Friday, December 21, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Finale Result

- I won't bother downloading more than 1GB of tonight's episode. So youtube again for me.
- The Top 3 perform All You Need Is Love while they walk into the stage. I love it!!! You can see the rest of the Top 13 and all behind the scene people.
- Tate Stevens performs Please Come Home for Christmas. Because I don't celebrate Christmas anymore and because this is so mediocre,my mind wandered around a bit. Oh wow at that touching clip from his family and all his friends back home. If that didn't make him the winner,I don't know what is.
- Fifth Harmony performs Christmas Baby Please Come Home. I think it's a great idea for X Factor to combine their final result show with Christmas show. After all,Christmas is 4 days away. Oh lawd,their family almost made me bawling. So beautiful!!! I want family with such big love like that.
- Carly Rose Sonenclar performs All I Want From Christmas Is You. Not as emotional as the other video.
- Season 2 recap. Wow Lyric145 got shafted. I don't see their part at all in this video.
- One Direction performs Kiss You. I love this song!! Urgh at their vocal. Zayn doesn't even attempt to sing. He looks different though with new hairdo.
- Carly & Tate duet on The Climb. Beautiful duet!!
- LOL at the country guy winning this show. The southern,midwest and the older demographics clearly helped Tate Stevens all the way to win this show. Good for him!!! I hope he can provide a better life for his family. Can't wait for Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony's music career also.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Final Performances

- Tribute to Sandy Hook. Wow,Simon has a heart after all,he's crying!! Urgh,Paige is the worst vocalist from this Top 13. Way worse than Cece. Overall,it was a beautiful tribute. Very lovely!!

Favorite Song From The Competition:
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (this song bored me to death. However,Carly did it a bit different,she made it more gloomy a bit. Although it doesn't suit the title of the song,but that's better rather than sing it in the same old way)
- Tate Stevens (I can't say what hasn't been said before,Tate is solid,he always sings like that. I don't know what more to say. Yes,Khloe,it's a brilliant idea to ask him why he's so emotional. Geesh)
- Fifth Harmony (hmm singing the same exact song from last week is risky. The element of surprise is gone. But maybe it's the best song choice that they got. I still love the performance. I hope America won't get bored with this. OMG Mayor Julian Castro!!! This is where politic meet singing show.

- Carly & Leann Rimes (wow this is so awkward. It really looked like a very spontaneous performance,with no rehearsal at all. They avoided some of the high notes. Weird!! Although I always love Leann's voice. This performance reminds me to listen to Leann Rimes music catalogue again)
- Tate & Little Big Town (LOL I love this. This is so playful and Tate doesn't look like a contestant at all. He exudes confidence. Great performance. I hope his wife doesn't get jealous watching Tate grooving with that beautiful women)
- Fifth Harmony & Demi Lovato (this is so fun!! I know Demi is not the best singer,but she showed us what a feisty performer she is)

5 Million Dollars Performances:
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (I just can't with this song choice. I don't think I ever like Hallelujah. Maybe only when Jason Castro performed it back on 2008. After that,it's been done to death with no variations whatsoever)
- Tate Stevens (very mediocre performance. The judges comment toward Tate are always repetitive. It's very anti climactic on this one)
- Fifth Harmony (amazing last performance. It's a landslide and not even close compared to the other two contestants. Although this song is overdone song too but they sang it really well and I didn't feel bored at all)

Let's see who's gonna win tomorrow.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 4 Result Show

- I love this group performance of Coming Home. Carly outsang the rest easily,Fifth Harmony did an amazing vocal harmony there.
- Fifth Harmony are safe!! Holy crap!!!! Shocking!!! Yay!!!
- LOL at Britney Spears face. She looks like almost in the verge of nervous breakdown!!
- Simon is so jubilant.
- Bridget Mendler performs. I don't know why they gave the spot to her.
- Tate Stevens is safe.
- LOL Britney & Carly are getting more and more nervous.
- Bruno Mars performs. I don't care about him. Not one bit.
- Emblem3 is eliminated. At least we don't get to see Britney meltdown tonight. The good thing is we're not going to see anymore douchebags attitude from Drew next week. Good riddance!!!
- Also LA Reid departure from this show next season surprised me. But let him leave,they need more interesting mentor rather than ruthless and rigid LA.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 4 Performances

 Contestants Song Choices:
- Tate Stevens (Tate is singing about bonfire,the place he and his family plus his friends having a good redneck time. And he's bragging about Missouri. He doesn't need to sing,he already won. No need to even perform tonight. Anyway,the whole performance is just okay for me. But I feel that we're in Tate concert,with the redneck theme and all. He's unstoppable at this point)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (I think this is her weakest performance,it just doesn't work for me. Her vocal is still great as usual but I felt a disconnect somewhere. I just got bored watching this performance,no moment whatsoever in it. Looking back,I always liked and loved Carly's performance,but this isn't one)
- Emblem3 (the only good thing about this performance is that Wes is very attractive. The rest of it were clusterfuck. I didn't enjoy this at all. Yes,they moved the stage. But their vocal is middling at best,the whole performance is not fit in for semifinal standard. Meanwhile,Drew is the epitome of douchebag)
- Fifth Harmony (that was definitely the best performance they've ever done. Hands down!!! The staging is so perfect,the dress are so cute,their harmony is incredible,I love the whole set up of this performance. Everything clicks perfectly. I hope they will sail past Emblem3 because of this performance)

