surprised by them,really good performance,they have the "it" factor!! Too bad they're not competiting for this show.

The votes suddenly already counted (really??),did someone edit this show or I felt there was a lot of jarring moments in this show. Singer Station went to the Final (WTH!!),Dice won the wildcard from the Manchester Show Choir (I agree with that decision). Eschoir is robbed!!

Overall,the things that made me like this episode is Emma Bunton (since I was a big fan of Spice Girls in my younger years),and Charles "Chucky" Klapow (hats off to him,he's an interesting judge,I was surprised by how great he is). Checking his wiki,OMG he choreographed A*Teens (Swedish teen pop group) back in the day. I effin loved that group. Too bad they're disbanded.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pia Toscano - All Is Fair In Love at Regis & Kelly

She brought the house down. Flawless performance!! I'm speechless!!

I love it that she's so positive with everything. I need some of that!! LOL

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Antonella Barba Vampire Music Video

Antonella Barba has a new song - Out For Blood. She was eliminated in the Top 16 Result on American Idol Season 6. LOL at the production. I think she got a lot of money from her parents to pay for that kind of production. Not as cheap as other amateur video.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 9 iTunes Recording Review

- Jacob Lusk (pretty good recording from Jacob considering most of his recording either lacking in energy or overshout. I like the restraint Jacob. Although I don't know who will buy Jacob's album after the show.)
- Haley Reinhart (woah Haley really at home when she's singing rock/bluesy/soul songs. You can hear every flavour of her voice in the recording. Great!! I love the arrangement also.)
- Casey Abrams (I don't think I've ever heard Casey's voice really upfront on the recording. Really nice!! Slightly different arrangement from his live performance. Feel like a folk song to me.)
- Lauren Alaina (still great vocal from Lauren but what a boring arrangement. Make me feel sleeply!!)
- James Durbin (James voice sometimes sound like Bon Jovi. I don't know what to say about this recording. It's just blah. Bordering on sleepy. Maybe people who like rock,will like this one.)
- Scotty McCreery (I really like this one,he picked the right song. This song made me dancing in my chair. Scotty's voice still solid.)
- Pia Toscano (bad song choice for Pia. Really didn't do anything for her,and what's with the sound in this song? Why it sounds like Pia sang from across the room. Really weird echo for me.)
- Stefano Langone (I'm beginning to hate Stefano's affected voice or his nasally sounds or whatever you wanna called it. It's really weird. Sounded weird from the beginning until the end. Not a good recording.)
- Paul McDonald (urgh his vocal sounded very hoarse. I don't like this recording. Awful vocal in this.)

My rank:
1. Haley Reinhart
2. Scotty McCreery
3. Casey Abrams
4. Jacob Lusk
5. James Durbin
6. Stefano Langone
7. Pia Toscano
8. Lauren Alaina
9. Paul McDonald

ps: so far I'm very disappointed with the Season 10's recording. It didn't live up to their talent. Sigh.

Friday, April 08, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 9 Result Show

- WTH was that?? The guys couldn't harmonize their vocal. It sounded like screechy screechy screechy. James and Pia stood out the most.
- WTH again!! Besides him promoting Arthur,there's no point for Russel Brand to be there. His joke is not funny this time.
- Stefano is in bottom 3 again. I guess not that many people consider him good looking,since he hit bottom 3 a lot & wasn't part of the original Top 10 that America voted in before the Top 13. Usually a certain contestant coasting on their good looks,when their performance is a dud.
- Constantine still maintains his eye-rape style. Okay then!! Good for him!! As for his performance,it's a cougar bait!!
- Gwen Stefani's clothing line is fugly!! Not flattering at all!!
- OMG Pia is in bottom 3?? NOOO. I'm shocked!!
- TMZ is the lowest of the scum. Really wretched and disgusting people. Where is their moral??
- What's with the judges shocking face when Ryan announced that Jacob is in bottom 3?? He's not that good,you know!!
- What.The?? Eew. I don't need to see your arm pit,Iggy!! Trainwreck performance. Awful!! Awful!! I wish someone could delete that memory from my brain. So disgusting!!
- Jacob is safe. WHAT!!!
- Pia went home. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm shaking my head in disbelief. What the hell happened?? I can't believe it. :( :( :( Fuck you,America!!

