Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 10 Performances (R&B and Soul Theme)

Dear God,they spent so much time talking to Usher.
- Siobhan Magnus (oh God,why they did a damage control for her performance?? By giving her sympathy,reminding the people at home that she delivers every weeks. I was surprised that she stank tonight. I cringed when I heard her really pitchy notes. I think she's already lost her steam. I don't think she's lock for Top 2 anymore because of tonight and last week. Siobhan is unique alright but if she don't use her banshee scream,she's just okay. I hated it that the judges and Ryan trying so hard to pimp her. Geez)
- Casey James (the song is meh,but he gave everything that he got. I agree with Ellen that it's a safe song for him to sing. It's just hovering on the same parts & didn't offer much else)
I saw Jermaine Purifoy in the Casey's family seats area.
- Michael Lynche (once again,an outstanding performance from Michael. I don't like the song though,it's boring but objectivelly Michael is the strongest male contestant from that pack)
- Didi Benami (bland and I didn't feel her emotion at all,the end note was good though. I agree with the judges,she lost her way. Terrified,What I Am and Rhiannon is what she is,and not this all over the place character. And WTH Ryan pimped her backstory for?? He's so loopy tonight)
- Tim Urban (he'd be great if he hadn't had a deer in the headlight stare at the camera. The vocal is fine. Might be the best that I've ever heard from him but I couldn't stand his awkward stage presence)
- Andrew Garcia (he's back!!!Thanks to Usher,Andrew is free from his worry & paranoid thinking & performed the hell out of that song. Amazing performance)
- Katie Stevens (Simon's seriously sabotaging the show!! Katie's vocal was fantastic tonight. Completely improved. She brought the swagger to the song although I agreed that sometimes I got cold persona from her. Another one of her strong performance,me think)
- Lee Dwyze (woah,he improved so much. It's a spectacular performance. He picked the ring song,his voice was spot on,he bared it all on the stage & hold no bar. The only negative thing that I still could see was the nervousness in his eyes. It's like he scared of something. Dunno what it is)
- Crystal Bowersox (she knocked this song out of the park despite the song's been overdone to death on Idol. When I thought she focus too much on her piano playing,she stood up and gave a masterclass vocal. I didn't know that she has that range. Superb!!)
- Aaron Kelly (he did alright. This song shouldn't be done anymore though. Because it's Kris's stapple & no one should touch it. Thanks God,Aaron didn't murder that song,I still don't like his lower register though,sometimes it sounds a bit weird or off pitch.)

My rank:
1. Andrew Garcia
2. Lee Dwyze
3. Crystal Bowersox
4. Katie Stevens
5. Tim Urban
6. Michael Lynche
7. Casey James
8. Aaron Kelly
9. Didi Benami
10. Siobhan Magnus

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 11 iTunes Recording Review

- Lee Dwyze (slower tempo compared to the live show,he has nice voice,still not a solid recording for me,much like his live performance)
- Paige Miles (ouch,I almost don't recognize Paige's voice in this song. This song lack the swagger that Paige has in her personality and when she performed her uptempo performances)
- Tim Urban (I can't for the life of me understand why the hell Tim picked this song as his choice,his live performance was awful and this recording is as bland as it gets)
- Aaron Kelly (I love Aaron's recording voice,although I feel in this recording,he sings in a lower register compared to his live performance,I prefer his high register voice but still solid recording.Although I sense a lack of energy.)
- Crystal Bowersox (oh gosh.....I love this recording,I love the song more and more each day and Crystal is the only real musician in this packs. The best recording this week)
- Michael Lynche (Michael's voice is very recognizable in every recording,he has the same sound in live and in booth,and he has no pitchy problems.Although this kind of genre is not my thing,but still I must applaud his vocal ability)
- Andrew Garcia (how is it possible that I love this recording of Andrew?? Although still somewhat boring in some parts,but I like his voice and the tone and rhytm of this recording)
- Katie Stevens (from the first note,I already love this recording. Her voice is smooth,very good,and has no pitch problems like her live performance. Fantastic recording)
- Casey James (Casey also has recognizable recording voice,I love his raw vocal,this recording is okay)
- Didi Benami (Didi's performance was underrated,it's pretty good after I watched it few times. This recording of her also has special quality in it,the vibe,swagger and her vocal although I don't like the almost sheep like sound of her at some points)
- Siobhan Magnus (like her voice,but this recording is meh,the only thing that's good about her performance and recording is the banshee's scream)

