Monday, August 22, 2011

Must Watch: Downton Abbey (UK TV Series)

Since I had a withdrawal of Maggie Smith (she played Prof McGonagall on Harry Potter movie franchise),and I saw Downton Abbey DVD on the dvd shop. I decided to buy it (someone from twitter recommended that series too). Oh my,to my amazement I really enjoy this series. The pilot episode was a little bit hard to understand because there were so many names being thrown at me and I didn't know who's who. But after a while,it turned out to be an amazing pieces. I always love the whole European aristocracy thing,I'm fascinated by the whole butler and maids system in this movie. The acting are just great!! Every actors did their job flawlessly!! I didn't realize that there was a gay footman too. LOL some things in this series are just plain funny!! I'm just 3 episodes in,I think 7 episodes are just too short for this kind of series. Can't wait for Season 2 though.

My fave characters: of course Maggie Smith (she played the Dowager Countess really perfectly),Michelle Dockery should get an award for her role playing Lady Mary (marvelous acting!!),Brendan Coyle (he played Bates convincingly),Jim Carter (never seen someone played a butler (Carson) as well as him). Charlie Cox and Theo James are just eye candy for the fans out there.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kris Allen's New Song: You Got A Way

I didn't know that everybody was talking about Kris's song in my twitter timeline. I thought they're talking about Shania Twain's song. LOL fail me!! Anyway,I love this song.

ps: WTH some people still talking while watching a performance??

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Pia Toscano - This Time Music Video

Easily the best music video from Idol alumni since Katharine McPhee's Over It. I love it!! It's not cheesy and cheap at all!! Yay for Pia!!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Movie Review: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

The magical world of Harry Potter finally came to end. After waiting so many weeks for the government to finally let us watch this final movie. Why is it that my government has a beef with MPAA for movies tax code this year instead of last year and so on?? This year has been freaking fantastic,the majority of movies that Hollywood has been producing this year are pretty good. Usually I loathe so many movies and only like a handful of movies per year (watch 2-3 movies in theather per year). Unfortunately,because MPAA didn’t pay a lot of taxes from god knows when,and the government decided to modify the tax code for imported movies in here and so many complicated things. We,the people,can’t watch western movies from 5 biggest Hollywood film studios anymore since April until 2 weeks ago.

Can’t watch Thor,X-Men:First Class,Green Lantern,Pirates of Carribean,and so many more. I’m pretty upset,other people in here who’s more frequent to movie theater than me has been complaining everyday. Thanks God,at least we can watch the most important movie this year. The last installment of Harry Potter. I can still remember the first time I watched Harry Potter. I was mesmerized by the magical world of Hogwarts. It was like heaven for me. I love magic,I love fantasy world. To see it in the big screen was unbelievable. Harry Potter series is the only fiction book that I read this decade. I don’t have time to read other books,I only make a time for Harry Potter only. Imagine how sad I am,realizing I will be watching the final movie.

I was intentionally avoiding to watch this movie since the premiere night until a week later because I can’t stand the queue in the theater. Plus,I heard the first few days are fully booked already. I waited one week,didn’t realize Transformers 3 premiered 2 days ago. Thus,making every place who had Harry Potter in 4 of their 5 studios,reducing the studio in half for Transformers. So last night,I was in a hurry to watch this movie. Thanks God,I got a good seat. The movie begins with Harry talking to Griphook and Olivander. Holy shit,since when this movie theater had its picture in HD quality. The picture is so crystal clear. I love the Gringotts bank part,seeing those goblins counting money like a baron. Bellatrix with Hermione’s voice is hilarious. The underground cave special effect is awesome. I felt like in a rollercoaster. I think this movie is rushing in its horcrux finding mission. No detail explanation,just basic explanation about every horcrux and voila they find it. No suspense at all!!

Was Griphook killed by Voldemort in the book?? I can’t recall. Wow,they finally met Aberforth and they don’t bother to explain Dumbledore’s family history. FAIL!! Alan Rickman continues to play Snape very well,with his diction and stopping at every words to make the atmosphere very eerie. McGonagall dueling with Snape is awesome. I approve this scene!! I can let it slide that they skipped the whole Ravenclaw’s common room fight. The scene where McGonagall ordered the knight statue to do their duty and protect the castle makes me cry. What an awesome scene!! I really love Maggie Smith,really will miss her when this movie ends. Dunno why statue protecting the castle makes me emotional. Ron and Hermione venture into Chamber of Secrets to acquire the basilisk fang,I forgot how it happened on the book. I’m little bit disappointed that the diadem is put into a box. Not in the Ravena’s status head.

Snape’s final moment is okay. Maybe the spoilers from some of my friends ruined it. They raved about this scene. Snape’s memory in Pensieve sometimes seems jaunting in some parts. For me,Snape’s moments is better conveyed in the book. I don’t know why Harry dropped the Resurrection Stone. Him talking to his parents and Sirius is very touching. Where’s the forest’s inhabitants?? Are they not fighting in Hogwarts battle?? Why they suddenly hold Hagrid hostage without explanation?? The scene of Harry talking with Dumbledore in some heavenly place is too bright for my eyes. Urgh. But it’s nice. I miss Dumbledore. The scene where Harry is jumping from Hagrid’s arms and Voldemort mortified watching that is a bit confusing. I heard a lot of screaming and noise to Lucius,but I didn’t know what exactly happened. Thanks God,Neville got a part in killing Nagini. I thought they would give it to Ron and Hermione.

The final scene where Voldemort died is too quick!! Very anti climactic. Urgh,pretty underwhelming ending. I want more. 2 hours is not enough.

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