Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol 7 Idol Gives Back

Too many famous artist and too few performances compared to last season.... sigh......for me,only 2 or 3 of the night performances were fantastic,the rest were okay.

When the show begun,the contestants performed Rihanna's hit "Don't Stop The Music" with dancers from So You Think You Can Dance. It was a great performance. Then it's Charlie Wilson and Snoop Dogg turn to perform. I can't believe that Snoop said in the interview that he doesn't watch American Idol. Wow!!!

Terri Hatcher was upset when Carrie Underwood asked his boyfriend(Mike) in the tv series "Desperate Housewives" to repair her water pipe,so she stole Carrie's song and sang "Before He Cheats" with her band (consists of many actor like actor in Heroes,House,etc). It wasn't bad.

Miley Cyrus performed 2 songs separately,it's okay for me. I think Hilary Duff's era still better than Hannah Montana's era. That's my opinion.

Fergie performed "Finally" with John Legend. Her vocal performance is amazing. I think she should make more solo album and do a ballad songs more. I'm sure it will produce many more massive success hits for her like "Big Girls Don't Cry" single. When she finished performing,Heart performed "Barracuda" .That was so good. I love Heart. Fergie also sang those song together with them. I want one of next season's theme song to be Heart's songbook.

Annie Lennox performed "Many River To Cross". It's heartfelt and touching performance. I love her,her journey trip touched me. It made me thinking that we must do something while we're alive in this earth to serve others and help at least one person at a time everyday.

Carrie Underwood performed "Praying For Time". It's George Michael's song. Her performance was the best of the night for me. It's fantastic and vocally perfect. I hope it'll reach #1 on ITunes.

Gloria Estefan performed "Get On Your Feet" I'm waiting for her new album,I love her "Heaven What I Feel" single back then.

The contestants performed "Season of Love". It's from Rent movie. That song made me buy the movie but the movie is sucks. LOL. It turned out i can't stand movie which have too much Broadway in it.

Mariah Carey performed "Fly Like A Bird" from her previous successful album "Emancipation of Mimi"

The contestants performed "Shout To The Lord" by Hillsong. It's so common in here that song. I'm wondering how the viewers perception of this Christian song since not all American Idol viewers are Christian.

The rest of the famous artist is like Brad Pitt,Bono,Reese Witherspoon,David and Victoria Beckham,Billy Crystal,Robin Williams,Celine Dion,Daughtry,etc

It's lack performances but it's full of clips from Africa in the other hand so I hope the donation will be much larger this year. I wish the best for all children in the Africa and everywhere.

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