Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Platinum Hit - Episode 1 - The Performances

My City is awesome. It got great hooks all around. City of Dreams gave me a goosebumps. I'm very impressed with Jackie Tohn's voice. I love Sonyae's arrogance. LOL keep it up!!

Platinum Hit - Episode 1 - The Hooks

I really love Johnny song. Sonyae is trainwreck!! Wow!! I'm so proud of Jackie Tohn. I love her song. Season 8 Idol alumni FTW!! Nick is delusional.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pia Toscano Performs US National Anthem on PBS National Memorial Day Concert

She's definitely nervous. I can hear her nerve. Still almost flawless performance. Good job,Pia!!

Kris Allen Performs God Bless The USA on PBS National Memorial Day Concert

Watching this made me tearing up. Beautiful!! This is what you called emotionally perfect performance,Randy!!

Pia Toscano Performs I'll Stand By You on PBS National Memorial Day Concert

OMG!!! No words can describe how great that was!! Amazing performance!! Finale performance should've been like that!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kris Allen Sings God Bless The USA on Washington D.C PBS Special

I had Kristy Lee Cook in my mind nonstop when he sings this song.

Carrie Underwood Play On Tour Concert Background

OMG so amazing!! I wish I could go to Carrie's concert. I love the background screen. They did a fantastic job making that!!

Carrie Underwood "Undo It" Concert Screen Background

Carrie looks so good nowadays!!

David Archuleta Performs Complain on Myrtle Beach Concert

It's hard to find a place to breath in this song. LOL. Great job,David!!

David Archuleta Performs The Other Side of Down at Myrtle Beach Concert

This song makes me dance in my chair. I heard some flat notes though.

David Archuleta Performs Stomping The Roses on Myrtle Beach Concert

One of the best song from his TOSOD album. I really love this song!!

David Archuleta Performs My Hands on Myrtle Beach Concert

I really love this song from his debut album. Probably the hardest song to sing from all of his songs.

David Archuleta Performs My Kind of Perfect on Myrtle Beach Concert

I'm sure any one of those girls would love to be your girlfriend,David!! Everytime he slipped up in the verse or notes,it always makes me LOL. So funny!!

David Archuleta Performs Blackbird on Myrtle Beach Concert

Carly Smithson sang this song on Idol,she killed it. I still prefer Carly's version but still David sang it beautifully,he always takes his own path in the melodic section when singing any songs.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nick Carter Talks About His New Album "I'm Taking Off"

OMG I can't wait!! The first track of that album "Burning Up" is so catchy. I still remember how I loved Nick's voice tone back in the day. I hope he will get some success with this album.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 2 iTunes Recording Review

- Scotty McCreery - I Love You This Big
I don't see this song climbing up the chart. It just doesn't have good catchy melody in it. Very blah. Scotty did the best he could singing this awful song. Probably the worst coronation song ever. Even No Boundaries still decent on the recording.
- Lauren Alaina - Like My Mother Does
Lauren's song is way better than Scotty. It's not even close. Lauren's vocal is outstanding in this recording. I think this song will sell a lot more than Scotty's

Allison Iraheta - Love on KISS FM

Love her voice!!

