Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 11 iTunes Recording Review

- Lee Dwyze (slower tempo compared to the live show,he has nice voice,still not a solid recording for me,much like his live performance)
- Paige Miles (ouch,I almost don't recognize Paige's voice in this song. This song lack the swagger that Paige has in her personality and when she performed her uptempo performances)
- Tim Urban (I can't for the life of me understand why the hell Tim picked this song as his choice,his live performance was awful and this recording is as bland as it gets)
- Aaron Kelly (I love Aaron's recording voice,although I feel in this recording,he sings in a lower register compared to his live performance,I prefer his high register voice but still solid recording.Although I sense a lack of energy.)
- Crystal Bowersox (oh gosh.....I love this recording,I love the song more and more each day and Crystal is the only real musician in this packs. The best recording this week)
- Michael Lynche (Michael's voice is very recognizable in every recording,he has the same sound in live and in booth,and he has no pitchy problems.Although this kind of genre is not my thing,but still I must applaud his vocal ability)
- Andrew Garcia (how is it possible that I love this recording of Andrew?? Although still somewhat boring in some parts,but I like his voice and the tone and rhytm of this recording)
- Katie Stevens (from the first note,I already love this recording. Her voice is smooth,very good,and has no pitch problems like her live performance. Fantastic recording)
- Casey James (Casey also has recognizable recording voice,I love his raw vocal,this recording is okay)
- Didi Benami (Didi's performance was underrated,it's pretty good after I watched it few times. This recording of her also has special quality in it,the vibe,swagger and her vocal although I don't like the almost sheep like sound of her at some points)
- Siobhan Magnus (like her voice,but this recording is meh,the only thing that's good about her performance and recording is the banshee's scream)

This week's best recording: Crystal Bowersox,Katie Stevens,Didi Benami,Michael Lynche,Aaron Kelly

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