Sunday, May 31, 2009

Susan Boyle Lost Britain's Got Talent

Awwwww,I wanted her to win. Anyway,great job for Diversity. I don't like the ending part of the dance though. And I hope all the best for Susan. I hope she will have a huge career. I'm rooting for her.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Movie Review : Terminator Salvation

This is the 4th film of the Terminator Series. I’m not that good with remembering all the prototype of the robots,the names of the characters and everything but I’m pretty much following all franchise of Terminator (and the tv series too). I went into the theater with hesitation about this movie because from the trailer,it didn’t do anything for me. But I want to check the movie myself,and it’s better than my expectation. I love the future landscape of the movie and the feeling of it, many prototype of the robots like hydrobots,motobots (??) and the big robot. Christian Bale plays his role flawlessly,it’s great that they gave him more emphatic trait (which you can see in the movie when he deals with Marcus Wright and Blair),after that video of him raging over everything,I lost a little bit respect for him but he’s done his best on this movie. Props for him.

Somehow Star,the girl under Kyle’s wing looks like that boy from Are You Smarter than 5th Grader. I still have question left after watching this movie like: is there any headquarters of Skynet around the world beside America??? Will they make the 5th sequel?? Oh yeah,they show one cameo from someone you might be surprised with.

I’m so excited that this summer all the movies that I’ve been watching is so fantastic. Can’t wait for the rest of the blockbuster movie like G.I. Joe,Harry Potter,plus I haven’t watched Watchmen yet because the theater in here hasn’t played it yet. Sigh.

Link : Terminator Salvation's Wikipedia
Rotten Tomatoes
Official site

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Katharine McPhee Performs Somewhere at Washington Memorial Day Concert

OMG!!She killed that song,and the end notes were fantastic. I can't wait for her 2nd album. Please come sooner. It's a disgrace that you haven't reached platinum recording artist yet.

Katharine McPhee & Lang Lang Perform America The Beautiful at Washington Memorial Day Concert

Happy Memorial Day for my fellow Americans.

Elliot Yamin - Fight For Love video

That song is very good!!! Everybody should spread the word about that song and support him by buying the single and asking on the radio. Fight for Elliot Yamin,guys!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Susan Boyle Performs Memory at Britain's Got Talent

She looks like an angel!! I love the stage,the lighting,the smoke. She's definitely a star now. Btw I hope people will treat her nicely because she has a huge expectation on her shoulder and it's very hard for her. I hope she will do well in that competition.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 2 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Adam Lambert (A Change Is Gonna Come)
OMG!!The tempo in this song is making me sleep. It's so drowsy although the recording itself is good. Adam makes his way in the song nicely but I don't like this recording. Not my favorite.
- Kris Allen (What's Going On)
I love the background music in this,somehow brings the laidback and cozy vibe to the song. I love this recording more than the live version,Kris's voice is smooth as always.Btw I know that this song is about Vietnam war but since I heard of this song the first time back then,I always think that this song=song about today's world problem.
- Kris Allen (No Boundaries)
I love this recording way more than the uncomfortable live version but here's the thing,the song itself is so atrocious,it's not catchy at all and making me like the song sometime and hate the song another time.Definitely the worst coronation song ever,why they called themselves songwriters for writing this crappy song??I agree with some people that Kris's voice is more suitable in this song but Adam has his own personal and different arrangement on this song.
- Adam Lambert (No Boundaries)
The beginning's rhytm of the song sounds like a BGM from Perfect World Online (an online game),it has a Chinese sound to it but Adam brings his rock persona to the song. A very good studio recording,of course way better than his live version which is horrible.

Overall,the coronation song this year is god damn awful!!But both of them making the song their own,plus some people like it and some people hate it. I hope both of them the best of luck.