Allison Iraheta - Tonight on KISS FM


American Idol Season 10 Grand Finale

- There's no pride in bragging about the votes total,Ryan!! The most important is the rating and the album sales number. Not how many fans can powervote their favorite.
- Not bad Born This Way group number. I miss Karen. Pia looks GORGEOUS!! Stefano looks more buff than before. LOL at Paul trying so hard.
- Wow Judas Priest finally wants to perform on Idol. James must be ecstatic. Not as hard as I thought it would be. Slipknot is scarier and harder in sounds than these guys. How many spike are there in that guy's robe?? Cool robe.
- Can someone shoot Randy for me?? We have time for this Randy clip shit & not letting Lee Dewyze perform. What a joke!! Randy is so annoying!! Urgh.
- Jacob Lusk did a good job with Kirk Franklin & Gladys Knight. Although Melinda Doolittle and the Winans owned the best gospel performance ever on Idol way back on Season 6.
- Casey Abrams & Jack Black performance isn't funny & very underwhelming. I expected more from them.
- The ladies looks amazing!! OMG Pia looks like a goddess!! Aww I really miss Karen,I love her tone. Ashton could've showed us more black diva performance in this bland season had she still in the competition. So many Beyonce songs,everybody got their airtime. I like it!! Beyonce is so nice. This song still way much better than Run The World (Girls). A little bit of jarring when they transitioned to If I Were A Boy though.
- Steven Tyler's clip is funny. Too bad he checked out & being useless since live stage began.
- I want more Haley Reinhart!! The song is too short. Nice dance with Tony Bennett though.
- J Lo is beautiful. Lots of creepy rejects from the audition in her clip.
- OMG!! TLC!! No Scrubsssssss!! I love that album. Why the girls mic are too low?? I can't hear them. Where's Pia?? Is she getting ready for her solo performance??
- Tim McGraw & Scotty performance is nice. Scotty strected his voice like never before. Kris Allen & Keith Urban still have the best country duet performance for me. Btw Tim still looks good for his age.
- Is J Lo preparing to perform another one of her single?? She's missing from the judges table.
- No filler tonight!! Yay!! Although overall still less exciting than in previous seasons.
- What is this?? A joke?? Why Idol waste their time with this awful copy of Ryan as a presenter??
- Don't forget to pander to hispanic bloc. That's why Marc Anthony performs. He's not afraid to get ugly,and by that I mean really UGLY. J Lo is unreal!! Breathtakingly gorgeous!! WOAH!!
- LOL at Casey and James debating who had the most shocking boot. LOL at Pia. The best clip of the night.
- Awful group number from the boys. At least,they finally can harmonize their vocals. Stefano,why can't you sing like that when you still in the running?? Great falsetto albeit weird. Terrible list of songs. Tom Jones is urgh.
- I don't see Lauren anywhere. Is she saving her voice??
- Ford video. Good song from Carrie,meh video.
- Lady Gaga's headgear reminds me of something (Amadeus from Broadway). It's awesome. I love the performance!!
- Where's Pia Toscano's solo performance??
- 35 more minutes left. Pretty underwhelming grand finale for me.
- Nice job Lauren for trying to sing decent around the great Carrie Underwood. Great legs,Carrie!!
- LOL at Ryan blocking Lee's face. His girlfriend looks pissed off.
- Beyonce does another one of her single shamelessly. Taking away precious Idol time. Great vocal I must say though.
- I forgot that U2 performing. Who's that guy with an impressive voice?? LOL at J Lo. I didn't think she would kiss that Spiderman to be honest.
- I already resigned to the fact that there won't be Pia's solo performance. Sigh. There's no time for that.
- Steven Tyler did a nice job on Dream On.
- No surprising performance tonight. Everything already leaked!! What an epic fail show!! Disappointing grand finale for me. Nothing memorable at all. I didn't get a single goosebumps throughout the show. Just seeing a popular artist selling their songs shamelessly back to back.
- Scotty McCreery wins of course. Very anti climactic. He kiss his whole family and scorns Jack Black. LOL Lauren kiss him so many times in the cheek.
- The most underwhelming grand finale ever for me. Thanks Nigel for anti climactic season. I try to get my expectation very very low for next season. X Factor can't come any sooner for me.

The Voice - Battle Round - Serabee vs Dia Frampton

Why the hell Blake picked this song for them?? Dia can't sing,she struggled all over the song. Serabee has stage presence,her voice is unique. She owned the stage. She had the best performance on this episode. Blake is smoking crack picking Dia!! Serabee is ROBBED!! No wonder this episode flopped in the rating!! Truly awful episode. Thanks God for Serabee for saving the night.

ps: did they taped all of the performances in one night?? The coaches didn't change their outfit.

The Voice - Battle Round - Devon Barley vs Rebecca Loebe

Awful performance from both of them. I struggled to make it through the whole video. Woah Rebecca had the best recording on her audition week. Sad to see her go!!

The Voice - Battle Round - Kelsey Rey vs Tori & Taylor

Kelsey completely outsang the sisters by a wide margin. Tori & Taylor's vocal were a mess. Wrong decision,CeeLo!!

The Voice - Battle Round - Raquel Castro vs Julia Eason

Urgh the volume is too low on the video. I can't hear it. I guess Raquel gave more interesting performance. Too bad NBC blocks all their videos from international viewing!! Sigh.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 2 Performances