This week's best recording: Crystal Bowersox,Katie Stevens,Didi Benami,Michael Lynche,Aaron Kelly

Thursday, March 25, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 11 Result Show

oh gosh,I can't stand the group performance. It's so auto-tuned to death!! Why the hell they're making the kids lipsync??

Who's that bloody woman in the audience?? Looks like Bloodrayne.

I love Miley Cyrus's performance. That song is great. Just saw the video clip this morning on MTV.

Aaron Kelly's outfit is so tight. It reminds me when Kris wore that outfit on Paula Abdul's dance number.

I love it when Crystal said she's gonna listen to herself,not the judges!!

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas are okay.

Tim,Paige and (OMG!) Katie are in bottom 3.

Paige Miles goes home. So sad,she hasn't shown to us her real potential.

Next week's theme is Soul n R&B. B.O.R.I.N.G

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 11 Performances (Billboard #1 Hits)

- Lee Dwyze (he is way out of tempo and he's singing like Tarzan's screaming aueoooo aueoooo on every end notes,plus awkward stage movement. His worst performance to date)
- Paige Miles (uh oh very pitchy,the arrangement is weird,her voice is all over the place. The transition from low register to her high register is unpleasant. Her worst performance definitely.)
WTF happened this week???And the next song choice is Queen??WTF??
- Tim Urban (urgh very karaoke,so uncomfortable. I want him to get eliminated soon. I don't have the energy to watch more of his performances in the future.)
- Aaron Kelly (perfect song choice for him although the song's already been done to death on Idol. I prefer Allison's version though. Aaron performed it really well. Still awkward with his hip swinging. Umm why's he wearing lip gloss??)
- Crystal Bowersox (watching Crystal is like watching a pro musician performs. No criticism at all from me. The song isn't my taste though.)
- Michael Lynche (great vocal,great performance,it's astonishing how good he is compared to other karaoke-ish contestants. He really knows his musical identity which is soul R&B)
- Andrew Garcia (why they chose overdone song & oldies songs???I'm gonna puke over the song selection. Andrew is stiff,awkward,has lost his mojo,he's not a frontrunner anymore and I don't think he can rebound at all. This performance is very karaoke-ish. And is he drunk??)
- Katie Stevens (the best song choice of the night,this is definitely what she should sing. A song like this which allow her vocal to shine through and very current. Her best performance to date)
- Casey James (Casey is like Crystal,already a solid performer. I don't hold my breath when I watch him performing if he flounder or not. He gave a solid good performance. I dunno about the song though.)
- Didi Benami (I disagree with the judges although I can see why they said she was playing a character,but she's better than most of the contestants tonight. I love the musical vibe of this performance)
- Siobhan Magnus (just okay performance,she didn't hit that high notes well. I'm afraid it's getting old with this pattern)

I don't get it,why the hell tonight is like this?? So awful,the song choices is like Motown Week. Why can't they pick a current song??

My rank:
1. Crystal Bowersox
2. Aaron Kelly
3. Katie Stevens
4. Michael Lynche
5. Siobhan Magnus
6. Didi Benami
7. Casey James
8. Lee Dwyze
9. Tim Urban
10. Paige Miles
11. Andrew Garcia

Sunday, March 21, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Studio Recordings Review

