Thursday, April 29, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 6 Result Show

Tonight was jam packed with a lot of great guest performers.

Rascal Flatts blew the roof away with Unstoppable. I love that song and I love every single one of their albums.

They split the contestants into 3 group of 2. I thought the bottom 2 was Siobhan and Lee. It turned out Siobhan,Mike,Casey. Woah,shocker!! Why was Casey there in the first place??

Sons of Sylvia performed a pretty good song although the lead vocalist had a vacant dead eyes for the camera like he's in daydream or something.

Lady Antebellum sang their hit song "Need You Now". That song's heard everywhere around my friends too,who aren't specificly a fan of country music.

Shakira sang Gypsy with Rascal Flatts. The best performance of the night for me. I love that gypsy dance and the whole instrument.

Mike is safe. WTF!! There goes my points!! :(

Casey and Siobhan for the bottom 2. How could Casey in bottom 2??? Siobhan went home. SHOCKER!!!! I thought Siobhan could potentially go home but didn't think this was her time to go. So much for Siobhan duke it out with Crystal on Top 2. And the girls year slogan completely became a joke now. That "Any Man of Mine" certainly a doom song. Mandisa and Siobhan immediately went home singing that song. Eeepp!!! And WTF with this year's pimp spot??? Lilly and Siobhan didn't get any benefit for being in the pimp spot!!

There's still a lot of time so they let the judges gave opinion.

Next week mentor is Harry Connick Jr with Sinatra week as the theme. Yay!! I love big band week!!

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