Saturday, March 06, 2010

Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

This movie maybe one of the movies this year that I've been anticipated. From the trailer,I already loved the way Tim Burton brings this cartoon to life and Johnny Depp,Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway's acting. I decided to watch this movie in 3D,to make the most of it,fortunately I was with my friend. Different case with Avatar,I wanted to see it in 3D but the theater that plays 3D movie is so far,I was too lazy to go there and watch the movie by myself/alone.

This movie opens with beautiful landscape of the mansion's garden in Victorian era. The family there invite Alice to match her with their son. Instead of accepting that guy's marriage proposal,Alice is more interested with a rabbit that's been running around in the garden's maze. Thus,the rabbit lures Alice into the hole,a doorway to Wonderland.

I always love the european/duke/duchess aura since I was a child. Something about that society is interesting to me. The first time Alice finds out she's in a locked room with only a key and potion in it remind me of Kingdom Hearts (PS2 RPG game). LOL. When she's finally out from that room,the face of Tweedledum and Tweedledee made me laugh,Matt Lucas played them and he's one heck of a comedian. I love his tv series (Little Britain),one of the funniest comedy series out there. I was so ecstatic too when I heard Alan Rickman's voice as Caterpillar (can you tell that I love him because he plays Snape in Harry Potter series?). When they meet Mad Hatter,I didn't know what they're talking about. Johnny Depp speaks words that it's too difficult for me to understand. Red Queen is also,sometimes I had a difficulty understand what she's talking about,although my favorite line from this movie is "Off with their head". ROTFL. No one can play Red Queen as good as Helena Bonham Carter. Her eccentric style,her eyes and her legendary acting make for a great evil Red Queen. The people that surrounds her,the one with long nose,fat body,big ears are LOL worthy. Seeing them suck up to every Queen's words made me almost laugh.

I didn't know the exact story of Alice in Wonderland. So I didn't know that White Queen is good force. I thought she's just another character. I love Anne Hathaway's portrayal of that queen. Very out of this world persona and very WHITE!! Dunno why she's walking like that. Tim Burton's world is never boring to me. To my surprise,I thought Alice in the armor when I saw in the trailer was a man. Turned out it's Alice,I didn't realize that from the trailer.

I couldn't understand some details in this movie,about what Red Queen told to Knave of Hearts,why both of that queens in war with each other,etc. But I love love this movie. It's above my expectation. I love each character's portrayal,the differences between the cartoon and this movie. Since many people talked about how boring this movie it is,I'd say that I didn't see it that way. This is what to expect from this movie,dialogue with so many characters and the uniqueness of each of them. Or maybe the bizarre things in this movie. I enjoyed it so much. You should see it too!!

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