Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 10 Performances (R&B and Soul Theme)

Dear God,they spent so much time talking to Usher.
- Siobhan Magnus (oh God,why they did a damage control for her performance?? By giving her sympathy,reminding the people at home that she delivers every weeks. I was surprised that she stank tonight. I cringed when I heard her really pitchy notes. I think she's already lost her steam. I don't think she's lock for Top 2 anymore because of tonight and last week. Siobhan is unique alright but if she don't use her banshee scream,she's just okay. I hated it that the judges and Ryan trying so hard to pimp her. Geez)
- Casey James (the song is meh,but he gave everything that he got. I agree with Ellen that it's a safe song for him to sing. It's just hovering on the same parts & didn't offer much else)
I saw Jermaine Purifoy in the Casey's family seats area.
- Michael Lynche (once again,an outstanding performance from Michael. I don't like the song though,it's boring but objectivelly Michael is the strongest male contestant from that pack)
- Didi Benami (bland and I didn't feel her emotion at all,the end note was good though. I agree with the judges,she lost her way. Terrified,What I Am and Rhiannon is what she is,and not this all over the place character. And WTH Ryan pimped her backstory for?? He's so loopy tonight)
- Tim Urban (he'd be great if he hadn't had a deer in the headlight stare at the camera. The vocal is fine. Might be the best that I've ever heard from him but I couldn't stand his awkward stage presence)
- Andrew Garcia (he's back!!!Thanks to Usher,Andrew is free from his worry & paranoid thinking & performed the hell out of that song. Amazing performance)
- Katie Stevens (Simon's seriously sabotaging the show!! Katie's vocal was fantastic tonight. Completely improved. She brought the swagger to the song although I agreed that sometimes I got cold persona from her. Another one of her strong performance,me think)
- Lee Dwyze (woah,he improved so much. It's a spectacular performance. He picked the ring song,his voice was spot on,he bared it all on the stage & hold no bar. The only negative thing that I still could see was the nervousness in his eyes. It's like he scared of something. Dunno what it is)
- Crystal Bowersox (she knocked this song out of the park despite the song's been overdone to death on Idol. When I thought she focus too much on her piano playing,she stood up and gave a masterclass vocal. I didn't know that she has that range. Superb!!)
- Aaron Kelly (he did alright. This song shouldn't be done anymore though. Because it's Kris's stapple & no one should touch it. Thanks God,Aaron didn't murder that song,I still don't like his lower register though,sometimes it sounds a bit weird or off pitch.)

My rank:
1. Andrew Garcia
2. Lee Dwyze
3. Crystal Bowersox
4. Katie Stevens
5. Tim Urban
6. Michael Lynche
7. Casey James
8. Aaron Kelly
9. Didi Benami
10. Siobhan Magnus

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