- OMG so dramatic with Lauren's vocal chord blew up. Why is Scotty under dressed?? Oh,he's wearing vest in his performance.
- Scotty McCreery - Gone
OMG!! Woah!! He commands the stage like never before. I applaud his confidence. He really comfortable in his skin on that stage. I still enjoy this performance. Great job,Scotty!! Why the judges didn't give any comment??
- Lauren Alaina - Flat On The Floor
Kudos for Lauren for singing it the best she could. I can see her nerve a bit. It's okay. She pushed her voice. It's pretty good. Scotty won the 1st round easily for me. The judges didn't give any comments is a breath of fresh air. The show feels quicker,not dragging on. I like it!!
- Scotty McCreery - Check Yes or No
It's an okay performance. George Strait obviously can't pick a good song for him. I really enjoy tonight show so far surprisingly without the judges blabbering on but I want to hear their quick opinion.
- Lauren Alaina - Maybe It Was Memphis
The song is slightly better than Scotty. I had high expectation because Carrie Underwood picked the song. Darn it. LOL Lauren won the 2nd round for me. She really pushed her voice & trying not to show her sick voice.
- Oh that's why they shorten the judges comments. Because of Taio Cruz performing. What a joke!! I like the song though. LOL at his mic not working at some point. Taio can't sing and struggle hitting the notes.
- Scotty McCreery - I Love You This Big
The song isn't that good to be honest. I don't expect it to blow up on the chart. It slightly better than No Boundaries but NB has catchy melody in it. Scotty did his best on Gone tonight and went downhill after that because of his song selection. I really want cheesy coronation song right now.
- Lauren Alaina - Like My Mother Does
She's so smart,going down the stairs to her mom for the votes. Beautiful performance btw. She could've done much better if her voice is in full form. Oh well!!
- Looking back at that clip made me miss the earlier rounds. I totally focused watching the clip above David Cook's head. Ignoring his performance.
- More entertaining night that I thought but a bit blah because of awful song selection.

My Rank:
1. Scotty McCreery - Gone
2. Lauren Alaina - Like My Mother Does
3. Lauren Alaina - Flat On The Floor
4. Lauren Alaina - Maybe It Was Memphis
5. Scotty McCreery - Check Yes or No
6. Scotty McCreery - I Love You This Big

David Archuleta Video Blog: Talking About American Idol Season 10 Finale,Philipines & Indonesia Tour,Dodgers,etc

Ahh,he had alergy,I thought so judging from his voice. LOL David's video blog is always entertaining. Continue to be that way,David!! I love it!! Your Indonesian tour will be my first concert. I can't wait for that. And WTH Idol didn't invite him to promote his album?? TOSOD is AMAZING album!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 3 iTunes Recording Review

- Scotty McCreery (lovely voice,this song suits him really well. I love it!! If he wants to succeed on the country chart,he should pick the right song for him,with great melody in it,like this one.)
- Lauren Alaina (OMG another great recording,If I Die Young truly perfect for Lauren. I love it already!! Awesome vocal also.)
- Haley Reinhart (amazing recording from Haley. Her voice in this song is just very unique and sultry and really great. Very distinct,I've never heard voice like this before. Amazing!!)

My Rank:
1. Haley Reinhart
2. Lauren Alaina
3. Scotty McCreery

ps: great recordings from all of them this week. I love it!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy 10000th Visits

Yay!! Already more than 10,000 visits. If only I can ignore the googlebots visit on my counter.

Scotty McCreery Backstage Never Before Seen Video

Tim Halperin filmed this video before they cut down to Top 24. Scary!! He's a psychic.

American Idol Season 10: Top 3 Result Show

- What Jimmy said about boy division on the Finale?? Is Scotty already in for sure??
- Super 8 trailer is cool!! I'm curious about that movie.
- Top 13 are in the audience. Dakota Fanning's lil sis has grown up.
- Haley homecoming clip. She's crying because of the overwhelming supports. I think it's an okay clip.
- Il Volo sang a song that my grandma would love. Feel like in Europe 70 years ago during World War II.
- Don't grab that donut,Scotty!! It's not hygiene!! His clip is so emotional. Made me feel it too. So adorable. His family lives in wealthy suburbs I would say,judging from the looks of the neighborhood.
- Nicole Scherzinger's song is awful. WTH was that?? The firework in the back could harm people. She should go back to Pussycat Dolls. At least their songs are catchy.
- Lauren's homecoming isn't as heartwarming as I expected. She visited the storm victim. It turns out Martina McBride's Anyway song contain the word "build" & "storm" in it. Maybe I forgot about that & thought Lauren changed it last week. Sorry.
- NOOOOOOO. Haley Reinhart goes home. I underestimate the southern votes. Urgh,the worst Top 2 ever. It will be back to back country performance next week. Sigh.
- I can't decide which season is the worst. Last season which had the great Crystal Bowersox,and many showstopper performances from Casey James,Lee Dewyze,etc but had trainwreck performances so many as well. Or this season that peaked in Hollywood Week/Las Vegas Week and went downhill ever since.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 3 Performances