- Michael Lynche (the arrangement bores me to death,he has R&B soul voice for sure. Very good recording voice,but it's not my thing)
- Didi Benami (Didi's voice excels on this recording,with great melodic of the song and arrangement. I love this recording more than her live version.)
- Casey James (very bluesy country rock,I think Casey has the potential to break out on that genre)
- Lacey Brown (she got great recording voice,I love this recording. It's much better than her live performance,since in this recording,all of her off pitchs got corrected.Nice arrangement.)
- Andrew Garcia (I don't like his upper register tone,too screechy and unpleasant in my ear.I might get effin bored if I play this recording over and over again)
- Katie Stevens (I understand why people called her mini McPhee. She has a fantastic recording voice. Give her any hit songs and it'll storm up the chart for sure!!)
- Tim Urban (urgh,the song is so bland,the arrangement is so excruciating. He ruins the song. Just go away,Tim. His voice is not that bad though)
- Siobhan Magnus (I prefer her live version,it has more fire and overdramatic vibe than this recording. I always like this with Adam Lambert's recordings last year,I prefer live version over studio version. Maybe because they edited too much of their voice in the recording booth)
- Lee Dwyze (thanks God,his enunciation problem is gone in this recording. Everybody knows that Lee has a enunciation problem with his live performances. He always mumbles the words. Gosh,I love his recording voice. Since Daughtry,I haven't found a rocker voice that I enjoy from Idol,and I might get it this year)
- Paige Miles (dunno why but this Honky Tonk song is so catchy,each days I got addicted to this song melody. LMAO. Well,Paige has pretty good recording voice,she has rock soul with lil bit country-ish voice. I love it!!)
- Aaron Kelly (looks like we did found ourselves the Country Archuleta that we've been searching for,guys!! I love Aaron's voice,the recording is great,with the right song,we could find him storming up the country chart)
- Crystal Bowersox (a great indie folk recording voice,like way back then in its heyday. But I can't find myself buying her album. Still spectacular voice though,for people who like this kind of genre)

This week's stand out recording: Lee,Paige,Didi,Aaron

Thursday, March 18, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Result Show

The judges save?? Are you sure?? Sigh. I thought this season there won't be any judges save. I hate that save.

David Cook performed really well and showed how to perform to the kids.

Paige Miles is in the bottom 3,Tim Urban too. Woah,Andrew Garcia isn't even on the bottom 3.

Orianthi performed. She doesn't have any facial expression at all. It's just cold dead expression. Nice song though.

Lacey Brown is in bottom 3.

Ke$ha performed. So awful!! What song was that?! I hate her!!

Lacey went home. She hasn't lived up to her potential. Sad sad!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Performances (Rolling Stones Week)

- Michael Lynche (I enjoyed this performance,it was really really good. He picked the right song,worked the stage,he seemed nervous though in some parts but overall he performed really well)
- Didi Benami (I love how angst she was on that performance. She looked like almost forget the lyrics in the 2nd part of the song,but still a pretty good performance. Different from her usual accoustic style,but she gave it her all in that performance and I could see that)
- Casey James (I love his bluesy rock vibe,completely caught my attention,I loved his vocal,great performance I thought)
- Lacey Brown (urgh,weird arrangement of the song,verging on boring for me. Dunno why but I didn't like it,sometimes too slow,sometimes a lil bit all over the place. It's just okay)
- Andrew Garcia (just meh performance,I applaud him for not playing his guitar again though)
- Katie Stevens (the beginning was pitchy but she soared after that. I LOVE her voice. Different version from Susan Boyle but very good I thought)
- Tim Urban (I hated this reggae sound,but at least he's comfortable in his performance & not making even a single one awkward face. That's good. I couldn't wait for the song to be over though)
- Siobhan Magnus (she looked like some anime character,no,scratch that,she looked like a female vampire. Banshee's scream came out again. The dramatic tempo of that performance was spectacular. Really different from Gina Glocksen's version,but I loved this one. And the scream at the end,woah!!)
- Lee Dwyze (one of the best performance of the night,I loved the melody. I didn't know why he mumbled many words on the lyrics. I never expected that I'd love Lee as a contestant & waiting for his performance every weeks)
- Paige Miles (why the camera shot from the faraway many times? I can see right now why Simon loves Paige. She got big voice. I have hope for her now that she might impress me in the next few weeks if she could find the right song. Nice stage presence for this performance)
- Aaron Kelly (I didn't like the song,it's saying Angie Angie Angie like a broken record. I didn't feel this one. Sorry)
- Crystal Bowersox (pimp spot again,clearly they're pimping her. But this week,I really loved her performance,not the best of the night,but amazing nonetheless)

Overall a pretty good night. I'm impressed.

