Friday, April 30, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 6 Studio Recordings Review

- Lee Dewyze (surprise surprise,Lee's voice unrecognizable again in the booth. It's like he can't stay on pitch on live performance,and sing excellentlly on pitch in the recording. I don't like the beginning verse though,it's too jarring toward the chorus. I wish they smoothed that part. Oh well!!)
- Michael Lynche (woah,I'm very impressed. Mike sounds so good in this recording. Full of emotion,his spot on vocal,very emotional song,definitely capable of being a love song to be played on radio)
- Casey James (Casey brings it on again this week!! He delivers a great recording,almost as good as Jealous Guy. Sometimes the arrangement is too cheesy and loungey. I prefer the background music in his live performance. More current than this recording one)
- Crystal Bowersox (I feel like in a western cowboy movie with this old arrangement. The recording isn't that bad. With the perfect blues folk country style that Crystal perfectly sings. A lil bit faster arrangement that the one in the show. But not my cup of tea)
- Aaron Kelly (hmm the arrangement is verging on sleepy for me. But Aaron still got a nice vocal in his recording. I can't wait for his album)
- Siobhan Magnus (I love the flavor of rock in this country song. Siobhan did it nicely. Although some people don't like her nasally vocal but I love it. I think it's a pretty good recording from Siobhan. Love the scream at the end)

Overall I'm very bias this week because I love Shania Twain songs and I always imagine her voice in my mind when I'm listening to this kids.

The best recording this week: Michael Lynche,Siobhan Magnus,Casey James

Thursday, April 29, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 6 Result Show

Tonight was jam packed with a lot of great guest performers.

Rascal Flatts blew the roof away with Unstoppable. I love that song and I love every single one of their albums.

They split the contestants into 3 group of 2. I thought the bottom 2 was Siobhan and Lee. It turned out Siobhan,Mike,Casey. Woah,shocker!! Why was Casey there in the first place??

Sons of Sylvia performed a pretty good song although the lead vocalist had a vacant dead eyes for the camera like he's in daydream or something.

Lady Antebellum sang their hit song "Need You Now". That song's heard everywhere around my friends too,who aren't specificly a fan of country music.

Shakira sang Gypsy with Rascal Flatts. The best performance of the night for me. I love that gypsy dance and the whole instrument.

Mike is safe. WTF!! There goes my points!! :(

Casey and Siobhan for the bottom 2. How could Casey in bottom 2??? Siobhan went home. SHOCKER!!!! I thought Siobhan could potentially go home but didn't think this was her time to go. So much for Siobhan duke it out with Crystal on Top 2. And the girls year slogan completely became a joke now. That "Any Man of Mine" certainly a doom song. Mandisa and Siobhan immediately went home singing that song. Eeepp!!! And WTF with this year's pimp spot??? Lilly and Siobhan didn't get any benefit for being in the pimp spot!!

There's still a lot of time so they let the judges gave opinion.

Next week mentor is Harry Connick Jr with Sinatra week as the theme. Yay!! I love big band week!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 6 Performances (Shania Twain Week)

First,I wanted to say that I love Shania Twain's songs,love every singles that she released in her career. So if they butcher any of that song,they'd be gone in my book.

- Lee Dewyze (oh no Lee,the beginning and the end were so pitchy. He struggled so much on the high notes,he couldn't find the right spot for that notes and he didn't show any emotion at all in his eyes. I didn't like it. He murdered one of my fave song)
- Michael Lynche (woah,I almost cried watching his performance. He sure put his heart on his sleeve. I can feel the emotion thus making me mellow. Although it'd be much more better if he tone down the bandzilla,they overpowered him. Just accoustic with piano is fine)
- Casey James (the best performance so far and arguably Casey's best performance. It gave goosebumps all over my body. I loved it!! He needs to open his eyes more though. Btw what the heck with all the girls standing in front of him like zombie staring at the wall?? That's just plain weird.)
- Crystal Bowersox (her falsetto is amazing!! I love it!! Although it's more of a laid back performance but still solid & perfect in every way. She's just a strong artist. I love her interpretation of this song,and her bf is so cute!! LOL. Was she hinting for him to propose to her??)
- Aaron Kelly (Aaron's best performance ever. I love his voice!! He has major potential if someone can guide him in the right way. For now,he's amazing!! He sang every notes like he meant it,and by sitting down on the stool,I didn't have to see his hips swaying around. Good job.)
- Siobhan Magnus (interesting to say to least. I didn't know what to say with all the walking around the judges & audiences. The arrangement was interesting. The banshee scream baffled me.)

