Monday, February 28, 2011

My Rank of This Season's Top 24

I compiled this list based on their talents,how much I like their vocal,will I buy their album or not,their likability,their personality,etc:

1. Karen Rodriguez (she's just has a velvety tone in her voice. Very delicious in my ear!!)
2. Robbie Rosen (consistently great performances)
3. Lauren Alaina (great vocal,I might be turned off by her annoying personality)
4. Lauren Turner (I love her bluesy rock voice)
5. Pia Toscano (perfect package,great voice,commercial looks)
6. Brett Loewenstern (he's growing on me and I loved that he helped Jacee in the group rounds)
7. Casey Abrams (superb talent,very musical,can be a bit shouty at times)
8. Kendra Chantelle (beautiful woman,her voice captivates me)
9. Tim Halperin (jumped this high on my list because of his Something performance)
10. Jacob Lusk (I love his church style,but don't overdo it please)
11. Thia Megia (somehow her voice is growing on me,although she's just too robotic)
12. Ashton Jones (black diva this year,please pick a great song choice)
13. Haley Reinhart (she tends to overdo it on her melisma,that's what made me like her less)
14. Scotty McCreery (the right song choice can be great for his performances)
15. Stefano Langone (awesome charisma,please don't sing a song that's been done to death)
16. Paul McDonald (his voice isn't my cup of tea but he could impress me definitely)
17. Julie Zorrila (I didn't get anything from her performance,pretty good vocal though)
18. Clint Jun Gamboa (douchebag,but luckily he has great chops)
19. Rachel Zevita (only Speechless that I liked,the rest of them not my cup of tea)
20. Jovany Barretto (just mediocre)
21. Tatynisa Wilson (I'm on the fence about her vocal)
22. Jordan Dorsey (pompous guy,pretty good vocal though)
23. Naima Adedapo (her voice isn't my cup of tea)
24. James Durbin (carbon copy of Adam Lambert,always shouty)

ps: from 4-13 rank,they can be up and down in an instant.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scott Dangerfield Performed Grenade

OMG!! Holy f*ck!! What an amazing performance. I just died and went to heaven!! Gahhhhh,it's so GOODDDDDD!!! Why the heck he bowed out from Idol??? He would've been easily sailed through to the Top 24 with this freakin talent!!

The Reason Colton Dixon Didn't Make It to Top 24 on American Idol Season 10

TPTB wants a girl to win this year,plus he would have taken away the votes from the girls. That's what I get from all the blogs and forums that I've been to,that's the main consensus. I already predicted that with he's putting his faith upfront,good looking face,contemporary sound,he would be a serious contender. The tweens+the girls+the bible belt will vote hard for him. Idol can't afford 4th guy winner in a row. Well,I hope he will audition again next year!!

Please write a comment below if you have your opinion about this..

Happy 5000+5500th Visits

I already lost count. These 2 months generated more than 1000 views per months. So thanks for my blog's visitors. :D

Colton Dixon's Paramore's Decode Performance on American Idol Season 10

So many visitors are searching for this video. So enjoy,guys!! I took that video from Rickey though.

ETA: the previous video is blocked so I added the complete video.

Friday, February 25, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Green Mile,Top 24 Announced

Okay,tonight show really felt so slow for me. They dragged it out so much,I felt like watching paints dry!! Really wished for Las Vegas performance to be 2 hours yesterday!!