My takes for the Grand Finale was it was one of the best Finale I've ever watched. If they made Alexis,Matt and Anoop to have more solo time,it'd be the best ever. Can't wait for next year Idol.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Grand Finale : The Underdog Won

- Kimberly Locke spotted.
- Janice Dickinson spotted again for 2nd year in a row.
- Under 100 millions votes counted. There goes my office pools. I predicted more than 105 millions.
- Carrie Underwood spotted.
- The judges's clip isn't necessary,thank you!!
- Viewing party at each contestant's hometown. Mikalah Gordon looks like a xxx. I stop at that. Carly Smithson looks great.
- A rocking group performance (So What). Love it. So coordinate & truly rawks.
- David Cook's performance of Permanent was the best I've ever seen of him perform. All proceed goes to Brain Cancer Research. Buy that song guys!!
- Oh gosh,that lame Idol Awards again!!Scrap it,please!!It's not funny,but annoying.
- Yay,Normund Gentle!!That's what I want. Forget about scrap the awards LOL. He rocks that stage. "I want that perch,it's power" LMAO
- Lil Rounds duets with Queen Latifah performing Cue The Rain. Fantastic performance. The best I've ever heard of Lil. This is what every performance of contestants should be. Nervous free,relax on stage,have fun,throw the song out of the park. Don't worry about the judges.
- Can't wait for Tatiana.
- Jason Mraz performs with Alexis & Anoop and the rest of Top 13 minus Kris and Adam. Good.
- Kris Allen's clip journey. I want to see more. His Hollywood rounds especially. Oh well.....
- Kris duets with Keith Urban singing Kiss A Girl. OMG!! That's was amazing,the song is so catchy and outstanding performance from both of them. I'm so freaking happy. This's definitely better than my expectation and it turned out I liked this more than the Jason Mraz one. Great job Kris. I can see Kris venture into country chart and blast that chart.
- The girls singing "Glamorous". Their vocal harmonizing was terrible. Megan's phrasing and her tempo was awful. Fergie appears,I love her singing "Big Girls Don't Cry".
- Black Eyed Peas performs "Boom Boom Pow". Hated that song.
- Idol Awards again. Bikini Girl won. She kisses Ryan. Eeww. And sing Vision Of Love. OMG!!Someone appears behind her,it's Kara!! They battled it out & Kara strips her clothes. OMG!!OMG!!LMAO This gonna be fun at every forums and blogs.
- David Archuleta spotted.
- Allison duets with Cyndi Lauper (Time After Time). Spectacular raw performance. I cant' wait for Allison's recording.
- Ryan interview Allen's family and Lambert's family. I love both of their family.
- Danny Gokey performs Hello. Meh. Lionel Richie duets with him. Not bad. At least Danny doesn't destroy everything with his pushed higher register.
- Why Anoop didn't get a special duet???
- Ruben Studdard & David Hasselhoff spotted.
- Adam's outfit oh my...!!!Looks like an outfit from horror weird movie. KISS blasted the stage. The best entrance I've ever seen. Adam's fronting them. Great job,Adam. You're one heck of a performer & rocker. A star indeed. Completely different universe with Kris if you compare both of them again and again. Like apples and oranges. No one better than the others. It depends on taste.
- Santana performs great guitar playing. Love Kris and Adam today. They're singing amazing. I want more Top 13 though like Alexis.
- Mandisa spotted.
- Janice Dickinson looks stoned. OMG!!
- The last Ford music video. I love the song. I'm teary eyes,will miss this season totally.
- Steve Martin performs with Megan Joy & Michael Sarver. Love the performance. Michael's voice is great if he could get a great song like this one. Aww,Megan stretches her voice. It's not her forte. She looks dazzling though.
- Boys singing "Do You Think I'm Sexy" and introduced Rod Stewart. His voice is already depleted. Btw where's the girls???I want more Alexis. Arrghh.
- Private Practice's maen actress spotted.
- Bo Bice,Christina Applegate,Nicole and Joel Richie spotted too.
- Idol Awards again. Yay,Tatiana!!Noo,don't cut her performance. I want her to sing that song to Simon full force and do Thriller remix complete with nervous breakdown on stage.
- Tonight was fantastic so far but I want more.Where's Kradam duet??
- Kris and Adam duet with Queen. Aww,they're smiling at each other. I love Kradam. Their friendship is awesome. It restores my faith to humanity again. They both will have an amazing career,I can't wait.
- Whew,I'm nervous. Where's Bruno??I thought he will appear.
- Ryan on the right side on the stage. There goes again my office pools point.
- The winner is ................KRIS ALLEN!!!OMG!!Holy bejeebuz!!I can't believe it. Underdog wins the show. Eat that,producers!!!! Although I want to say,big applause to Adam Lambert and all his fans. Too bad that we can't elect the first gay American Idol though but Adam's the strongest guy ever on Idol. I totally agree.
- Crap coronation song,and Katy hugs Kris. Lovely. The best year for me. Kradam lives on.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 2/Finale Performances

Round 1: Contestants Pick

- Adam Lambert - Mad World (a very good performance,I didn't hear the tweak that he promised but still I love the haunting feeling in it. Can't reach the status as the original Mad World but still a great job)
- Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine (amazing performance,didn't slip off a bit. He gave it the same strength as the original one. Usually when a contestant reprise their old song,it couldn't do any better than the original. But I think Kris outdid himself. Way to go,Kris!!)