My rank:
1. Casey James
2. Aaron Kelly
3. Crystal Bowersox
4. Michael Lynche
5. Siobhan Magnus
6. Lee Dewyze

Friday, April 23, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 7 Studio Recording Review

- Casey James (love Casey's voice in this recording,it stands out. I'm surprised that he impresses me with this recording. The song arrangement is still boring but his voice is amazing)
- Lee Dewyze (gosh,why this recording is so boring. It's like Lee didn't put any energy singing this song at all. Makes me sleepy)
- Tim Urban (hmm it's pretty good,the melody is pretty nice and Tim's voice is unusually not boring in this. I like it)
- Aaron Kelly (I hate the arrangement,too mellow,but still I love Aaron's raspy country voice. He needs to pick a country song,darn it!!)
- Siobhan Magnus (I dunno,I'm not really feeling this recording. Too boring and not lively as her live performance. It's like Siobhan's unique voice got lost in the recording booth this week)
- Michael Lynche (just boring and meh. Mike's voice rarely impresses me in the recording version)
- Crystal Bowersox (Crystal's voice still great but I hate the song. Just completely tuneless and meh all around. Sorry)

The best recording this week: Casey James

Thursday, April 22, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Idol Gives Back Result Show

- Obama's clip. Every American who thinks Obama is a socialist should open their eyes and realizes that he's just trying to rebuild America again from the previous 8 years's administration's mess.
- Holy moly,lip syncing group performance again. Love the song. Lacey looks so gorgeous. Woah!!
- Jennifer Garner visited a poor area in Kentucky. Well,at least that area is more beautiful than the slum in my country. The panorama is gorgeous there. The mountain and its surrounding.
- Victoria Beckham's still trying to look fierce and fashionable,even at tonight's somber episode.
- Black Eyed Peas performs. Only Fergie who walks like a catwalk model caught my attention.
- Ryan Seacrest visited Kenya.
- George Lopez grills the judges. I love it!! And I love disco light!! LOL
- Casey James & Aaron Kelly are in bottom 3.
- Joss Stone & Jeff Beck perform. Holy jesus,Joss shows those contestants that with the right conviction in a performance,it'd make for a spectacular performance.
- Randy Jackson & Morgan Freeman went to Mississippi.
- Alicia Keys performs. Love that New York State of Mind Part 2 performance.
- Tatiana Del Toro is in the phone booth. And Octo Mom too?? WTF!!
- Carrie Underwood performs Change. She's unstoppable.
- Ellen Degeneres & David Arquette went to Pasadena Food Bank.
- Wanda Sykes cracks me up.
- Tim Urban is in bottom 3.
- David Cook went to Ethiopia and sang his heart out to the childs there.
- Annie Lennox's clip and performance. She's a saint herself.
- Mary J Blige,Orianthi,etc performance were meh.
- Simon Cowell went to Southern Arizona. Thank God for that pediatrician.
- Elton John was amazing.
- Tim Urban goes home and even without sing out. Wow.

Tonight's IGB was somber compared to the previous years.