Song That Will Get Them Into The Final:
- Tate Stevens (I forgot Tate is still a contestant,I feel like watching a veteran country singer on his concert. Really good song choice. Perfect for him at this point in the competition. Great vocal as always)
Carly Rose Sonenclar (at first I was worried that she gonna disappoint me. After all,David Archuleta owned this song 4 years ago amazingly. No one gonna touch that. But Carly came close to that. Although the high notes was surprising to me,but after that it went really well. The piano at the end was a nice touch. I thought she played piano only at the beginning,that was disappointing,but she played it at the end. So that was really special. Simon's comment made sense but I like this performance overall)
- Emblem3 (really Simon?? Hey Jude??? This reminds me of Lee DeWyze bagpipe performance on Season 9. I was very apprehensive about this performance. But I think this is one of their best performance. Their harmony was amazing,Keaton did his part really well although his movement sometimes was rather awkward. Looks like it's gonna be shocking elimination tomorrow for one of the Top 4)
- Fifth Harmony (OMG this was even better than their version from the Judge's House. The whole thing has been improved big times!! The spanish thing worked really well. This is the only performance tonight that captivated me from the first second until the end. I hope they will be safe tomorrow and compete again next week. I really hope so!!)

Friday, December 07, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 6 Result Show

-Melanie Amaro performs her new single "Long Distance". I don't know what the heck happening to her career. It seems they lock her up somewhere and changing the single so many times. I hope she will get her career started as soon as possible. I like this song. She looks gorgeous.
- Cece Frey is the first contestant tonight to be eliminated. She hasn't reached her potential yet on this show. I still miss the old brunette mean Cece.
- Diamond White and Fifth Harmony will battle for the 4th spot.
- Kesha performs her 2nd single. I hate it. Zzzzzzzzzzz.
- Fifth Harmony performs amazingly well. Stunning harmony,great vocal. I love it!!!
- Diamond floundered,she sang nasally and she sounded like goat. Bye bye Diamond!!
- Britney really looks like a robot. She's keep saying one sentence everytime Khloe or Mario ask her a question. Even robot will have more than one sentence to say than Britney.
- Diamond is class act. Tate Stevens claims the #1 spot again,next week will be interesting. Can Emblem3 break the dominance of Carly Rose - Tate on the top 2 spot???

Thursday, December 06, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 6 Performances

- Cece Frey (I thought she did good. Better than my expectation. She avoided vocal trainwreck,but of course compared with the others,she falls short)
- Emblem3 (4 words that came into my mind when I watched this performance: Orange,Creepy,and Bad Vocal. The vocal of the "often shirtless" douchebag is atrocious. The middle one is okay. The left one is awful. Oh snap at Demi's comment that this group has been heavily manufactured by Simon)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (holy crap,that was spectacular!!!! That Bieber song is heavily autotuned with so much production in it. Carly managed to sing it in her own way and really sang it spectacularly. Truly amazing performance from her. I was blown away)
- Fifth Harmony (I agree with LA,still no harmony from these girls. They're strong solo singer,but they can't seem to sing in harmony. Usually harmony is what makes me fall in love with a group whether it's boyband or girl group)
- Diamond White (her best vocal performance,but I felt a similar performance from Joshua Ledet and Juliet Simms were billion times better than this performance. Sometimes it feels kinda funny seeing a very young girl like Diamond sings older song,I don't get quite the same impression with already trained Carly)
- Tate Stevens (Bon Jovi again??? I'm bored all the way of this performance. Zzzzz)

Pepsi Song Choices
- Cece Frey (I guess it's okay. Somehow I miss the old Cece,with the brunette hair and leopart face tattoo)
Emblem3 (oh my,I really like this performance. Maybe because everything clicks with this song choice. Really really good)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (phenomenal vocal,but overall this performance is just okay for me compared to her many brilliant performances. Still,Carly's weaker performance is still way ahead of the rest of the competitors)
- Fifth Harmony (wow,amazing!!!! Great vocal,great harmonies. Really the perfect song choice for them. This is the first time that I like them again since the judge house. Awesome)
- Diamond White (hmm the production is great,her vocal is very good but I don't like the tone of her voice in this song. Sometimes I dislike her tone)
- Tate Stevens (OMG I love it!!! I almost cried watching this tender performance. I love Demi's honesty everytime she critique a contestant,she's not useless like Britney who can't form more than one sentence. I think Demi should be an Idol judge in the future,she gives really good critique. Although she's an awful mentor)

The best performance tonight were: Carly Rose Sonenclar unplugged,Emblem3 Forever Young,Fifth Harmony 2nd performance,and Tate Stevens last performance