Wednesday, March 03, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 20 Guys Performances

Sudden switch from girls to guys because of Crystal Bowersox.

- Michael Lynche (amazing improvement over last week,very soulful,not karaoke-ish,he added much more spice into his performance.Love it!!)
- John Park (better than last week,but he didn't capture my attention. The performance didn't have any wow factor in it. He got the voice to blow us away but where is it?? I kinda hoped he hit the right moment in this song but unfortunately there wasn't any moment at all)
- Casey James (was he wearing a lipgloss?? Casey is such a frontrunner right now. I would never ever guessed it in million years watching from his audition. He has an amazing guitar playing technique. I love this performance. Very solid!!)
- Alex Lambert (major improvement over last week's awkward performance. I really like his tone & voice. With the right song and the bandzilla out of the way,he could have a showstopper performance. He has to watch some of his bummed notes though.)
- Todrick Hall (why the heck did they criticize Todrick every inch of the way. It's like everything he does is wrong. I loved his last week's performance but I didn't like this one until the second part of the song when he's moving on stage. The judges threw him under the bus and pulling all stop to confuse this guy and eliminate him I'd say)
- Jermaine Sellers (oh shut up,Jermaine!! You're so annoying!! I've had enough of you!! He's become more like a douche every weeks. His performance was boring,too much runs & I can't stand his smug face while performing. I felt like he's always showing off,and why he talks back to the judges all the time??)
- Andrew Garcia (I felt he forced his performance too much. It's like he's struggling to the end,and it's not pleasant. Still good performance though. Just a tiny bit robotic)
- Aaron Kelly (what is this?? A Motown Night?? Almost all of their song choices are old songs. I didn't like it. As of this Aaron's performance,it was still solid. He still have limited stage movement & I abhor the song. Definitely prefer last week song choice)
- Tim Urban (a perfect song choice for him,I don't think there's any better song choice than this but he has zero stage presence,he delivered karaoke-ish performance,although I could see some good moment in the end. He had some nice spots in the last part of the verse. He really needs years of experience. It's so uncomfortable watching him)
- Lee Dwyze (one of the best performance of the night. Really believable,amazing rock vocal,I loved it!! I heard many pitchy notes and his nerve though)

My rank:
1. Lee Dwyze
2. Alex Lambert
3. Casey James
4. Michael Lynche
5. Tim Urban
6. Aaron Kelly
7. Andrew Garcia
8. John Park
9. Todrick Hall
10. Jermaine Sellers


Cheryl said...

Urgh aku juga ga suka sama Jermaine -_-" sebel liatnya~

aquayers said...

eneg dah.Mending pulang secepet nya.Aku heran dulu pas audisi dia kok bagus bgt.Skrg ancur total.