Next week is Shania Twain week. Yippie!! I'm so excited.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 7 Performances (Inspirational Songs)

- Casey James (he sounded hoarse!! His performance was okay. He still stands there the whole time as always. I'm bored by his schtick now)
- Lee Dewyze (it's just la la la la for the whole performance. So boring!! Although Lee showed his feeling in that performance. I agreed that it's better than Casey)
- Tim Urban (well,at least I like the song. He did quite a nice performance though.)
- Aaron Kelly (the arrangement was weird,the end note was amazing,but I'm still waiting for him to completely blow me away. He hasn't had a come back performance like Katie did)
- Siobhan Magnus (who knew that Siobhan's chance to be in the Top 2 disappear so quickly. She's just toasted. She hasn't had a great performance to save her life. Personally for me, I like this performance very much though. Love her butterfly outfit)
- Michael Lynche (just NO!! Archuleta & Cook completely owned this song on the AI7 Finale. Michael is just boring,I can't stand his pompous attitude. Performance wise,great vocal as always but he lost in the band)
- Crystal Bowersox (great vocal,great delivery,a meltdown in the end. Woah!! I didn't know what to make of it. I didn't like that song though)

Alicia Keys was good. Tonight was underwhelming night though. That's why I hate inspirational themes. It didn't inspire me,it almost made me sleep,and I couldn't wait for this show to end. Geesh!!

My rank:
1. Crystal Bowersox
2. Siobhan Magnus
3. Aaron Kelly
4. Tim Urban
5. Michael Lynche
6. Lee Dewyze
7. Casey James

Saturday, April 17, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 9 (Redux) Studio Recording Review

- Crystal Bowersox (gosh,this is definitely one of her best recording yet. Her voice is crystal clear and with this catchy song,it completely won me over. If she record an album,she should release a song like this,with up tempo beat)
- Andrew Garcia (another boring recording from Andrew. I just can't picture anyone other than Andrew fanatic fans buying this song)
- Tim Urban (hmm for me,it's boring. Tim's recording voice is so boring. He has nice voice,but something about his voice bores me. However,this is a good song. At least,better than some of his recording. Btw I don't like the last part.)
- Lee Dewyze (ehh,I'm surprised that this particular Lee recording is very rock-ish. Nice arrangement,me think)
- Aaron Kelly (too slow of an arrangement in the beginning,I prefer the live version. Still love the breakdown though. Nice vocal as always)
- Siobhan Magnus (completely boring. I'm shocked!! I just don't care with this recording. Sigh)
- Michael Lynche (nice recording,unfortunately not my cup of tea. Mike could have a good career on R&B music industry though)
- Katie Stevens (great vocal,very rock soul arrangement,what not to love in this recording. I LOVE IT!!! Too bad she gone too soon,after all she already hit her stride in this competition)
- Casey James (Casey surely has great blues country recording voice,nice recording)

The best recording this week: Crystal Bowersox,Katie Stevens

Thursday, April 15, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 9 (Redux) Result Show

Geez,the kids are lip-synching again. Even a tree could see that their lip-synching. It's so bad!! I don't enjoy this at all.

Andrew Garcia goes home. Aaron is safe. Yes!!! Even his sing out is so boring and karaoke.

Justin Gaston CAN'T SING at all. Period. I feel bad for Brooke White,she had to harmonize with him. Brooke seems frustrated by this no good boy.

Elliot and Kara were in Africa. Kara always looks beautiful even with no makeup on.

Adam Lambert's performance like in another dimension. The laser and all,majestic!! I love the beginning part only though.

Katie Stevens goes home!! Oh noooooo!! She already making a comeback and yet the voters don't seem to love her.

Next week theme is inspirational songs. With Alicia Keys as a mentor. I wonder how that will pan out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 9 Performances (Elvis Week)

I was afraid of this week since I'm not a fan of Elvis,and they're pimping Adam Lambert again as a mentor. Btw please stop the gay jokes,Ryan!!