My rank:
1. Siobhan Magnus
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Lee Dwyze
4. Casey James
5. Katie Stevens
6. Michael Lynche
7. Didi Benami
8. Paige Miles
9. Lacey Brown
10. Aaron Kelly
11. Andrew Garcia
12. Tim Urban

Friday, March 12, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 16 Results Show

I'm sure there'll be a surprise tonight.

The group sing Michael Buble "Haven't Met You Yet". Auto-tunes,auto-tunes. Although the harmony/mixing of their voices sound great.

Didi is safe,Siobhan is safe,Paige is safe. WTF!! Katelyn goes home. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I liked Katelyn's Top 24 performance and she got potential. Sigh.

Casey is safe,Tim is safe (thanks to last night's very good performance and his good looking face),Todrick goes home. Lee is safe. YES!!! I'll be devastated if Lee goes home.

Crystal's face looks so serious and menacing!!

Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre perform "Tell Her About It". I miss Season 8. Although there were so many crap contestants like Michael,Scott,Lil but there were many great performances also.

Crystal is safe (she looks so scary),Lacey is safe (YAY!!!)

Michael is safe,Aaron is safe (YAY!!!!),between Alex and Andrew. Andrew is safe. Alex goes home. Sigh. Alex got major potential with his awesome voice,but Andrew isn't that bad either. I'll miss Alex.

Between Katie and Lilly. Oh God!! Although I loved Katie when she auditioned but she failed to impress me,while Lilly delivered some awesome performances. Katie is safe. OMG!!! Lilly is going home!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! LILLY IS ROBBED!!!! I can't imagine Top 12 without her. Darn it,Americaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I had known that there'll be vote splitting among singer-songwriters female contestants but I'd never in a million years predicted Lilly to go home this soon. Maybe because of her old song 2 days ago. I'm so upset right now. Aarrghhh!!!

Katie and Paige better perform at least amazing performance next week,or we will kick their asses back to their hometown!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 16 Guys Performances

- Lee Dwyze (oh my gosh,I loved this rendition!!So current & didn't bored me to death like most of the girls performances. Watch out for the pitchy notes though,Lee always tends to ignore that.Because sometimes the notes is verging on excruciating.)
- Alex Lambert (I loved Taylor Hicks's version of this song back in the day but Alex did a good job with it too.A little bit all over the place vocally and the arrangement is a bit faster but still solid)
- Tim Urban (oh my Jesus Lord!!It's so fantastic!!I never in a million years predicted he would make my jaw dropped like what he just did with this performance.Who knows he could soar like that??One of the best performances from the guys this season,I think)
- Andrew Garcia (STFU judges!!I loved this rendition!!His best performance so far since Straight Up,me think.Thanks God,the guys oversang the girls so far tonight.I love every one of their performances,maybe because they pick a current song choice rather than dull old medieval song)
- Casey James (beautiful performance.He hasn't performed as good as his Hollywood Week's performance but this is the right track for Casey. Country bluesy genre.He looked so handsome tonight btw.)
- Aaron Kelly (his beginning notes were too low,and he's swaying left & right. He should work that out because it's so distracting. Amazing vocal though,albeit shakiness in some parts)
- Todrick Hall (woah the beginning falsetto surprised me.It sounded like a female voice but he rocked that performance out tonight.He saved himself definitely from the chopping block.Nice song choice,great performance,not over the top or boring.)
- Michael Lynche (WTH!!His neo soul performance's definitely a showstopper performance so far in the competition. Although neo soul/R&B genre is not my thing but spectacular performance.He's a serious contender for sure,not just milking the wife and baby story.)

