Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 16 Girls Performances

Okay,I was upset that tonight's show was only 1 hour when I found out about that. Until I watched it... Here it is:

- Katie Stevens (I must disagree with the judges. For once,I loved her song choice. I liked this performance. My problem with her was she didn't have any spots in the song to showcase her powerful voice. With only around 1 minute performance,it's impossible to build the momentum within the song. But she improved tonight.)
- Siobhan Magnus (she's stepping up her game every week. Brilliant acapella at the beginning. She' no longer a darkhorse for me. She's a contender in this race for sure.)
- Lacey Brown (OMG!!OMG!!I loved this performance. Her best performance so far and one of the best performance from all the contestants these 3 weeks. I loved how heart wrenching the performance was and the connection. Her beautiful voice is showcased on every lyrics. Great job!!)
- Katelyn Epperly (the hell with the judges!! I enjoyed this performance. Last week she bored me to death with her slower Scientist performance. This week,she showed her fun personality. I hope she advances to the Top 12)
- Didi Benami (she's back!! The accoustic singer songwriter Didi that everyone loved is back. She performed the heck out of that song although her facial expression was too serious in some parts of the song but overall great performance!!)
- Paige Miles (gloomy sad song in contrast with the lyrics,but Paige showed her vocal range with her song choice. I could see what Simon saw in her. Although maybe this is the end for her)
- Crystal Bowersox (I prefer Jordin Sparks or even Kristen McNamara's version of this song. Crystal is outstanding but when she performed this song choice,I couldn't shake Jordin & Kristen's rendition out of my head.)
- Lilly Scott (old song,but I liked this performance. She stood out from the pack because she picked this country song. She could do more to impress us though.)

Overall,a fantastic night for the girls. The best girls nights performances since Season 6 Top 24 Girls. I never thought they could do it. Two thumbs up for them. Now,the guys chance to impress me tomorrow.

My rank:
1. Lacey Brown
2. Didi Benami
3. Siobhan Magnus
4. Katelyn Epperly
5. Katie Stevens
6. Lilly Scott
7. Crystal Bowersox
8. Paige Miles

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