Thursday, March 04, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 20 Girls Performances

- Crystal Bowersox (I was so happy that she's not disqualified & has recovered from her illness. She delivered a solid good soulful rendition. Very truthful and she looked like a pro already. Not my fave genre of song though but beautiful vocal)
- Haeley Vaughn (I love the song,I liked this performance but it's a bit bland and went nowhere. I didn't hear as many pitchy notes as last week,the last notes were awful. I think she needs time in order to be more skillfull. She has great potential but still doesn't know what to do with it right now)
- Lacey Brown (the beginning of the song brought back the beautiful sultry tone in her voice but the bandzilla ruined it for me. She'd do fantastic if she did it accoustically or with less band. It's still not bad though for me. Great song,nice performance)
- Katie Stevens (good song choice but disappointing performance. I prefer Megan Joy's version last season. Katie has spectacular voice but I don't know why she picks awful song choices. She can't seem to pick the right one. I'd think "No Parade" from Jordin Sparks might be a good song for her)
- Didi Benami (oh woah she had a meltdown!!I didn't like this performance at all. Weird notes in the beginning,very shouty in the last part,all over the place and very uncomfortable. Why every frontrunner crash and burn right now at this early in the competition?? I can't fathom it. Every one of them hasn't performed as good as their respective Hollywood Week's performance. I'm afraid this season this show might jump the shark)
- Michelle Delamor (I didn't recognize the song because of the weird arrangement but she sang it wholeheartedly and in perfect notes/pitch. Definitely the only female gunning for the diva slot this year. I want to see her again though,with the right song she could impress me)
- Lilly Scott (ooww I think it's just okay. Adam Lambert did a way better and believable version of this song. She oversang this song in some parts,felt like a manic performance,I didn't like this)
- Katelyn Epperly (B.O.R.I.N.G !!!! It's too slow and nothing interesting about this performance. I prefer Tasha Layton's rendition in Hollywood Week,and I don't give a damn about their excuses that they're still figuring out the stage,the sound,the camera and whatever it is,since Lakisha,Elliot,etc who didn't have any experience at all back then,knocked most of their performances out of the park)
- Paige Miles (good!! My mom suddenly broke into my room and rambled about my brother. Urgh!! I couldn't hear Paige clearly because of that but I think she's very likable,has charming personality and not bad/boring at all. Fun & enjoyable performance)
- Siobhan Magnus (no one can touch Katharine McPhee's version of this song,she owned it!! Although I loved Siobhan's banshee scream in the end. LOL)

I hate hate hate tonight's show. If I had knew the performances would be this boring and mediocre with no stand out performance at all,I'd rather go out and watch Alice in the Wonderland. Sigh.

My rank:
1. Crystal Bowersox
2. Lacey Brown
3. Michelle Delamor
4. Haeley Vaughn
5. Siobhan Magnus
6. Paige Miles
7. Katie Stevens
8. Lilly Scott
9. Katelyn Epperly
10. Didi Benami

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