Thursday, April 26, 2007

Idol Gives Back & Result Tonight

It was so exciting tonight and amazing. I still little bit shocked over Celine Dion & Elvis's performance. It looked so real,i thought it would be Elvis impersonator (not the real one).Although i know that it was heavily edited and the quality of the pictures was being minimized to make it the same with Elvis's quality back then. Do you see Sanjaya in the back??They surely forgot to edit him out.

Btw i think Carrie Underwood's "I'll Stand By You" was so amazing.Her vocal was perfect.It was much better than Gina Glocksen's vocal. Although i really wanted her to perform live.

Rascal Flatts's performance was great.I was happy that they sang the song that i hoped they would sing in this show.

Kelly Clarkson's vocal was fantastic too. She's really wonderful and fantastic singer. Anyway,i think she looks curvier,isn't she!! Can't wait for her album and single.

The shocking thing tonight was no one eliminated. Yap,no one!! So two people will go home next week because of this (which is i'm not happy for if that two people are my fave). Although before they announced that all of them were safe,my jaw dropped when i thought Jordin was eliminated because Chris R was safe. My brother laughed at me and said that it was shocking if that happened considering my jaw dropped lol :P

One thing that i'm wondering about is where Borat,Mr.Bean,Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter),Pink and Gwen Stefani??? Maybe they didn't have the time to show it all. I think it's too much commercial and talking. Let's hope that the finale will be better than this considering today all that performance (especially Celine Dion) made my day because it's been long times since i've seen her perform. Please release your album as soon as possible,Celine. Can't wait for your album and your comeback.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Music List

Artist;Song;Album;Last Position;Highest Position;Times In
1. Martina McBride;Anyway;Waking Up Laughing;-;1;1
2. Daughtry;Home;Daughtry;-;2;1
3. Katharine McPhee;Over It;Katharine McPhee;1;1;5
4. Fall Out Boy;Thnks Fr Th Mmrs;Infinity On High;-;4;1
5. Carrie Underwood;Wasted;Some Hearts;4;1;8
6. Dolores O’Riordan;Ordinary Day;Are You Listening?;-;6;1
7. Vanessa Hudgens;Say OK;V;5;5;2
8. Hilary Duff;With Love;Dignity;7;4;6
9. Avril Lavigne;Girlfriend;The Best Damn Thing;3;1;5
10. Joss Stone;Tell Me Bout ItI;ntroducing Joss Stone;2;2;3
11. Christina Aguilera;Candyman;Back To Basics;9;6;4
12. Norah Jones;Sinkin’ Soon;Not Too Late;-;12;1
13. Beyonce & Shakira;Beautiful Lie;B’Day Deluxe Edition;-;13;1
14. Ciara;Like A Boy;Ciara: The Evolution;-;14;1

Top 6 Performance Tonight (Inspirational Songs)

If there was a coach this week,it would have been more interesting. Too bad there's none. Btw hope they get major record breaking vote tomorrow. It's all for the benefit (Idol Gives Back).

1. Chris Richardson ( i thought that was pretty good performance.I liked the song too)
2. Melinda Doolittle (it seemed rush for me but in the end of the song,she appeared so heavenly.That was great) My #2 Pick
3. Blake Lewis (it was okay,i didn't like the humming-kinda sound. I think it was big flop performance compares to last week) Bottom Pick
4. Lakisha Jones (wow,she sang Idol winner song again. Not afraid of the result tomorrow?? Although i thought it was pretty good,i liked Fantasia's rendition better) Danger of leaving
5. Phil Stacey (it was great and amazing performance. I never thought he brought it again this week. I loved his tone tonight)
6. Jordin Sparks (that was fantastic vocal,i got chills when i watched her) My #1 Pick

I couldn't pick the bottom tonight,it's hard to choose. Blake definitely my bottom but another 2,maybe Lakisha or Chris or :P

Last Week Top 7 Results Show (Malakar's Ride Has Ended)