Round 1= Kris's performance won the round for me.

Round 2: Simon Fuller's Pick

- Adam Lambert - A Change Is Gonna Come (I prefer Syesha's version of this song,Adam is once again too screechy,I don't like that tone of his voice but his phrasing and diction was flawless. Still a pretty good performance. Not a showstopper though)
- Kris Allen - What's Going On (very laidback performance,I hate the song choice. I can't think of a better way to rearrange this song for the better. Simon Fuller shouldn't pick a damn song next year,please!!)

Round 2= Adam won but by not that much

So far,I liked last year more with Archie's 2 showstopper performance (DLTSGDOM,In This Moment) that gave me goosebumps

Round 3: Kara's coronation song (No Boundaries)

- Adam Lambert (WTH!! with this song. It's so horrible. Adam's performance was all over the place because of it. I blame Kara for writing this awful song. The worst coronation song ever in the history of Idol me think)
- Kris Allen (the bandzilla was dominating Kris's voice but I liked Kris performance more. He's struggling at the end though. It's so awkward watching him trying to outsing the band. I can't get over the horrendous song. I HATE IT!!!)

Round 3= Kris

Carrie Underwood won the night.LOL.I'm sad that this season will end tomorrow. So many potential in the beginning,but the show and the producers ruined everything by the format,judges save drama,manipulation,etc.And this finale night is pretty bad for me personally. I don't feel any wow factor in it. Well,maybe the 1st round did it justice but oh well........

My rank:
1. Kris Allen (Ain't No Sunshine)
2. Adam Lambert (Mad World)
3. Adam Lambert (A Change Is Gonna Come)
4. Kris Allen (What's Going On)
5. Kris Allen (No Boundaries)
6. Adam Lambert (No Boundaries)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick Rambling about Finale and Grand Finale

It will be 3 rounds in the Finale. 1st round will be the contestants's reprise song (urgh,I hate that,I want new song),2nd round will be Simon Fuller's pick (I hope he won't throw Kris under the bus,fairness please),3rd round will be coronation song (I beg you,Kara. Write a damn great song for those contestants and be objective as you can. Make that song a hit)

Grand Finale: Kris will have a duet with Keith Urban. Yay!! I can't wait.

Friday, May 15, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 3 iTunes Recording Review

- Danny Gokey (Dance Little Sisters)
very 80's music plus Danny's preaching inside. I can't stand it anymore. Afterall,Paula is a moron for choosing this awful song and he can't do any arrangement on the earth to make this song better.
- Kris Allen (Apologize)
I hated this song because it's already overplayed to the death at that time but David Archuleta's rendition last year was perfect. While Kris's recording does his own unique thing,it feels different from the original recording of the artist. And Kris's phrasing always spot on. I love this recording.
- Adam Lambert (One)
I think this is one of the few times Adam outdid his live version. I love the guitar strumming in this recording,make the song into a fresh version of Adam. The full song gives Adam a chance to work the song in his benefit,he gives a nice flow to the song. Loved it.
- Danny Gokey (You Are So Beautiful)
urrghh the tempo in this song is too slow and drowsy laden. I'm not a fan of Danny's low register tone in this recording. And his high notes in few places give me goosebumps not in a good way.
- Kris Allen (Heartless)
I know that some people complaint why Kris didn't do accoustic in his recording but I kind of enjoy this recording. With some violinist and accoustic guitar accompanied him,it gives a laid back vibe. It's like this is the perfect recording to bring to your vacation at the beach or resort. Take it whatever you want,but that's what my impression. Very good recording again from Kris.
- Adam Lambert (Cryin')
great job,Adam. I love this Aerosmith's song and you don't make me hate your recording. It has the perfect combination in everything,not like your live version which was too loud complete with the background singer sabotaging you.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 3 Result Show

They're pimping Night at the Museum 2. Mmkay.

I spotted Allison,Lil and Blake in the audience. The entire Top 13 are there.

88 millions votes received. Woah!!! Only 1 millions separated the Top 2. I'm scared.