- Elijah Wood spotted!!
- What is Lauren wearing?? Looks like red riding hood dress.
- God,this Beyonce clip is how long?? Feels like forever.
Round 1: Personal Choice
- Scotty McCreery - Amaze
Very good!! I like his song choice,it has so much melody in it. At some parts,I felt like it goes nowhere or pretty bland but he compensated it with his higher register that we rarely seen from Scotty. Great job!!
- Lauren Alaina - Wild One
Good. I'm not seeing anything new from Lauren though. She still has so much potential in her & yet it still untapped. I hate her nervousness & the judges constantly praising her isn't helping either. I'm frustrated by that. Her song choice is meh. Faith Hill has so many better songs than this.
- Haley Reinhart - What Is and What Should Never Be
Wow,she's in last spot again!! OMG she's falling on that stage & back up really quick. Very professional!! Easily she won the 1st round. Her vocal is unbelievable. LOL at the judges now fawning over her. They don't want to bring the other contestants out,afraid to hurt their feelings. What a scumbag!! Nice to see Haley's dad jamming in the guitar!!
2nd Round: Jimmy Iovine's Choices
- Scotty McCreery - Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not
Audition footage again to fill the 2 hours show!! Sigh. The performance is just okay for me. I'm surprised that the song isn't that catchy,since I haven't had the opportunity to listen to it. Scotty is so likable. Hell naw,Randy didn't just say that Scotty is in Garth Brooks's level!!!
- Lauren Alaina - If I Die Young
The song perfectly fits her!! I love it!! Although she hit some rough notes & her voice cracked almost in the end & dunno why she missed one verse,but the performance itself was very beautiful!! Her mom's make up is so ridiculous. She looks like Lauren's twin sister.
- Haley Reinhart - Rhiannon
LOL at the wind!! She looks gorgeous!! The performance is very hauntingly beautiful. I love the way she phrased every words. I think her and Lauren are tie for the 2nd round. Haley can hold her own with this song that Didi Benami performed fantasticly last season.
- Urgh,2 hours is too long. Thanks God,they have pretty good performances so far!!
- Beyonce's video. Please keep on the blatant promotion of her,Idol!!!
3rd Round: The Judges Choices
- Scotty McCreery - She Believes In Me
The song went nowhere for him really. It's bordering on forgettable,but it's pretty cool that it's a ballad pop country song. A lil bit refreshing albeit sleepy. LOL at Scotty's dad.
- Lauren Alaina - I Hope You Dance
Another boring performance. She sang it good but it's her weakest performance of the night. Really blah.
- Haley Reinhart - You Oughta Know
Woah,she rocked it!! She won this round for me. I'm very impressed. She killed it at the end. Of course,Randy & J Lo make sure to pimp Lauren for the last time in order not to lose their chosen one.

My Rank:
1. Haley Reinhart - What Is and What Should Never Be
2. Lauren Alaina - If I Die Young
3. Haley Reinhart - Rhiannon
4. Haley Reinhart - You Oughta Know
5. Scotty McCreery - Amaze
6. Scotty McCreery - Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not
7. Scotty McCreery - She Believes In Me
8. Lauren Alaina - Wild One
9. Lauren Alaina - I Hope You Dance

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Voice - Battle Round - Javier Colon vs Angela Wolff

Javier is the chosen one. No surprise that they will make sure that he's sailing through to the next rounds. Since his Time After Time single is on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The Voice - Battle Round - Beverly McClellan vs Justin Grennan

Beverly is KILLING it!! Need I say more?? Justin can handle his own though. Amazing battle these two!!

The Voice - Battle Round - Jared Blake vs Ellenowen

Why the hell Blake picked Ain't No Mountain High Enough for his teams?? It's just an okay performance from three of them. Although Jared slightly gave it an edgier sounds. Btw I want Reba McEntire as Idol judge!!

The Voice - Battle Round - Nakia vs Tje Austin

I'm having a difficulty finding these videos on youtube. Urgh NBC,why you block all the videos!!! I think Tje Austin sang way better than Nakia. Closer is not a song suitable for Nakia's voice.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Katharine McPhee - Smash Preview

I love her!! I can't wait to see this show. It's time for Katharine to get her big break in the business. Btw Anjelica Huston's facial expression is fierce!! Love it!! LOL

Sunday, May 15, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 4 iTunes Recording Review

1st songs:
- James Durbin (I don't recognize James's voice in this. Really weird what they did to his voice. The arrangement is very 80's rock. Urgh. I don't like this recording.)
- Haley Reinhart (I love Haley's voice in this,but the arrangement is very boring. Her live performance is way more lively than this borefest thing.)
- Scotty McCreery (Scotty's voice is clearer in this recording,I prefer this one over his live performance. Although it's bit too long for my taste.)
- Lauren Alaina (Lauren easily has the best recording from the 1st songs batch. I can't find a flaw in her recording voice. Really recording material. I really like this,although if she wants to really blow everyone away,she has to imbue the song with her soul and experience that she hasn't got in her young age.)