I wrote it in my note after i watched the results show

I was so relieved tonight. What i've been afraid of wasn't happening which is Lakisha being eliminated. Instead the boy wonder, Sanjaya got eliminated tonight. It began with Ryan staring at Sanjaya for the second times after last week. Maybe some people already realized from that point on that Sanjaya might get eliminated tonight. But still I was afraid that moment because I remembered that the type of singer like Lakisha doesn't last long. Remember last year's Mandisa?
I'm glad that i always check out all idol news and reading some forum because i can know what's going on in the show after the show and the buzz in the media.That's why tonight i can understand why they did all "set-the-record-straight-about-Simon-disrespecting-Virginia-Tech-victims"
Unexpectedly Fergie performed tonight (pre-taped *add notes). I loved that song. Weirdly,when i shuffle my winamp,that song always being played so many times. Although i expected other artist to perform, but I enjoyed Fergie's performance tonight.
About Melinda,i had known that they would make somebody choose side. They should have said that Melinda cannot choose to be in the middle,to make things more interesting. At first, i rejoiced that Lakisha & Blake at the same side because it might be safe side because of Blake in there (he constantly in 2nd vote getter). Shockingly,that was the bottom 3. My heart all pumped up and totally terrified at that moment.
Next Martina McBride performed "Anyway". I've been looking forward to this performance. And it was so amazing. The song really touched me and i will definitely buy her album no matter what. I even tempted to buy her previous album because the clip last night about her music career was really good. Meaning the songs "When The God Fearin Women Get The Blues" & "Independence Day". Btw her daughter was so funny tonight.
At last the elimination time. Blake safe. Made me more terrified. "Sanjaya,you're going home". YAY!!!!!! Lakisha survived,can't wait for her performance next week.
My brother asked whether Sanjaya will have a good career. I think if he get the right record company to market him in pre-teens girls market. It might be successful. Good luck for him. He really the symbol of American Idol this season. Never imagined Sundance,Sabrina,Stephanie,Gina,Chris Sligh went before him.
Surely,everybody who survived tonight will go crazy because they can meet so many legends & great artists next week.
I'm really excited that Celine Dion will perform next week

Stressful Week

I couldn't turn on my CPU/Motherboard last thursday. I just got it back today and my friend who checked the CPU told me that it was full of dust.So nothing serious happening inside the CPU. Thanks God,i thought something burning or like that. Because i couldn't online for almost a week,i have to catch up to a lot of things like blog,email,Idol news,etc. I always got depressed when something happens to my computer because i'm afraid the data will lost or i have to install all the programs or i cannot catch up of all the news,email,etc or missing out some important things.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Top 7 Performance (Country Week with Martina McBride)

1. Phil Stacey (wow,he was so great.It's his best performance so far.I liked his voice in this performance,no more horrifying sound,this is the kind of performance that i can listen too anyday of the week.Good job,Phil.I never thought that coming) My #3 Pick

2. Jordin Sparks (that was superb.Her voice is so amazing.She seems to always hit the high notes with no difficulty at all.That was a great performance)

3. Sanjaya Malakar (if he gave it more power to his voice,it might be a great performance.Too bad he sang it like usual,in his smooth voice.I think this song needs a bigger and powerful voice though to make it great) Bottom Picks

4. Lakisha Jones (i agreed with the judges.She seemed to had a difficulty when she was singing this song.Her breath couldn't cope with the song and she stopped few times in some notes. It was weird really and shouty.I think it was her worst performance so far) *notes:after i heard it on my winamp,it even worse,i'm afraid for her tomorrow.Hope she doesn't get eliminated* Bottom Picks

5. Chris Richardson (i enjoyed that performance,but i thought his voice little bit overwhelmed by the bands.I thought it was good choice of song though.) *wow,he brave enough to talk back to Simon.I think Simon was so mad because the contestants more likely to talk back to the judges this year because they know that they don't have to be a winner to have a success in music industry.Look at Chris Daughtry*

6. Melinda Doolittle (it was one of her best performance.She brought back the fun Melinda that appeared back then at the Top 24 performance) My #2 Pick

7. Blake Lewis (i think it was the best performance of the night.I liked the song choice.His voice was great.It's awesome) My #1 Pick

Hmm,i dunno if i can call tonight one of the best night on AI this year. But definitely tonight was below my expectations. Even last year country week was much better than this.
Btw i thought Martina's advice was great though.And i'm looking forward to her performance tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Top 8 Results

I'm so glad no shocking elimination happened tonight (example: Lakisha get the boot,etc).Haley Scarnato went home tonight,and i'm sure she will become big.She can go to Hollywood Records or record company that affiliates with Disney and get music contract because her voice suited for that.And i think she can do well in pop genre.

Btw because of 1 hour result show,i thought it seemed waste too much times on joke,etc. Even Akon performance didn't suit the theme this week or maybe it compatible because the melody of "Don't Matter" sound kinda beachy and carribean-ish ly. I bet Akon's performance was already taped before (i read it few weeks ago that when Gwen Stefani's performed on the show,they taped Akon's "Don't Matter" performance and Robin Thicke performance to put it in the show to come)

Can't wait for Country Week with Martina McBride next week.Oh yeah,i'm so excited and really going nuts now because Ryan Seacrest said on the show that Celine Dion gonna perform in Idol Gives Back.YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hilary Duff's Dignity's Sales

It is in number 3 position in HitsDailyDouble chart and it sold more than 144k. Congratz for her.