ps: Season 10 just jumped the shark,it's dangerously veering into Season 9 territory for me personally!! Sigh.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 9 Performances (Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Theme)

- Jacob Lusk - Man In The Mirror
I think he could kill Let's Get It On better than this song. Ouch,jab at America!! The people who has been voting for him!! He's good although this performance didn't excite me at all. I just didn't feel anything. Although,two thumbs up for not oversinging the song.
- Haley Reinhart - Piece Of My Heart
This song has been sung to death on everywhere,but Haley tore a new one on it. I love her raw vocal,the growl,the fierceness. Keep on your momentum,Haley!! I know you could do even better next week.
- Casey Abrams - Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Thx God he didn't sing Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. Are you kidding me?? There's no way someone can sing that song good!! Casey did decent job on that Credence's song. I love it that he came out with his bass. Although in the middle,I got bored.
- Lauren Alaina - Natural Woman
Oh gosh,this song!! She captivated me at the beginning but she lost me after that. I was totally bored. Why the heck the first half of the show always been mediocre or boring since the Top 13???
- James Durbin - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
This is mind boggling!! James currently is the strongest male contestant left in the competition,in my opinion. While everyone else is stumbling,or stay flat,stay safe,or putting out boring performances every week,James is soaring. To think that when he entered the Top 13,I didn't like him. Now I'm very impressed. For the performance,I still could see a little bit Adam in there. He needs to push more to stay away from Adam Lambert's comparison.
- Scotty McCreery - That's All Right Mama
LOL this is the most entertaining performance ever from Scotty. I love everything about it. Elvis theme is one of the best theme last year. I love the way Scotty moved around the stage and his swagger. LOL I didn't get bored at all this time.
- Pia Toscano - River Deep,Mountain High
Her vocal is so flawless and perfect like Goddess. The only thing that she can improve on is her stage movement. If she could perfect that,she would be a very strong contender for the title. Meanwhile,Pia haters can STFU!!
- Stefano Langone - When A Man Loves A Woman
The beginning was awful with the weird falsetto & everything but he blew me away from the middle until the end. He showed his emotion like what he did on his wildcard performance. Great job,Stefano!! I hope it's not too little too late for you. You almost lost me because of that beginning part. Please no more falsetto!! It's your weakness,Stefano!!
- Paul McDonald - Folsom Prison Blues
Does Nigel want 4th WGWG in a row?? Why Paul in the pimp spot?? That's what I thought before his performance,but after watching it. WOW WOW WOW Paul!!! The best performance of tonight and his best since Blackbird. I LOVE it!!

ps: Steven Tyler is not gonna critique anyone soon. Even Ellen offered way more critique at this stage than him. I'm surprised that Will.I.Am is a pretty good mentor for the kids. Very funny and woah,he got so much knowledge. Pretty shocking considering his group is releasing nonstop auto-tune crap songs.

My Rank:
1. Paul McDonald
2. Scotty McCreery
3. James Durbin
4. Stefano Langone
5. Haley Reinhart
6. Pia Toscano
7. Casey Abrams
8. Lauren Alaina
9. Jacob Lusk

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

One Direction Pokemon Diaries

Awww,there's Pikachu!! I love Pokemon!! It's a smart thing to combine One Direction with Pokemon. Great idea for promotion!!

Lauren Turner Sings Crazy For You by Adele

She's from this season American Idol. She should've got a wild card. Really amazing voice!!

Martina McBride Performs Teenage Daughters on 2011 ACM Awards

Not a catchy song!! She still looks great though!! I still love Martina!!

Taylor Swift Performs Mean at 2011 ACM Awards

Beautiful performance!! One of her best!! She sang in tune,great banjo playing. I love everything about this performance!!