2nd songs:
- Haley Reinhart (woah,Haley's crispy voice,the arrangement is very perfect for her voice. I really love this. One of her best recording so far.)
- Scotty McCreery (very mediocre recording,the song is awful to begin with. Scotty can't do anything to make it better. Thanks God it's quick.)
- Lauren Alaina (why her voice sounded like underwater?? I can't enjoy this recording with her voice sounded like that!! This year the production is awful!! Urgh.)
- James Durbin (I hate the song,his vocal is pretty okay,maybe this is for metal fans?? I don't have a clue who will enjoy this song.)

My Rank:
1. Haley Reinhart 2nd song
2. Lauren Alaina 1st song
3. Scotty McCreery 1st song
4. Scotty McCreery 2nd song
5. Lauren Alaina 2nd song
6. James Durbin 1st song
7. James Durbin 2nd song
8. Haley Reinhart 1st song

Saturday, May 14, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 4 Result Show

Sigh. Blogger is finally back!! I was frustrated last night. Here's my note from last night:

- The recap montage from last night's performances was so dramatic!!
- I see Anthony Fedorov in the audience. He looks hot!!
- Is this song about the children?? Why the camera shoot their face all the time??? This Scotty James duet is so awkward. I don't like the song.
- Gunpowder and Lead performance was very good. Lauren and Haley can harmonize their voice well.
- They bus Haley again in this Windows 7's clip. Her parents are basically in the studio all the time. Why they pretend like she hasn't met her parents for a long time?? Plus,they give her the minimum amount of airtime. Haley doesn't have aww factor like the others.
- Wow Lauren Alaina is safe. There goes mjsbigblog prediction.
- Lady Gaga's performance is okay. Haley did better vocally a week ago.
- Enrique Iglesias's performance is meh. At least his song is catchy. It's futile to comment on his vocal which basically auto-tune all the way.
- Jordin Sparks looks stunning!! Great anthem song!! I don't know if it will be on my music player anytime soon though.
- Steven Tyler's new song is growing on me!! Pretty catchy!! I love his raspy voice. WTH Nicole Scherzinger is in this clip?? Fame whore,much??
- HELLLLLL YESSSSS!!!!! Haley is in the Top 3!!! Woot woottttt!!! I screamed in excitement!!!!
- James Durbin goes home.
- No James!! You only did metal once. Don't pretend like you're a rock God. Adam Lambert clearly a million miles ahead of you. Screechy screechy screechy on his final notes!! Ouch!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tyga - Far Away (feat. Chris Richardson)

Chris Richardson was Top 5 Finalist on American Idol Season 6. He was one of my faves. I love his voice,albeit nasally!! He's been under the radar for years. Thx God,the wait is finally over!! This song is dope!! I love it!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 4 Performances

Rounds 1: Songs That Inspire Them
- James Durbin - Don't Stop Believing
Okay,he sang it like usual,no new arrangement like what he promised on Twitter. His vocal is solid,I enjoyed it,but Season 8 and Glee performed this song way better. A lot of revisionist history are happening this season,the judges clearly fawning over James last week. It is the blogosphere that didn't like his vocal performance last week.
- Haley Reinhart - Earth Song
Solid performance from Haley. Not that great,but pretty good. Here comes the bus!! OMG,since when they supposed to sing a hit song only at this stage of competition?? Shut the fuck up,Randy!! Clearly Randy has a personal vendetta against Haley. No matter what she did,Randy & J Lo will bus her. I'm fuming with anger seeing Haley tearing up. She's definitely frustrated with the judges. Thanks God,Steven defended her. Haley absolutely has the best vocal performance every weeks compared with the others.
- Scotty McCreery - Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning
Of course,Scotty is singing a song about 9/11,and pandering to the southern crowd. What a cunning guy!! He really turned me off big time!! His performance is okay,very lazy. I'm not surprised that the judges love it,while Haley got bussed for not singing a hit song (that's more popular worldwide than that Alan Jackson's song). What a hypocrite!!
- Lauren Alaina - Anyway
Pandering again for southern votes. She even changed the lyrics,adding storm in it. Okay performance,she looks nervous as heck. Of course,the judges fawning all over her. Randy even did what we predicted him to do this week,that he would say Lauren's coming back. Why's she coming back every 2 weeks?? What a douche. Jennifer isn't even trying to hide TPTB's intention for Lauren to be in the Finale. So sad for Haley,she's clearly over it. So much unfairness,so much pimping!! If I was there,I would smack those judges!!
Round 2: Lieber & Stoller Songs
- Haley Reinhart - I Who Have Nothing
Okay,I prefer Jordin Sparks's version way better but Haley definitely gave a fuck you to the judges with this performance. A very strong and dramatic rendition. She has to give it all as an underdog and she did. Save The Growler!!!
- Scotty McCreery - Young Blood
WTH was that?? He gave a serial killer stare in every turns. I'm scared!! His worst performance to date for me. What a joke!! And to see him nervous with Gaga's presence,him kissing his cross,and everything. I'm so over this shit!!
- Lauren Alaina - Trouble
She's uncomfortable singing the word "evil"?? Are you kidding me?? What is wrong with her and Scotty?? They're so stuck up and conservative!! I hate it!! Luckily,she's able to go into her persona and delivered a confident & sassy performance. Heck yeah!! She lost her breath a bit in the end,but I love confident Lauren. I'll take it every day of the week,rather than shy and nervous Lauren.
- James Durbin - Love Potion #9
Adam Lambert with no pyro always gave more rocking performance than lite-rock James!! I don't like this song. His vocal is good.
- Tonight was awful!! So much manipulation since Season 8 Top 4 Week,pandering to southern votes,In It To Win It mantra from fat ass douchebag Randy. Urgh!!
- Can they shove 3 performance and 1 video clip in tomorrow 1 hour telecast??