Now I'm confuse who'll be going home tomorrow from the guys.Tonight I'm definitely bias with my review because of the song choices.The more current the song choices are,the most likely I rank it higher than the older song choices.Although I try to be objective.

My rank:
1. Michael Lynche
2. Tim Urban
3. Lee Dwyze
4. Andrew Garcia
5. Aaron Kelly
6. Todrick Hall
7. Casey James
8. Alex Lambert

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 16 Girls Performances

Okay,I was upset that tonight's show was only 1 hour when I found out about that. Until I watched it... Here it is:

- Katie Stevens (I must disagree with the judges. For once,I loved her song choice. I liked this performance. My problem with her was she didn't have any spots in the song to showcase her powerful voice. With only around 1 minute performance,it's impossible to build the momentum within the song. But she improved tonight.)
- Siobhan Magnus (she's stepping up her game every week. Brilliant acapella at the beginning. She' no longer a darkhorse for me. She's a contender in this race for sure.)
- Lacey Brown (OMG!!OMG!!I loved this performance. Her best performance so far and one of the best performance from all the contestants these 3 weeks. I loved how heart wrenching the performance was and the connection. Her beautiful voice is showcased on every lyrics. Great job!!)
- Katelyn Epperly (the hell with the judges!! I enjoyed this performance. Last week she bored me to death with her slower Scientist performance. This week,she showed her fun personality. I hope she advances to the Top 12)
- Didi Benami (she's back!! The accoustic singer songwriter Didi that everyone loved is back. She performed the heck out of that song although her facial expression was too serious in some parts of the song but overall great performance!!)
- Paige Miles (gloomy sad song in contrast with the lyrics,but Paige showed her vocal range with her song choice. I could see what Simon saw in her. Although maybe this is the end for her)
- Crystal Bowersox (I prefer Jordin Sparks or even Kristen McNamara's version of this song. Crystal is outstanding but when she performed this song choice,I couldn't shake Jordin & Kristen's rendition out of my head.)
- Lilly Scott (old song,but I liked this performance. She stood out from the pack because she picked this country song. She could do more to impress us though.)

Overall,a fantastic night for the girls. The best girls nights performances since Season 6 Top 24 Girls. I never thought they could do it. Two thumbs up for them. Now,the guys chance to impress me tomorrow.

My rank:
1. Lacey Brown
2. Didi Benami
3. Siobhan Magnus
4. Katelyn Epperly
5. Katie Stevens
6. Lilly Scott
7. Crystal Bowersox
8. Paige Miles

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

This movie maybe one of the movies this year that I've been anticipated. From the trailer,I already loved the way Tim Burton brings this cartoon to life and Johnny Depp,Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway's acting. I decided to watch this movie in 3D,to make the most of it,fortunately I was with my friend. Different case with Avatar,I wanted to see it in 3D but the theater that plays 3D movie is so far,I was too lazy to go there and watch the movie by myself/alone.

This movie opens with beautiful landscape of the mansion's garden in Victorian era. The family there invite Alice to match her with their son. Instead of accepting that guy's marriage proposal,Alice is more interested with a rabbit that's been running around in the garden's maze. Thus,the rabbit lures Alice into the hole,a doorway to Wonderland.

I always love the european/duke/duchess aura since I was a child. Something about that society is interesting to me. The first time Alice finds out she's in a locked room with only a key and potion in it remind me of Kingdom Hearts (PS2 RPG game). LOL. When she's finally out from that room,the face of Tweedledum and Tweedledee made me laugh,Matt Lucas played them and he's one heck of a comedian. I love his tv series (Little Britain),one of the funniest comedy series out there. I was so ecstatic too when I heard Alan Rickman's voice as Caterpillar (can you tell that I love him because he plays Snape in Harry Potter series?). When they meet Mad Hatter,I didn't know what they're talking about. Johnny Depp speaks words that it's too difficult for me to understand. Red Queen is also,sometimes I had a difficulty understand what she's talking about,although my favorite line from this movie is "Off with their head". ROTFL. No one can play Red Queen as good as Helena Bonham Carter. Her eccentric style,her eyes and her legendary acting make for a great evil Red Queen. The people that surrounds her,the one with long nose,fat body,big ears are LOL worthy. Seeing them suck up to every Queen's words made me almost laugh.