- Crystal Bowersox (okay,she had fun. I had fun watching her performance. She managed to make it not karaoke-ish,but I felt a lack in her emotional connection with that song. Maybe it's lost in the bandzilla and all that loud noises)
- Andrew Garcia (oh Andrew,please go home!!I can't stand it anymore. Although it wasn't awful,but it's mediocre karaoke on every level. He's just lost his ability and became this useless contestant)
- Tim Urban (woah he just continues to rise up to the occasion. I love this performance. Wasn't boring at all. It's just beautiful. He forgot or didn't want to hit that falsetto though,that Adam suggested for him to do. LOL)
- Lee Dewyze (love his confidence & his raspy raw voice was in full blown. The best I've ever heard from him. Still looked nervous & hasn't loosen up more. That's my only criticism.)
- Aaron Kelly (OMG!!When Aaron growled in his mentoring session,that's spectacular. That what made me his fan in the first place. He should do it more often & show that part of his voice. His performance was good at first & picked up the steam in the end with that change in the arrangement. I saw his confidence in the end. Love it!! I love the second half of the arrangement. I didn't hear that amazing growl though. He has major potential and I think he hasn't fully used it)
- Siobhan Magnus (nice vocal at the first half & she switched it up and blew me away with the 2nd half. Completely new arrangement at that part. She blasted her amazing pipe. She hold back her voice in order to not scream like a banshee again. I love it!! Good job on the vocal delivery and control)
- Michael Lynche (I didn't feel that like an Elvis song,it's like brand new song. His vocal is always perfect,and Michael never does an awful performance. I've to give it to him. However,his singing style and genre isn't exactly what I love)
- Katie Stevens (Yippie!! Gosh,this is Katie that I loved from the audition. Superb vocal!! She had sass in her performance,and heck yes she brought the house down. Katie is back!! And I hope the voters will vote for her)
- Casey James (pretty good,reminded me of his Hollywood week's performance. Please no more mosh pit swaybot!!)

Adam Lambert did a fantastic job. He completely impressed me with his mentoring ability. Can we get him to mentor every weeks???

My rank:
1. Katie Stevens
2. Aaron Kelly
3. Siobhan Magnus
4. Tim Urban
5. Crystal Bowersox
6. Casey James
7. Michael Lynche
8. Lee Dwyze
9. Andrew Garcia

Saturday, April 10, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 9 Studio Recording Review

- Aaron Kelly (woah,nice tone and obviously a massive improvement from his performance. Still not as good as David Archuleta's recording but a pretty good recording,and I might play this one over and over again in the long run)
- Katie Stevens (another one of pretty good recording,love her voice,love the arrangement,the way they showcase her vocal is spot on. Her higher register is amazing and she should do that often in the live stage)
- Andrew Garcia (well,at least it's much better than his awful performance. Not as boring and banal as that. He has more vocal acrobatic (not much) and the band is better)
- Michael Lynche (very loungey recording,so Mike fooled everybody to buy his pathetic recording)
- Crystal Bowersox (it's good but I don't feel that raw energy and vibe like from her live performance. Dunno why)
- Tim Urban (oh God,the opening note surely can make all the tweens girl fawning over him,but the rest of the recording is just okay. Tim still bores me with his recording)
- Casey James (beautiful vocal,heartfelt delivery,everything is perfect,a fantastic recording)
- Siobhan Magnus (lovely vocal from Siobhan,she's capable to sing anything beautifully as long as she watch out her vocal and control it from running all over the place. I like the background music too)
- Lee Dwyze (I always can't recognize Lee's recording voice,it's completely different with his live pitchy vocal. Hmm good recording though. And of course he avoid singing that high notes. EPIC FAIL,Lee!!!)

The best recording this week: Casey James,Siobhan Magnus,Aaron Kelly,Katie Stevens

Thursday, April 08, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 9 Result Show

I hated the opening of the show.

Oh gosh,WTH was that Kara wearing??It's like she's transforming into another person. Very old lady with so much botox and wearing that outfit to dispel the cold weather. Geez.

Can't we stop with the lip synching please?? I wanna hear the kids singing those song with their own voice,not the back recording.

Jason Derulo was amazing. One of the best performance from guest artists. Kara must be ecstatic that her prodigy is so successful.

David Archuleta continues to impress me. His performance gave me goosebumps all over my body. His vocal is the best vocal I've heard this year from Idol. And his pony hair is so cute. LMAO that he's trying not to cut his hair.

Rihanna was okay. I'm tired of the whole over the top performance from her and Ke$ha. Only Lady Gaga can pull that off.

Shocking elimination?? I wonder who it is. All 3 girls safe. Well,that's not shocking.