A kid from Rwanda sings. Alicia Keys introduced him. The proceed of that song goes to Keep A Child Alive.

Danny's homecoming. Ohh,so that's the people who support Danny and torture the world by putting him through to the Top 3. Let's move on.

Aww,Kris's footage made me cry. His parents are so proud of him. His dad was crying all the way. Me too through the end. I'm so proud of Kris. He proves everybody wrong. He go against the grain. He's the best and strongest underdog/darkhorse ever on Idol.

Jordin's Battlefield really sounds like My God is an Awesome God. Plus the lyric sounds like a worship song.

Adam's homecoming really doesn't have that much people. It's so few. Many blank spots. Woah!! Even after they edited the footage,they couldn't make it to appear that San Diego's people full force supporting Adam. Although I'm sure Adam has many fans worldwide.

Danny is blabbering on about the result. His mouth should be plastered.

Katy Perry's cloak says "Adam Lambert". The pimping just doesn't stop. LOL

I'm freaking nervous.

The first contestant who goes to The Finale is Kris. OMG!!! I'm screaming. It's so surreal,can't believe it. We did it,Kris Allenation!!! Kris fans are the best!!

The second contestant who goes to The Finale is Adam. Yay!! Gokey goes home. We put the GO in Gokey. Paula's mouth dropped open. F*ck you,judges!!!Eat that!!We're so tired of your bullshit pimping.

This is the best Top 2 ever. I'm so freaking happy and spazzing out over excitement.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 3 Performances (Judges Choices and Personal Choices)

Judges Choices:

- Danny Gokey (WTF!!with this performance. It's cheesy,forgettable,the song is the worst choice ever,worse than Syesha's Happy Feet & I abhor the performance. It's like some old man singing at hotel's lounge really bad. The original version of the artist on youtube is so much better. Added the note that Danny's dancing is making me puke)
- Kris Allen (very good rendition but I expected Kris to arrange the song because it sounds too much like the original. Maybe he keeps his arsenal for his 2nd song but overall he hits all the notes and delivers a very good vocal performance. As good as One Republic's Ryan Tedder itself)
- Adam Lambert (meh,it's bad and way below my expectation. Elliot and Mary J Blige sang this song out of the park. Adam just doesn't do anything for me and he screams all over the song. Not his worst performance but this performance I'd put in Adam's weak performances's catalogue)

All judges's song choices are disappointing. The performances aren't worthy of praised. Btw after the commercial,they're pimping Carrie Underwood doing a mission on Angola LOL I can't wait for her 3rd album though.

Personal song choices:

- Danny Gokey (I'll give it to him that it's almost a vocal perfection at the end. In the beginning,it was rough. Overall ,Taylor Hicks owned this song in song delivery,heartfelt performance and bluesy soul. While Danny just repeating the chorus in a boring way and he's still rambling on and on after the judges criticized him.Shut up,Gokey!!)
- Kris Allen (OMG!!!OMG!!OMG!!The best performance ever from Kris & the best of the night. I hate Kanye's songs but this performance is so wonderful and spectacular. My jaw dropped. Holy shit,that's an American Idol's high standard of showstopper performance. Every performances should've been like that. Fantastic,Kris.)
- Adam Lambert (I thought he gonna sing Dream On to prove to Danny who sings that song better LOL but btw the bandzilla is too much on this performance. Very good performance but I prefer if he toned down the sounds. It's too loud and I already missed the soft ballad Adam)

My rank:
1. Kris Allen (Heartless)
2. Kris Allen (Apologize)
3. Adam Lambert (Cryin')
4. Danny Gokey (You Are So Beautiful)
5. Adam Lambert (One)
6. Danny Gokey (Dance Little Sisters)

I hope Kris will sail to the Finale with that performance. I really can't stand Danny's mediocrity performance. And the pimping is getting ridiculous every weeks.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SHOCKING Greg Pritchard from Britain's Got Talent

Holy moly!!!I was like in the twilight dimension while I was watching that. Can't believe that his voice sounds like that.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Top Ten Music List

Artist ;Song; Album
1. Lady Gaga; Poker Face; The Fame
2. Carrie Underwood; I Told You So; Carnival Ride
3. Lily Allen; Not Fair; It’s Not Me,It’s You
4. David Archuleta; Touch My Hand; David Archuleta
5. Hey Monday; How You Love Me Now; Hold On Tight
6. Lenka; The Show; Lenka
7. Taylor Swift; You Belong With Me; Fearless
8. Britney Spears; If U Seek Amy; Circus
9. Enrique Iglesias Feat. Sarah Connor; Takin’ Back My Love; Greatest Hits
10. Miley Cyrus; The Climb; Hannah Montana:The Movie