I didn't know the exact story of Alice in Wonderland. So I didn't know that White Queen is good force. I thought she's just another character. I love Anne Hathaway's portrayal of that queen. Very out of this world persona and very WHITE!! Dunno why she's walking like that. Tim Burton's world is never boring to me. To my surprise,I thought Alice in the armor when I saw in the trailer was a man. Turned out it's Alice,I didn't realize that from the trailer.

I couldn't understand some details in this movie,about what Red Queen told to Knave of Hearts,why both of that queens in war with each other,etc. But I love love this movie. It's above my expectation. I love each character's portrayal,the differences between the cartoon and this movie. Since many people talked about how boring this movie it is,I'd say that I didn't see it that way. This is what to expect from this movie,dialogue with so many characters and the uniqueness of each of them. Or maybe the bizarre things in this movie. I enjoyed it so much. You should see it too!!

Links: Official Site
Rotten Tomatoes

Friday, March 05, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 20 Results

They sang "I Gotta Feeling" for the group song,ouch the auto-tunes. It's getting more obvious everyday.

John Park got booted!! He has potential but he couldn't delivered on this show. Disappointment for many people and his fans. He performed a better rendition of Gravity though tonight,more vigor than two days ago.

Jermaine Sellers got axed!! Thanks God,of course God doesn't want Jermaine to taint His holy name any longer. I'm so ashamed that I rooted for him way back in audition.

Danny Gokey sang the hell out of his song,and after that he couldn't STFU!! I'm already neutral about him and now I hate him again. Always rambling rambling and rambling about everything. I abhorred him last year. It's good that he has a pretty good country career. Good for him.

Didi Benami's fate is on the line with her bad song choice yesterday,but Michelle Delamor got eliminated instead. I felt sorry for her. She seemed so sad yet pissed off.

Thanks God,Lacey Brown is still safe. It's the end of the line for Haeley Vaughn. Too bad we can't see the rising of female african american country singer like what the judges hoped for her. She's very inexperience and butchered every songs with her untrained vocal ability. All the girls cried so much because of her elimination. I guess,she's very likable,huh. They must love her so very much.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 20 Girls Performances

- Crystal Bowersox (I was so happy that she's not disqualified & has recovered from her illness. She delivered a solid good soulful rendition. Very truthful and she looked like a pro already. Not my fave genre of song though but beautiful vocal)
- Haeley Vaughn (I love the song,I liked this performance but it's a bit bland and went nowhere. I didn't hear as many pitchy notes as last week,the last notes were awful. I think she needs time in order to be more skillfull. She has great potential but still doesn't know what to do with it right now)
- Lacey Brown (the beginning of the song brought back the beautiful sultry tone in her voice but the bandzilla ruined it for me. She'd do fantastic if she did it accoustically or with less band. It's still not bad though for me. Great song,nice performance)
- Katie Stevens (good song choice but disappointing performance. I prefer Megan Joy's version last season. Katie has spectacular voice but I don't know why she picks awful song choices. She can't seem to pick the right one. I'd think "No Parade" from Jordin Sparks might be a good song for her)
- Didi Benami (oh woah she had a meltdown!!I didn't like this performance at all. Weird notes in the beginning,very shouty in the last part,all over the place and very uncomfortable. Why every frontrunner crash and burn right now at this early in the competition?? I can't fathom it. Every one of them hasn't performed as good as their respective Hollywood Week's performance. I'm afraid this season this show might jump the shark)
- Michelle Delamor (I didn't recognize the song because of the weird arrangement but she sang it wholeheartedly and in perfect notes/pitch. Definitely the only female gunning for the diva slot this year. I want to see her again though,with the right song she could impress me)
- Lilly Scott (ooww I think it's just okay. Adam Lambert did a way better and believable version of this song. She oversang this song in some parts,felt like a manic performance,I didn't like this)
- Katelyn Epperly (B.O.R.I.N.G !!!! It's too slow and nothing interesting about this performance. I prefer Tasha Layton's rendition in Hollywood Week,and I don't give a damn about their excuses that they're still figuring out the stage,the sound,the camera and whatever it is,since Lakisha,Elliot,etc who didn't have any experience at all back then,knocked most of their performances out of the park)
- Paige Miles (good!! My mom suddenly broke into my room and rambled about my brother. Urgh!! I couldn't hear Paige clearly because of that but I think she's very likable,has charming personality and not bad/boring at all. Fun & enjoyable performance)
- Siobhan Magnus (no one can touch Katharine McPhee's version of this song,she owned it!! Although I loved Siobhan's banshee scream in the end. LOL)