I can't imagine if Lee,Casey,Tim are in bottom 3. Thanks God,they're safe.

Michael,Andrew,Aaron are in bottom 3. Please Aaron don't go!! Andrew is safe. WTF!! Michael is going home.

He performed one heck of a performance and the judges saved him. Yay!!!

I hope next week Andrew and Tim will be going home.

Can't wait for Adam Lambert as a mentor.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 9 Performances (Lennon McCartney Songbook)

First,I love the introduction clip that has all the contestants saying what their opinion about a certain person. Btw I spotted Lacey Brown!!

- Aaron Kelly (oh no,David Archuleta completely owned this rendition back in Season 7. Aaron just fell flat. He didn't have any conviction at all,and his voice sounded very pitchy and the goaty vibrato wasn't nice. Just no,Aaron!)
- Katie Stevens (woah,her vocal was amazing! No pitchy notes at all like before. She sang like she meant every words. I think she did the song justice)
- Andrew Garcia (banal,boring,karaoke-ish,cheesy. Just all kind of wrong. A big step in the wrong direction for Andrew. I want him out of the competition soon if he's continuing this disastrous step)
- Michael Lynche (hmm David Cook did a pretty good rock version of this song. Mike did okay with his own arrangement. I'd say it's pretty good with all that violins and once again his outstanding vocal)
- Crystal Bowersox (the first half of the song was okay,I loved that bong's sound though. It gave another new sound for a song that's been done many times on Idol. The 2nd half of the song was fantastic,with her singing in higher register and hitting all those high notes. I love that part of her voice. Pretty lovely. I'm liking Crystal's personality too,not as cold as her beginning run on Idol)
- Tim Urban (holy moly,Tim did great! That's good! I'm tired of his mediocre and awful performances so far. So I'm glad that he stepped it up tonight. Good vocal,amazing arrangement that fit his vocal & musical style. I love it)
- Casey James (OMG! That was in different league from the others. Really heartfelt,his accoustic guitar strumming touched my heart & my inner soul. His rendition gave me goosebumps all over my body. Arguably one of the showstopper from this season)
- Siobhan Magnus (pretty boring but still unique. She sang it with full conviction. I liked that. Not over the top banshee's scream again. I liked this restrained Siobhan. Still very nasally as my younger brother put it. Her dress is spectacular. I love it.)
- Lee Dwyze (okay performance,love his confidence that's growing every weeks,and WTF with that bag pipe player??

Overall,pretty good night. Although please don't sing a song that's been covered by Idol alumni in the past. I can't shake the comparison in my mind.

My rank:
1. Casey James
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Katie Stevens
4. Tim Urban
5. Michael Lynche
6. Siobhan Magnus
7. Aaron Kelly
8. Lee Dwyze
9. Andrew Garcia

Monday, April 05, 2010

Movie Review : Clash of the Titans

Who can resist the fantastic trailer that this movie shows in every channel?? Especially the shout "Release The Kraken!!". One AI blogger always says that line before the result show,thus making me laugh.

Seeing this movie,I can't help to notice the many similarities with Percy Jackson movie. Both of them have Zeus,Medusa,Hades,Charon,etc. I really can't get enough of the Greek mythology. Especially with the rest of the gods's non existant storyline. They could get a movie of their own. LOL

The opening of this movie is amazing. With the stars depicting the past history. When Perseus is being found by a fisherman,Spyros, I already love the Spyros actor (Pete Postlethwaite) acting from the get go. Love his tone and voice when he says "someone must stand up,etc".

The Argos castle's hall reminds me one of the story from the Bible. The son of Nebucadnezar. Well,I guess the timeline in this movie not faraway from the timeline of the Bible since the peasant have similar clothes. Btw I'd say the people from high class in that hall are so pompous that they don't understand the suffering on the outside,just partying everyday without end.

I love the Scorpion's fight scene. Never thought there are so many of them. Somehow reminds me of a strategy Playstation game "Brigandine". Too bad many of the soldiers got killed. But the apperance of the Djinn surely enough to compensate the killed comrades. I love how they depict Djinn in this movie. Very unique.