Here's the link:

Top 8 Week Performances (Latin Theme with Jennifer Lopez)

1. Melinda Doolittle (i thought it was sultry,smooth,soft and pretty good performance.Not great though.I expect her to blow us in the weeks to come,because in the recent weeks she has been performing "pretty good" and i expect "greatness"from her)

2. Lakisha Jones (i really enjoyed her performance.It was very sexy and great.I agreed with her and applauded her that she's stepped out from her comfort zone.I dunno why the judges trashed her) My #2 Pick

3. Chris Richardson (wow,that was great performance.I never thought that he could become such a great frontrunner.Two thumbs up for Chris) My #3 Pick

4. Haley Scarnato (i really liked her performance.It was fun and the beat was so good.Although i agreed with the judges that she's been trying to put on less clothes each week.However this one was one of her best performance i thought)

5. Phil Stacey (he ended his performance great.Although i always get scared by his voice,but i think his voice tonight was pretty good.Still little bit sound boring though) Bottom Picks

6. Jordin Sparks (it was an okay performance for me) Bottom Picks

7. Blake Lewis (one of the best tonight,very great performance,good choice of song)

8. Sanjaya Malakar (OMG!!That was so great!!I never thought he wanted to get serious this time and brought the house down.So proud of him tonight.) My #1 Pick

As i thought from the first time i heard there was gonna be a Latin night.It would become a disaster.Luckily,it's not too bad.Yes,it's not great night,but overall it's pretty good.I've difficulty to pick my bottom.Because i still think Haley was good,Blake so great,and Melinda so sultry.So i only pick bottom 2 this week.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


what the..........!!!How come Gina Glocksen went home tonight,she deserved to stay another weeks because overall she has had very good performances.I think Phil or Haley should've gone home instead of her.I can't stand Phil's voice and i always terrified when Haley performs,not because i can't stand her,but i'm afraid she's gonna lose it.Both of them better performs great next week.@_@

Btw too bad Tony Bennett couldn't perform.I really expected him to perform and wanted to know his performance because i haven't seen him perform before.With Michael Buble performing today,his album pre-order sales might increase a lot.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Top 9 Performance Tonight with Tony Bennett

1. Blake Lewis (in the beginning i thought his tempo was way too fast but in the end he finished it well.Pretty good i thought)
2. Phil Stacey (he didn't sell the performance well enough.At last the judges had same opinion with me about his lack of connection on this performance.Although he said that tonight was the night that he's been waiting for,but he delivered a disappointed performance) Bottom 3 Pick
3. Melinda Doolittle (the first half was so-so but she built a great momentum with the song and killed it in the end.She's so great.I agree with the judges that there won't be any negative input for her if she delivers great performance every week.Way to go,Melinda)
4. Chris Richardson (he had fun while he was performing.And i agree with the judges again tonight,that was great performance.Fun,hip,young,likeable.I think it was one of his best performance so far) Top #3 Pick
5. Jordin Sparks (what an amazing vocal she had,although i agree that it was old fashioned,but i loved that style.I think she became a strong contender each and each week.Two thumbs up for her) Top #2 Pick
6. Gina Glocksen (i think it was okay for me.I applauded her though that although she's a rocker chick but she really can deliver jazz/swing performance) Bottom 3 Pick
7. Sanjaya Malakar (it was pretty good,i enjoyed the dancing with Paula.I really hope though that he go out from his comfortable zone in the week to come) Bottom 3 Pick
8. Haley Scarnato (that was pretty good,i thought she could done it better than that.Her performance seemed too much go around the stage for me,and i slightly didn't feel the essence of the song)
9. Lakisha Jones (that was fantastic,i loved it very much.My pick of the best performance of the night) My #1 Pick

Overall although last season's theme like this much better because of the effect and the feeling in the stage.But tonight was very good theme and performances for me.

Monday, April 02, 2007

I loved Elliott Yamin's Debut Single

Artist;Song;Album;Last Position;Highest Position;Times In
1. Katharine McPhee;Over It;Katharine McPhee;2;1;4
2. Joss Stone;Tell Me ‘Bout It;Introducing Joss Stone;8;2;2
3. Avril Lavigne;Girlfriend;The Best Damn Thing;3;1;4
4. Carrie Underwood;Wasted;Some Hearts;4;1;7
5. Vanessa Hudgens;Say OK;V;-;5;1
6. Elliott Yamin;Wait For You;Elliott Yamin;-;6;1
7. Hilary Duff;With Love;Dignity;5;4;5
8. Rascal Flatts;Stand;Me & My Gang;1;1;2
9. Christina Aguilera;Candyman;Back To Basics;7;6;3
10. Relient K;Must Have Done Something Right;Five Score and Seven Years Ago;9;8;4