Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy 3500th Visits

LOL my anime post's already bringing in more than 300 views. Hahaha. Thanks to Fairy Tail. Thanks guys for checking out my blog :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My 2010's Anime List

The list of animes that I watched this year so far:

K-ON! Season 1
A few episodes in the beginning made me wonder about the reason this anime was the best anime of 2009?? I didn't find it particularly special,but after a while,I began to enjoy this anime and found it fascinating. Yui's naiveness is hilarious to be seen. Ritsu is the annoying ones. If I have a friend like her,probably I can't stand it. Mio is a shy girl that everyone can relates to. Mugi is a wealthy girl who's sweet and kind. The music is catchy. I still don't understand what moe moe is really. Japanese's way of living is very apparent in this movie,not the big city though,but the small one. After Season 1 ended,I couldn't wait for Season 2.

A romantic anime. The way they adapt the story into a completely new fantasy storyline is great. Although the drawing of the characters is a bit horrendous compared to other animes. I don't know why. Lord Montague is the most evil character I've seen in a while,very ruthless. I love the scene in the church and the ending. The 1st opening song and the 2nd ending song are beautiful. No wonder people still love Romeo & Juliet,because maybe the story shows to us how amazing and strong and beautiful love can be. It's very heartwarming watching this anime. Unfortunately,in the real world it's hard to find a Romeo or a Juliet.

Zero No Tsukaima Season 1
Watching this anime felt like playing RPG. The BGM,the storyline,the characters are straight back from medieval era. This is the anime for everyone who loves magic,wizard,dragon,castle,runes,etc. It's a funny moe anime too.

Maid Sama
Misaki works in a maid cafe to support her family,meanwhile she's the first female council president of the school. She acts like a dictator in the school to protect the girl students who are minority from the boys,but in the cafe she's a completely different person. It's funny watching Usui teases Misaki all the time. The trio of guys who always hang out at the cafe is very hilarious too. LOL sometimes the characters transform into a super deformed size to make the story funny. Kudos!! Although the last half of the anime was pretty boring to me.

Ouran High School Host Club

By the look of it,you probably think it’s an anime full bishonen boys and that’s it. Wrong! It’s a very funny anime,there’s a lot of message about friendship. A strong bond between different personalities. The Hitachiin twins takes the spotlight of every episodes for me. Their antic is hilarious. The rich people,their mansions,the plate,the glass,their over the top glamorous lifestyle,I love it!! I always love European high class theme in anime.

Soul Eaters

It’s very gothic,the drawing is very unique,kind of reminded me of Kingdom Hearts. Dunno why. I’ve never seen a character design like this,or an anime which has graphic like this. Black Star's behaviour is annoying. Somehow the fight between Shinigami and Death resembles the fight between Profesor Dumbledore and Voldemort in Harry Potter. The story is great,action packed anime.

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

At first,I was totally confused. It’s very difficult to remember their names. I’ve stumbled upon Shinsengumi story in Rurouni Kenshin and Peacemaker Kurogane so I have to readjust to memorize their names and faces. Love the story!! The opening and ending song is gorgeously beautiful. Probably the best anime soundtrack this year for me.

Arakawa Under The Bridge

Crazy and weird like Zetsubou Sensei. Insane storyline. One of a kind anime that’s really wacko. There are a lot of crazy under the bridge dweller in the story. After all Japan is a land of crazy idea. I like it!!

Tales of Symphonia : The Animation

Gosh,the last Tales I played was Tales of Eternia. Their battle system is spectacular. Too bad I can’t play this game,because it's in Gamecube. Watching this made me want to play that game.

Fairy Tail

I don’t get it why this title won Kodansha manga awards. I always got bored watching the series. Always found myself gazing out and daydreaming. Rarely I laughed over the jokes. It’s so cheesy I think,good guys defeat the bad guys,and after that the next bad guys arrive.

Gundam 00

One of the best anime I watched in recent years. Great politic story,amazing graphic,great songs. I can definitely foresee a future in this earth like this anime. I hope it won’t happen. I think Gundam series is great,for making people really think about the way the world and the society and the government works.


I’ve seen a few episodes of Inuyasha few years ago in my local tv but it stopped after a number of episodes. I don’t know why I didn’t watch this anime earlier,this is great anime. It has lots of Japanese ghost urban legends,the story is in feudal era which I always fascinated by,the soundtrack is awesome!! I love the friendly chemistry between the characters.

Hetalia Axis Powers

Someone I know addicted to this anime big times!! I had my curiousity. After I watched it,it’s pretty good anime for people who loves World War II history. But many things confused me,there were some episodes which I don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. Funny though!!

Hayate No Gotoku

Boring!! I was underwhelmed

Sengoku Basara

I love Samurai Warriors,this anime revives my passion for that game again. LOL. Yukimura and Shingen’s jokes are way over the top. There are seiyuu from many fantastic anime working in this anime. Feudal era=me likey!!

Tower of Druaga : Aegis of Uruk

Reminds me of Azure Dreams,a PS1 RPG tower game. The humour is very funny. The change of graphic (sometimes) into a gameboy graphic is hilarious.


It's getting boring for me. 300 episodes and still counting is too much for me to handle. LMAO