My Rank:
1. Haley Reinhart - I Who Have Nothing
2. Lauren Alaina - Trouble
3. Haley Reinhart - Earth Song
4. Lauren Alaina - Anyway
5. James Durbin - Don't Stop Believing
6. James Durbin - Love Potion #9
7. Scotty McCreery - Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning
8. Scotty McCreery - Young Blood

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Voice - Battle Round - Vicci Martinez vs Niki Dawson

OMG!! They have such a strong voice!! Why didn't they compete on Idol?? What an amazing duet. Vicci has unique tone though. Really distinct!! I love CeeLo,he's so caring to his contestants.

The Voice - Battle Round - Tim Mahoney vs Casey Weston

I don't like the song. It could go either way for me,they both have amazing voice. I agree that Casey's voice sounds like Stevie Nicks. Tim had a great recording on itunes though last week.

The Voice - Battle Round - Tyler Robinson vs Patrick Thomas

Patrick has swagger!! They both can SING!! Great voices!! For me,Blake picked that person because he has more stage presence. I don't know if Tyler's sexual orientation is a factor in Blake's decision.

The Voice - Battle Round - Frenchie vs Tarralyn

Tarralyn had so many flat notes in there. Urgh. Too bad!! I think she was trying to outsing Frenchie. I love their harmony. I agree with Xtina's decision.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 5 iTunes Recording Review

1st Song:
- James Durbin (I love it!! Very current!! Probably the best recording ever from James. I really really enjoy it. Probably because he sing a song that I can enjoy. I love the arrangement. His voice is slightly drowned though. Dunno why)
- Jacob Lusk (geez,the first notes made me jumped from my chair. I was surprised by his voice. Hmm I like a current song for Jacob,but I don't like the way he mumbled the words. He needs to enunciate better. This time his vibrato bothers me. The arrangement is weird)
- Lauren Alaina (I love it. Lauren still delivers a solid recording. I love Flat On The Floor,Carrie killed that performance on 2008's New Year Eve,CMIIW. Maybe Lauren truly can storm the country chart,that's if she works on her confidence issue)
- Scotty McCreery (yeah!! I love the uptempo Scotty. I really enjoy this too. These kids really impress me on these current songs. They all did a good job. This song doesn't feel too old country to me.)
- Haley Reinhart (Haley has the ability to sing in many style,she can make her voice go here and there,making a truly varied style. For the song,still not that good for me. Haley did a heck of a great job,I wish the song would be better or catchy.)

2nd songs:
- James Durbin (I will listen to Mariah Carey's version if I have to listen to this song. Without the visual of James crying,I'm not too fond of this recording. Urgh,really hate his higher notes at the end. Really screechy!!)
- Jacob Lusk (dunno how Jacob will navigate his music career. Really his list of his recording songs are almost all terrible or mediocre,compared to the others. I don't like this one either. Don't have the same rawness of his live performance. It feels flat and blah to me.)
- Lauren Alaina (urgh,I hate Unchained Melody. That song should be banned forever on any platforms. Lauren still did a good job singing this song but I can't listen to it for 2nd times,etc.)
- Scotty McCreery (woah,his voice is upfront and center. Not drowned out like the others. Really boring recording,dragging on like forever,feel like listening to my grandma's casette. Urgh.)
- Haley Reinhart (love her voice. Really a great recording. Everyone should buy this. We should support Haley all the way to the Finale)

