Wednesday, April 28, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 6 Performances (Shania Twain Week)

First,I wanted to say that I love Shania Twain's songs,love every singles that she released in her career. So if they butcher any of that song,they'd be gone in my book.

- Lee Dewyze (oh no Lee,the beginning and the end were so pitchy. He struggled so much on the high notes,he couldn't find the right spot for that notes and he didn't show any emotion at all in his eyes. I didn't like it. He murdered one of my fave song)
- Michael Lynche (woah,I almost cried watching his performance. He sure put his heart on his sleeve. I can feel the emotion thus making me mellow. Although it'd be much more better if he tone down the bandzilla,they overpowered him. Just accoustic with piano is fine)
- Casey James (the best performance so far and arguably Casey's best performance. It gave goosebumps all over my body. I loved it!! He needs to open his eyes more though. Btw what the heck with all the girls standing in front of him like zombie staring at the wall?? That's just plain weird.)
- Crystal Bowersox (her falsetto is amazing!! I love it!! Although it's more of a laid back performance but still solid & perfect in every way. She's just a strong artist. I love her interpretation of this song,and her bf is so cute!! LOL. Was she hinting for him to propose to her??)
- Aaron Kelly (Aaron's best performance ever. I love his voice!! He has major potential if someone can guide him in the right way. For now,he's amazing!! He sang every notes like he meant it,and by sitting down on the stool,I didn't have to see his hips swaying around. Good job.)
- Siobhan Magnus (interesting to say to least. I didn't know what to say with all the walking around the judges & audiences. The arrangement was interesting. The banshee scream baffled me.)

My rank:
1. Casey James
2. Aaron Kelly
3. Crystal Bowersox
4. Michael Lynche
5. Siobhan Magnus
6. Lee Dewyze

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