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Movie Review : X-Men Origins: Wolverine

May 4th,2009 (sorry,it took me 1 week later to review because of I didn't have my internet last week)

I’m walking into the theater with no information whatsoever regarding the cast. Well maybe Gambit and Cyclops but I’m clueless about the others. And still wondering until now about some of the unfamiliar cast beside Deadpool,Blob. I’d say that the movie itself delivers way better than my expectation. I love the story,hence the major different plotline about the origin of Wolverine’s adamantium. The action is astonishing.

I’m puzzled that some people find this movie isn’t great,I thought it’s fantastic. One of the best movie this past 2 years. I love it that I can see Deadpool takes form in the movie,and I just know after I checked Wikipedia that Emma Frost was in the movie,she’s the one with the diamond skin.

Gambit’s appearance in this movie excites me too,I don’t know why X-Men Trilogy didn’t have him in it but it’s a smart decision to have him in here. I hope if X-Men makes the 4th film,Gambit would be there and Emma Frost too. Agent Zero is very cool,not familiar with him at all though,same with John Wraith and Bradley. I don’t know a single thing about them. But the acting is very good.

It’s a must see movie for everybody!! Let’s make this movie a big hit so that we can see another X-Men spin off or X-Men sequel like Apocalypse era or Sinister era. Spare me the criticism,I know I’m not that informed about X-Men universe but the comic is the best comic for me personally. Way above Spiderman and Fantastic Four. I want to see more X-Men story or characters,especially the unfamiliar ones,I’m bored with the same old Magneto story.

Friday, May 08, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 4 iTunes Studio Recording Review

- Adam Lambert (it's like his live performance but they added Adam's voice for background vocal. It sounds better for this recording)
- Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta's "Slow Ride" duet (pretty much the same with the live version,I don't know what more to say)
- Allison Iraheta (hmm this is a bit difficult,I love the raw vocal in the live version but if you love the smooth edited version of her voice,it's in this recording. For me,definitely I prefer the live)
- Danny Gokey (okay,I have to get ready to listen to this recording. I don't want to be surprised by his scream again. He's done it the same with the live,I don't see any difference,he's lucky that they edit all over his scream so that it might not freak your cat or dog. But still FAIL!!)
- Kris Allen (love this one,at least with the studio,Kris can find his groove and doesn't have to struggle like in the live version. I know that rock isn't his forte,but it's not that bad for Kris's recording)
- Kris Allen & Danny Gokey's "Renegade" duet (pretty good I think,I just know that Danny messed up his lyric twice when he was performing with Kris live,that's why Kris looked so upset maybe because he had to save Danny's ass.)

Well,I don't say much this week because I hate rock,the fact that the genre is classic rock makes me puke. It's not my thing. Maybe Kris and Allison have the best recording this week,dunno,it depends on your taste.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 4 Result Show

The opening is making me nervous.

The kids sing the group performance with Slash. Kris struggles to sing those high notes,I feel bad for him. And Allison pushs Danny LOL

Slash's voice is hoarse. He's not singing and his voice already hoarse. What the hell he's doing last night??

Danny's laughing over his fiasco last notes is LMAO worthy.

Paula performs her comeback single. The song is so catchy but something isn't right in her performance. Well,maybe some cheesiness of it all. Or maybe her overconfidence to break the music industry again. But I really hope she will do great.

Gwen Stefani officially graces Idol stage the most time of all the guest performer or mentors. And this is the worst performance ever. It's never ending,I hate the song,please spare me the torture.

OMG!!I'm nervous as hell. The homecoming clip from previous seasons brings back memory. I love that years.

Ryan gonna send 1 contestant to the safety first and in random order. It's KRIS!!! Holy cow!!OMG!!For the love of God!!Zeus!!I couldn't believe it!!I'm screaming,crying,bawling over excitement.Definitely surreal.

Daughtry's 1st single from their 2nd album is okay. I love it when Kris brings the 5x platinum plaque to Chris Daughtry. Kris+Chris=FTW!!

