Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 5 Performances (Neil Diamond's Songbook)

Oh what a fiasco tonight!!!!WTF with Paula??!!!I've just read all over blog over the internet and I just knew that maybe either she judged Jason Castro based on dress rehearsal or the producers gave her the notes (all notes in her table looked like a receipt from department store) and tonight was so boring,this season of American Idol has lost it's steam while even Hillary Clinton herself can pick up steam or boost in impossible times.

Round 1 (highest to lowest) :
1. David Archuleta (loved this performance especially on the lyrics "Sweet Caroline.........and so on" but his performance is verging on bore. Be careful,David)
2. David Cook (solid good performance)
3. Syesha Mercado (great vocal and performance but the song wasn't catchy at all)
4. Brooke White (I was too bored with the song,bad choice,awkward performance like if i have to sing hard rock song that I hate)
5. Jason Castro (good vocal but really forgettable)

Round 2 (highest to lowest) :
1. Brooke White (at last a performance from Brooke White that I've been waiting for,it's the performance that reminded me of her early semifinal performances. Very good) PHOENIX OF THE NIGHT
2. David Cook (perfect arrangement,perfect timing from the violinist and the band to came in,one of his best performance for me)
3. David Archuleta (better than I expected him to sing this song)
4. Jason Castro (better than his first song but still Jason Castro has lost his ability to charm anyone anymore)
5. Syesha Mercado (fun song,fun personality,but didn't have strong impression)

It's good that round 2 performances outsing both Jason Castro and Brooke's 1st song horrendous performances.

Who I want to go home tomorrow?? Jason Castro

Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 6 Result Show

American Idol is definitely going downhill lately and after tonight,I'm completely speechless.

Bottom 2 are Syesha Mercado and Carly Smithson with Carly going home tonight. Yesterday I had a gut feeling that said maybe the fans of Brooke will vote for her based on sympathy and Jason Castro's fans are too big to let him get eliminated.

I hope Carly will use this momentum and produce a great album (with an amazing sales of course)

This season Top 5 are one of the weakest Top 5 for me.

Leona Lewis performed "Bleeding Love" tonight,great performance.

Next week's mentor: Neil Diamond.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 6 Performances (Andrew Lloyd Webber's Musical Catalogue)

Better than I expected. Here's my list:

1. Carly Smithson (at last the performance from Carly that we've been waiting for,I wholeheartedly agree with ALW's opinion that she had to sing this song rather than the other one because the other one is boring. I think she still has a lot of ammunition on her sleeves,deep down inside me I'm still waiting for the wonderful performance like in her auditon & Hollywood round) PHOENIX OF THE NIGHT
2. Syesha Mercado (OMG!!!She was amazing,it's her best performance to date,it's sexy,funky and fabulous)
3. David Archuleta (very good performance but it's not as caliber as "Imagine" or the rest,David better up his ante next week or I might get bored by the same ballad performance)
4. David Cook (pretty good vocal but meh!!! It's not my cup of tea)
5. Brooke White (Eeekkk!!What happened at the beginning?????Why she restarted the performance again,it completely ruined the atmosphere of the performance for me but I put her higher than Jason because I like her vocal and heartfelt singing in this despite the disastrous beginning)
6. Jason Castro (definitely wasn't his night,I heard that he was sick tonight,it's good performance if he was truly sick.Overall,it's boring and bland)

Who will go home tomorrow???Brooke White (she should go and I can't stand it if she lasted another week)

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Top Ten Music List

Artist ;Song; Album
1. Colbie Caillat; The Little Things; Coco
2. Paramore; That’s What You Get; Riot!!
3. Aly & AJ; Like Whoa; Insomniatic
4. Kylie Minogue; Wow; X
5. Randy Jackson Feat. Paula Abdul; Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow; Randy Jackson’s Music Club Vol. 1
6. Jonas Brothers; Hold On; Jonas Brothers
7. Colbie Caillat; Realize; Coco
8. Jonas Brothers; When You Look Me In The Eyes; Jonas Brothers
9. Mariah Carey; Touch My Body; E=MC²
10. Jordin Sparks Feat. Chris Brown; No Air; Jordin Sparks

Thursday, April 17, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 7 Result Show

I think it's the best result show ever in this season,I loved the group "One Sweet Day" performance. Elliot Yamin's "Free" rendition was very lovely,heartfelt,touching and fantastic,it boosted my spirit up. Even Mariah Carey "Bye Bye" performance was wonderful. I hope they keep up the good work and not wasting result show by doing crap things.

Bottom 3:
- Syesha Mercado
- Brooke White
- Kristy Lee Cook

I knew that they would order David Archuleta to pick the safe group and he sat down in the middle (like what Melinda Doolittle did on last season). Well,I'm glad that Carly is safe,she better show one hell of a performance next week or maybe America will not save her anymore.

