Saturday, April 03, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 10 Studio Recording Review

- Siobhan Magnus (woah,nice recording from Siobhan. Completely in tune,not like her trainwreck live performance. I like her nice nasally vocal,if she could pick the right song to showcase that)
- Casey James (pretty good recording,almost the same as his live performance,but I really don't like this song,it's just doesn't have any good melody at all except saying the same words over and over again. I love Casey's gruff voice though)
- Michael Lynche (who knows that Big Mike is growing and growing as a performer and artist on Idol. Back then,he's just a personal trainer who can sing well but he outsings the rest of the male contestants by now. In this recording,he shows his perfect vocal,I'd say that I love this recording more than his live performance. I can enjoy the whole song)
- Didi Benami (I love love the arrangement,the rhytm/instruments that accompanied her singing is very nice. Because of that,this recording of her is in completely different league than her awful live performance)
- Tim Urban (Tim has a nice recording voice,he's just awful at performing in front of people. This recording is nice,I'm sure the tweens girl out there will swoon over this recording,although still bland)
- Andrew Garcia (nice auto-tunes accompanying Andrew's voice,and I like it. It's not accoustic like his live performance,but it's still pretty good. I don't like his glory notes in some parts in this song though)
- Katie Stevens (hmm since Katie can sing well in front of the audience,if she could get rid of her pitchiness,this recording is almost as same as her live performance. Nothing interesting though)
- Lee Dwyze (just blah. It's almost the same with his live performance. Nothing new at all in the recording)
- Crystal Bowersox (just meh,Crystal has a great voice and fantastic delivery,but this song is so old and cheesy. I'm not interested to hear this song again in my player)
- Aaron Kelly (no one can sing this song better than Kris Allen. Aaron should've not touched this song. He's lucky that I like him)

The best recording this week: Didi Benami,Siobhan Magnus,Andrew Garcia

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