Adam is safe. Yay!! Danny is safe!! WTH!!WHAT!!Are you f*cking kidding me!! Allison goes home. I'm so upset right now. This night almost became the best night of this year but oh well....Gokey is still living like a cockroach. Please everyone,put the GO in Gokey,mmkay!! You don't want to see the boring Danny vs Adam Finale that the judges have been wanting since the audition season. Yuck!! Let's make it Kradam Finale!!

Next week: 2 songs each. WTH!! I'm so over this season. I want more songs!!!!!I hope the judges pick a great song for Kris and Adam and throw Danny under the bus for fairness.

I haven't been online for 4 days

Yesterday I blogged from the nearest internet place or you can call it cafe although it's not cafe per say. Since Sunday night my modem acted funny and I couldn't connect to the internet at all. The technician was so hard to called to the house to fix this problem and everything was a mess. It's so horrible that it made me so upset. Apparently the internet connection around my area was bad and they need to change the cable,so it took days and some technician still puzzled and blamed it all on my modem's condition which was perfectly fine today after I brought it to the vendor who sold it.

I hope my internet will be smooth sailing from now. Gosh,I hate the internet facility and connection in Indonesia.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 4 Performances (Classic Rock Week)

- Adam Lambert (meh I'm not feelin' this. I don't like this kind of music. Adam can acrobat his vocal all his like but I'm not a fan of this performance. Despite,he's being screechy again and hit those high notes that maybe turn off some people out there)
- Allison Iraheta (OMG!!Spectacular performance. I disagree absolutely with the judges. I love the song choice,I love the way she interpret the song. One of her best performance for me. Btw because the judges throw her under the bus & Allison talks back to them,she might get eliminated)
- Kris & Danny duet "Renegade" (I agree that Danny is better in this performance but it's officially absurd. They throw Kris under the bus for this. He looks unhappy as if he's being screwed by the producers about the song choice and pairing up with Gokey. Big F*CK to the show. I don't like the song either. It's too big for them and only highlight Danny's growl vocal while left Kris out in the desert)
- Kris Allen (aww Kris,he tries so hard. Carly Smithson ruled this song last year but Kris doesn't disappoint me. He performs it pretty good. Not great,but still a solid performance in my book. He has done his best in this genre that isn't good for him. I'm proud of him. This is the kind of performance that should get praised for it's effort while not go over the top or desperate. While the bus does its job again to ram Kris)
- Danny Gokey (the first part of the song is like a haunting sound that comes from ghost,and the end is horrendous. The worst notes ever on Idol. I'm jumping up and down for his downfall but the pimping is still blatant. The hell with the judges. Danny shouldn't pick this song in the first place. I believe this song is dear for Michael Johns' fans everywhere)
- Adam & Allison duet "Slow Ride" (woah,definitely way better than Kris and Danny obviously but they are rockers and they supposed to be great at this genre. Maybe this performance will propel them to the Finale. Who knows. The chemistry is flawless and none awkward gestures in sight.)

I hope Kris will be safe though. It's a shame for the show to throw underdogs under the bus so many times. End this bullshit right now and not let this going on for another year!!

My rank:
1. Allison Iraheta
2. Kris Allen
3. Adam & Allison duet
4. Kris & Danny duet
5. Adam Lambert
6. Danny Gokey

Saturday, May 02, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Top 5 iTunes Recording Review

- Adam Lambert (the arrangement,the high notes screaming and everything are make sense in this recording.He screams the note at the end which is the perfect way to end the song.Maybe this is one of Adam's best recording.His vocal is great and the feeling of the recording is much more stronger than the live)
- Allison Iraheta (after a while I already get used to Allison's weird slow diction in the first part of the song.This girl always scores on the recording.She imbues her rock voice within a jazz song and not make it awful.)
- Kris Allen (exquisite vocal from Kris Allen and lovely instruments from the band.If anyone is looking for jazz chart,this is the one.The tender vocal of Kris with impeccable phrasing is jackpot.One of his best recording indeed.Kris brings a jazz aura in the live version and in the recording version while everyone strays to their own territory.)
- Danny Gokey (the live version of Danny's performance is growing on me,but oh my....the recording is no no.It's too slow at the beginning and too shouty at the end.I can't stand listening to it anymore.)
- Matt Giraud (this recording is at least passable enough than the live. The scathing is okay. But the problem is the tempo is way too slow,even slower than Danny's CMCS. Almost makes me sleep. Not good recording from Matt,definitely his worst)