- Jerome Bell's footage accidentaly got shown in the early minutes. LOL
- I'm so happy that Karen Rodriguez made it through. I love her voice. She's really growing on me since her group rounds.
- Robbie Rosen is really a talented kid. His last performance was totally mesmerizing!! So sweet,so heartfelt. Couldn't be better!! One of my faves!
- Tatynisa Wilson,I hope she blew me away in the big stage. With her forgetting the word in hollywood,I don't see her as a stand out contender.
- Tim Halperin. Gahhhh!! His Beatles's performance was really impressive!! He climbed through straight to the top in my list of faves!! I agree that he could win this whole thing.
- Julie Zorrila,great voice but I agree with the judges,she has to make her performance heartfelt. Still feels like a great pageantry performance.
- Holy crap!! I didn't know that Scotty McCreery could sing THAT good!!!
- So bummed that John Wayne Schulz went home :(
- Jovany Barreto has big voice,I give you that. But feel like another normal spanish male singer. I have to see what's so special about him.
- Lauren Turner=WOW!!! I effin love her voice!! The one thing that could be her obstacle is her aloof personality. Could be a turn off to mainstream public. Besides that,she's fantastic!!
- Rachel Zevita is unique!!
- Kendra Chantelle is beautiful and gorgeous. She's delivered some great vocal too.
- Jordan Dorsey=urgh I can't stand him. Why the heck this douchebag got sent through?? Fortunately,he has some talent.
- Lauren Alaina beginning to turns me off with her Barbie dress and her childish personality. Please stop it,Lauren!!
- Stefano Langone is good looking guy with pretty good voice. He could be good!!
- Bummed that Jackie Wilson got cut!! She flopped on her last performance though.
- Jacob Lusk really deserved it!! Showstopper performance in Hollywood. Pick the right song,please for the big stage!! Don't be another early casualty!!
- Pia Toscano=I'm liking her more and more. Great voice!!
- James Durbin brought the house down with that last performance. Still,I can't stand another carbon copy of Adam Lambert. One Lambert is enough!!
- Can't wait to see Casey Abrams performance in big stage. Please get well soon!!
- My heart broke for Jessica Cunningham. I wished there were more slot to include her. 7 times auditioning. Woah!!
- Thia Megia's voice is really growing on me.
- So happy that Brett Loewenstern get through. Jacee Badeaux could use another few years!! So DEVASTATED that Colton Dixon got cut!! His last performance "Decode by Paramore" blew me away!! So saddddddddddddd!!! Plus he's so handsome!! I bet TPTB afraid the tweens will vote hard for him and destroy their plan for a girl to win this season.

ps: I was very very impressed with the original songs that the contestants sang!! Way better than the god awful No Boundaries!!
ETA: there's no jazz singer again on Idol since Scott Dangerfield bowed out,Emily Anne Reed got cut,etc.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Las Vegas Week

I was so excitedddd waiting for tonight's episode. Couldn't wait to see Las Vegas week. Let's recap:

- I love Peggy Blu!! Very fierce!! LMAO Thia Megia and Melinda Ademi's face makes me laugh.
- Uh oh Jimmy Lovine schooled the contestants.
- I can't believe it that some contestants never heard Beatles song.
- Ashley Sullivan will be married in the chapel. This doesn't surprise me. She's just there for the drama and jokes.
- James Durbin and Stefano Langone give a strong performance. I already loved their performance from the snippet commercial.
- Pia Toscano and Karen Rodriguez continue to offer great performance. I love it!!
- Naima,Jacob and Haley has their own strong unique voice but their harmonies rather all over the place for me personally. I remembered David Archuleta blew me away with this song.
- Randy tells Jacob to belt it out,while Jimmy told him not to. Who's to listen to?? Randy is hypocrite anyway in his judgement so better listen to Jimmy,Jacob!!
- Lauren Turner's voice impresses me so much. Spectacular voice!!
- Oh godddd,Tim Halperin made me swooned!! So gooddddddd!! The best performance so far that I've seen this season.
- Jerome Bell is hot in that outfit!! I think he could be a solid black contender. Thanks God,they finally showed Lakeisha.
- Kendra Chantelle is gorgeous. Beautiful performance. Paul McDonald's unique soft voice is interesting to listen to. They did Blackbird song justice. I love Carly Smithson's rendition for this song back then in Season 7.
- Ashley Sullivan got married and LOL at her husband's awkward face.
- Bye bye Ashley. Your voice isn't that good anyway!!
- Thia and Melinda performed!! This wasn't that bad for me!! Thia's voice is growing on me somehow.
- Sophia Sorai got a heavy burden to compensate for Ashley's trainwreck voice.
- Lauren,Denise,Scotty's performance is interesting and funny. Not a good song for them!!
- Robbie Rosen officialy got the highest singing airtime this year for me!! Luckily,he got the goods to back it up!!
- I'm so bummed that Carson Higgins got cut. He could be an interesting addition in this year's lineup.
- Molly DeWolf,the White House intern got cut. We didn't get to see her performance in Hollywood week etc. Bummed!!
- Naima got through to Top 24. She deserved it!! I hope America will see the talent rather than focus on her eccentric style.
- Hollie Cavanagh got cut!! NOOOOOOOOO she delivered solid performance so far. I hope she come back next year.
- Lakeisha Lewis got cut infuriates me. She didn't get her airtime (only snippet),Idol hates fat people. I wanted another Mandisa in the line-up. Oh well!!
- I'm bummed that Alex Ryan got cut. I think he might have something new to offer,maybe emo-gothic-teenager persona. Plus he's cute.
- Clint "Douchebag" Gamboa get through,at least he got talent.
- Something about Haley Reinhart's gritty voice turns me off sometimes. I hope she can find that balance,in order not to be a gimmick.
- Deandre Brackensick got cut. Oh well,he's another one of very good contestant this year.
- Something about Paul McDonald soothes me!! I want him as my brother. He looks like someone with an old soul. Can't wait to see his performance on live stage.
- Ashton Jones got through to Top 24. Yay!! She's solid!! I love her stage presence!!
- Finally,Chris Medina got cut!! The big shocking spoiler is him after all!! LOL Thanks God,they have the courage to cut him. He got a mediocre talent. He doesn't deserve to sail through based on his vocal.

