Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 7 Performances (Mariah Carey's Songs)

I didn't have any feeling at all coming to this week,although I predicted that the boys gonna be suck,but it turned out that they RULED!!!It's completely breathtaking performances (Star World narrator said before the show) LOL :P

1. David Cook (he owned the performance tonight!!!Combined with lovely background vocal,drum and violin and a great arrangement.It was unbelievable performance) PHOENIX OF THE NIGHT
2. Syesha Mercado (I applaud her for coming every weeks fighting for her spot,this was one of her best performance and vocally flawless)
3. Jason Castro (I love him more every weeks because Jason performed another great and sultry performance)
4. Carly Smithson (I'm very disappointed that she didn't perform as well as I expected,the buzz all over the place said that she picked Simon's song choice for her and it should've been a fantastic performance for her.Well,I hope she stay another week.When she was rehearsing the song with Mariah,it was better than the one in the studio)
5. David Archuleta (David performed this song very well but he could have put more run in it and reached the high notes,I think he has the capability to throw this one out of the park although it's just pretty good performance for me)
6. Kristy Lee Cook (I don't think Kristy will be going home if she steps up her performance every week and fighting for dear life. It's a pretty good performance)
7. Brooke White (she rushed the song in the end and her breath between the word disturbed me,I think Brooke is going downhill every weeks)

It's so tough at this stage,I don't even know who'll go home tomorrow. If I have to predict,it will be Brooke White. I hope Carly will not go home because it's too early and I will die if she went home.

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