I hate hate hate tonight's show. If I had knew the performances would be this boring and mediocre with no stand out performance at all,I'd rather go out and watch Alice in the Wonderland. Sigh.

My rank:
1. Crystal Bowersox
2. Lacey Brown
3. Michelle Delamor
4. Haeley Vaughn
5. Siobhan Magnus
6. Paige Miles
7. Katie Stevens
8. Lilly Scott
9. Katelyn Epperly
10. Didi Benami

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 20 Guys Performances

Sudden switch from girls to guys because of Crystal Bowersox.

- Michael Lynche (amazing improvement over last week,very soulful,not karaoke-ish,he added much more spice into his performance.Love it!!)
- John Park (better than last week,but he didn't capture my attention. The performance didn't have any wow factor in it. He got the voice to blow us away but where is it?? I kinda hoped he hit the right moment in this song but unfortunately there wasn't any moment at all)
- Casey James (was he wearing a lipgloss?? Casey is such a frontrunner right now. I would never ever guessed it in million years watching from his audition. He has an amazing guitar playing technique. I love this performance. Very solid!!)
- Alex Lambert (major improvement over last week's awkward performance. I really like his tone & voice. With the right song and the bandzilla out of the way,he could have a showstopper performance. He has to watch some of his bummed notes though.)
- Todrick Hall (why the heck did they criticize Todrick every inch of the way. It's like everything he does is wrong. I loved his last week's performance but I didn't like this one until the second part of the song when he's moving on stage. The judges threw him under the bus and pulling all stop to confuse this guy and eliminate him I'd say)
- Jermaine Sellers (oh shut up,Jermaine!! You're so annoying!! I've had enough of you!! He's become more like a douche every weeks. His performance was boring,too much runs & I can't stand his smug face while performing. I felt like he's always showing off,and why he talks back to the judges all the time??)
- Andrew Garcia (I felt he forced his performance too much. It's like he's struggling to the end,and it's not pleasant. Still good performance though. Just a tiny bit robotic)
- Aaron Kelly (what is this?? A Motown Night?? Almost all of their song choices are old songs. I didn't like it. As of this Aaron's performance,it was still solid. He still have limited stage movement & I abhor the song. Definitely prefer last week song choice)
- Tim Urban (a perfect song choice for him,I don't think there's any better song choice than this but he has zero stage presence,he delivered karaoke-ish performance,although I could see some good moment in the end. He had some nice spots in the last part of the verse. He really needs years of experience. It's so uncomfortable watching him)
- Lee Dwyze (one of the best performance of the night. Really believable,amazing rock vocal,I loved it!! I heard many pitchy notes and his nerve though)

My rank:
1. Lee Dwyze
2. Alex Lambert
3. Casey James
4. Michael Lynche
5. Tim Urban
6. Aaron Kelly
7. Andrew Garcia
8. John Park
9. Todrick Hall
10. Jermaine Sellers

Monday, March 01, 2010

Whitney Houston's Trainwreck Performance in Brisbane

I feel bad for her,her amazing voice isn't there anymore due to drugs. Although she tried really hard for that song and I really commend her for that. Besides,her "Look To You" album is one of the best album from last year. I love that album,every song of it!!