Friday, February 11, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Hollywood Week

Eventful episode indeed!!

- I like Brett Lowenstern performance.
- Thanks God,they get rid of Victoria Huggins. She's so annoying,although her performance was pretty good. OMG at her 17 big bags!!
- I don't believe that Paris Tassin has a strong voice,her sobstory trumphs her singing capability for me.
- James Durbin=Adam Lambert 2.0 but with less talent.
- Stormi Henley is a mediocre singer
- Lauren Alaina was AMAZING!!
- Chris Medina flopped big times!!
- OMG Hollie Cavanaugh!! She impressed me big times!! Totally fierce,girl!!
- Jacee Badeaux delivered strong performance
- Robbie Rosen=oomph!! I think he has major potential if he picks the right song
- Steve Beghun got cut!! NOOOOOOOOO!! I love him :(
- Holy shit,Sarah Sellers got cut!! I bet Michael Slezak from TVline will be upset.
- Rob Bolin=zzzzzzzzzzzzz boring
- Chelsee Oaks held her own
- I think Nick Fink performed great. I dunno why the judges cut him. Jacqueline Dunford didn't do anything special to make me like her.
- Jackie Wilson,I wish she would sing another song. I hate encore performance.
- Tiffany Rios=WTH was that?? A trainwreck it is!!
- Travis Orlando got cut=shocking!! So much for the sobstory,the producers completely used him for rating few weeks ago.

Can't wait for next week group rounds drama. I love that crazy girl who crying all the time. LMAO

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