Monday, August 22, 2011

Must Watch: Downton Abbey (UK TV Series)

Since I had a withdrawal of Maggie Smith (she played Prof McGonagall on Harry Potter movie franchise),and I saw Downton Abbey DVD on the dvd shop. I decided to buy it (someone from twitter recommended that series too). Oh my,to my amazement I really enjoy this series. The pilot episode was a little bit hard to understand because there were so many names being thrown at me and I didn't know who's who. But after a while,it turned out to be an amazing pieces. I always love the whole European aristocracy thing,I'm fascinated by the whole butler and maids system in this movie. The acting are just great!! Every actors did their job flawlessly!! I didn't realize that there was a gay footman too. LOL some things in this series are just plain funny!! I'm just 3 episodes in,I think 7 episodes are just too short for this kind of series. Can't wait for Season 2 though.

My fave characters: of course Maggie Smith (she played the Dowager Countess really perfectly),Michelle Dockery should get an award for her role playing Lady Mary (marvelous acting!!),Brendan Coyle (he played Bates convincingly),Jim Carter (never seen someone played a butler (Carson) as well as him). Charlie Cox and Theo James are just eye candy for the fans out there.

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