Sunday, March 08, 2015

American Idol Season 14: Top 16 Rank

Good grief,this season's power ranking is so fluctuative,it's crazy. Some contestants that I thought I would never like,have risen up to the top of the pack. While some frontrunners flatlined and a few darkhorse tanking before they become a darkhorse. Sigh.

1. Sarina-Joi Crowe (still amazing & she completely slayed everyone last week. Easily the best of the girls)
2. Jax (while many people finds her very polarizing and calling her affected,contrived,etc. I still think she's very interesting performer and definitely not boring at all. She's my #2 fave for the girls)
3. Qaasim Middleton (last week was a mess but this week with better vocal and amazing choreography,he blew me away. The most entertaining guys by far & easily memorable)
4. Rayvon Owen (master of falsetto,nuff said. Solid performances so far)
5. Adam Ezegelian (I love him,I have no problem with so called "joke" contestants as long as he keeps entertaining me. He's the only rock contestant left,and while the others trying so hard to bore me to death. It makes me need Adam's presence more)
6. Nick Fradiani (I dunno,he's given solid performances but I keep forgetting about him. I love his vocal but something about him makes me not remember him. Could be lack of drama or "it" factor)
7. Adanna Duru (albeit some pitchy parts in her performances but it's very solid. Definitely rising on my rank)
8. Quentin Alexander (the best guys performance last week but I completely didn't care about him this week. That's why his current placement)
9. Clark Beckham (disappointing performances so far considering his talents. I expected way more from him)
10. Maddie Walker (questionable song choices,dead eyes. Urgh,c'mon Maddie,try to pick better song and try to connect with the lyrics. You already got amazing pipe)
11. Tyanna Jones (passable performances so far)
12. Daniel Seavey (cute,likable,fun,entertaining. But I'm okay with him going next week)
13. Loren Lott (very annoying,her performances are okay so far)
14. Joey Cook (already bored with the quirkiness. I prefer "quirky" contestants from the past way more like Megan Joy or Lilly Scott etc)
15. Mark Andrew (B.O.R.I.N.G)
16. Alexis Gomez (awful)