Thursday, April 22, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Idol Gives Back Result Show

- Obama's clip. Every American who thinks Obama is a socialist should open their eyes and realizes that he's just trying to rebuild America again from the previous 8 years's administration's mess.
- Holy moly,lip syncing group performance again. Love the song. Lacey looks so gorgeous. Woah!!
- Jennifer Garner visited a poor area in Kentucky. Well,at least that area is more beautiful than the slum in my country. The panorama is gorgeous there. The mountain and its surrounding.
- Victoria Beckham's still trying to look fierce and fashionable,even at tonight's somber episode.
- Black Eyed Peas performs. Only Fergie who walks like a catwalk model caught my attention.
- Ryan Seacrest visited Kenya.
- George Lopez grills the judges. I love it!! And I love disco light!! LOL
- Casey James & Aaron Kelly are in bottom 3.
- Joss Stone & Jeff Beck perform. Holy jesus,Joss shows those contestants that with the right conviction in a performance,it'd make for a spectacular performance.
- Randy Jackson & Morgan Freeman went to Mississippi.
- Alicia Keys performs. Love that New York State of Mind Part 2 performance.
- Tatiana Del Toro is in the phone booth. And Octo Mom too?? WTF!!
- Carrie Underwood performs Change. She's unstoppable.
- Ellen Degeneres & David Arquette went to Pasadena Food Bank.
- Wanda Sykes cracks me up.
- Tim Urban is in bottom 3.
- David Cook went to Ethiopia and sang his heart out to the childs there.
- Annie Lennox's clip and performance. She's a saint herself.
- Mary J Blige,Orianthi,etc performance were meh.
- Simon Cowell went to Southern Arizona. Thank God for that pediatrician.
- Elton John was amazing.
- Tim Urban goes home and even without sing out. Wow.

Tonight's IGB was somber compared to the previous years.

Next week is Shania Twain week. Yippie!! I'm so excited.

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