The final hour felt so slow for me!! Too many commercial!! I wanted to see more beatles performance. Oh well. I'm satisfied!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New American Idol Season 10 Las Vegas Week Commercial

James Durbin duet with Stefano Langone. Pia Toscano duet with Karen Rodriguez (I can't wait to see this performance). James Halperin duet with Julie Zorrila. I'm so excited for this episode. 2 more days.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Colton Dixon Does The Hokey Pokey

Colton Dixon from American Idol Season 10 did the hokey pokey on his church. Woah,I didn't know that he can screams (I don't know the word for that) like a metal rocker. Although I must say that when I was a Christian few years ago,I never liked this kind of jumping thing like a kangaroo at church. It's just not my thing.

ps: oh gosh,I hope he's not preachy if he entered the Top 24. At least Kris Allen isn't a preachy person,that's why he got so many fans from other groups like from non religious (agnostic,atheist) groups or GLBT groups. Since Christianity now turns me off big time,I hope he can find the balance not to turn off people.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Katharine McPhee Performs Lifetime at Global Action Awards

I love her!! Love this performance!! I really love this song.

Colton Dixon Performed "He Loves Us" at his church

Nice voice. I'm surprised,I thought he has grittier voice,I didn't know that he can sing in this tone. If he made it to Top 24,he'll surely sail through to the Top 12 (if he picks the right songs). The bible belt+the girls audience will vote hard for him!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Top Picks After AI10 Hollywood Week

This was my pick after auditions:
1. Scott Dangerfield (bowed out)
2. Janelle Arthur (eliminated)
3. Lauren Alaina
4. Emily Anne Reed (eliminated)
5. Haley Reinhart
6. Steve Beghun (eliminated)
7. Kenize Palmer (eliminated)
8. Robbie Rosen
9. John Wayne Schulz
10. Jackie Wilson
11. Molly Dewolf Swensen

Here are my picks right now:
1. Lauren Alaina
2. Colton Dixon (I'm intrigued by him)
3. Karen Rodriguez (her voice is growing really fast on me)
4. Brett Loewenstern (great guy,very good performances)
5. Haley Reinhart
6. John Wayne Schulz
7. Robbie Rosen
8. Pia Toscano (outstanding performance on group rounds)
9. Hollie Cavanagh (solid showing)
10. Jacee Badeaux

Friday, February 18, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Hollywood Week Day 3 Solos

I hoped to see great performances and pretty much they delivered.

