Thursday, December 13, 2012

The X Factor Season 2: Top 4 Performances

 Contestants Song Choices:
- Tate Stevens (Tate is singing about bonfire,the place he and his family plus his friends having a good redneck time. And he's bragging about Missouri. He doesn't need to sing,he already won. No need to even perform tonight. Anyway,the whole performance is just okay for me. But I feel that we're in Tate concert,with the redneck theme and all. He's unstoppable at this point)
- Carly Rose Sonenclar (I think this is her weakest performance,it just doesn't work for me. Her vocal is still great as usual but I felt a disconnect somewhere. I just got bored watching this performance,no moment whatsoever in it. Looking back,I always liked and loved Carly's performance,but this isn't one)
- Emblem3 (the only good thing about this performance is that Wes is very attractive. The rest of it were clusterfuck. I didn't enjoy this at all. Yes,they moved the stage. But their vocal is middling at best,the whole performance is not fit in for semifinal standard. Meanwhile,Drew is the epitome of douchebag)
- Fifth Harmony (that was definitely the best performance they've ever done. Hands down!!! The staging is so perfect,the dress are so cute,their harmony is incredible,I love the whole set up of this performance. Everything clicks perfectly. I hope they will sail past Emblem3 because of this performance)

Song That Will Get Them Into The Final:
- Tate Stevens (I forgot Tate is still a contestant,I feel like watching a veteran country singer on his concert. Really good song choice. Perfect for him at this point in the competition. Great vocal as always)
Carly Rose Sonenclar (at first I was worried that she gonna disappoint me. After all,David Archuleta owned this song 4 years ago amazingly. No one gonna touch that. But Carly came close to that. Although the high notes was surprising to me,but after that it went really well. The piano at the end was a nice touch. I thought she played piano only at the beginning,that was disappointing,but she played it at the end. So that was really special. Simon's comment made sense but I like this performance overall)
- Emblem3 (really Simon?? Hey Jude??? This reminds me of Lee DeWyze bagpipe performance on Season 9. I was very apprehensive about this performance. But I think this is one of their best performance. Their harmony was amazing,Keaton did his part really well although his movement sometimes was rather awkward. Looks like it's gonna be shocking elimination tomorrow for one of the Top 4)
- Fifth Harmony (OMG this was even better than their version from the Judge's House. The whole thing has been improved big times!! The spanish thing worked really well. This is the only performance tonight that captivated me from the first second until the end. I hope they will be safe tomorrow and compete again next week. I really hope so!!)

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