The one went home: Kristy Lee Cook (I'm satisfied that she has performed her best and gave some great performances on the show,months ago I despised her so much but now I hope her the best for her career.

Next week: Andrew Lloyd Webber as their mentor and it's Broadway theme.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 7 Performances (Mariah Carey's Songs)

I didn't have any feeling at all coming to this week,although I predicted that the boys gonna be suck,but it turned out that they RULED!!!It's completely breathtaking performances (Star World narrator said before the show) LOL :P

1. David Cook (he owned the performance tonight!!!Combined with lovely background vocal,drum and violin and a great arrangement.It was unbelievable performance) PHOENIX OF THE NIGHT
2. Syesha Mercado (I applaud her for coming every weeks fighting for her spot,this was one of her best performance and vocally flawless)
3. Jason Castro (I love him more every weeks because Jason performed another great and sultry performance)
4. Carly Smithson (I'm very disappointed that she didn't perform as well as I expected,the buzz all over the place said that she picked Simon's song choice for her and it should've been a fantastic performance for her.Well,I hope she stay another week.When she was rehearsing the song with Mariah,it was better than the one in the studio)
5. David Archuleta (David performed this song very well but he could have put more run in it and reached the high notes,I think he has the capability to throw this one out of the park although it's just pretty good performance for me)
6. Kristy Lee Cook (I don't think Kristy will be going home if she steps up her performance every week and fighting for dear life. It's a pretty good performance)
7. Brooke White (she rushed the song in the end and her breath between the word disturbed me,I think Brooke is going downhill every weeks)

It's so tough at this stage,I don't even know who'll go home tomorrow. If I have to predict,it will be Brooke White. I hope Carly will not go home because it's too early and I will die if she went home.

Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 8 Result Show

SHOCKING ELIMINATION!!! I can't believe it that Michael Johns got eliminated,in a million years I still can't believe it,I thought he still have many more weeks to come. I'm not bias here,I'm not even his fan.

The fact that Carly is safe makes me happy right now and tone down the shock that I have,and I think Syesha deserved to live another week because recently she's been performing pretty good although so many people might disagree with me vehemently.

Tonight's performance were Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown "No Air",that was great performance although I suspected they lip synched some of the part. In the beginning,the contestants were singing "Shout To The Lord" again!!! Longer and bolder than yesterday,are the producers not afraid with the backlash out there?? Or maybe they predicted that the shocking elimination might make people forget about the gospel song. For me,I'm bored with the song because I sang it too many times on the church back then.

Idol Gives Back's cheesy clips got me tired and sleepy as well. Ratings are down this year approximately 10 million less people watching the show. I'm in bad mood right now because how bad this season is,I don't expect anything good at all for the next weeks.

Next week's mentor: Mariah Carey.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol 7 Idol Gives Back

Too many famous artist and too few performances compared to last season.... sigh......for me,only 2 or 3 of the night performances were fantastic,the rest were okay.

When the show begun,the contestants performed Rihanna's hit "Don't Stop The Music" with dancers from So You Think You Can Dance. It was a great performance. Then it's Charlie Wilson and Snoop Dogg turn to perform. I can't believe that Snoop said in the interview that he doesn't watch American Idol. Wow!!!

Terri Hatcher was upset when Carrie Underwood asked his boyfriend(Mike) in the tv series "Desperate Housewives" to repair her water pipe,so she stole Carrie's song and sang "Before He Cheats" with her band (consists of many actor like actor in Heroes,House,etc). It wasn't bad.

Miley Cyrus performed 2 songs separately,it's okay for me. I think Hilary Duff's era still better than Hannah Montana's era. That's my opinion.

Fergie performed "Finally" with John Legend. Her vocal performance is amazing. I think she should make more solo album and do a ballad songs more. I'm sure it will produce many more massive success hits for her like "Big Girls Don't Cry" single. When she finished performing,Heart performed "Barracuda" .That was so good. I love Heart. Fergie also sang those song together with them. I want one of next season's theme song to be Heart's songbook.

Annie Lennox performed "Many River To Cross". It's heartfelt and touching performance. I love her,her journey trip touched me. It made me thinking that we must do something while we're alive in this earth to serve others and help at least one person at a time everyday.

Carrie Underwood performed "Praying For Time". It's George Michael's song. Her performance was the best of the night for me. It's fantastic and vocally perfect. I hope it'll reach #1 on ITunes.

Gloria Estefan performed "Get On Your Feet" I'm waiting for her new album,I love her "Heaven What I Feel" single back then.

The contestants performed "Season of Love". It's from Rent movie. That song made me buy the movie but the movie is sucks. LOL. It turned out i can't stand movie which have too much Broadway in it.

Mariah Carey performed "Fly Like A Bird" from her previous successful album "Emancipation of Mimi"

The contestants performed "Shout To The Lord" by Hillsong. It's so common in here that song. I'm wondering how the viewers perception of this Christian song since not all American Idol viewers are Christian.