- Haley Reinhart husky voice blew me away. So great!!
- Ashton Jones gunning for the black diva spot.
- Thia Megia's voice is pretty interesting to me. Not my cup of tea. But we'll see.
- Clint Jun Gamboa. What a douche!! Fortunately he got a fantastic voice. But I won't support him,I can't stand scumbags.
- Carson Higgins always FIERCE!! The big stages need him REALLY BAD!!
- Chris Medina continue to sail on mediocrity.
- Julie Zorrilla was meh
- Colton Dixon's emo voice intrigued me
- Brett Loewenstern is so likable,it's not even funny. He's growing on me. Plus his vocal talent is really good!!
- Robbie Rosen=fantastic,wonderful,spectacular performance!! I love Gravity,he did that song justice!! I'm curious as to why the producers gave him A LOT of airtime!!
- Casey Abrams schooled the rest of the contestants. Very unique performance. Really stands out!!
- Chelsee Oaks has a great voice. I really love her voice,although she's so fragile and emotional. Too bad!!
- Lauren Alaina maintains her lead in this competition for me.
- Jacob Lusk=WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! You got the whole place going,Jacob!! I felt like in a church,enjoying his performance!!
- John Wayne Schultz's "Landslide" rendition was solid. I really like that song,and country's performance always wins my heart.
- WTF is wrong with Ashley Sullivan?? Why she's always have a nervous breakdown??
- Stefano Langone=can't stand his song choice. Really hate that song. Boredddddd.
- Jacee Badeaux=nice performance
- Does Scott McCreery know any other song than his Put The Light Down Low song??? Don't expect to go through to the next round if you use that only 1 song for the rest of the competition,Scotty!!! It's beyond me that he didn't know I Hope You Dance,and he's country guy. Woah!! Craziness!!

Can't wait for next week.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Hollywood Week Group Rounds

Douchebag douchebag douchebag. So many of them abounds. Let's recap:

- Tiffany Rios had a difficulty searching for group. She stole a member from Brett's group. Of course!!
- Scott McCreary is so cute when he's in panic. LOL i felt so bad for him that nobody wanted him because of his country twang voice.
- James Durbin is a douchebag. I can't stand him wallowing his screechy notes. You can't be Adam Lambert,Durbin!!
- Stage moms are LOLz!!!
- WTF was happening with Ashley Sullivan??
- Jordan Dorsey is a scumbag too!!
- Pia Toscano was GREAT!! Now,I understand why so many people bragging about her talent.
- Robbie Rosen,I'm still not sure if I can support him fully in the big stage. Something about his voice isn't my cup of tea.
- Tiffany Rios's high voice was so excruciating to hear
- Lauren Alaina is through. The rest got sacrificed for the chosen one. I thought they all did great.
- Colton Dixon is through. Yayy!!! But his voice is ummm mediocre. I need to see him more to judge his talent.
- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I couldn't belive it that Janelle Arthur and Emily Anne Reed got cut. Paris Tassin is overrated. Sorry. Although I really feel for her situation.
- The Hits performance=WOW!!
- The teenagers group= GREATNESS!!! LMAO for the stage moms antic.
- I love Carson Haggins!! He's funny and fierce!!
- So sad for Jacee Badeaux. He got persecuted by his former group. Woah he didn't know Mercy. Expand your song repertoire,Jacee!!
- Seeing Rob Bolin blew it is devastating. I was shocked he didn't know Cee Loo's song (Forget You).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where is Scott Dangerfield?

We haven't seen his face at all in Hollywood week or in spoiler. It turns out,he bowed out of Idol to finish his school. So saddddd!! He'll be a serious contender if he stay on Idol,but oh well,I wish him the best in his study. He can audition next year anyway if he likes.

Here's the link:

Friday, February 11, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Hollywood Week

Eventful episode indeed!!