My Rank:
1. James Durbin 1st song
2. Scotty McCreery 1st song
3. Haley Reinhart 2nd song
4. Lauren Alaina 1st song
5. Haley Reinhart 1st song
6. Lauren Alaina 2nd song
7. Jacob Lusk 1st song
8. Scotty McCreery 2nd song
9. Jacob Lusk 2nd song
10. James Durbin 2nd song

Friday, May 06, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 5 Result Show

- The most important night,Ryan?? Nope,not even close. Top 24 Week was the most important night,where Kendra Chantelle and Lauren Turner got sidelined. This Top 13 would've been more fantastic with them in it.
- Rachel Zevita is in the audience!!!! I love her!! Follow her twitter,y'all!!
- Oh God,this show has became such a launching pad for J Lo & Steven Tyler's career. It's all about the judges now. I'm so over it. It's like we have 3 Ellen. I want Paula,Kara and Simon back.
- The group performance was flat flat flat!! The harmony was horrid!! This group will never harmonize well. Brooke White and David Cook killed that song btw on Season 7.
- What is this?? Another promo from Gordon Ramsey?? My friend,Andrew will love this!! At least it's funny.
- Lady Antebellum performs Just A Kiss. Love the song!! Hillary Scott wouldn't do well though if she was running on Idol. Thx God,their songs are amazing!! I can't wait for this new album.
- Of course,another promo from Bing. So many product placement tonight!1
- They gonna Huff someone. Probably Scotty. James & Lauren are on each corner of the stage.
- Even Lauren is winning this cooking battle. Will she win the Idol title?? Is TPTB pimping her with this nonsense??
- Is this the moment that we've been waiting for?? J Lo performance on Idol?? Why it took 3 hours to film this performance last week is a mystery to me. Anyway,it was amazing though. I was fully entertained. Probably the most exciting guest performer this season. J Lo is fierce. I had such a big crush on her way back then when she first debuted with If You Had My Love.
- This new J Lo video seems like Love Don't Cost A Thing + Mariah Carey's Honey. The beach scene reminds me of both of that video. I wonder what Marc Anthony thinks.
- Jimmy Iovine totally read what the blogosphere said about each of the performances last night.
- Scotty is safe,never in bottom 2,don't want to pick a safe group. I hate political correctness!!
- Lauren is in bottom 2 with Jacob. She lost it. She has a breakdown. Will it be shocking boot??
- Hmm bottom 2 tonight was the top 2 on that cooking battle. Coincidence or what??
- Jacob Lusk goes home. Finally!! He peaked at God Bless The Child.

Casey Abrams Will Sing With Jack Black on Idol Finale

LOL at his shocked reaction!! Keep up your antic,Casey!! You're so funny!! You should've done more performance like this on Idol. Simple arrangement,less is more!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

American Idol Season 10: Top 5 Performances (Now & Then Themes)

- I love Sheryl Crow's My Favorite Mistake song.
- James Durbin - Closer To The Edge
Urgh,I really don't want to see his armpit. Anyway,really great song choice for him. Really current,I love it!! Probably one of the most entertaining performance for me these past few weeks. I'm definitely not bored. I could see a successful path for him if he goes this route.
- Hell No!!! Don't sing Idol winner songs please!!
- Jacob Lusk - No Air
I love the way Jacob gyrate & swinging his pelvic like an animal having sex. I'm laughing throughout his performance. Vocally,it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Watch out for that sharp notes!! Oh Randy,why you feel the need to namecheck Rihanna with Chris Brown?? Beware of Chris's tantrum!! LOL at the bus coming for Jacob.
- Lauren Alaina - Flat On The Floor
Hooray!! Confident Lauren is back today. Vocally,it could go up a notch,but performance wise,I really love it. So much confidence up there!! I enjoy it a lot!! Her best performance since Top 24's Turn On The Radio.
- Scotty McCreery - Gone
OMG!! Woah!! Holy shit!! Who knows Scotty could brought the house down like this??? I'm shocked!! The song is okay but holy moly,what a performance he gave!! So much confidence!! This is it!! This is the way Top 5 of Idol should sing. I was blown away. Maybe I have to agree with NGH after all,that Scotty plays the game really well and he had planned this thing right from the very beginning.
- Unreleased Gaga song?? Please kill it,Haley!! I don't want you in trouble tomorrow.
- Haley Reinhart - You and I
The beginning was very powerful and after that it felt lackluster. The song is okay,she did it the best she can. Solid rendition. The bus is coming hard for Haley!! Even they brought out the double decker bus from UK!! I feel so sad watching her looked so defeated. I hope she can redeem herself in the 2nd round. Anyway,Gaga's era definitely peaked at her 1st album. Lately her songs are awful!!
- James Durbin - Without You
OMG he had breakdown on Jimmy's session & sitting at the corner. It's pretty uncomfortable watching James in the verge of breakdown. But I must say,a gut wrenching performance from him. He sold me on this!! I think he locked himself one seat at the Finale. Kudos!! I'm really impressed by his run on Idol,since I hated his voice in the beginning rounds.
- Jacob Lusk - Love Hurts
Why bandzilla always ruining the most sacred moments?? It was stunning until the bandzilla derailed it. But I applaud him for holding down the ground. Arguably,Jacob's best performance since God knows when. Haley could be in danger if Jacob killed it like this.
- Lauren Alaina - Unchained Melody
Of course,something always has to put a damper with the whole moods of the show and unfortunately it came from Lauren tonight. It was boring. This is a bland performance and the song has been done to death. I'm so over it!! She sang it very well though.
- Scotty McCreery - Always On My Mind
Anoop owned this song on Season 8. I could appreciate Scotty's softer country take on it but it rather sleepy for me. Sorry. Tonight basically went from fireworks to sleeping time. Bzzz. I guess I should take what I can get & be satisfied with it.
- Haley Reinhart - House of The Rising Sun
Siobhan Magnus did a haunting version of this song last season. I wish Haley could go acapella all the way. Really can't stand the bandzilla wrecking havoc on every good performances. However,overall it's very good. Haley seems rather somber tonight. Very weird!!
- Sheryl Crow did a heck of a great job mentoring these kids.

