Thursday, April 08, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 9 Result Show

I hated the opening of the show.

Oh gosh,WTH was that Kara wearing??It's like she's transforming into another person. Very old lady with so much botox and wearing that outfit to dispel the cold weather. Geez.

Can't we stop with the lip synching please?? I wanna hear the kids singing those song with their own voice,not the back recording.

Jason Derulo was amazing. One of the best performance from guest artists. Kara must be ecstatic that her prodigy is so successful.

David Archuleta continues to impress me. His performance gave me goosebumps all over my body. His vocal is the best vocal I've heard this year from Idol. And his pony hair is so cute. LMAO that he's trying not to cut his hair.

Rihanna was okay. I'm tired of the whole over the top performance from her and Ke$ha. Only Lady Gaga can pull that off.

Shocking elimination?? I wonder who it is. All 3 girls safe. Well,that's not shocking.

I can't imagine if Lee,Casey,Tim are in bottom 3. Thanks God,they're safe.

Michael,Andrew,Aaron are in bottom 3. Please Aaron don't go!! Andrew is safe. WTF!! Michael is going home.

He performed one heck of a performance and the judges saved him. Yay!!!

I hope next week Andrew and Tim will be going home.

Can't wait for Adam Lambert as a mentor.

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