- I like Brett Lowenstern performance.
- Thanks God,they get rid of Victoria Huggins. She's so annoying,although her performance was pretty good. OMG at her 17 big bags!!
- I don't believe that Paris Tassin has a strong voice,her sobstory trumphs her singing capability for me.
- James Durbin=Adam Lambert 2.0 but with less talent.
- Stormi Henley is a mediocre singer
- Lauren Alaina was AMAZING!!
- Chris Medina flopped big times!!
- OMG Hollie Cavanaugh!! She impressed me big times!! Totally fierce,girl!!
- Jacee Badeaux delivered strong performance
- Robbie Rosen=oomph!! I think he has major potential if he picks the right song
- Steve Beghun got cut!! NOOOOOOOOO!! I love him :(
- Holy shit,Sarah Sellers got cut!! I bet Michael Slezak from TVline will be upset.
- Rob Bolin=zzzzzzzzzzzzz boring
- Chelsee Oaks held her own
- I think Nick Fink performed great. I dunno why the judges cut him. Jacqueline Dunford didn't do anything special to make me like her.
- Jackie Wilson,I wish she would sing another song. I hate encore performance.
- Tiffany Rios=WTH was that?? A trainwreck it is!!
- Travis Orlando got cut=shocking!! So much for the sobstory,the producers completely used him for rating few weeks ago.

Can't wait for next week group rounds drama. I love that crazy girl who crying all the time. LMAO

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Top Contestants From The Auditions AI10

1. Scott Dangerfield
2. Janelle Arthur
3. Lauren Alaina
4. Emily Anne Reed
5. Haley Reinhart
6. Steve Beghun
7. Kenize Palmer
8. Robbie Rosen
9. John Wayne Schulz
10. Jackie Wilson
11. Molly Dewolf Swensen

That's the main ones. I hope they will impress me in Hollywood Week.

American Idol Season 10: San Francisco Audition

Okay,tonight was okay. Although I love Emily Anne Reed. Her voice is so unique,it reminded me of Megan Joy's voice. I hope she will sail through to the big stage.

We found the next Adam Lambert. It's James Durbin. I couldn't stand the sob story. I'm afraid he's gonna get backlash from Glamberts out there,plus I don't think he has the same capability as Adam. I'm surprised he already had a child,he's so young,still 21. Kudos for his wife though for accepting his tourrettes. I don't see the syndrome except for the occasional eyes closed.

Can't wait for tomorrow Hollywood Week.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

David Archuleta Talks About Kids,Pixar,etc.

Is it me or he looks so fresh?!! I want his bright looks on life. Must be nice to view everything without a cynicism.

Friday, February 04, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Los Angeles Audition

WTH with tonight episode?? It's the worst audition ever. Urgh,I couldn't stand it. I don't think I found anyone good. Let's recap though:

- Victoria Garrett (delusional girl)
- Human Tornado (so creepy,why they let this insane person to audition is beyond me. He looks like mentally disturbed person)
- Matthew Scott Frankel (another delusional guy,I was creeped out by his personality. Even his friend looks like him)
- Tim Halperin (good audition,funny interaction with J-Lo)
- Karen Rodriguez (great voice,I don't think she's gonna make it that far though)
- Mark & Aaron Gutierrez (great duet)

I don't understand why Nigel put a lot of mentally disturbed people in tonight's episode. It's like a parade of crazies from mental asylum. Not funny at all. Bordering on creepy.

Can't wait for Hollywood week.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Austin Audition

Very underwhelming episode if we're talking about the flow of tonight's episode. Rather slow. But so many great contestants for me personally:

- Corey Levoy (I love his voice,although I don't think he'll make it through the Hollywood week with his personality. I'm afraid he's gonna get killed by the crazies)
-John Wayne Schulz (good voice,great looking guy,very commercial)
- Courtney Penry (crazy girl,but has great voice. It shocked me!!)
- Jacqueline Dunfold & Nick Fink (OMG!! I thought they were gonna blew it big time,but they're great. Jacqueline's voice isn't my cup of tea. Nick's voice is outstanding)
- Janelle Arthur (I had orgasm hearing her voice. So freakin unbelievable!! The falsetto was beautiful. Gosh,one of my favorite audition this year,if not,the best.)

Amazingly,tonight episode showed A LOT of good auditioners. Keep up the good job,Nigel!!