My Rank:
1. Scotty McCreery (Gone)
2. Jacob Lusk (Love Hurts)
3. Lauren Alaina (Flat On The Floor)
4. Haley Reinhart (House of The Rising Sun)
5. James Durbin (Closer To The Edge)
6. Haley Reinhart (You and I)
7. James Durbin (Without You)
8. Jacob Lusk (No Air)
9. Scotty McCreery (Always On My Mind)
10. Lauren Alaina (Unchained Melody)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Voice - Dia Frampton - Bubbly

There's a ruckus about this singer on my feeds on twitter. Is she already established singer??

The Voice - Casey Weston - Stupid Boy

She's very good!! So basically Adam got a leftover??

The Voice - Jared Blake - Not Ready To Make Nice

Way better this second time around!! Last week's Good Girl Gone Bad was a mess!!

The Voice - Lily Ellse - If I Ain't Got You

This song should be banned on every singing show!! When Xtina passed her the first time?? Last week's episode?? I'm confuse.

The Voice - Serabee - Son of Preacher Man

AMAZING voice!!

The Voice - Nakia - Forget You

OMG a couple of bear on The Voice!! GLAAD should give this show an award for basically putting a lot of GLBT people in it!!

The Voice - Tori & Taylor Thompson - Stuck Like Glue

Their voice are okay!! LOL at Adam Levine's face when he first heard that the singer were a duo. He's such a flirt!!

The Voice - Curtin Grimes - Hillbily Bone

Not a fan of this type of voice.

The Voice - Tyler Robinson - Hey Soul Sister

Oh no,not this song again!! Although that guy has a great voice. I wonder what his father will say to him when he's coming home.

The Voice - Angela Wolff - The House That Built Me

Here's an advice: Don't.Sing.Miranda.Lambert.!!

The Voice - Julia Eason - Mercy

Why can't Steven Tyler offer critique or opinion like CeeLo Green?? CeeLo is the best!! I don't like Mercy. Not my thing.

The Voice - Tim Mahoney - Bring It On Home To Me

LMAO at Adam Levine thought this dude is a chick from his voice. Really?? He looked dumbfounded when he found out this is a dude!! Great voice btw!! Blake Shelton always utters great jokes!! LOL

The Voice - Emily Valentine - Sober

Gosh,I almost didn't recognize her. She's Emily Wynn Hughes from American Idol Season 8. Her run ended on Hollywood Week,she was the rocker girl with the red dress. I'm sure everyone still remember her. CeeLo is Lady Killa indeed!!

The Voice - Raquel Castro - Bleeding Love

OMG she's 16!! 16 years old!! LOL really the battle is on for Idol vs The Voice.

The Voice - Joshua Scott Hand - Paparazzi

Urgh,he's so cocky and annoying. His parents are so adorable though. Very supportive of their son!! Btw he can sing but something about his voice isn't making me jump and down.

The Voice - Devon Barley Audition - I"m Yours

His parents didn't want him to pursue singing career. Are you kidding me?? Your son has a great tone in his voice. He should have a singing career or something like that. Adam Levine is so likable in this show. LOL

The Voice - Cherie Oaklee Audition - Gunpowder and Lead

She wrote Turn On The Radio for Reba McEntire. She has a tone like Martina McBride. Reminds me of her voice. Pretty good voice. Still love Adam & Xtina banter.