The rest of the famous artist is like Brad Pitt,Bono,Reese Witherspoon,David and Victoria Beckham,Billy Crystal,Robin Williams,Celine Dion,Daughtry,etc

It's lack performances but it's full of clips from Africa in the other hand so I hope the donation will be much larger this year. I wish the best for all children in the Africa and everywhere.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 8 Performances (Inspirational Songs)

Totally crap!!! I think it's one of the worst night in this season,it looks like everyone were so busy preparing for Idol Gives Back that they didn't have enough time to prepare for their performances tonight.

1. Syesha Mercado (loved this performance,I don't care about all the Fantasia fuss,I think Syesha did justice to the song except the glory note in the end that pretty bad. I enjoy listening to this performance on winamp so good job for her)
2. Jason Castro (when I found out that he planned to sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow,I wish it's as good as Katharine McPhee's showstopper rendition. It turned out Jason did a pretty good job,he sang it in Hawaiian tunes and that's great) PHOENIX OF THE NIGHT
3. Kristy Lee Cook (I still hate her awkward face when she sings,it looks like she's trying to sing for her life and avoiding as much mistakes as possible. However,this performance wasn't that bad,I give props to her since she didn't destroy this Martina McBride song that I love)
4. David Archuleta (pretty bad at the beginning but he picked it up in the later part of the song. It's Robbie William's song.I didn't like the song. Once again,maybe I put this under the worst performance of David Archuleta IMHO because I hate the song)
5. Carly Smithson (she looked very angry,upset and bitter!! And definitely strained performance,I think it's her worst performance,sorry)
6. Michael Johns (his performance went downhill again tonight,he AGAIN sang a song kinda Queen-ish and ooohhhh the pitchy notes,it's so bad)
7. Brooke White (I really hoped she gonna rescue us by giving a great performance but it was very very boring and I wanted this performance to end soon. No no no for this)
8. David Cook (eep!!!This song is weird and it didn't work out at all for him. The worst of the night for me. I can't stand it) TRASH OF THE NIGHT (given to performance that went downhill like a torpedo)

By the order of the performance,I think Syesha will be eliminated if her fans don't vote hard for her. And maybe Michael Johns and Carly Smithson in Bottom 3.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 9 Result Show

Yippie!!At last Ramiele went home tonight,I just can't stand her anymore.

The rest of Bottom 3:
- Kristy Lee Cook
- Brooke White (hmm 1st place performing is definitely doom spot to be in)

I love tonight show,Dolly Parton is great. I always love country music because it's so heartfelt and touching every heart that sees it. The song "Jesus And Gravity" that she's performing was so fantastic,the lyric of the song are masterpiece.

The Clark Brothers' performance was so unique,the vocalist's eyes were like possessed by something. Fun!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 9 Performances (Dolly Parton's Songbook)

I was expecting a great night but it turned out as usual. I wasn't impressed at all,now I'm throwing all my expectation for future performances. It would've been a great show if they eliminated all contestants and make Carly vs David Archuleta night with each person singing at least 10 songs. That would be my all time favorite. Here's my list tonight:

1. David Archuleta (no wonder everybody were crying watching his performance,it's pure heaven and a fantastic vocal. A gift from above indeed)
2. Carly Smithson (I was completely mesmerized throughout her entire performance,it was beautiful and one of her best performance)
3. Michael Johns (I was kinda afraid that he might've sung not in pitch but it was a great and very enjoyable performance)
4. Syesha Mercado (for me,Syesha still maintains a very good performance and a stellar vocal. Her glory note was FANTASTIC!!)
5. Brooke White (a solid performance from Brooke White,she definitely can sing country music)
6. Jason Castro (he's walking in thin line I think,his performance is kinda the same although it's not bad,it's pretty good but in order to survive in this show,he needs to diversify his performance.)
7. Kristy Lee Cook (last week was better than this,it's so disappointing that although tonight was in her zone she couldn't rise to the top)
8. David Cook (good performance but I didn't like the song)
9. Ramiele Malubay (better performance than her previous weeks but still she needs to go home soon,I don't care anymore about her performance since she doesn't bring anything good to the table)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Top Ten Music List

Artist ;Song; Album
1. Kylie Minogue; Wow; X
2. Randy Jackson Feat. Paula Abdul; Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow; Randy Jackson’s Music Club Vol. 1
3. Colbie Caillat; The Little Things; Coco
4. Colbie Caillat; Realize; Coco
5. Aly & AJ; Like Whoa; Insomniatic
6. Jonas Brothers; When You Look Me In The Eyes; Jonas Brothers
7. Carrie Underwood; All American Girl; Carnival Ride
8. Taylor Swift; Our Song; Taylor Swift
9. Sara Bareilles; Love Song; Little Voice
10. Janet Jackson; Feedback; Discipline