Celine Dion Introduced Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton at 2011 ACM

OMG Celine!! I didn't know that she appeared in ACM. Plus she's and Carrie taking a picture together. OMFG two of my most favorite singer in the world. Is this real life?

Saturday, April 02, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 11 Redux iTunes Recording Review

- Scotty McCreery (suprisingly,this is better than his live performance. Might be one of his best recording so far. I love the arrangement,feel really country and really hit home for me. I hope he'll improve every weeks and doesn't stay the same.)
- Naima Adedapo (Naima with fake Jamaican accent is just too weird for me. Maybe this is the song for you if you wanna hang out at the beach. It's not that bad but okay for me. Naima should work on her voice. Sometimes it's grating in my ears.)
- Paul McDonald (woah,I love the beat in this recording. But everything else just seems to overwhelm his raspy voice. The bandzilla is ruining this recording,less is more guys!!)
- Pia Toscano (very subdue recording,the tempo is slower than her live performance. Nice works,Pia!! I don't know if many people will like it since this song been sung to death,but you did a nice job at the booth.)
- Stefano Langone (OMG this is so boring. It's on and on and Stefano seems like didn't put any emotion in it. This song just put me to sleep although the arrangement isn't bad.)
- Lauren Alaina (Lauren's just killing it in the studio. One after another amazing recording. She and Scotty seriously will do well on the country chart after the show. Lauren's voice is to die for. I really love her voice!!)
- James Durbin (I don't like this one,James's voice sound weird in this recording and it's pretty all over the place for me. Or maybe that rock isn't my liking. Ouch,I hate the end of the song where he screams at me. I feel like in Ozzfest. With James,the visual on stage helps him big times!!)
- Thia Megia (woah very nice!! I really like this recording. Thia's amazing tone,great arrangement plus a rocking bass)
- Casey Abrams (really lovely,Casey!! I'm sure you will make a lot of people swooned over this recording. Casey is great without excessive growling.)
- Jacob Lusk (easily Jacob's best recording,he's scaling back his vocal,he sings with so much emotion and I love the sultry and subdue Jacob.)
- Haley Reinhart (solid recording but I prefer the rawness of her live performance. With so much rawness and sassiness,it made the recording fall short of her stunning live performance.)

My rank:
1. Lauren Alaina
2. Thia Megia
3. Scotty McCreery
4. Jacob Lusk
5. Casey Abrams
6. Haley Reinhart
7. Pia Toscano
8. Naima Adedapo
9. Paul McDonald
10. Stefano Langone
11. James Durbin

Friday, April 01, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 11 Redux Result Show

- Is it shocking elimination??
- Lauren Alaina & Scotty McCreery "I Told You So" duet was amazing!! They could be in the Top 2 if the southern states power vote them so hard. A below camera angle of Lauren is not flattering. Her jaw looks puffy.
- Naima Adedapo & Jacob Lusk's "Solid" duet was good. I love Jacob's pointy pose.
- Naima is in bottom 3.
- Fantasia blew the roof of that Idoldome. She is HUGE!! I'm shocked!!
- Teenage Dream was meh!! That song totally can't display Pia Toscano & Haley Reinhart's vocal strength. Thia Megia was just blend in the background.
- Thia is in bottom 3.
- Great clip!! I love it!! The mansion is badly constructed if it leaks easily!! Why didn't they talk about the ghost??
- I could live without that band (Paul McDonald,Stefano Langone,Casey Abrams,James Durbin). I don't like the song.
- Wow Paul is in bottom 3??
- Jamie Foxx and Will.I.Am performance=what a mess!! Thanks God it's over.
- Naima and Thia went home. Where is the Asian votes?? Idol viewers totally hates minorities. They sent the minorities home back to back.

ETA: before I watched the show,I had a dream about duet,Kris Allen and Siobhan on Idol. It's pretty random dream for me. But after watching the show and remembering about my dream,yikes,the result show had duet in it. Kris Allen was in the audience,Siobhan Magnus wrote a review for THR. I dunno if I have premonition or what but it's pretty weird!!