Monday, April 05, 2010

Movie Review : Clash of the Titans

Who can resist the fantastic trailer that this movie shows in every channel?? Especially the shout "Release The Kraken!!". One AI blogger always says that line before the result show,thus making me laugh.

Seeing this movie,I can't help to notice the many similarities with Percy Jackson movie. Both of them have Zeus,Medusa,Hades,Charon,etc. I really can't get enough of the Greek mythology. Especially with the rest of the gods's non existant storyline. They could get a movie of their own. LOL

The opening of this movie is amazing. With the stars depicting the past history. When Perseus is being found by a fisherman,Spyros, I already love the Spyros actor (Pete Postlethwaite) acting from the get go. Love his tone and voice when he says "someone must stand up,etc".

The Argos castle's hall reminds me one of the story from the Bible. The son of Nebucadnezar. Well,I guess the timeline in this movie not faraway from the timeline of the Bible since the peasant have similar clothes. Btw I'd say the people from high class in that hall are so pompous that they don't understand the suffering on the outside,just partying everyday without end.

I love the Scorpion's fight scene. Never thought there are so many of them. Somehow reminds me of a strategy Playstation game "Brigandine". Too bad many of the soldiers got killed. But the apperance of the Djinn surely enough to compensate the killed comrades. I love how they depict Djinn in this movie. Very unique.

Pegasus is one of the most beloved creature from mythology. Imagine if they were exist on this earth?? That'd be rad.

The Stygian Witches are so disgusting. Are they cougar or what?? Gunning for Eusebios (Nicholas Hoult). Btw woah,that actor played About A Boy. I didn't recognize him at all when I watched this movie,I felt he's familiar but couldn't remember from which movie he was. That boy sure grown up to be a handsome man. Radical make over from his childhood.

Why Medusa's form is like that?? She looks too much like CGI. I prefer Uma Thurman's depiction in Percy Jackson. Btw but I give them a point for giving a bow as a Medusa's weapon.

Kraken's scene is awesome. Jawdropping mesmerizing. But who the hell is that skinny priest?? I hate him.

Overall,I love this movie more than Percy Jackson. Percy Jackson is for kids and teenagers and this movie is more to adult demographic I think. Although Olympus's setting is a little bit cheesy with its sparkling. Still lovely though,especially the earth's view point on their floor.

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