Pegasus is one of the most beloved creature from mythology. Imagine if they were exist on this earth?? That'd be rad.

The Stygian Witches are so disgusting. Are they cougar or what?? Gunning for Eusebios (Nicholas Hoult). Btw woah,that actor played About A Boy. I didn't recognize him at all when I watched this movie,I felt he's familiar but couldn't remember from which movie he was. That boy sure grown up to be a handsome man. Radical make over from his childhood.

Why Medusa's form is like that?? She looks too much like CGI. I prefer Uma Thurman's depiction in Percy Jackson. Btw but I give them a point for giving a bow as a Medusa's weapon.

Kraken's scene is awesome. Jawdropping mesmerizing. But who the hell is that skinny priest?? I hate him.

Overall,I love this movie more than Percy Jackson. Percy Jackson is for kids and teenagers and this movie is more to adult demographic I think. Although Olympus's setting is a little bit cheesy with its sparkling. Still lovely though,especially the earth's view point on their floor.

Links: Official Site
Rotten Tomatoes

Saturday, April 03, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 10 Studio Recording Review

- Siobhan Magnus (woah,nice recording from Siobhan. Completely in tune,not like her trainwreck live performance. I like her nice nasally vocal,if she could pick the right song to showcase that)
- Casey James (pretty good recording,almost the same as his live performance,but I really don't like this song,it's just doesn't have any good melody at all except saying the same words over and over again. I love Casey's gruff voice though)
- Michael Lynche (who knows that Big Mike is growing and growing as a performer and artist on Idol. Back then,he's just a personal trainer who can sing well but he outsings the rest of the male contestants by now. In this recording,he shows his perfect vocal,I'd say that I love this recording more than his live performance. I can enjoy the whole song)
- Didi Benami (I love love the arrangement,the rhytm/instruments that accompanied her singing is very nice. Because of that,this recording of her is in completely different league than her awful live performance)
- Tim Urban (Tim has a nice recording voice,he's just awful at performing in front of people. This recording is nice,I'm sure the tweens girl out there will swoon over this recording,although still bland)
- Andrew Garcia (nice auto-tunes accompanying Andrew's voice,and I like it. It's not accoustic like his live performance,but it's still pretty good. I don't like his glory notes in some parts in this song though)
- Katie Stevens (hmm since Katie can sing well in front of the audience,if she could get rid of her pitchiness,this recording is almost as same as her live performance. Nothing interesting though)
- Lee Dwyze (just blah. It's almost the same with his live performance. Nothing new at all in the recording)
- Crystal Bowersox (just meh,Crystal has a great voice and fantastic delivery,but this song is so old and cheesy. I'm not interested to hear this song again in my player)
- Aaron Kelly (no one can sing this song better than Kris Allen. Aaron should've not touched this song. He's lucky that I like him)

The best recording this week: Didi Benami,Siobhan Magnus,Andrew Garcia

Thursday, April 01, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 10 Result Show

As if this season couldn't get any worse,Didi Benami went home and makes this season even worse than before.

The show started with Clash of The Titans trailer. Seriously,I wanna see that movie. Looks so awesome from the clip.

Ruben Studdard performed a song that doesn't have any hook in them and completely not catchy at all.

Usher performed a pretty okay song,and somehow the way he danced was different than usual,he looked more feminime (his dance).

Katie Stevens was in bottom 3 and the judges fighting over what genre is suitable for her. I don't think country is for her but well,looks like she won't go deep in the competition anyway.

Didi and Tim were in bottom 3 also.

P Diddy was awful

Didi Benami was the one who got the lowest of vote. Her singout was amazing,but the judges didn't save her. It's too bad. The only contestant that blew me away with her Terrified performance in Hollywood Week went home so soon because of her terrible song choices and identity crisis. Who knows Didi can go home this soon??

Next week theme?? Lennon McCartney songbook. Geez,that'd be fun right. Another one of The Beatles theme. That'd sure make the kids perform a spectacular performance. Sigh.